Woodforest National Bankcheck cleared but they wont release the hold

D Aug 01, 2019

I just inherited a life insurance payment. I transfered the funds to my Wood Forest account in which i was told there would he a 7 day hold on the check unless it clears sooner.
Were 5 days in, i have logged into the other bank to notice all the money was gone,
Okay? So that means wood forest now has my money. So i logged into the Wood Forest app to see that nothing was in there. I called and explained to my local branch in Wilmington Ohio and explained that the check i wrote was cleared as its been taken out of my other bank and asked them if they could check so the hold could be removed,
Only to tell me that he cant remove the hold. So where the heck is my money and why dont i have access to it? Im going to be contacting the BBB and my lawyer to figure out what can be done here.
Contact me if anymore info is needed from anyone,
Good luck everyone

  • Woodforest National Bank's response · Aug 02, 2019

    We are disappointed that your recent experience was less than you'd hoped for. We appreciate your feedback and would like to look into this further. Please send an email to [email protected] with your contact information

  • Updated by DailyDrinker · Aug 02, 2019

    Your email did not pop up, please call me at 937 701 4727

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