Winn-Dixie Storespharmacist richard and winn dixie manager

The pharmacist Richard approached me yelling at me like he wanted to fight just because I complain that my medication was not ready when my prescription was put in yesterday today is 6/13 and he said that he would kill me with the wrong medication and that he didn't have any help and always complaining about being late for his kids then the manager approached me from the back and asked him if he wanted me to leave and the pharmacists Richard said yes I asked for my prescription they did not give it to me they did not service me I have no medication in I am ill 2 days without my medication then the manager cursed at me in Spanish I will not be going there for my medication or my food they are incompetent and disrespectful that's no way to treat a customer that needs his medication increadable.

  • Updated by Oliden, Jun 13, 2019

    Winn Dixie at WATERS AND ARMINA 6/13/19, the pharmacist Richard approached me in a menacing manner, yelling telling me he would kill me with the wrong medication. Just because I complained that they did not have my medication ready I call yesturday and today but no answer . And he said he can't answer the phone. Then he said to go somewhere else when I been waiting for my medication for two days. He also complains that he does not have any help and that hes always running late to pick up his kids. Then the winn Dixie manger approached me from my back and asked Richard if he wanted me to leave and he said yes then the manger cursed at me in Spanish. So I asked for my prescription and Richard would not give it to me so I left with no medication and I am ill .I will not be going back there for my medication or food, they are very disrespectful and incompetent.

Jun 13, 2019

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