WinCo Foodstreated unfairly


Ive been working at Winco Foods in Corvallis now for 5 years and the last year to 1 1/2 years my co-workers and bosses have been making these rediculous accusations; saying im not doing anything, my area is never getting completed, my orders are all late or wrong; they also say im being rude and disrespectful. They are saying and accusing me of all these things when none of it is true.


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    LyfGoesOn8 Feb 24, 2010

    WinCo Foods is the WORST Employer I have ever had the displeasure of coming across. Are all the other employees on food stamps while working for them too??? Is it normal for the Person In Charge to yell at new employees during their training??? Do the customers at all WinCo stores complain about the management??? Do all employees that don't have to be on food stamps degrade those who are??? Even when they have a job??? Working at WinCo!!! Do all stores hire new employees to avoid paying medical and giving the current employees the hours they need and want??? Do all WinCo's give their buddies more hours and neglect other faithful employees??? Is it common practice in a very high theft store to fire the employees for not catching a thief??? Is it ethically right to fire employees for filing for unemployment when they are only scheduled for 5-18 hours for the week when they were told at hire it is full time??? Do all WinCo's practice bad employment practices or is it just the one in Federal Way, Washington??? This is just the beginning. Sure they have great prices, but even those have been going up and I have seen the prices at Fred Meyers consistently beating WinCo's prices for many items now. The other stores are catching on to the economy and beating WinCo's prices now with great customer service and help to your pocketbook!

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    revealed Mar 16, 2010

    winco store # 39 is doing good in my town. But some of the employees are having sexual relations in and around the store, A person in charge (PIC) and a cart kid under 18 have been doing this for a while they wait till management leaves for the night and carry on in store. I know they have cameras on site so I wonder why hasn't something been done??? I am really conserned being there and watching these things happen.

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    le_me Jul 19, 2012

    Welcome to having stuck it out at WinCo til your employee stock option vested (5 years). Of course they want to shake you off now.

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