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I was at the seafood counter and asked for three lobster tails. The sign read $3.98 ea, and I ask they guy behind the counter to double check and he said they were. I had a hard time talking to him, because his friends kept talking over me, asking for "individually bagged shrimps" among other things, thinking they were funny. When I was paying at the register I notice the price was over $14.00 dollars for the lobster. I went to customer service immediately after being rung up to correct the error. Chad S. went to check the price, that is when I found out they only wrapped TWO TAILS instead of three, and they charged me by the pound instead of by EACH tail. He then tried to tell me it was $9.96 for the two tails, I asked him if he saw the sign that read #3.98 each and he said yes, then asked me if I would like the difference from the $14.94 I was originally charged, I of course said yes. He gave me the difference between $9.98 and $14.94... not $7.96 ($3.98 twice) and the $14.94. When I said he over charged me again... he said "it's the tax"... THERE IS NO TAX ON LOBSTER TAILS, and even if there were, it would not equal $2.02!!! He then stormed away angry, refusing to give me the posted price, even though he saw the sign, and I had to ask someone else to refund me completely, and left with no lobster... and angry myself. THANKS FOR THE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE CHAD S... and the wonderful guy who ignores customers to talk to his friends behind the seafood counter!


  • Jo
    John1982 Jul 30, 2010

    blah blah blah. Lets cry about it some more. This story is so one sided. Id like to hear from Winco and hear what they would have to say. This is not the way it went just by knowing that anyone who wants to keep there job doesn't just walk away from the customer and act mad. I am sure he did do some things wrong but you are overly exaggerating it. Anyone with a brain is not going to take you seriously.

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  • Ka
    kalizhyboo Jul 31, 2010
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    John1982, I work in customer service and know that walking a way from a customer mad will cause you to lose your job... that's why I filed the complaint.

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  • Ci
    Circa 12 Dec 01, 2012

    Sounds like your experience with not one but TWO employees was downright horrible. Imagine, that chad S. guy stomping off...clop, clop, clop, clop...fists clenched, brows pinched with his pointy nose aimed high in the air, as he flat out refuuuuuses to refund you. "Nope. No way, sir. I am not going to refund you, and you can't make me." And then there's that deli worker who's just too damn busy laughing and carrying on with his buddies, having a grand ole time, while not paying you any attention.

    You poor dear, bless your heart. Do you need a hug? Sounds like you were feeling a bit lonely that day and just needed to have someone 'listen' to your complaints.

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  • Lt
    LtBuck Sep 08, 2014

    every times I go to WinCo I'm force to deal with a rude employee
    like 10 minutes ago I just ask if there is a fresh bread
    and I'm getting a ### attitude answer from the employee
    you know if you people can't be polite and respectful
    you shouldn't get that kind of job
    I give to WinCo one more change
    if I'm getting 1 more time that kind of attitude from their own employees
    WinCo won't see me again
    I go spend my money somewhere else

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