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On November 28 2009 about 7pm I have been in town visiting and I had never shop at this store Winco before the cashier Jennifer the person in charger was very rude to me not knowing she can ring up two customers at the same time I had said that's my things, and she replied I know I am not dumb I replied I didn't say that Mame I just didn't understand why you rung my stuff up with they stuff she had develop the worse attitude to be a supervisor as I was handing her my money she yank my cash from my hand and I ask for her manager and she said she was in charge so I went to customer service and asked for the number to the main office and while I went to the customer service booth she called security on me I was not the person in the wrong she, was number one she need to get a better attitude to be in her position, number two I wonder if all they're employees is rude like that. get rid of her are your going to keep getting complaint like mine.
Yolanda from Phoenix Bad expriance in Portland Oregon


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    ("BillYThEKid") Dec 07, 2009

    Yes. winco is a terrible place where hookers and homosexuals hangout and get business or do drugs. i have been repeatedly stabbed by winco workers cause i tried to buy celery with a debit card. i applied for a job there and they told me i wasnt gay enough so then i bought some gauges and skinny jeans and they claimed i was trying to be hetrosexual. i also find geneticly enhanced rats in all the products i buy from there. i am unhppy with every aspect of winco.

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    the angry wife Mar 02, 2011

    My husband and I had a very bad experience on 02/27/2011 around 10:15 pm:

    First, on the cashier's screen I found the cashier over charged the Cilantro, I told him that and he adjusted the right price and apologized to me, it is

    Second, after I paid, I re-checked the receipt and found the Onions has been
    over charged to $0.78/lb, which is on sale $0.25/lb only. I came back
    to the cashier and asked him to adjust the price, but he don't know it is
    on sale, then he called the manager, the manager came out and said "yes,
    the onions are on sale $0.25/lb", but the cashier said "the system did
    not show the on sale price", then the manager inspected my onions for
    one minute and said "it is not the on sale item, the on sale item located
    next to the Corn", I said "yes, I picked it next to the corn". However,
    the manager still said it is not. In order to solve the problem faster
    and don't let the other customers are waiting I returned the onions and got the money back.

    After that, my husband was very angry with me and said "you returned it
    means you agreed yourself made the mistake, all other customers are
    waiting for the cashier not happy with you, you did it totally
    wrong!!! You should show the manager where you picked the onions to
    verify it is their mistake not your mistake, why don't you do that?"

    Yes, I'm so stupid, only consider other people's feeling and not protect
    myself. WinCo has CCTV, I may ask the manager to check the CCTV to verify where I picked the onions. I'm sure I picked the right item, because I have been attracted by the smart big ON SALE price lable, the on sale items has been separated from regular price items as usual, it is impossible to pick it wrong. In the past, I haven't check the receipt, don't know they charged it correct or not.

    My husband and I are still very unhappy, we may not come back to WinCo
    anymore and will tell our friends our experience.

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    FDL_HOU Mar 02, 2011
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    It doesn't matter where you picked the onions up. A customer before you could have picked your higher priced onions (organic?? I don't know) from some other bin, noticed the other onions were on sale and dropped your onion in that spot. That happens all the time in grocery stores and drug stores.

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    unbelievable86 Jul 13, 2011

    I just called the Winco in reno at the Northtowne Shopping Center to see if the shasta cola was still on sale for .58 cents, and was spoken to on the phone like a child by an employee who called himself Sean. This of course will not stop me from shopping there because i love the prices and product quality. But when I told him I go there every week and was planning to be there to purchase some, he did explain to me that he wouldnt know because he had been off for the last 5 days, and if he would he wouldnt be able to give me the price. And continued to say in a high pitched sarcastic voice that he felt really bad for me. I said i could really tell by the sarcasism in his voice. He went on to say really high pitched and and loud, "no Really I do feel bad for you." Because this got me upset, I came on line to make a complaint. Upon getting online I did see it was a company policy not to give prices over the phone, but the way I was treated by Sean is very upsetting. If this is good customer service maybe I should shop at Save Mart pay the extra price FOR GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. And I would like to ad that with my past experiece with, employees at this perticular location, 2855 Northtowne ln., Reno NV. HAVE NEVER SPOKEN TO ARE TREATED ME IN THE MANNER THAT SEAN HAS AT AROUND 8:46AM.

    Thank you for taking the time to review this complain

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