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H Sep 12, 2018

I use to buy Stilton Cheese from Whole Foods Boulder Pearl St Store, but I don't anymore. I don't know that I will again, because my experience was that bad. I now purchase Stilton Cheese from Safeway. I would usually purchase $5-10 worth of cheese a week from Whole Foods. The last time I purchased Stilton Cheese was on July 9th. About a week after the 9th I went in to the store to buy some more and the Specialty Department was completely out. I asked a clerk if she knew when some would be coming back in. She didn't seem very helpful or knowledgeable so I asked if she could put me in touch with someone who would have more information, so that I would know when to come back in. She did and that woman was abrasive and seem to make her answers up. She said Friday. I came back Friday and there was no cheese. This went on for weeks. I would come in and there would be no Stilton Cheese and when I would inquire with the female employees of the Specialty Department they were unhelpful, abrasive, acted like I was an inconvenience to them and always said to come back Friday. It takes time and effort for me to come to Whole Foods and to be repeatedly told incorrect information...just to blow me off started to upset me. This went on for 5 weeks. That's how long your Specialty Department did not have it in stock... without any explanation. That's 5 trips to the store and coming up empty handed. I could have spent $50 during that time. When I went in on August 13th, I wasn't keen on not wasting anymore of my time and energy and I wanted some answers so that I could at least be informed about what was going on and to know for sure when to come in. I asked a clerk, Jamie, to write down for me a name and a number to call of a person who could definitively tell me the information I was seeking and I was treated in a mean hostile way. I don't know if she was having a bad day but I explain the situation to her and that this was a major inconvenience that I needed to solve that day. I was treated like I was not allowed to know or speak to that person... like it was top secret of something and again, like I was inconveniencing her. It became a power struggle. It took me 20 minutes and talking to manager Karen, who would not tell me her exact title, to get manger of the Specialty Departments name (Tara) and the main store number written down for me. This should have taken five minutes and Jamie should have been friendly and helpful. Needless to say...I didn't call Tara. I have found Stilton Cheese at Safeway. Wholefoods you have lost a customer. I don't want to come back to your store to be treated like that again. I am an Amazon Prime member so ordering online may be an option in the future. I didn't like the way I was treated and now I don't want to interact with your employees anymore.

boulder specialty department - clerk (jamie)
boulder specialty department - clerk (jamie)

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