White Castle Managementprejudice shown toward two patrons by an employee/manager

A Jul 29, 2018 Review updated:

On the evening of Sat. July 28, two men on Harley Motorcycles were asked to leave the White Castle on State Route 36/37 in Sunbury Ohio. The employee said she felt threatened because they were on motorcycles. They were not bothering anyone, they were not causing any sort of disturbance, they were simply out in the parking lot eating their food next to their bikes. This is an outrage because they were profiled simply by the fact they were riding motorcycles, this is completely unacceptable and White Castle management needs to take action against the employee and management of that location and take it a step further to incorporate this into their mandatory employee training on customer service. To help repair the damage, Whitecastle should also become a sponsor at some local bike nights and or sponsor some Charity rides to show goodwill towards the biker community. The biker community has the most generous and kind hearts of anyone I've ever seen and are constantly raising money for various causes and charities! They also spend alot of money in the community! This incident has already spread on Facebook, which will cause alot of people to boycott all White Castles! My email is [protected] My ohone is [protected]. The two men's names: Steve Link and Ron Cooper. Thank you.

prejudice shown toward two patrons by an employee/manager
prejudice shown toward two patrons by an employee/manager
prejudice shown toward two patrons by an employee/manager


  • Ku
    Kurdt Jul 29, 2018

    They thought the bikers were members of Vandals MC.

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  • Au
    Aubreyc01 Jul 29, 2018

    It shouldn't matter what mc you come from. If they want to buy food, and treat the employee with respect then the employee needs to treat customers with respect. There is a Harley store right next to this white castle. How many riders are coming through there? You will lose a lot of business if your employees start refusing business to bikers.

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