Whirlpool Dishwasherscam by a&e!!

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Technician#0002295 Is sent to my home via "Whirlpool Co"[protected]), following a report by me that my 15 month old dishwasher does not release the soap from the dispenser at any point in the total running cycle of the machine.
He looks at the dishwasher, tells me that the utensil basket can not actually be placed on the lower basket(where it was placed by the installer), because it must be blocking the door of the dispenser. When , in fact, there is appr. 5" of space between the two~~making that impossible! While making a personal phone call~~discussing where he will be spending 'Thanksgiving", he writes up a bill for $122.00, stating that $65.00 was for the service call and $57.00 was for "customer education"!! When I questioned the $57.00,his response to me was "response was to tell me was "call Whirlpool and tell them that their product is malfunctioning". NO REPAIRS WERE MADE, NOTHING WAS REPLACED! I have contacted A&E 3 seperate times(11/20Alyssa-rude and uninformed, 11/26 Elena a promise of a return call by supervisor, and 11/30 Melanie another promise of a return call). When I contacted Whirlpool their response was that they have "no control" over what A&E does and that their product is "totally functional". Meanwhile I have a dishwasher here which isn't functioning!
What kind of scam is going on with A&E and Whirlpool??!!! This product was purchased at Best Buy~~are they in on this , too??!!?


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    Monica May 20, 2008
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    I agree. I waited all day for an A&E repairman, and he finally showed up at 5:30 pm. Same thing. He didn't even look into my dishwasher, just listened to it and said I need a new motor. Charged me $65 and suggested I buy a new dishwasher for less than the cost of the new motor.

    He carried a tool box, just to "look like" a repairman. I think it's all a scam.

    I wish someone would go back to making "simple" dishwashers without all the bells and whistles we don't need that just break. My grandmother's dishwasher lasted over 30 years -- how come we can't buy products like this anymore?

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