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extended warranty

Got a meat drawer in the freezer thats to narrow and will not stay in the tracks.Lowes extended warranty will...

front control panel

We bought new Whirlpool Gold, Quiet Partner III Dishwasher three years ago to upgrade from the cheaper model Whirlpool Dishwasher that was already in our home when we moved in. The older dishwasher worked fine, got the job done, but was quite noisy. So thinking that by upgrading to the Whirlpool Gold series, how could we go wrong? We bought our new Whirlpool Gold dishwasher along with a Whirlpool Gold refrigerator from Lowe's, and paid them to install the new appliances. Everything seemed fine, and the new dishwasher was quiet! We thought all was good. Fast forward a year and a service call to fix the icemaker on the fridge, which was not too much money, but hey, it all comes with a quality product. What really concerned us was the front control panel on the dishwasher cracked end to end and all the buttons came off, like snowflakes, one at a time! We take very good care of what we have, and nothing was abused. The service tech put on a new control panel. We thought all was well...now fast forward another year. The new control panel did the same thing. Cracked from end to end and the buttons popped off one at a time...nice! Another service call and another control panel. This time the gal that helped us at Lowe's did not charge us for the next panel...which was nice of her. That was this past July. Now skip ahead to December 24th 2010, and Whirlpool gave us a nice Christmas present, ...the new panel, installed in July 2010 was now cracking from end to end, like the first two, and two buttons have now fallen off. I guess it will be like the 12 days of Christmas and I will get one button a day to fall off as my "gift". I just called the Whirlpool hotline and explained my issues, along with my concern that another new control panel will most likely do the same as the last ones. I added that I had upgraded to the Gold Series, thinking better quality, and now with the service calls and parts still breaking, I have to draw the line in the sand instead of putting more money in defective workmanship. The gal at Whirlpool said they would not give us any new panel; we would have to pay for it, along with another service call. She said that perhaps the last techs didn't get to the right department when they were fixing the last panels. I told her that I have bought Whirlpool products for years and upgraded thinking it would be better quality and why would this be happening? I told her that I didn't want to go to another brand, unless I had to. Her response was that I should cut my losses and live with it or go buy something else. Nice. Well, I will NEVER buy another Whirlpool product...I was loyal to them, especially that they have local manufacturing plants here, but I guess it doesn't matter if they don't care. I am curious if anyone else has these problems. I will end this with a praise for the "Goop" brand of glue in a tube, because that works if you wish to glue your buttons back on your Whirlpool dishwasher. That's what I have to do now until I save up enough cash to buy another brand of dishwasher! At that time, I will cart our Whirlpool dishwasher out to my local firing range and deeply enjoy blowing it to pieces!!!

not sending service engineer

i've taken an AMC from Whirlpool for my washing machine.
I have extended my warranty and I got 1'st service request registered on
23 Dec. the chennai people said they will send thier engineer in 24 hours. no
body came till 27'th dec. then i phoned them again on 27'th n ask
for service, they again said today our engineer will vistit at ur
place.No body came.Since 27'th dec, i m callinng them twice a day n
they r answering the same .Now i m feeling very frustrated.
Can something be done against this Company or who ever is responsible for
this put off action. i want some suggestions.

best regards

refusal to honor warranty

I bought a Whirlpool Gold Cooktop model GLS3665RS01 in March 2010. In October it developed a problem with all five igniters continuously sparkling. The repair guys charged me $408.50 for all ignitors replacement but the Whirlpool refused to honor the 1 year warranty stating that the cooktop was "abused". I am a widowed man, living with an adult son, we barely cook at all. We don't use it enough and neither have enough skills to abuse it. While there was a trace of a spill inside of the coocktop the connectors themselves were dry without traces of the spill. I believe that
1. the spill is a normal occurrence during normal cooking--told that by all women cooks I know.
2. the spill was able to penetrate the sealed area because of the faulty design, gaps in the cooktop cover.
3. the position of the ignitors was poorly chosen, too accessible to any spills, slightly raised surface where ignitors are attached would protect them from a catastrophic spills, not just a tiny one
4. Whirlpool arbitrarily proclaimed this incident being an "abuse" of a product. This could be a manifestation of their general policy/behavior to shift the blame to a consumer.

whirlpool purafresh electric board damaged within 3 months

I brought a Whirlpool purafresh waterpurifier 3 months back and it's electric board is damaged. Now when I call the service center they r saying that We'll get back to you very soon. But it has been more than 15 days and when I called them today they are saying the part is not available and we don't know when it will come. Having spent more than 16K on the product, now I have to buy bisleri water from outside which is very expensive here.This too within the waranty period of 1 year I'm facing this kind of problem, guess what will be the situation after warranty period.
We should sue Whirlpool for such pathetic service.

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auto defrost

hello sir,
I have purchase whirlpool refrigerator frm Nayyar electronic world
RU-376, PITAMPURA, EMAIL-nayyar.[protected]@rediffmail.com . on dated 7 dec 2007, invoice no-15703/07-08 .My complaint is that when i call to the customer care on no416666333 they told me that if i want to made my friedge auto defrost (iwant to buy a new auto defrost)first service engineer have visit and his visiting charges r rs 225 and he tell tht whether the autodefrost could fix or not.i want to know tht if i mentioned the model no, date of purchase andseller name why there is a need of service engineer visit so if u pls help me send me a service engineer on my new address h-19/110 2nd floor, sec-7 Rohini. DELHI and pls also send the deep frdger cover bcoz it is also broken bcoz of so much ice reforms in my deep fridger and before tht pls tell me the cost of both parts on my mail and mobile no .
thanking you
Ashish Takkar
mobile no-[protected], [protected]

no after sales service

I am staying in Shillong. I bought a Whirlpool washing machine "Whitemagic Pro 700H" from Guwahati in Feb...

quality and service

After the stove model # wfe361lvq0 was delivered, I saw how cheap it was built. I paid $499 for the stove on 10/03/2010, and on 11/25/2010 a turkey fell on the stove and broke the glass top. their service said broken glass is not under warrenty, and told me it would cost $512.28 to fix! that is more than I paid for the stove. I want to warn people, the stove; quality wise, is only worth $100 in my opinion. and when the cheap glass top breaks, it will end up costing you over $1000.00, after purchase and repair.

quality and service
quality and service
quality and service

  • Ma
    Mark Tolley Dec 01, 2010

    i agree it was my fault, i guess people dont mind spending way more than something is worth, and then having to pay full purcase price again to have just a part fixed? i should have researched more, but my intent was to warn people about the quality, as accidents happen.. i see you obviously dont mind buying 10 stoves, or spending $10, 000. i thought that some people may not have $1000 to spend, i guess, $10, 000 is just normal to spend..

    2 Votes
  • Ma
    Mark Tolley Dec 01, 2010

    a turkey is one thing, but pots and pans with water in them, grease splatter can make handles slippery, a stove is meant to be cooked on, not just looked at. if the turkey i had did that, a pot or pan can as they will not absorb part of the impact as a turkey will.

    1 Votes

washing maching not working

I have purhase the whirlpool washing maching white magic FSAH651 on 23.11.2010 . Since than i am facing regular breakdown problem with this w/machine . W/mACHINE is giving frequent breakdowm problem . There is lot of vibration in the machine which has resulted that m/c has fallen also and damage the bathroom. The cleaning of cloth is not as promised by the supplier at the time of purchase. I had lodges complanits almost 5-6 times .
Thing is that i am totally fed from this machine . Day before yesterday, i have lodge the SB1110006740 but till now no has appeared.


my refrigerator died. I went and purchased a new whirpool refrigerator. NOW FOR THE SECOND TIME IN FOUR...

poor quality, customer service

Purchased Whirlpool Duet dryer in August 2010. Its October and the motor is bad. This is a piece of crap dont buy a duet system. The only repair service Whirlpool uses is A&E appliance repair. They are owned by Sears and only schedule in blocks of 8-12 or 12 to 5. Had appt scheduled three times but technician couldnt make it. Whirlpool needs to rethink their appliances and build them right the first time so A&E horrible customer service wont be a blight on their company.

  • Re
    Redflag96 Nov 01, 2010

    Almost anything involved with sears is way overpriced and only occassionally good, not for the money, for how long it lasts.

    1 Votes
  • SearsCare Nov 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Karson,

    Please accept my apology for responding so late to your post here as I just located it. I'm so sorry your Whirlpool dryer has failed and has caused you frustration and inconvenience. I know being without a dryer is difficult enough, but the no call/no shows by A&E has only made this situation worse I'm sure. I'm Scott with A&E Solutions; we'd like to help. At your convenience please contact our office at [email protected] so we can further discuss your concerns. In the email please provide us with a contact number and the phone number the dryer is listed under and we will contact you directly. In addition please include your screen name (Karson) in your email so we can reference to your posting.

    Thank you,

    Scott J.
    A&E Cares

    0 Votes
  • Rw
    rw5212 Apr 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    <My Duet Experience>
    2007 - X-Mas..I bought a Duet washer and dryer for around $1, 950 less rebates...2008 - The washer motor died and it was replaced under warranty...2009 - A good year because nothing broke...2010 - The Dryer's inlet thermister and heater went out. I fixed it and they paid 1/2 of parts...2011 - It's April and the Dry...er's control electronics went out. The dryer is currently dead.
    I emailed and called in on 4/18 and 4/20 for help again - No reply. Third call and 15 min later...Keanna answered...I told her my history of issues...I asked for Whirlpool to pay to fix my dryer this time...I was assured they could not do anything to help me...I asked for a supervisor...Lisa comes on and assures me they could do nothing to help and that there was nobody else I could speak to. Whatever happened to quality and standing behind your product? I thought I was paying for it when I bought these. Whirlpool, make this right. I'll post the results of how you handle this.

    0 Votes

microwave caught on fire

I posted a complaint earlier about our Whirlpool microwave catching on fire while cooking popcorn. I forgot...

dissatisfied service by dealer

Dear Sir / Madam,

This has reference to our complaint logged for our Whirlpool Refrigerator in your call center no. [protected] on 10.10.2010 against complaint no. DL1010007004 for Light Bulb in Fridge.

We been told that Engineer service charges are Rs. 220 per visit when complaint logged.

Complaint then was been forwarded to your Authorized service provider -

Mr.Anuj Arora
Gemini Home Appliances,
146B/12, Gurunanak Pura,
Near LaxmiNagar (East Delhi)
New Delhi
Ph. Nos. [protected] / [protected]

On 10.10.2010 Mr.Sumit visited our home (2335, Street No.12, Kailashnagar, Delhi-110031) and though our complaint was for only light bulb he has opened our Freezer section and told Fridge is not cooling and there is Gas leakage problem and demanded Rs. 1100 as advance payment though we told that we will give cash after job completion.

He told that there is problem in our Bulb holder and the whirlpool parts are not available anywhere in delhi and not available in dealer's stock. It has to come from Pune and due to CWG no material is coming and so on...

Still we requested him to arrange bulb holder on the next day.

Then engineer demanded Rs. 276 for his visit though the call center has confirmed us Rs. 220 before sending him to our site. He took Rs.1376/- as advance on 10.10.2010 and committed that next day the job will be done. However, Fridge was cooling properly we immediately called him and informed that there is not necessity of gas filling you please refund us our money. He accepted and told we will refund the money on 12.10.2010 and he never turned up.

Again i have escalated complaint in your call center on 16.10.2010 and call center executive said my senior will get back to you on 16.10.2010 and regret to say but nobody has turned up till date.

When we are following up with Mr.Anuj Arora for our payment refund he has not attended calls and then used very abusive language and said we have already generated invoice and [protected]@12.5% will be deducted from your money for gas filling and even i was talking to him he has disconnected call twice.

No invoice can be generated without completion of job and deposition of the tax takes place once in a month to Govt. To my understanding Gas filling charges attracts service tax and not VAT.

He himself and his team Ms.Parveen, Mr. Sumit are harassing us and not closed our complaint which is logged on 10.10.2010 till date and even not refunding us. Ms.Parveen says forcefully if we are ready to fill the gas then only her engineers will change bulb holder

Overall performance of M/s Gemini Home Appliances, Delhi is not satisfactory and non convincing with us at all. If there are no improvement in his behavior we are bound to take legal actions.

We would like to request you to understand our limitations and initiate necessary actions immediately from your end to close our complaint and refund us our Rs. 1100 by today at any cost.

I think Whirlpool India being MNC will believe in business Ethics, Integrity, core values and customer satisfaction on TOP priority So, again requesting you to take necessary action against this complaint and revert back to us on urgent basis.


Shilpa Arora
Cummins India Ltd. (Distribution Business Unit)
104, First Floor, Ocean Plaza,
P-5, Sector-18, Noida-201301
Tel.- [protected]
Fax -[protected]
Mob.# [protected]

2006 refrigerator

In July of 2006 I made the mistake of purchasing a houseful of whirlpool appliances from Lowes. The Cabrio washer (cost $900) stopped working a month ago (Sept 2010) - repair cost $600.
The side by side refrigerator stopped working yesterday, appears to be the compressor, a major repair on a part (compressor) that most reputable manufacturers warrant for five (5) years, not these guys. I am replacing both appliances after receiving no satisfaction from either Lowes or Kitchenaid (Whirlpool's parent hold company). It appears that both Lowes and this manufacturer are more interested in service and repair residual income on the poorly manufactured merchandise than on sales, I am telling everyone one I know and don't know (through this outlet) to stay clear of both businesses and their products. So, DON'T BUY WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES, DON'T BUT KITCHEN AID PRODUCTS, DON'T PURCHASE FROM LOWES HOME STORE - MERCHANDISE IS SHODDY, SERVICE IS NON-EXISTENT.

[Resolved] turntable

I called whirlpool company to order a turntable for a microwave that is approximately 5 years old... (the...


Dear Sir,

I have purchased fridge from M/s Sumaria, Mumbai vide invoice no CH/OCT03/0149 dated 05/10/2003. The model is 450 litre IceMagic FF.

Subsequently I had purchased AMC for period 14.02.2005 to 09.10.2010. The mechanics has visited only to attend breakdown maintenance, however no preventive maintenance was carried out as mentioned in AMC.

The purpose of AMC is not only to attend to breakdown maintenance but also to carry out routine preventive maintenance /checks, which did not happen in last 5 years.

Since AMC is expiring, I wanted to extend it for a further period, which I was informed is not possible.

I would like to know:

a. Is there is any provision to extend AMC further? Whom should we contact for further renewal

b. who will be responsible for breakdown in vital parts due to no preventive checks/maintenance carried out?

I shall be grateful if you can resolve/address the above two issues on priority and inform.


Vijay R Kharche

Flat no 219, Block 26,

BPCL staff colony, Aziz baugh
Mumbai 400074

three appliances 3 years old many service calls microwave hood dead

I purchased three products from Whirlpool all were the Whirlpool Gold series. The stove and microwave convection hood were purchased on June 17, 2007 and the Refrigerator was purchased the same year in July. After three months the Microwave stopped working and they were kind enough to replace it. Here we are three years later and the warranties expired and so we decided to purchase an extended warranty as we had many mailings from Whirlpool to do so. I purchased one for the microwave on September 14th 2010 and today two days later the microwave again has completely shut itself down. So My husband decided we should just cancel the extended warranty as it doesn't begin for 60 days and purchase a model from another company without the control buttons on the door face. We called to cancel the policy and they told us that we have to submit our cancellation in writing to a place called Federal Warranty Corporation, P. O. Box 175689 Atlanta, Georgia [protected] What??? It said Whirlpool on the letter head with a whirlpool e-mail address but this is a company completely separate from Whirlpool?? It does not state on the extended warranty mailing I received that if you decide to cancel you need to submit the cancellation in writing. So I called the Whirpool Executive Office in Benton Harbor, Michigan to see if anything could be done to hurry my refund. They claim to have no connection at all to the company selling the service contracts. Why then do they have the Whirlpool name on the letter head and a Whirlpool e-mail which takes you directly to a Whirlpool site??

I have posted some of this info Facebook so I can find out if anyone else has had trouble with this product and company

dryer not heating

I have purchased all of my appliances from Sears . I purchased a service agreement for my dryer. When my dryer would no longer heat I called Sears repair. This was about September 4 2010. I was given a date of September 13 1-5. I received a phone call September 10 2010 saying my appointment would be rescheduled. I spoke with Anne # 0166 who could not tell me why appointment was rescheduled but said earliest would now be September 21 2010. Her superviser Lare would not speak to me. To think my husband and I was considering spending 1800 for a new dryer from Sears . We will never purchase a Sears appliance again. I will continue to post and tell everyone Sears poor customer service. Sears level of repair customer service definitely has changed for the worse. I am thinking of obtaining an attorney to get my money back for the service agreement. I guess I will have to purchase new dryer from Best Buy or somewher else definitely not Sears. I will let family members who are landlords with multiple properties know too.

  • SearsCare Sep 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Penny28,

    I'm Scott with Sears Cares Escalations. I wanted to reach out to you after finding your post here. I'm so sorry to hear you dryer stopped heating and the subsequent terrible reschedule experience you had with Sears repair. I know being without a dryer is frustrating and inconvenient, and the delay and rescheduling of your appointment only made things worse. Waiting this long for service is unacceptable and we'd like to offer some help. At your convenience please contact my office via email at sears[email protected] so that we can assist with resolving this issue. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the dryer was purchased under and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (Penny28) in the email so we can reference to your case.
    Thank you,

    Scott J.
    Sears Cares

    0 Votes

worst experience of service.

Dear Sir,
I had purchased Whirlpool Fully Automatic Washing Machine from the local dealer one year back.
Right from the date of purchase, we are facing some problem every two months.When we lodge the complaint, service engineer visits after two days & checks up.He does not resolve the complaint by saying some important part is damaged, which has to be brought from Delhi.After 8 to 10 days, the complaint is resolved.The same thing is happening every couple of months.
This time also I had lodged a complaint vide No.- DN0810001907 on 19/8/10 but till date it is not resolved.
I use to call everyday to Customer Care & wish to talk to the seniors but everytime some different person attends the call & denies what the previous person had told.
Everytime the Customer Satisfaction Code No.is given, but it is of no use.We did not provide the code to the visiting engineer four months back as we were not satisfied.After 3-4 days, a call came from the company & the calling lady started argueing with my wife, why my wife had not provided the code to the engineer.
We contacted the local dealer 4-5 days back, who in front of us called the Service Centre & asked to resolve the complaint.But they answered, 'No senior person is available & contact after an hour'.
How can we wait at Dealer's Shop for an hour just to talk with the senior?
It means that the compny does not value the dealer also.Then how they will give importance to the customer?
Just now the Service Engineer has visited my house & after check up, he says that there is a fault in the machine & the machine has to be take to the Service Centre.
By spending Rs.17000/- approx., if we have to wash clothes for 10-15 days out of 60 days, what is the use of purchasing the machine?
Can anyone help us out?

whirlpool front loader washer - one problem after another

I purchased a Whirlpool Duet HT set - washer and dryer with pedestals - a little over $2200 in March of 2006. The washer ALONE without the pedestal base cost $1100 back then. Soon after I bought it, I noticed when I put bleach in the bleach dispenser, it leaked directly onto the clothes. I never got around to calling about that because I was so busy and just started using sanitize cycle instead. Very shortly after it was past the 1 yr warranty, the machine started stopping mid-cycle in one of the wash settings ("Active Wear"). It happened intermittently. I stopped using that cycle. Then it started happening in another setting (Heavy Duty), again, intermittently. I called for service, and when I discovered I had to pay a minimum of $60 for a service call, and they told me at very least another $100 for a timer (can't recall if that was what they called it), possibly more, I decided I'd live without those two cycles. I was so irritated that I spent $1100 on washer that was going to cost me another couple hundred to fix about 15 months after I bought it and I had no recourse. Call it stubborn, but I refused to spend more and just used the cycles that worked. Then I started having intermittent problems finding clothes sitting in 3 inches of water at the end of the cycle - finished, machine off, but standing water in the drum. I would have to rinse/Spin clothes again. Then one day opened the door and thought the storm drain opened backwards flow - "finished" clothes sitting in very smelly water. Called the store I bought it from, said the machine was only 2and a half years old (at that point) and they told me how to take it the front off and check the drain inside - a full man's sock was stuck in the drain INSIDE the machine - how did that happen? We never overload it. Then it started getting noisier and noisier when it spun even though it was leveled and legs all touching the ground, plus still with ALL the problems happening above - can't use bleach dispenser, finding clothes sitting in water at end of cycle every once in a while (usually when I needed something in a hurry, of course), finding cycles stopping mid-way (clothes sopping wet/soapy), and once or twice more finding a piece of clothing in the drain when it was never overloaded. Along the way, the door with the oddly contoured plastic front that jutted out (by design) was bumped my one of my kids - not insanely hard, but they sort of fell into it- and it cracked right down the middle. Cosmetic damage since it was the outside only, but looked pretty tacky. Should those doors break THAT easy? Now the latest episode is that entire gasket around the drum has ripped out after the machine made a God awful rattling noise like the drum was off-balance (yes, it was leveled, and only a half load of clothes) and it is finally unusable. Clearly I can't just live with the problems anymore and am looking for a new machine. The store salesman suggested I call Whirlpool to see if they'd at least give me a break towards a new machine when I told him why I didn't want a Whirlpool front loader again and asked if any other manufactured washer would fit on that $200 pedestal. So I called Whirlpool - the answer from "Moses" was "you should have bought an extended warranty"...hmm, an $1100.00 product, and should have spent even more because why?? The supervisor Aaron told me, essentially, not their problem, the washer is 4 yrs old and I didn't have "extensive service calls" registered. When I explained I wasn't willing to pay hundreds more on service calls on an already outrageously priced machine that started with real problems after the 1 yr warranty and choose to live with it, AND the problems were pretty much all different issues so would have needed multiple service calls, again...not their problem. They weren't even willing to give me a discount coupon or something towards the purchase of another outrageously priced washer. I'm not complaining about how much I spent upfront for this machine because I wanted a really good washer and was willing to pay for it, but I'd expect it would last longer than a few years without so many issues, and at very least, a customer service department that could understand I shouldn't have had to pay hundreds of dollars for several different fixes for a quality product when I'd already spent $1100. So, live and learn. Either don't drop so much money on a washer (buy a cheap on that will probably last longer than 4 yrs or at least won't sting so much to repair or replace) or go to a company which cares enough about the quality of a product to back it up with at least "something" when there are this many problems. I clearly got a lemon (or am cursed?) and see that the company doesn't care once they've sold it. Out of warranty, out of luck.

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