Whataburgerunsafe seating area and capricious loitering policy


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1.0 star rating 10/15/2017
WILL MAKE YOU LEAVE AFTER HALF AN HOUR. Flavourly, Stuck in the past with their old style burgers. WhataBurger has decent burgers, but if you were expecting to leisurely enjoy them with contemporary technology, you out of luck. No WiFi, no place to connect your devices. If you have their app and try to order in the restuarant with a weak cell connection, you're out of luck. Their burgers remind me of 60's food, and I realize some may enjoy having well lubricated meals.

While eating my meal a deranged homeless person came through the seating area twice, filling up a cup and throwing most on the floor. Once the drink was thrown in my direction and thankfully fell short of the computer. The cops spent a lot of time with this person in the parking lot.

While I was writing this review the general manager came out and told me I was there more than 30min and I was loitering and had to leave. I told him there no signs to advise me of this policy.

I submitted complaints to BBB and to the corporate office, no response.
I sent another response to the corporate office that there are no loitering signs, still no response.


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