R Oct 28, 2018

The manager Renee at the North Second Street Wendy's in Clinton Iowa is a total [censored]. She is lazy, doesn't know how to run a shift on her own, and treats her African American employees way better than her white employees. I personally know almost all of the workers and they all complain about how she treats them. I used to work there when Sue was the manager and it was a hell of a lot better then and Sue was never in the store. Then Diane took over the [censored] mess that was left and she still did a hell of a lot better. Renee was placed in to coemanage with Diane and she completely took over telling Diane she could do it herself and didnt need help. Renee cant even run a shift on her own. Everytime i go there she is sitting in the office then comes out and yells at the employees that are busting their ass to pick up her slack. On Thursday manager Matt Deburg was working 3 positions. Drive threw, coordinating, and fry station. Renee then came out of the office and yelled at Matt because he was working too slow and she kicked him offline. Val was making sandwiches. A guy up front had been waiting 15 minutes so she was working on his food. Renee pushed Val out of the way because the lady in the drive threw had 15 minutes to get back to work. Renee is an absolute [censored] that should have never taken over and replaced Diane. The store is falling apart. In September the store flooded by the sink and up front by the registers. Renee left it for the night crew to clean up. Richies feet had sores on them, his new shoes for work were ruined along with everyone elses. Renee needs to go!!!

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