Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Companyservice

B Aug 02, 2018

I Use this Wendy's several times a week. Tonight was rudest service I have ever received! Person taking my order at drive-through couldn't hear me due to banging going on in background & kept messing up my order. So I asked her to cancel it so I could start over. From that point on I received nothing but attitude. The cashier greeted me with a snarl, did not tell me the amount I owed, did not say thank you and closed the window in my face as I tried to thank her! The man putting my order together moved deliberately slow as I watched him, and also handed me the food without any of knowledge meant of my existence much less a simple thank you, and again, close the window on my face as I was trying to thank him! I did not deserve that type of treatment from them nor did I trust my food when I got it home. I'm not sure how I can trust them to go there again. Nor do I want to be treated like that again especially at 8:45 at night after I've worked all day

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