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Good evening,

I am conplaining about a Wendy's near me in Canada, Nova Scotia, the Burnside location.
My younger sister works at this location, and deals with so much inappropriate stuff during her shifts. Almost ALL of her managers with the acception of ONE are awful. There is a manager who goes by the name Kelly who shows up to shifts DRUNK and brags about how she sleeps with different men to the children working at the store. There is a manager who goes by the name Mycha who treats the employees like crap, by leaving them to wait outside themselves at 10:30 pm when their rides are running behind, and locks them out of the store when they've done something wrong. Another manager who goes by Montelle who lets his friends into the store after hours to walk around the store when nobody else is there. This store needs serious help and strict eyes watching them at all times. This is VERY unprofessional.
I hope someone will care enough to do something about this store that is getting out of hand.

Thanks in advance!


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      Oct 26, 2017

    Your sister needs to contact corporate or human resources with her evidence. As her sister you are biased in her favor and the company would not listen to you.

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