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I am a 21 year old single parent. A mother of a five year old boy. I stole something from your store and did not think I would get caught. I know what I did was wrong, however your heartless security guard called the police on me anyway and charged me with theft. Do you know that this was a very cruel thing to do to a single parent. If I get a criminal record I could lose my job.

I work at a daycare and every five years we have to have our police reference check renewed. Besides by working in the daycare I get my son to attend for free. Now when my next police reference renewal comes through I will be terminated because I know from experience they have not hired people who have a simple record for shoplifting. I will be contacting my lawyer and taking this to court because you basically ruined my life.

I am a 21 year old mother that has limited expensed already. I apologized to the security guard and offered to pay for the items I stole if he let me go home to get my credit card. I was crying. I told him I would never do this again, however he still called the police. His main concern was that I was using my five year old son to steal. I know I should not have done this but with the world facing a possible depression I could not afford to pay for my food. Even with government help I can't afford to feed my family.

The security guard overheard me threaten to slap my son if he refused to put things in his pocket. However this was not true, as the day he arrested me I never threatened my son. I don't even know why he bought that up. That was over a month ago and I knew he was following me and I managed to dodge him. This time I was kind to my son and offered him ice cream if he helped me steal. Now before you judge my parenting I know it was wrong to threaten for not stealing and reward him for stealing but I was desperate for food. Also I did not want my son to feel left out so I took some toys for him which I could not afford. (Now I know this was wrong) but they should have given me a break. The security guard had the nerve to tell me (after hearing my story) that he can overlook the stealing of the food, but not the stealing of the DVD's and toys for my son.

I honestly thought that I would not get caught because I put the stuff in a Wal-mart shopping bag. Unfortunately I was caught, I made a mistake but your security is doing worse to me than what I did to their store. Why does a store that produces billions a year have to ruin a single parent's life.

Also this is the second letter I have written to wal-mart with no reply. I also wrote a letter to them "ripped of with no chance to win" several weeks ago about their game machines not working and having limited prizes. I went back, and noticed that they did not add more prizes to the game, so not noly are you ruining the life of a single parent but you are also ripping off people including children who use the machine. True the machine now has a sign our of order, but what five year old knows how to read.


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    wish they were true Jun 08, 2008

    My husband bought me a ring for christmas in the end of November.In the beginning of may the rinds prong broke off. I took it back to get repaired and was told it would take two weeks to get back. That was May 12, 2008 and its now June 8, 2008. I went to walmart today and was displeased with the manager Pedro. He was very rude. I am not only disappointed buy the product i bought and would like to have my money back since i have yet to receive my product from getting repaired in the time that was told to me. I have shopped at this store a long time and spend a good portion of my income with this company. I will now take my business elsewhere!

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  • Jo
    joe Jun 08, 2008

    Your buying your jewelry at Walmart. No more needs to be said...

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    sherlon collinsworth Jun 21, 2008

    In the past I have bought faded glory clothing at wal mart but their new sizes are a joke. Normally I wear a 2X but after buying 3 tops I discovered they were really the size of Lg so I go back and get the 3X (suppose to be 22-24) get those home and they are probably a size X-lg. and the sleeves fit like a medium. Guess they are trying to go out of business, I am giving all the clothes 3 shirts and 3 pair of shorts to who-ever has a body they will fit -so far no-ones been found!!!

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  • Da
    darkeegan Jul 25, 2008

    or maybe you gained weight...

    3x tells me you been skippin' the gym

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  • Valerie Aug 15, 2008

    It was early December of 2006, I had asked for a digital camera for Christmas. After extensive research I knew exactly which one I wanted. The price was good as was the product so my parents went to Walmart to get it. However they found another one, it cosed slightly more and wasn't nearly as good. My father though assumed it would be better for the price, and he couldn't entirely remember which one I'd asked for. He brought it home and decided to ask my opinion of it rather than surprising me. I read the box and told him it was a rip off and I'd go back with him to show him which one it was that I wanted.

    We got to the store and returned it, the woman takes it into the back, then returns to tell us the box is empty, and we aren't being refunded. I wouldn't have imagined, it was heavy so I didn't think twice about looking, the seal hadn't been broken to my knowledge, apparently there was a tripod in the box or something that was making it heavy. I fully understand that the situation looked suspicious from her point of view, but we had no idea what was going on. So we asked to speak to the manager. He came out and we explained to him that we honestly didn't know what was going on and we certainly didn't steal a camera we didn't even want to begin with. He continued to tell us there was nothing he could do. The camera had been locked in a case and it wasn't the display or a shipping problem so we had to have taken it. My father told him once again that we didn't and perhaps he should consider the fact that one of his employees did and that the customers aren't always to blame in situations like this.

    This didn't seem to go over well with the manager, he then told us 'I have it on tape, we saw our sales associate pull it from the cabinet, take out the camera, show it to you then place it back in the box.' My father stated that this never occurred and he wanted to see this video tape. The manager repeated what he'd said to us and once again my father asked to see it. He made up some mumbo jumbo about it being confidential and that he didn't have to show it to us.

    After a good 40 minutes of arguing with him he finally gave in and refunded us. I am fully aware that people do things like that all the time to rip places off, but to make up some bull about a tape highlighting a situation that never occurred is just wrong. Especially when it comes to covering up for one of his employees, we aren't dumb we know employees steal stop trying to rip off a customer by blaming it on them.

    As we were leaving my father thanked him and said 'I don't know if you believe me or not, but I'm telling you there's a problem within your team.' The manager responded with, 'I know.' The way he said it made it seem like he'd been aware of it for a while, but in denial.

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  • Valerie Sep 19, 2008

    I bought a portable dvd play from walmart less than a year ago and since it hasn't reached the expiration date on the warranty I tried to take it back to exchange it for another one and was told that there was nothing they could do for me and that I was just stuck with it so now I am out of a dvd player and out of the money I spent on it and a upset 5 year old daughter who cant watch movies while in the I have never been so mad at companies in my life I go to walmart because they have great prices I also in trust that they stand behind the products that they sell because they value their costumers I want answers and I want action to be taken so that other consumers do not have to be taken advantage of because it isn't right...

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  • Valerie Sep 22, 2008

    Coming from an adult gamer i take spending my money as an opportunity not a gamble. I frequently spend money in the crane games at local Wal-marts and grocery stores. So, upon entering Wal-mart today i drop my 50 cents into the came position the crane above the toy i wanted. Aiming carefully i push the button. The crane doesn't drop BUT closes the claw and moves it back over the the hole my toy should of dropped out of. I should have known there was something wrong seeing the limited amount of toys in the game but with the store knowing something was wrong with the game.

    Instead of emptying it completely they use a select few furry creatures to lure you to the game. There should be something done!

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  • Bi
    Bill Sep 22, 2008

    Get a life.

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  • Valerie Oct 07, 2008

    I went to Wal-Mart about two weeks ago for a oil change. When i left the store parking lot i notice that my car was leaking oil, it was leaking so badly that the guy that was to the right of me told me to pull over because of the loud sound that was coming from the car. So i turned off in the sears auto store lot. When i got there i got out the car and looked under the car and it was a pool of oil i pulled the car back and the sound seem even louder. So i was telling the guy i just came from the Wal-Mart store and they did a oil change on my car, so he took a look and said that i should call the store to speak with the manager. So i did just that, two guys came out from the store they looked under my car and filled it with oil cranked the car it still had that bad sound coming from it. So they did a claim on it told me too call in a hour to get the claim number, so i did just that. The next day i spoked to someone from CMI.I gave my claim number and they gave me the adjuster name nancy who is really rude and will not return calls nnn and i can never get in contact with her at her direct number. When I call her she tell the other adjuster to say she is on break even if she just came from a lunch break seconds ago, she still lie. Now They say that they are waiting on picture's from Wal-Mart, that was over night that thursday. Today is monday, when i called all i got was rude people who tell lies about where nancy is, not the truth about the issue. So I'm going to see what tomorrow look like and what lie they have too tell. I JUST WANT TO BE TREATED BETTER BY WAL-MART INSTEAD OF BEING TALK TO BADLY!!!

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  • Valerie Oct 16, 2008

    I believe most will agree that this national election is the most important to our country in recent history. It most certainly is for me, and I am 81 years old. I personally see this as a contest between the two men running for president, (although the vice presidential candidates do effect the way I see the country going.)

    One of the presidential candidates has worked his way to a great education. The other candidate was put in a special high school in order to get a high school diploma.

    He did poorly. Because of family influence, he was given an appointment to Annapolis ahead of much more deserving young men. He finished fifth from the bottom in his class and showed a minimum of leadership skills. Because of family influence, he got into the pilot training program ahead of more deserving young men. He did poorly, crashed one plane, and still graduated. He crashed two more planes (probably pilot error) and still got promoted ahead of others in his Annapolis class.

    One of the candidates has been married and faithful to the same women since they first walked down the aisle, while the other admits to many affairs and divorced an ailing wife to marry another women.

    The winner of this election will have a chance to take America into the 21st century. I can only see our country leading the way if we elect the young man who worked for everything to get to where he is today.


    The above letter was posted in the Mesa Tribune - I had to repost it here.

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  • Valerie Oct 17, 2008

    I presented at the drive up window to pick up my prescriptions. I was the only one at the window at that time, and pressed the call button. No one responded to my call so I pushed the call button again. A voice said she would be with me in a minute. In the mean time, someone else came to the other drive up window and pushed the call button. As I waited for her to return to me, she waited on the other person first. Then she came to me after about ten minutes.

    I asked her why she didn't wait on me first and she said she couldn't tell who was at the window first. I said that didn't make any sense. If that were true, how do you know which person gets what medicine. There has to be a way to know which drive up you're using.

    Apparently, she decided she was going to teach me a lesson for questioning her. So she said she would be back in a minute and then waited on all the other cars at the drive up window in the other lane. I waited and waited and waited.

    I am upset, not only was she rude, I think what she did deserves reprimand. ( I do have her name). After she came back to my screen to then wait on me see said I was rude and I need to treat people better. How dare her tell me how to act when clearly she was in the wrong.

    After, her last comment, she that said God bless, I am agnostic and how dare she make a comment to me with the reference of God. She doesn't know my faith and by the way she acted, she should probably bless herself, as I believe she needs it.

    I wasn't aware that Walmart blessed there customers. That is probably something that could get them (Walmart) in a lot of trouble.

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  • Valerie Oct 21, 2008

    I went to your store. I waited in line with nothing but my gun. When it was my turn in line. I pointed the gun at the cashier and told her to put the money in one of the plastic bags. She said no. I said thanks for your trouble and have a nice day and she said same to you. I had planned this for six months and all that planning went down the drain. This was such an inconvenience to me and I had to result to robbing the Kmart a across the street a few blocks down from you.

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  • Ja
    Jack and Glenna Akers Nov 02, 2008

    My husband and I have just moved to Shawnee, Ok. and are serious Walmart shoppers, I would like for someone to investigate the store in Shawnee, We have never been in a store so dirty and nasty, they need to get there act together, people like clean places to shop, there is no reason for that to be so nasty, where is management there, sleeping on the job? Please check into this and do something. We moved from Newcastle, Ok. to Shawnee what a difference. Clean up your stores, Or people will start shopping at Target, and we will make the drive, based on cleaniness. Thanks Glenna Akers and Jack Akers of Shawnee, Ok.

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  • Valerie Nov 25, 2008

    My eyeglasses frame made by titanum was broken at Sep 2008 while I cleaned lenses, which was bought from Walmart in Jan 2008. I asked them to replace it and they said that the frame warranty had only 60 days. I complained it to them to make no sense because the previous frame I had had kept more than 3 years. If anyone knows the only 60 days warranty of a frame who buys it at Walmart? Even worse they suspected me to buy it there while they found my information from their system, i..e. they found my info but they said that they didn't have my purchase record. I had bought it only once at Walmart.

    I doubt that the frame may had a fault from the beginning because people know Titanum is very flexible as well as very strong I complained them to mention the such a short warranty policy before I bought it and they said you didn't ask it. What on earth is it? Is it Walmart customer care? It's not acceptable nor has common sense. I'll have further action to correct it.

    Also eyeglass is very important to protect eyes. Malmart warranty policy and attitude to customer should be changed.

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  • Br
    brenda boyd Dec 12, 2008

    I cancel an order on dec.3, 2008 on a cell phone an the can't refund my money because they need a fax number for some reason but I want my money put back on my card, so please get in touch with the company please.

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  • Dl
    Dlivie2002 Dec 22, 2008

    My son and I took his daughter to the Wal-mart store in our town for 3 generation photos for christmas. They told us they would be ready on 12/20/2008 which is enough time to mail them out for Christmas presents. On the 20th I went into pick them up and was told that they would not be there until after 2 PM. I called at 5 Pm and was told that they were not there. I went back to the store after 2 PM on the 21 and was told that the order was mixed up and would not be mailed to the store until the 23rd. Now I spent almost 100.00 dollars and they couldn't even call with this information so that we would know. It is like we arent important to the store. In this day of layoffs and cutbacks why are they treating people this way.

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  • Su
    sunnie Jan 01, 2009

    Dear 21 yr. old the saying goes IF YOU CANN'T DO THE TIME .

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  • Ra
    Raul Jan 20, 2009

    Bought 5 boxes of ammo late Saturday night Nov.8, 2008. 3 Remington .308 150 grain and 2 Winchester .308 180 grain to fire in 2 weapons I purchased recently. Went out to firing range at 10AM opening and shot the Winchester ammo with both weapons. Tried the Remington in both of my weapons and my buddies M1A and the bullet failed to fire. Attempted Sunday afternoon to swap out ammo with receipt and was told the sale was final even if the product did not work. Assistant manager was nice and appeared to agree with me but said his hands were tied and the store manager was the only person who could approve the swap and probably would not do it!

    Never buy ammo from Walmart... lesson learned!

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  • Ep
    EpicRegret Feb 25, 2009

    It Store up... you CANT return ammo back to the store, it is a final sale. Just like beer, you cant return it in certain states, and on the states you can, you need to return it to the store you originally bought it, and you must have your receipt.

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  • Zo
    zoodle Mar 03, 2009

    They will arrest you but they have an employee in the Bristol, Ct Store, Jackie working nights who is doing drugs in the store and out and stealing and they do nothing. If your going to arrest it should be all or none in my opinion. Pathetic and the sex encounters that are happening at night is disgusting. Where are the Kmarts?????

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  • Ci
    Cindy Mar 28, 2009

    OMG!!! Susan I can not even belive you would even write a letter like this. So you are saying it is ok to take your five year old to Walmart and steal? Do you eat DVD'S? What the hell!!! You should be ashamed of your self. They should have taken you to jail and let you know how it feels to have your child taken a way for a bit. Then make you pay for the things you stole. And show the judge you will not use your child like that.No freaking wonder our children are like they are today. It is parents like you who make me sick. I work my [email protected]@ off at Walmart and people like you we see every day. You must not of learned your lesson. If you can not pay for it...YOU do not need it that bad. Very lam excuse, there are places who help people in need and plus our tax dollars help your sorry of a mother;s [email protected]@.

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  • La
    Laura E. Apr 01, 2009

    I used to love going to Walmart. The nearest one to me is at least 2 hours away, but I thought the trip was worth it. UNTIL I read all of the complaints from all of you. I am disabled and do my shopping, if I am lucky every 2 to 3 months. Walmart is 45 minutes farther but I went anyway. I think I will drive over Mt. Hood from now on and shop in the other direction. I will save more money, cause now I wont have to get a motel for the night, because the long drive was to much for me to do in one day. My feelings are really hurt and I am sorry all of that bad stuff that happened to all of you, never happened to me. It wont as I am no longer a walmart shopper. Laura E. Pine Grove OR.

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  • Si
    single mom Apr 09, 2009

    I totally agree with Cindy's comment above. I can't believe you low-life trashy people are teaching your children to grow up and be thieves and criminals like you are. There are plenty of resources to help people in your situation (food stamps, etc) and there is absolutely NO excuse to be stealing toys for your children. I can't believe you honestly expected the security guard to give you a break! The cops should have taken you to jail and Walmart should've pressed charges!

    I am also a single parent with a 5-year old and it would never even cross my mind to steal, let alone involve my child in it. We can't afford a lot either, but we make do with what we have. The library lends movies and books for free, and we shop at second-hand shops and the discount stores for food and necessities. Life is not easy but if you work hard and make good choices, you can make the best of your situation. Your kid is going to grow up with no morals and you should be ashamed. You don't deserve handouts when everyone else has to work hard for what they have! People like you make me sick!!

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  • Lu
    Lunamoon Apr 20, 2009

    when I started reading this I felt a little sorry for you. But after see what you put your son through I can't anymore. dvd and toys you don't need that, and if you get foodstamps where are they going? No one ruined your life but you, to use your son as a reason to steal is sick . You even say you have stolen before what about the people your stealing from, they work hard for their money and here you come with your idea that your needs are more important than others. You could get a second job I know a 56 year old women who work two job. i hate it when people steal and then think that people should feel sorry for them, don't feel sorry for them their the reason our prices kept going up!

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  • Vv
    vvictorian May 01, 2009

    I want to voice my experience of racial injustice that happened to me at the Wal-Mart Store # 1196 in New Roads, Louisiana on Tuesday April 28, 2009.

    At about 2:20 pm, in the afternoon, I put in 4 prescriptions and was told by one of the clerks (I prefer not to give her name at this time) that my order would be ready in about 30 minutes, I don't understand why it takes so long, or maybe I do, because there are about 7 people working behind the counter. I proceeded to walk around and shop for those thirty minutes or more.

    I suffer with a condition called peripheral neurophy, which causes extreme pain in my feet, legs and hands. So after about 40 minutes (about 3:15 p.m.) I could not stand walking any more so I went back to the pharmacy and took a seat on the bench in front of the pick-up window next to an elderly lady and told her how bad my feet hurt.

    The reason why I sat down was because there was a lady already at the pick-up counter picking up medicine for two people and there seemed to be some confusion about the number of prescriptions and the amount to be paid for each person... This had been going on for about 10 minutes. Then another clerk started calling people to the consultation window to pick up prescriptions and so people who were there waiting started to proceed to that window; there was a man ahead and then the lady sitting next to me on the bench went next only to be told after waiting 30 minutes or more that they were out of her medicine. When she left the window I went up next, at that same time a lady was coming up the isle with a basket and the clerk at the consultation window rudely told me that I had cut the line and had to go to the back of the line which would have been behind the lady coming up the isle with the basket. I asked her why and she said because it was store policy that you had to be standing in order to be served. I became very upset with that and asked her to show me that store policy in written form. The reason why I was upset was because on many previous occasions I had witnessed people sitting on the bench and being called up to get their medications when other people were waiting.

    Well you know she couldn't show me that policy. I stated that that was very stupid for her to say something like that and the lady with the basket asked if I was calling her stupid and I responded if the hat fits wear it.

    Well by that time several people had arrived and I took my position at the back of the line to not make the scene I could have because of the injustice I felt at that moment. I got my prescriptions or shall I say some of them. There is poor inventory kept here because if you sell insulin flex-pens and you don't have the needles needed to administer the insulin makes no sense to me. But I guess they consider ME stupid.

    I went home and got my camera to take pictures of the front desk to prove that there was no kind of policy stated on procedure for pick-up. There was a lot of laughing and snickering behind the counter at my action. I don't know what the store policy is for employees in their treatment of customers, but I am requesting that you e-mail me those policies. I can also e-mail you the pictures of the front of the counter, but I know you know that there are no such policies in written form.

    I look forward to hearing from you about this injustice. I would hate to communicate this to all of my family and friends, neighbors and acquaintances, etc.

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  • Dh
    dhickman May 25, 2009

    You should have no children. Also you should not have email or the internet. Mabye you should have stolen some condoms about 5 years ago and you wouldnt have this problem. I dont feel sorry for you and I hope they take your kid away.

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  • Ch
    Christina Jun 05, 2009

    All I can say is wow... I commend you for openly confessing to the fact that you did something wrong. But to be angry and willing to take this to court because you were caught and this will be on your record causing you to be fired from your job is outrageous. You say this security guard ruined your life...YOU ruined your life, by making this conscious choice to steal. Yes, times are hard for everyone, but the true character of someone is revealed by what choices they make in the hard times. I do hope that you learn from this and become a better person because of this hard (but deserved) lesson.

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  • Jh
    jhror Jun 13, 2009

    I thought that this comment was a joke and then realized that she is being serious. It is about time people take responsibility for their situations in life. Maybe it is time that you watch Pursuit of Happyness and realize that you are at fault for your situation.
    I still think that the post might be in jest; are there really people out there that are so pathetic?

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  • El
    Elaina69 Jun 22, 2009

    FYI..No matter how much money Walmart Inc. makes is totally irrevelants here. THIS Company did Not ruin your life ..NEW FLASH HERE...You did by choosing to be a THIEF and a terrible one at that...
    You stated that you knew it was wrong to steal...and I agree it is very wrong. It is people like you that causes us honest people to have to pay higher prices for the items we buy because of your selfish unexcusable acts of shoplifting. Do you realize that for every item you stole that cause the prices on other things to go up to cover the cost of the items that store has lost by shoplifters like you? Do you realize that when you steal and you have a child with you that they are learning from you at that moment? For your selfish act you have now taught your innocent child how to be dishonest. how to take things that is not his to take. How to be embarrassed when you got caught. Great lessons for a 5 year old to learn don't you think? I am sure that is on every single parents to do list for their child. Now before you go oh I am a single parent .. No one would help me.B.S. I too was a single parent for 10 years and raised 2 wonder children on my own .I worked 2 jobs at a time to make sure they had proper food clothes and shelter I worked when I was sick with thyroid cancer, lost my hair and while taking cancer treatment . By doing this I taught them that if you want something then working is the way to get it. I also taught them that under NO circumstances was being dishonest or stealing acceptable behaviors or would it be tolerated. They are now 20 and 18 andf they have grown to be wonder adults that I am proud to say are mine. With all you have done will you be able to say the same about your son in oh 15 years?It was terrible that you would involve your child in stealing. Don't you realize that he will remember this experience as he gets older and how embarassing it is and was and will be for him when you got to be caught shoplifting and having everyone staring at you and him. How selfish of you.
    As for the government won't help me...that is b.s too unless you was terminated from their programs for fraud they will and would have help you get food. Also there is W.I.C. that will and would have help you get food for you and your son. Also you could have tried local churches and food pantries. There is No excuse that you could ever come up with that would justify your action. Shame on you for being so Selfish and I am glad you got caught.Maybe next time you will think before you try to shoplift in a Walmart again or any store for that matter You know that it's not too late for you to turn this negative situation around. You should go and thank that security guard for stopping you that day cause you was right you was wrong and you didn't realize that you was creating the next generation criminal that day. Just think if you would have gotten away that day what would had that been teaching your son? I'll tell you what it would have taught him"If mommy does it and gets away with stealing then it is allright for me to do it too. Now flash forward to when he is 15 and he gets caught and he has stolen enough stuff for it to be a Felony that sentence him to 10 years in prison or worst he get caught and decides he not going to jail and kills an innocent worker then he will get a life sentence then when he gets out he has a prison record and no jobs that is worth anything. He is a criminal and no future all because of you and your selfishiness. Is that what you really want for your child?, . Think of your son's future the next time..

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  • OBAMA08 Jul 22, 2009


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  • Ri
    Ricky Aug 01, 2009

    She dragged my brand new clothes across the filthy conveyor belt, leaving skid marks even i asked her to pull them from the little carry basket. She says "Company policy" and continues to dirty up the new summer clothes. #2 Loose a validation ticket at Long Beach Wal*Mart and pay $8.00 even if you have a recipt showing your recent purchase. Even if you shop there all the time. If you don't have $8.00 in CASH You get to hold up traffic and let the parking attendant write down all your personal data, so you can get a check or money order via snail mail with 42 cent postage to the City of Long Beach. I'm done with Walmart. I'm getting a COSTCO card and shopping in Signal Hill!

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  • Ba
    Bandit49 Aug 04, 2009

    I can"t believe you want everyone to feel sorry for you. YOU stole the stuff. If you could not afford to buy stuff, why was your child playing with the machines that cost money. You will get what you deserve, and hopefully you will LEARN from this. Maybe it is not to late for your child to grow up and respect the law. If you get Food stamps, and probably WIC, you can more than feed your child. Plus you get paid and FREE day care. Give me a break.

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  • Ta
    tajohnson Aug 10, 2009

    most warranties are through the manufacturer. walmart is not responsible for honoring a warranty that is through the manufacturer.

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  • Pr
    prodigy956 Aug 15, 2009

    Are you serious with this complaint? I work for Walmart as a lower level supervisor and I would have had you locked up too. You don't realize that people at these stores don't get paid that much and rely on quarterly bonuses. The more people like you steal the less these hard working associates will get. What about my stockman that couldn't buy clothes for his children...the single mother cashier that couldn't repair her car to get to work...the maintenance associate that couldn't pay rent so management let him sleep in the parking lot for a couple of weeks? You know what could have helped them..the bonus we would have gotten if not for our high number of stolen merchandise. If you need money get a job, for example, push some shopping carts in 105 degree weather like my guys do or work two jobs like some of my cashiers. Your entire argument holds no ground...try telling the associates at my store your story and I'm sure you'll get ran out of the store...ridiculous.

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  • Ar
    arthurincanada Sep 09, 2009

    Did you know about the 60 days before you made your purchase?

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  • Ar
    arthurincanada Sep 09, 2009

    What a loser.

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  • Bo
    Bongo Sep 24, 2009

    I needed a cell phone immediately as mine suddenly died and I get my job assignments thru the cell phone. I went to Walmart in Salem NH and bought a net 10 phone pay as you go for 29.99.When I set it up at home it didn't work. I returned to Walmart in Salem NH (I live in Andover, Ma) to bring it back and exchange it for a working phone. The people working at the time I brought it back, , , although they were present and remembered me when i bough it, , said the managers had all gone home so they could not exchange it nor refund my money.

    These two people also tried the phone and it did not work, As I needed a phone immediately I bought another phone, identical to the non functioning phone and these two people told me I would get my money back when the managers were present. I went today for my refund. The female manager said there was no "SIMS" card with the phone. I said this is what I bought from you exactly as is. She said a SIMS card comes with this particular phone and she cant return my money because there is no SIMS card.

    I told her I BOUGHT THIS PHONE exactly as it is except I opened the package and THIS phone did not work, I have no idea about a SIMS card, what I brought back, twice now is exactly what I bought from Walmart. She said there had to be a SIMS card in the package and because there wasn't she would not return my money. I told her again... if there was no SIMS card it was because I bought it with no SIMS card.Why on earth would I drive 30 minutes each way... THREE times now and why would I have bought the second exact phone 2 hours after this one if it worked. I bought this phone in good faith. It did not work. I tried to return it and couldn't.

    I bought a second identical phone in GOOD faith. I brought the first phone back for a refund and was refused because something was apparently missing from the package. I brought back exactly what was in the package and if something was missing that is the reason the phone didn't work. It was missing when I purchased it, yet they refuse me a refund.

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  • Kn
    knreeves Sep 27, 2009

    YOU STOLE SOMETHING AND EXPECT PITTY FROM WAL-MART?!?!?!?! How stupid and immature can you be?!? You should have thought about your job and your child before you stole. And I can't believe you are trying to play the single mother card. There are several single mothers out there but they don't steal!! Your action should be considered child negligence because you will loose your job (your action; your fault) and you won't be able to provide for the child. Also because you were getting the child to steal (this blows my mind). Heartless is all you are. You should have thought of your kid first. I'm glad loss prevention locked you up. You deserved it. You shouldn't steal. It cost the store and the employees money. And I bet some of the employees at the store you steal from are single mothers too. Only difference is they still have a job because they realize they shouldn't steal. And why are you playing those game machines when you can't afford to buy things??? Um, hello. Save that money to buy instead of steal next time. Now, I can partly understand stealing food, that's a necessity. But DVDs and toys?? Honey, get a life. You have no right to complain. You are totally at fault here.

    2 Votes
  • getlostdancing Sep 29, 2009

    First of all, being a 21 year old single mother DOES NOT give you any validation for your complaint. One of my closest friends had her daughter when she was 16 years old yet she doesn't go around stealing because she's a single mother. Regardless of age, their are millions upon millions of women in our country who are raising their children alone and are doing so in a law abiding manner. And those who cannot support raising a child alone accept responsibility, do what is right, and give the child up to people who can actually provide them with necessities for them to grow up to be well taken care of and good people. If you are having to steal, then maybe you shouldn't be a parent and the sole guardian of a 5 year old. Maybe you need some help or just need to come to terms with what is best for your child and find someone who can take care of him.

    Seriously, using your child to steal?!?!?
    When the cop came to charge you with theft, he also should have taken your son away from you and brought him to social services so they could find someone who could actually provide a good life for him. Because I bet those people won't get him to them steal by threatening him with violence.

    Now, secondly, you DESERVE that theft charge. Your crime was committed with not only intent, but premeditation. YOU KNEW STEALING IS WRONG, yet you chose to steal anyways. YOU KNEW YOU WERE BREAKING THE LAW, yet you did it anyways. And the worst part, YOU KNOW STEALING IS A CRIME AND YOU KNEW IT WAS WRONG AND ILLEGAL BUT YOU USED YOUR CHILD TO COMMIT THAT CRIME AND THREATENED THAT POOR CHILD WITH VIOLENCE and that is beyond sick and depressing and makes you a pathetic, pitiful, DISGUSTING excuse of a person.

    Your case sucks anyways, but the fact that you knew what you were doing was wrong and illegal just ruins anything you had going in your favor (if you had anything at all). Knowing you were wrong and were committing a crime just means your punishment can be more severe, which you deserve and it means there is more reason to take your child away, which you also deserve. Oh, you also deserve a child abuse charge too for the whole threatening to slap him if he doesn't steal thing.

    Honestly, I think you deserve to lose your job. Because if you work at a daycare that means you have influence in the lives of young, impressionable children. And people who steal even though they know they shouldn't, SHOULD NOT BE AROUND CHILDREN. We need less people like you, not people like you having influence in kid's lives and creating more people like you. You are obviously not fit to be in the lives of young, impressionable children. If you can convince your child to help you steal, then you're probably teaching other peoples children to become criminals too. And you have NO RIGHT to turn your child into a criminal, let alone turn someone else's child into a criminal.
    And the fact that you threatened to slap your child to make him steal, that just means you deserve to rot in prison and then rot in hell.

    Seriously, get a brain. The economy DOES NOT give you the right to steal. And actually, people like you who steal are really stealing profits and paychecks from the producers of the merchandise and from Walmart and from the employees of those companies. AND GUESS WHAT, THAT MAKES THE ECONOMY EVEN WORSE. So just because the economy sucks, doesn't mean you have the right to make it worse which makes things worse for all of us.

    Seriously, the economy means you can steal?!?!
    At least you have a job. At least the government is helping you. There are people out there who have no job, home, or aid yet they don't steal.

    Try to grasp some ounce of intelligence and think of this:
    What if every single parent in America stole from Walmart because they're a single parent and need help. If they let every single parent steal, they wouldn't be making billions. They'd be losing billions and then their employees would be losing jobs. That means more people out of work and more stealing. They aren't ruining your life (you are), they're protecting their employees lives, they're protecting ethics, morals, and values, and they're helping our economy hold onto some security.
    So no offense, but even if they were "ruining your life" (which they aren't because you're ruining your life), that's a small price to pay to keep from ruining the lives of their millions and millions of employees.

    And Jesus, toys and DVDs? Do you need toys and DVDs? No. You don't. The guard was right, food is one thing. We just talked about it in my Criminal Justice class. Food is one thing and in certain situations if you are caught stealing food that someone will help you and not call the police.
    But for all the security guard knew, you could have just wanted to steal some toys and movies and then grabbed a loaf of bread to make it look like you're "hungry and needed to steal so you don't starve." Anyone can grab some food and pretend like they're poor and starving. I just hope you weren't carrying a louis vuitton or chanel bag (or knock-offs) because then you'd look real starving.
    No matter what your story was, if you were really needy you would have just taken some food. The fact that you went and got toys and DVDs too just shows that you are selfish and a bad person who has no regard for anyone but herself. A real needy person would have just gotten enough food and been satisfied with that. They wouldn't of wanted DVDs and toys too.
    You stealing more then just food showed the security guard that you aren't needy and all you were doing was taking advantage of the country's financial situation and the kindness stores show to people who really need food and sometimes steal to cure the ongoing hunger pains their kids have.

    My suggestion, sell the DVD player and TV you were going to play the DVDs in and use that money to buy food.

    I think someone on this website should file a complaint against you, not Walmart.

    Oh, who by the way didn't do anything wrong by reporting you to the authorities. You knew you broke the law. No person with half a brain would just let a THIEF (that's what YOU ARE so get used to hearing it) just waltz out of the store so they could "go home and get their credit card." Most people who want to "go home and get their credit card so they can come back and pay" don't go home and then come back with the credit card. They go home and they stay home or rob another store.
    I mean, if you were stupid enough and immoral enough to steal even though you knew it was wrong and illegal, then don't expect a security guard, a lawyer, a cop, a judge, or even all of us reading your complaint to believe that you would really go home and come back with money to pay for the stuff. If you were stupid and corrupt enough to steal, then you are most likely stupid and evil enough to not go back and pay for the stuff you tried stealing. Don't try and act innocent because we all know and you know that you would not have went back and paid for the stuff.
    And that's a whole different problem because if you have so limited expenses that you feel the urge to steal, then you sure as heck don't have enough money to buy it with a credit card and pay the credit card company back.
    But seriously, if the security guard catches you trying to steal and on top of that, using a child to help you steal, HE HAS TO REPORT YOU. If he lets you just walk away, especially after corrupting a child for the aid of a crime, he could lose his job and even get in legal trouble himself.
    Who cares if you cried. You did something wrong, he did his job. Your fake tears don't matter to him. What would matter to him would be the tears of his own family. Your tears aren't worth him losing his job and having to go home to his wife and children and tell them that daddy lost his job and that they will barely be able to eat. Your fake tears aren't worth having to tell all that to his family and see the tears well up in his child's eyes and know that he failed at providing for his family. Your failure is not worth his failure and YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO EVEN SUGGEST HE SHOULD FEEL SYMPATHY AND RISK HIS OWN LIVELIHOOD BECAUSE YOU ARE A PATHETIC FAILURE.

    Your "terrible experience" is your fault and your fault only. You are the sole person responsible for this situation and if you never stole, even though you know it's wrong and illegal, you wouldn't be having a terrible experience. YOU RUINED YOUR OWN LIFE. Let's just hope someone takes your kid away so you don't ruin his life too.

    Your fault, not Walmart's.

    Now I suggest you quit whining online about your poor decisions, and go get some mental and moral help because you are a pathetic excuse of a person.

    Oh, fyi. I suggest you save your time and money and not even bother calling a lawyer. No lawyer in his right mind would even listen to your case let alone take it on and represent you in court. Especially since you knew you were breaking the law and shouldn't of stolen and corrupted a child in the process. In fact, the lawyer would probably hear your story and then file charges AGAINST you and go to court AGAINST you.

    Oh and you might want to shut the hell up because you just keep digging yourself a deeper and deeper grave.

    And can we please have your full name, address, zipcode, and telephone number.
    We need to report you to child and family services so they can find a better home for your child because you don't deserve to have a child and your son sure as hell deserves better then a deadbeat disgusting person like you as a parent.

    As someone else said, don't do the crime if you can't do the time.


    "but what five year old knows how to read."


    So when your kid asks to play it, most parents just tell the kid it doesn't work and they'll get them a toy later.

    Seriously, what parent wastes money on those machines just to disappoint their child.

    Oh. Wait. You do because you're an unfit parent which we've already established.

    Fyi, no one is getting ripped off by those machines if they simply just don't put the coin in the machine and play the game. Duh.
    You are NOT being forced to play those games. It's not like the 65 year old Walmart greeter is pushing you over to the game and forcing you to put a quarter in and play the game.
    If you don't like the prizes or how many prizes there are, then don't put the coin in and play. It's really that simple.

    BTW, if you are sooooooooooooooooooooooo poor and badly affected by the economy that you have to steal food, why are you wasting money on those stupid toy games?
    Maybe you should back away from the games and with all the money saved by not playing those games, you could buy your own food LEGALLY.

    you are a serious stupid and pathetic excuse of a person.

    4 Votes
  • Up
    upathetic Sep 29, 2009

    You're so obsessed witn nonniemouse, you think EVERYBODY is her. It must be said to be so hopelessly in love!

    3 Votes

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