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I am not only a loyal customer to all Walmart Stores but a previous employee. I never thought in a million years that Walmart leaders and those in charge were so heartless.
I went to the Walmart store located at 970 Strickland Bridge Rd in the city of Fayetteville, NC. I was walking to the front door of the store and walked across the landscape area in the parking lot when they spread mulch. As I stepped down onto the parking lot I stepped on a piece of wooden musch and twisted my foot causing a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone...lots of pain. I contacted Walmart management and filed a report hoping that they would at least offer to pay for my medical bills and maybe a gift card to say how sorry they are that happened to me on their premises. To no avail I didn't even get a concerned heart to say I'm glad you are okay and didn't fall. Nothing except "Walmart is not responsible and I should have looked where I was stepping". Yes I should have looked but then who is watching the cars that drive in and out of the parking lot? Looking down at my foot may have prevented the fracture but then a car could have hit me because I wasn't looking up.

I was also told by the store manager that they don't have anyone to maintain the parking lot and that musch even get's blown around by the wind. I believe that if they have someone putting that mulch in their parking lot they should have someone maintaining it and/or putting a little barrier around the tree area where all that mulch is put down now I will need to get a cast :>(

I have learned that as people and customers who support, Walmart management including those in corporate only care about us coming in and spending money which keeps them in business. I am extremely ticked and will do everything in my power not to shop at Walmart ever again and if any of you reading this review can do the same Walmart won't be so high and mighty and treat people like business as usual. Without us, the customer they have no business.

Walmart could have offered something to show that they care instead they only offered everything that shows that don't give a care AT ALL and I am truly disappointed in them not only as a provider but as a people that should care about others. I am 70 years old and have never had a broken bone in my body until now. What if it were your mother?

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      Nov 01, 2019

    You were careless and did not watch where you were walking? Why should they pay for your medical bills. Why should they apologize? Why should they offer you a gift card. If you cannot afford to buy what you want do not get it. No need for them to give you a gift card because you cannot afford to shop there. No need for them to pay for your medical bills because YOU were careless and cannot afford the bills. Not only do you want your medical bills paid, but a gift card and apology because YOU were careless. Also you are en ex employee. Obviously you did not leave on good terms.

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