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M Nov 14, 2019 Review updated:

On Nov 6, 2019 my sister and I arrived in Pigeon Forge, TN for a vacation. We stopped at the Walmart there, 1414 Parkway, Sevierville, store #00578 and was checked out by clerk ID# 7N7XQ568860. She was rude and absolutely ridiculous. She asked for my ID which was in my car. We were purchasing 2 bottles of champagne. I went out and got it. In the meantime my sister offered to show hers. Clerk said no because I was paying. Fine. Then suddenly she told me I cannot buy the champagne because it is a third party sale. How ridiculous. It was for us and we were both there!! I am 63 years old and my sister is 58. We left without it. It was late and we did not know our way around to get champagne elsewhere. We got none! Since when does Walmart not sell champagne to two old ladies who are together and both have ID's? That woman was rude, and shockingly nasty for no apparent reason. We were shocked, embarassed, and dismayed. Look at the video of the incident. It happened about 10 or 11pm, 11-6-2019. With clerks like that you will lose business!!


  •   Nov 14, 2019

    This Walmart sells champagne???

    Um... All alcohol must be carded it has something to do with the register allowing the sale.

    You must be new to adulting.

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  • N
      14h ago

    Forget it, moolennial! Women that age don't add an "ing" to the word "adult". It's supposed to be a noun, not a verb. Only you young ones with ADHD and Aspergers say "adulting", because it's hard for you to imagine a real world with responsibilities, beyond your phone 📱, video games, and helicopter parents' protection.

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  • @Nostoners2 Asperger's maybe but not ADHD.

    Also I've seen far more men 'refuse to adult' than women saying 'adulting'.

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  • @Nostoners2 Moolenial??? Really? I'm 43. Tis not 2043 yet?

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