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D Jan 05, 2020

Ordered product off Product delivery tracking delayed from delivery three times now... (three) and now our order has been handed over to usps for delivery, knowing that they do not deliver to rural addresses... I have been on phone with you guys on previous orders because of the same reason, and once again it lost... And according to delivery status it was again suppose to be delivered yesterday, I call wallmart just to be blown off on the phone... Really, if this is how im going to be treated when I order $1000's of dollars of supplies from you people on a monthly basis, I guess I should just start purchasing from amazon, since walmart does not honor there guarentee in any fasion, and now im told I even have to wait additional days now just to even start a refund request... Are you serious? I need to speak with someone concerning these matters that just seem to be ignored.
[protected] darry jay tunick
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Credit card statement shows payment issued to ( Not ubee, not yadda yadda, not anyone else third party, I paid walmart, its walmarts responcibility to control their vendors not the consumer. I would like to be refunded for my orders not recieved.!.

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Truly discusted
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