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ipad ordered

On Dec 20th, I ordered an iPad 128 silver for $356.14. It gave me a tracking order and date it should arrive...

managers on duty and female security guard

We were at Wal-Mart Christmas eve at 5:30pm which was closing at 6pm. My daughter left her credit card in the...

not giving advertised price

I went to Wal-Mart in Clarksville, In after going online and searching for price for Zelda Switch game. It...

toy puppy

I went to Walmart this morning at 7 am searching for a $10 toy gift for an active child. There was another...

walmart protection plans and savings catcher complaints

This complaint has to do with the Walmart Protection Plans Website. I have submitted over the last several years 9 different product care plans. I had to enter the name of the product, the model #, the serial # for all the products I had purchased the additional protection for. Now, when I finally find my way back in to see the products I have registered, I see nothing but the receipts. It shows nothing else. I have no way to tell which ones are expired or what the product was to begin with. I think this is a complete bunch of [censored]. I took all that time to enter all that info in there to help me with knowing and you guys just erase it all and make things a big pain in the ass. I will never purchase another product from Walmart until they fix this website and put it back to the way it was before. You guys are just a big corporate ripoff machine that wants to make your loyal customers miserable and make things difficult for everyone but yourselfs. Your company is greedy and selfish and I really do hope and pray for the worst for this company. Another thing while I am on here. You folks did the same type of bullcrap with your so called savings catcher. Making it more difficult to enter in your receipt. I know why you folks did this and it is purely greed. Have a not so merry christmas and a terrible New Year too.

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auto oil change, filter change and tires rotation

They didn't do the service correctly So I went to Walmart auto center at Everett, Washington to change my...


I sent the following message to some time ago. I even phoned the store and spoke with a male who...

1000 walmart gift card

I did all that was ask for the 1, 000 walmart gift card. Was on 60/100 done I choose disney books for $1.00...

curb pick up, employee and manager.

I was at the Silsbee, Texas location to do curb pick up today. I drive about 20 miles to pick up at Walmart...

honor advertised prices

I ordered an item online for store pickup and two days later, it was cancelled. They took back my items and...

gingerbread train kit

I purchases the gingerbread train building kit for my daughter and come to find out there was a live mouse in...

1000 reward

The amaunt of calls that you get after answer ing some of the questions they are annoing also when you buy...

a&w small beverage drinks

My name is Elizabeth Suter and I live at 278 Fir Lane Berryville AR, 72616. I buy the smaller 8 pack of A&W beverages. They are the perfect size for me. My husband came home from Walmart yesterday and I was so disappointed. All of the bottles were only half ful!! He didn't notice it when he bought it, but he shouldn't have to have looked closely at it. It was purchased at Walmart in Berryville AR and the cost without tax is $3.50. There is only 1 Walmart here. I took a picture of both the pop and the receipt and will be happy to provide it if necessary . But I don't see any way that I can send attachments in this forum. I love A & W root beer but this is so disappointing! Neither my husband nor I wanted to drive 12 miles back to exchange or obtain a refund.what I would like is not necessarily a refund, but another 8 pack.

a&w small beverage drinks
a&w small beverage drinks

the yogurt case

There was a dead fly in the yogurt case about a week ago i understood that could happen well a week later same fly is smeared all over and they have restocked sense then and obviously have not cleaned it, i took pics of it cause it really grossed me out, same department also never roatates anything i have had to return yogurt at least 5 times in the last few months, i normaly love this store but latley this drpartment is not up to par, sorry for the complaint but i would really like to buy food here knowing the shelfs are clean and not growing bacteria from dead bugs, thank you

the yogurt case
the yogurt case

  • Updated by Christine Adams · Nov 27, 2018

    This is the walmart in lisbon ct

online order cancelled without cause

I placed an order online for a Huawei P20 Pro $789 only to have it cancelled without cause siting my "credit card information was invalid" but upon checking my online banking and discussing with my bank- the charge was put through. As soon as I received the cancellation notice I went back online to see the price for exact same phone had gone up by $400. Spoke to customer service twice and was simply told my refund would process in 3-5 business days and by all means go order again and pay by credit card and someone should adjust the cost back to the $789. They would not pass me through to a supervisor. Sent email complaint and got scripted response telling me refund will process in 3-5 days with no resolution as to how I might actually purchase phone at $789 price.

$1,000 reward to walmart

I have completed everything they ask still have not gotten to the end probably 99% I ordered three items instead of two still not letting me finish and collect. I have spent at least an hour trying to get this done I do not want to think that you guys are scammers I need someone to help me finish this process you guys should have a 800 number associated with this so people do not have to go through this you have my phone number please have someone call me if you are a legitimate company please

vision center

I had terrible experience with a Vision Center in Allentown PA. The receptionists just sat there and did...

online order I never received

I placed order number [protected] on September 26, 2018. Totalling $120.48, one full length chenille robe...

$1000 walmart gift card

I completed 1 silver deal and purchased something. And I completed 1 gold deal and purchased something, then purchased another ad for shipping savings. Then after gold purchase the same ads came up I already purchased and I couldn't get to another screen. I did what the survey asked and bought two subscriptions. I expect that your company will honor the guidelines and award me my $1000.00 Walmart gift card as ad said. Please respond quickly as I want to use gift card tomorrow on black Friday.
Thanks for your time and God Bless!

  • Updated by Mosie7 · Nov 22, 2018

    Please respond today by email or phone.

tan winter coat

I have been a Wal-Mart customer for years. I have been buying Faded Glory products for as long as I can remember, but the winter coat I bought, I didn't even have it 1yr and the zipper will not zip up anymore. I'm very disappointed with this because I love this coat. I am an advide faded glory fan, and I would like you to replace my winter coat if you can do that for me please.