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L Sep 11, 2018

Please be aware that Walgreens Photo Processing is not the "1 Hour Photo" per the LARGE LETTERS on the outside of the store, especially the one on Muscatine Avenue in Iowa City, IA. I took two rolls of 35mm film to that local store on August 28, 2018 with a return date of Sept. 3, 3018. Tried to pickup on Sept. 5, 2018 and learned they didn't get sent to their lab on time and had just been received that day in ARIZONA! I then picked them up last night (Sept.10) and upon unpacking found the negatives missing. There are no signs in the store, nor was I advised that the negatives would not be returned. Apparently there is a small box on the submission envelope that says "Your negatives will not be returned. Your images will be returned on a free CD." A clerk filled out the envelope, generated a stick on label and then tore off a claim ticket and handed to me. I never saw the front of the submission envelope. The store "manager" could not/would not give me a phone number to call to try to find the negatives. After multiple long distance phone calls I found the Fuji lab in Arizona and learned they do have the negatives and made arrangements to get them. The no return is NOT the lab policy rather it is some form of contract with Walgreens. They charged me approximately $18/roll this this "1 hour service." Also be aware that the file size of these images will be less than 2 MB so don't plan on doing any significant, quality enlarging. My point and shot digital creates a 6.5-7.0 MB jpg file when set for best resolution by comparison. Buyer beware!

  • Updated by Larry Luebbert · Sep 11, 2018

    Fuji would not send the negatives to me directly, rather they are being returned to the store and I'll have to make another trip to pickup. Sure hope they can handle something out of the ordinary!

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