Walgreens Pharmacy / Morrison, CO.check refusal problem

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This evening my check was refused when I went to make a purchase at this Walgreen's store.
When I asked the Manager of the store why he referred me to a 800 phone number to Ceretegy.

I had been to this same store the previous week and had no problem with my check, but tonight I seemed to be a problem for a $173 purchase. After calling Certegy from the store I got some person on the phone who took down my Drivers Liscense # all my bank information and then proceeded to tell me that she could find nothing in my history that would reflect negatively in regards to using my check. It seems, according to her that I fit into some computer model that possibly might deem me a risk based upon the day I write a check, the hour of the transaction or some other irrelevant criteria.

The fact that I have overdraft protection, have not had a history of bounced or NSF checks returned had little weight. Instead I was invited to apply for Certergy Gold, which would let me cash checks. This application is an affront to anyone. You provide critical data on yourself that could be used by anyone
who has access to this information.

I understand that this company used to be telecheck and I have never had a problem with using checks in any telecredit associated store in the past.

I have seen similar posting about Certegy on and urge anyone with similar problems to post thier experience. Perhaps with enough complaints this Company will adjust their computer models to include responsible consumers who have unwittingly fallen into their computer hell.

  • Updated by walgreens drugstore · Jul 23, 2018

    next the lg phone card would not go wi fi over 1 year not code verison store put new sim to activate lg zone 3 phone not made total cost there 200.+ recycle 3.00

  • Updated by Marilyn Ingber · Jan 06, 2019

    Don't call that STORE!!!

  • Updated by KateDuxburyMA · Apr 10, 2019

    We can only do our best by never shopping at Walgreens again. They along with other corporate drugstores are putting the smaller companies out of business and Walgreens sucks. Absolutely!

  • Updated by Adrean Bolden · Oct 09, 2019

    Text me the answer to my question


  • Lo
    Lori Mello Aug 25, 2007

    I don't see how this is a complaint against Walgreens. Certegy is an outside company that denied the check. I have seen it happen before the register does not allow the check to be tendered. Many retail stores use the same company so unfortunately it just happened at Walgreens.

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  • Dr
    Droop_231 Aug 15, 2018

    My money is not on the card

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  • Vi
    Vinnu123 Aug 15, 2018

    Order # 26100971542
    I was recently placed an order to Walgreens store and I was paid after 5 days I got an message saying that order has been cancelled.
    I don't know the reason behind it. Once I called and asked about the reason. They also don't have any reason regarding it.

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  • Wa
    walgreens drugstore Aug 15, 2018

    old over the limit took resale some take get money from with card 64.40 lg.version.

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  • Jo
    JohnMo01 Aug 16, 2018

    Mine and my family's files sent to Walgreens from rite aid. I went to Walgreens to pick up husbands medicine, I was told they did not take blue cross blue shield. So I had to pay full price for his medicine I know this was wrong but no need to argue. I got home and called my insurance and Walgreens is covered. Have lost my business.

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  • Ei
    eionnc Aug 20, 2018

    I've been in there three times to purchase this item. Every time I was charged a dollar more at the register. I tell them every time I was charged a dollar more that what is on the shelf you should change that. I will go elsewhere where I get charged whats on the shelf. Gave them 3 chances and never asked for my dollars back. Frustrating!!

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  • Ap
    Aprilstootie Aug 20, 2018

    Brett at the Soddy Daisy Walgreens was rude and cursed me and told me I needed to learn to call my medication in and not lie about it. I did call it in I even got the text saying it was ready. I do not appreciate this and will never be back and I will let friends and family know how this Walgreens let their employees curse out their customers

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  • Ef
    EFHerne Aug 28, 2018

    Who's the psychotic idiot who pushed this through? Are you insane? Women & children are being sexually assaulted in 'gender neutral' bathrooms!!!

    And don't you dare say "it doesn't happen often." Screw you. The news does not tell the truth!!

    I hope it happens to your wife, daughter, or loved one--clearly you won't learn until it does.

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  • Da
    Dad Gibbons Aug 28, 2018

    I paid $74.99 for test strips for a WALGREENS meter at my local WALGREENS and later found them for $16.58 from another vendor. Why should I ever return to a Walgreens again ?

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  • Ja
    Jane Butler Sep 02, 2018

    About everyday I receive an email from [email protected] -- I believe this is a scam -- if not please tell this supposed employee to STOP!
    This "jane doe" is either thanking me, or sending me 3 easter eggs, or telling me about Fidelity Life and other products.
    Please catch this scammer using the walgreens email.

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  • Ha
    hakan mursaloglu Sep 02, 2018

    l am your customer.l am 60 years old.l went to the store today to buy my medicines.they (mana) disrespect me because l don't speak enough English.Mocked with me.thanks

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  • Em
    EmmaPants85 Sep 05, 2018

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I recently (11/11/17) made a personalized 4x8 photoDesktop Calendar on the PhotoWalgreens App. Which ended turning into a bigger hassle then it should have been.They forgot the month of June in the calendar, the months are cutoff into the binding and the June add in longer then the orginal calendar and they won't reprint.

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  • Ch
    Christian0115 Sep 10, 2018

    I went to a walgreens near me 10-27-17 an there schedule say 7am - 11pm i arived at 7:10 an the store was still closed with no employees in site i waited for 45min wacthing costumer come an go i am very disappointed in walgreens

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  • Ck
    CKSpeegle Sep 10, 2018

    I resent being asked to complete a survey in exchange for free product, only to find it's not free and being asked for a credit card number.

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  • Ch
    chrissylouise64 Sep 18, 2018

    The worst pharmacy I ever been to. They lost written prescriptions I gave them a week before hurricane hit tampabay area. Then refused to be helpful. They never called me to tell me they couldn't refill it or offer to call dr again. instead I was made to feel humiliated. This walgreens in located in saint petersburg florida

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  • Sa
    Samantha Pepper Sep 19, 2018

    Every month I go there with the same prescription and they never have it. I need my prescription everyday and it's unacceptable that they can not help me. I can't go to another pharmacy either because it's a control substance. This is affecting my everyday life.
    This is very bad!!!

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  • Bu
    BudaTom Oct 28, 2018

    So, if your store employees have deeply held religious convictions concerning alcohol and tobacco are they free not to sell them? It will be cold day in hell before I fill any personal prescriptions at Walgreens. I am eagerly awaiting your answer to my question.

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  • Bv
    BVialva Nov 14, 2018

    I don't know why this company requests you enter a sweepstakes, but it is you can't find the page to enter. Sounds like a scam to get customers in the door, but not needed because the prices are good.

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  • Gu
    Guy Barnes, Jr. Dec 11, 2018

    I was told that I could wait on my prescription and it would take only thirty(30) minutes. One and a half hours later, still no prescription. The reason, they said that
    they were busy. Why tell me thirty minutes and then make me wait three times that.
    Poor Management!

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  • Fe
    Fern25 Jan 06, 2019

    I am very disappointed in your support for the anti-democratic actions of the Republican party in Wisconsin. You need to stand up for our country's principles, not finance the power grabs.

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  • Ma
    Marilyn Ingber Jan 22, 2019

    Called on 1/6/2019, to ask a basic question, if the store carried a Bulkee II Gauze bandaid, was transferred to three people, and then disconnected after 20-minutes - Store is located in Deerfield Beach, on Hillsboro and Powerline. Attempted to call back, and experienced the same issue.

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  • Mr
    Mr. Juan Feb 26, 2019

    Almost an hour to wait to see if a call in prescription was ready for pick up.I life 20 plus miles away and I needed to find out before calling for a ride. I will be changing pharmacys. Walgreen sucks.

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  • Kr
    Kris Pospiech Apr 02, 2019

    I was in pharmacy to get new rx and found out they wanted 51 dollars for one pill of sildenfil and other pharmacy a few miles away was 5 dollars a pill, this is price gouging and I'm outraged, they are probably ripping off insurance companies with their gouging I can only imagine. Not happy at all

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  • Ka
    KateDuxburyMA Apr 16, 2019

    Walgreens let go of George and Tim and they were part of our community in Duxbury and the surrounding towns. We are No Longer shopping there and I canceled my prescriptions with others to follow. Walgreens deserves to go out of business and we'll do our best to help that along.

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  • Fr
    Frank Neuner May 12, 2019

    Called your pharmacy in Vienna, VA and was told they would administer the vaccine (as stated on your web site)

    However, after 10 minutes of back and forth, I was told that the supplier/distributor cannot supply the vaccine.

    Why do you advertise the vaccine on your website if it is not available, after all this.

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  • @[email protected] Jun 02, 2019

    You should send someone secretly to evaluate the service for pharmacy dept in Newport Oregon. I have to say the service is unacceptable and the techs or pharmacist are not answering their phones.

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  • @[email protected] Jun 02, 2019

    You should send someone secretly to evaluate the service for pharmacy dept in Newport Oregon. I have to say the service is unacceptable and the techs or pharmacist are not answering their phones.

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  • Ja
    Janice welfare Jun 29, 2019

    Your store in Bridgeport at 960 North Avenue is an embarrassment to Walgreens and to Bridgeport! I'll let all of these pictures speak for itself. Sad, very sad
    Can y'all get it cleaned up and stay cleaned up?

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  • Ad
    Adrean Bolden Oct 15, 2019

    What to know if the sweepstakes are real or not please tell me ok

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  • To
    tod23 Jan 18, 2020

    Store didnt even have anyone at the front cash register to help...The people working in the pharmacy looked like they could use some help. Why doesn't wallgreens just hire more people?

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  • Sg
    sg=== Feb 10, 2020

    I think it's about time this store in Darien get s remodel. Even if you just redid the floor.

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  • Am
    Amorerina Mar 02, 2020

    I called and spoke to the supervisor I needed this product badly I have Chronic sinus disease. Online said in stock called and she said they don't have it. My husband went in and found it there. Horrible person, she is not helpful at all

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