Walgreens Pharmacy Elgin, ILpharmacy staff

J Sep 08, 2018

I dropped off two rx a couple of weeks ago. One they could fill right away, the other I had to wait. They called a few days or week later & I said I hadn't been able to make it back that way to pick it up, could you hold it a few more days & I was told sure no problem. I go to pick up my rx today & find out it had been put back & they WON'T refill it. She said well it had to be filled within 30 days & it's now past 30 days. I said well as you can see I filled it prior to the 30 days & she agreed & I said I never told you to put it back you took that upon yourself. She now says I need a new rx because the 30 days expired. I feel like I'm in bizarro world. Do you not understand that it WAS filled before the expiration date & YOU put it back. Not my problem. This is unbelievable & unexceptible that I now have to pay another $80 copay at least to get another rx because the pharmacy team is incompetent. The girl who called me about picking up my rx NEVER said I had to do so before a certain day & ageed to hold it for me.

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