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I'm a regular customer at the location on the corner of Sahara and Las Vegas blvd across from the SLS casino in Las Vegas, NV. I've been going there sine store opened about 4 yrs ago. It's not in the best location of town. As my work shift had changed I started going into the store overnight/early morning about a year ago few times a week I visit the store. My complaint is about the female manager Fatuma. She has very poor customer service as l noticed she always yelling at customers and kicking them out. By yelling I mean across the store or in there face saying get out you can't come in. She won't let anyone in the store that looks homeless and if they do come in she follows them around the store. How do you even judge someone and know they are homeless? Some even say I have money and I'm going to buy but she still yells at them to get out. Another thing is she yells across the store to her employees and is very bossy with them. Saying did you get this done and that needs to be done. Just being bosy with an attitude. So I noticed that a new employee works there Alex and he's not 21 meaning he can't sell alcohol. I noticed both graveyard managers giving him their badge so he can ring up the alcohol while they go to the office or go do something else. Isn't that against the law? She's very unprofessional and very rude. Someone that shouldn't be working for a great company. She's not an asset to the company but just making the company look bad.
Please check this Incident out, I was in the store not exactly sure but check Wednesday August [protected]@11:35pm or August 2 Thursday 12:30am. I walk into the store noticed she's yelling at a customer (guy) in the middle of the store being very lound and rude. Than a few minutes later walks over to the photo booth where a few customers were and tells them he was homeless that's why I told hime to get out. First of all why is she telling other customers and why is she so judgmental? For sure this store is loosing alot of customers. Very rude and unprofessional graveyard female manager.

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    Excuse me, I know for sure he is not and I'm not just assuming. Don't need to give you any explanation.

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    I have spoke with that employee a few times and aked his age so I know he's not 21

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