Walgreenshrs of operation

D Sep 04, 2018

This location on cervantes and 9th ave was a 24hr store.
This was changed awhile back to the dismay of many customers such as myself. Your late nighttime crew was really a good crew always helpful, working to stock shelves, keep the store clean...That is not happening now!
i asked the daytime staff why it closed. They said for safety reasons. Are your serious? across the street there is a 24hr gas station, a 24 hr krispy kreme donut store and on friday and saturday night mcdonalds is open 24hrs and the rest of the wk they close at midnight. Our police dept is only about 2mins from that location. That intersection is one of the busiest in our town. Majority of anyone who works or goes downtown comes by that intersection late at night when those locations close--mostly arount 2am on their way home. People were constantly stopping by to pick up something they needed on their way home. If i had to go to walgreens a lot further out on 9th ave and langley i would go to walmart which is open 24hrs and only about 3 mins from that location. When you pass by there after hrs there is always trash in the parking lot and when you go in early they are trying to stock shelves or there are boxes on the shelves. My husband has gone by on two occasions one at 4 mins before 12 and the other one at 15 mins before 12 and the store was closed. One night he went by at 10 till and two lady managers were outside smoking and when he pulled up they went inside and when he walked to the door it was locked...We both feel whoever came up with this idea of closing at 12 needs to rethink it...It is not being handled properly and not customer friendly. In the daytime there is a publix store/pharmacy 1 mins away and a new cvs about 5 mins from this location..I told them they need to consider staying open 24 hrs and they will get alot of walgreens customers.

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