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I went to Waffle House to get a sandwich and drink. The distric manager (Stormy) was there that day operating the rest. As I sat down and ordered, she pulled out a power washer that is run by a lawn mower engine. I asked her if she was going to use that in the rest, she never replied. She parked the unit next to the grill and started it up, lots of smoke came from the lawn mower engine and then in a few minutes the places was filled with gas smell and I had to leave. I found out later the waitress got sick on it also and had to go outside for 30 min. I can not believe the distric manager of a place like this would be so stupid to run this inside. If your going to use a power washer inside a rest, it needs to be an electric one not a gas one and should be done when there are no customers. Duh ! I talked to the fire dept and they said its not legal to run that inside a building. (Keep in mind no doors were opened to let the gas out)
TO TOP IT OFF, I went in to eat a few days later and the same dist manager was cleaning the waffle irons with an electric drill with a steel brush attached. DUH AGAIN -- can not do this around food, this is why this Waffle House gets complaints about metal being in the hash browns ( the metal is the shart pins that come off the steel brush )

How can a Dist manager be so stupid and not think ??? I tried to call Waffle House complaint line and wanted to talk to someone else because this would go no where because its the Dist manager that received the compalints. The complaint line girls were rude and would not transfer me to anyone, they said thats the way it is !

This Dist Mgr should be terminated for making these kinds of decisions.


  • Valerie Feb 13, 2007

    Waffle house, location; 1168 Malabar Rd. se. Palmbay, FL. 32907. on 2-13-07, at 0800hrs. This restaurant had food all over the floors. Roaches on the tables, counters and cook area. I informed the waitress who informed the manager. I even kill one roach to make my point. No corrective action was taken. None.

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  • Ca
    Carlos41162 Aug 21, 2011

    I agree I was a Unit Manager for Waffle House in Gainesville, I went to Waffle U, and graduated and became a unit manager at the Alachua store in Gainesville, and when my district manager got caught manipulating the numbers I got transferred to the one on Archer in Gainesville they decided to make it look like I had something to do with it, which I had nothing to do with. Well at Archer they use the steel brush all the time, they have a major bug problem, I have found rat droppings in the waffle batter, the first shift cooks leave everything filthy constantly and the Unit Manager that was above me Jason Vernon Parker did absolutely nothing about it, they supposedly don't hire convicted felons and yet they have one that is not only a convicted felon, but he acts like a relief manager and is given access and keys to everything, and the division manager Jeromey Ward and Jason Vernon Parker happen to be brothers, so there was always favoritism going on constantly, and not to mention that the unit manager from the Newberry store and my store are living together, so its a nice little circle of who knows who there. I was told directly from the division manager Jeromey Ward " Do not hire any fat people or people without teeth and I was told to even fire Jolie one of our nicest employees whom has worked there for years because she was fat and had no teeth. They were looking for any excuse to fire her and they did. Yes I agree the values of Waffle House have fallen. They discriminate, they cut corners to save a buck and its all at the expense of their employees. I have met Joe Rogers Jr. a couple of times and I even had the opportunity to be in a video he did, and even work side by side with him at one of the Waffle Houses when he made a surprise visit, he seems like a nice man, and I'm sure that he would have looked into all of this if I could get a hold of him, but that's just it there's no way to get his e-mail or get any of this information to him. Its convenient for those who are down below breaking the rules and abusing their power. Last thing, I was promised 35, 000 a year from the regional Tim Carley of course he went back on his word, and I when left there they had short changed me about $4, 000 in pay, when I confronted Tim Carley he immediately started to try to twist things around saying that I knew, when I didn't know anything and wasn't told that I was not going to get paid what I was promised. So don't trust anything they say when you work for Waffle House, and if your fat or have missing teeth, don't bother even trying to get a job, they won't hire you. Avoid these people Jason Vernon Parker, Jeromey Ward and Tim Carley.

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  • Ra
    RarelyComplain Aug 11, 2012

    Actually the Waffle House in Moore closed 10 years ago and the building was bought out by a guy who runs an engine refurbishing business. I guess they forgot to take down the sign.

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  • Jo
    JonnyCop Aug 11, 2012

    Moore Waffle House is still operating in Moore. I eat there almost everyday. Its on 19th and Interstate 35

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