M Sep 07, 2019 Review updated:

My recent trip to Vons to pick up bread or corn bread I was completely disgusted. The corn bread is completely moldy. Every single one. There is no way someone couldn't notice the mold. This store is truly unbelievable. No one takes accountability and the store has continued to decline. We then proceeded to tell the manager who appeared to question at first but then proceeded to problem solve. This store needs a serious upgrade and some serious support from the corporate office who should actually focus on areas of needed improvement. Very disappointed and hesitant to buy anything perishable in this store in the future.

Mika greenfield
730 N Maria Ave
Redondo Beach CA 90277



  • SubSquirrel Sep 08, 2019

    “There is no way someone couldn't notice the mold” yet you bought it! How could you not notice the mold unless you didn’t look at the package and just paid for it?

    You couldn’t notice the mold but are angry, even after the apology and fix by the manager.

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