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South Africa Review updated:

I have emailed and phoned Vodacom with no assistance at all. I get past on from one number to another where no calls are answered. I've been given 3 email addresses all of which return with a message stating the emails won't be addressed for various reasons within the email none of which are relevant in my emails.
This was my original email below...
Yesterday (1 May) I went to Vodacom Canal Walk to upgrade my cellphone contract.
I was discussing phone options with one of the consultants, who on hearing I might be keen on Samsung or the Huawei P30, pointed out the deal that was currently on promo in the store for the Huawei P30. All the advertising boards were up in the store showing the promo. (attached photo of one board I was shown by the consultant to show me all the gifts I would receive with the deal.)

I thought it was a great deal and so decided to upgrade to the Huawei P30 with the promo.
After paying the upgrade fee and opening the phone, the consultant then offered to assist with claiming the promo items online. Only then did she realise once she pressed the 'claim now' tab that a note popped up stating the promo ended on the 30th April.

This is unacceptable! That is false advertising!
The store should not be advertising something that is out of date, the consultants shouldn't be selling a phone using a promo that is finished. I went online now again and the deal is still on the website (see attached). The only time the date is shown is when you need to claim the items. Which you can only do once you have purchased the phone and have a receipt!

I'd like Vodacom to send me the items I was promised.

Otherwise this is in violation of the CPA and I will take it further


May 10, 2019
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      May 17, 2019

    I am having the same problem - bought the cell phone for the promo watch in March - am still waiting - contacted Huawei call centre - they keep saying it's been escalated ! costs me time & money ! what pathetic service we get in this country ! People talk with white twangs but are lazy & busy banging their weaves to get their grey cells working ! S.A - new Zimbabwe !

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