Vodacom / contract cancellations

South Africa

On the 05 February 2019, my father canceled his contract with Vodacom. He was advised that Vodacom only implements cancellation at the end of the Month ( 28 February 2019). And the consultant also mentioned that when the contract is changed to prepaid the network will go on and off, of which it happened. On the 28 February 2019 he received an SMS saying that the alternate number for notification has been deleted and that your details have been updated on the Credit Limit System

On March 02 2019, we phone back to ask if what the smses means and they advise that the cancellation has been implemented and the phones are prepaid now, we requested that they send a settlement/ paid -up letter to us. After requesting the letter they transferred me to the collection department in order for them to provide me with the letter. Collection department consultant advises that the status of my father's name is not updated on their side but it takes 5 working days since the cancellation date 28 February 2019 in order for the collection department to receive the information from the cancellation department and we should phone back.

On the 09 of March 2019, we phone back and requested the letter because on the Credit Bureau System it shows my father is in arrears with them. We were then been told that we first need to pay March 2019 statement of R 303.00 and we mentioned that we phoned last week for the exact letter and they mentioned that we can get the letter on 5 working days of the cancellation, the consultant then advise but we first need to pay the outstanding amount, that was generated on the 03 of March 2019, I advise him but I spoke to the collection department and the advise that they can see we have settled the amounts and that the contract was canceled on 5 February 2019 but was initially canceled on the 28 February 2019.

We advised them that we would like to be transferred to the legal department, they advise that there is no direct line for them

How can you blacklist a client if he no longer owes you and has proof of all the payment including the names of the consultants we spoke to in the departments.

If you can listen to your telephone records,

The reference number that I received on the 09 February 2019 is [protected]

My desirable resolution is for them to clear my father's name on the Credit Bureau.

Mar 12, 2019

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