Vodacomvodacom fibre - scheduling and installation

T Aug 06, 2018

On the 28th of May 2018 I contacted:
Address: Vodacom 4u, Patriot Centre
New Street, Paarl, 7646

To request the cost of Fibre plans. I received feedback the same day which was great service.
I live in 11 Volendam Estate, 6th avenue, Wellington, 7655.
Fibre was installed in 2017 in our security estate.
My husband and I made decision on the 8th of June with which plan we wanted to proceed with and informed the Sales consultant to proceed with arranging the installation dates.
We were informed that we will be contacted via an sms service regarding the scheduling date and time for installation.
From the 8th of June to the 7th of July 2018 I followed-up every week regarding the installation, but the Sales Consultant kept informing me she is following up with head office regarding the scheduling dates and do not know what is the hold up.
On the 7th of July 2018 I made contact again and then decided I am also going to call Vodacom directly on 082 1904 as this was getting ridiculous not getting answers! I was informed there where numerous Sales orders on Vodacom's system - one was pending approval and one was cancelled. By this time my husband and I was sick of waiting. I asked to cancel everything and to start over the process again directly with Vodacom with the hope that this will be sorted out quicker. I mean really how difficult can it be just to schedule the appointment for installation! the Fibre is already installed in the complex it just needs to be installed in our home!
Weeks have passed again, numerous phone calls costing me a fortune, every time the consultants I talked to say they can't see why the Scheduling department is not getting back to us etc. and they will escalate it to the managers. But this has also not helped one bit. I demanded I want to speak to a Manager to resolve this terrible service and experience I am having with Vodacam, I mean we have not even started to use your service and the experience was already so terrible and such a big let down - the consultant I spoke to promised a Manager will phone me back the same day, but it has been more than a week now and still no call back from anyone at Vodacom.
The worst of it is that we can't contact a different service provider to install the Fibre as Vodacom installed the Fibre in our security estate. So our hands are cut-off if we want Fibre, which we really want.

This is my last reference received - SR [protected].

Is there anyone that could help us????
Kind regards,
Tanja Rossouw

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