Vodacommy upgrade on [protected]

L Nov 29, 2017

I have requested an Upgrade from Vodacom for the black Friday dead with the Huawei p10 lite and p9 lite @249 was told I will be awaiting stock so I can pick up then now told I can't the deal ..I don't think thats my problem as I requested this deal and my quote was generated for this deal so Vodacom should honour this deal I initially requested cancellation on my contracts until I saw this deal and now for Vodacom to do this is appalling. I demand that I want this deal . I don't blame the consultant as it is Vodacom and their lack of service that irritates me . I first applied at one store only to be told that Vodacom says its for new lines .. then I did it at another store and then this story . Does Vodacom not consider it's existing customers.. I would like some feedback asap pls .

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