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Complaints & Reviews

mobile wi-fi ripoff

Incident last month. Monique vryburg branch [protected] I'm take out a insurance on Wi-Fi and Vodacom...

customer service center

My name is Karen Cramer and I have been a loyal customer with Vodacom having 3 contracts with you guys. I have logged a query on customer services on the following days with the query numbers 6 October ref no003S~SCR4, Nov 25 ref no 002G~00T0 and 5 Dec ref no [protected] and still no response

My query was having Vodacom find proof of purchase of my apple iPad mini as I needed it for Apple to deregister the Apple id on the device. My nephew was using it for school and the whole of term 4 he did not have an apple to use for E learning.

The service is ridiculous from customer services where they say within 72 hours we will have feedback. Still waiting till this day for a response.

faulty samsung gear fit2 pro serial: r5ak6026p1d

Good day Re: Faulty Samsung Gear fit2 Pro Serial: R5AK6026P1D PLEASE can you help me, I bought this Samsung...


incorrectly billed

I was offered to upgrade my two contacts with vodacom. The consultant and I agreed that it would take effect on 1 Dec. But instead she activated the contacts immediately and I was billed for both contacts twice paying double. I immediately notivied vodacom, but after 3 service request, they still did not credit the extra contacts. After the consultants promised that they would. I then requested that they cancel the upgrades wich they also did not do. I paid R5400 which is incorrect. I want to cancel the upgrade and switch to prepaid.

contracts and activations

I have been trying to get my business contact activated from over a month.

My number was origianally on contract but then i cancelled it, paid the balance up in full during October with the intention of moving it from prepaid to a new business premium contract.

I have called the call center on numerous occassions, with no one able to assist advising it has been escalted bit days, weeks and months pass by with no change.

I open anther account for the new business which was done in a few days and thay account is active, but my original contract still has not been done.

The vodacom store consultant is calling daily to try resolve the matter amd everyday theu say it will be done and then nothing is done.

I habe been in contract with vodacom for over 10 years and this is completely unacceptable.

I will be cancelling all subscriptions an contracts of this is not resolved quickly.

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samsung s8

I have claimed a lost cellphone and vodacom delivered a so called new cellphone using third party called car security sound center, the freezes and the battery last 2hours it does not send emails and MMS, I have reported this to cellsure customer care center, she gave me a third party number for me to call them, but this company ignore me in such a way that they don't answer my calls anymore, now I'm stocked with a new unoperational phone, the is now five weeks old but not working please vodacom intervene.

cellular network

Since last Tuesday evening ([protected]), when we experienced a severe electrical storm in the Solheim/Sunnyridge area, cellular reception has been abysmal.
If I manage to initiate a cellular call in the Sunnyridge area, I am lucky to get 90 seconds of communication before the call starts breaking up.
I manage a Residential Estate in Mercurius Road, Solheim, and the same situation prevails there - our Intercom System uses the Cellular network, and this is proving problematic.
It is probably not ONLY the Vodacom network that is battling to sustain acceptable communications, but it is definitely affecting my Vodacom phones very badly.

Can you investigate?

no signal quality = no service

I am staying in Piet Retief, that is Mark str 4a, Google it it's in town not rural.

In the last 6 months I have seen your network detoriate to the point where I have no reception and or no data signal

I have to walk around outside just to get a 1 bar signal to bring able to make a tel call, when I get that 1 bar signal I get not registered on network or some stupid error that prevents me from making a call

My business and all of its 14 employees whom I by the way subsidise for cell phones and airtime will no longer be paying Vodacom for "stealing" from us
Your gross incompetence to deliver a service which a pay a small fortune for has brought me to the point where I will advise people to move on to another service provider

That might not impress you since I am but 1 person but I am a business owner in a very small community and the impact and influence of 1 person around here carries some clout

Your network around our town plainly sucks and or is of a non existant nature

no signal quality = no service


pushy vodacom rep called me and upgraded lines but I don't know what, he promised to email me details and I can't get anything out of vodacom

I was cold called from [protected] on the 26th november, the guy spoke very fast and we have terrible signal in the house. He promised to send me an email detailing the upgrades that were due. I was sent nothing. I want to cancel any changes that were made during this phone call. Since then I have phoned your call centre twice, where I was promised the information and nothing was sent. I was also spoke to jennifer phillips and begged for an account manager but she said we can't have one. The cold calling call has caused me endless stress trying to find out what was ‘agreed' to on the phone. Please can someone of stature contact me urgently to sort this out, otherwise I will take this matter further. We have a r5000k a month contract, I should not have to battle like this with vodacom!

homemark gift voucher

We received two gift cards and followed the activation process. Just to my humiliation my Husband went to a...

no network

I have had network signal in Modderfontein Edenvale Gauteng since Saturday 1 December 2018. I contacted them on 082 135, and they were unable to assist me, I went onto their online chat and that was just a waste of time, they told me to contact 082 135, which would be great if I could make phone calls. I have 2 phones both with vodacom and neither of them is getting signal. Phone numbers [protected] and [protected]. All I want is someone who can tell me what the problem is. Regards
Hilary Geyser

no stock and customer service

I went to the Vodacom Shop in Greenstone and enquiry about the promo of the Alcatel2008G as a Christmas gift for my heard of hearing father. Wednesday (28/11/2018) the Sales Lady told they never received it not even 1 unit, being persistent and enquiry but when will Vodacom have she informed me Friday. Well I went there on Saturday the 1/12/2018 and an other Sales Lady told me no the never received it and there is no stock at the warehouse. So I told her, then rather remove the advertisement as this will avoid Customers enquire about a product besides being against the CPA, of false advertisement with no stock, then she turned to be obnoxious and blatant rude. Clearly that Manager cant manage his staff the treat Customers properly and clearly Vodacam does not care about the CPA. That shop should rather close as its doing more harm than good to the brand.

air time evaporation

I have a problem that every time I have air time in my sim card it decreases automatically without me having used it. Mostly I buy all net minutes so that I save my air time. Whenever I have purchased R12.00 all net work minutes whilst my balance is R100.00, I expect to have R88.00 as my balance until my minutes get finished but unfortunately I find my air time being far less than R88.00 maybe R33.00 or lesser and when I recheck my balance I'd find that I still have let's say 44 minutes all net. That frustrates and infuriates me as to what and how my air time would just moraculously evaporate from my sim. Please do something on this I really need intervention.

unwarranted cell phone suspension

After paying an amount of R 745 via EFT to Vodacom on the 22nd of November, my services were suspended yesterday due to " arrears". I phoned their customer care line only to be treated with disdain. I informed them that I have proof of payment but due to my service being suspended I can't use my banking app to resend a copy to them. To add insult to injury they charged me an unblocking fee and said I'm free to go to another service provider as it is my choice.
Shantonise, the team leader, was not very helpful either. Despite being a loyal customer for over 17 years' it doesn't seem to be a priority for them to rectify my problem. I was told to email proof of payment and they will forward it to the accounts department. This after I even confirmed the time the payment was made. What happened to customer satisfaction? I was left to feel like a fraud as they won't take my word and long-standing loyalty as leverage to solve this matter.
Today, the "arrear " is still in place and Dorah, the consultant at Customer Care, 135, or her supervisor, conveniently couldn't hear me and put the phone down after letting me wait for 22minutes.


I've been a loyal customer of Vodacom for 14 years. I've spent almost half a million rand on Vodacom accounts. I have no cellphone reception and now assistance from Vodacom. I'm running two business's from my property and I'm losing a lot of clients and money because of Vodacom. I've got ten Vodacom devices on this property. Vodacom has promised towers in our area for the last three years and still no one has come to test the signal. A signal booster is the least Vodacom can provide me as a loyal customer.

blocked contract sim card

My vodacom sim ([protected]) has been blocked, it has been more than three months and the unfair part is that...

bad service regarding my number that was ported to mtn without my consent

My Name is Yoliswa Mhlongo and my cellphone number is [protected].
• I received a sms on Monday 26-11-2018time 17:35
• The sms notified that the instruction to port to MTN was received, if I didn't request a port reply with no: 1 or call [protected]
• First I reply with a sms.
• I then immediate called [protected] and notified them that they must block the request because I have sent a request to port.
• The lady I spoke with told me that they received more complaints daily regarding the unauthorized porting and it not their duty to call MTN.
• She then sent a sms with MTN number.
• I called MTN at 08:00, 18-11-2018.
• I asked them to send me the request sent to them in order to port my number.
• They told me that I must report the case to ICASA because they don't have any instruction, instructing them to request a port from Vodacom
• I then asked them to port my number back to Vodacom.
• They reversed the instruction and informed me to call Vodacom and request them to accept the rejection.
• Called Vodacom and spoke to Mpendulo, who accepted the port rejection from MTN.
• He told me to remove my SIM card and all will be normal after 24 hours.
• I did as he requested.
• Morning of the 28th my SIM still shows MTN and I then call Vodacom.
• I spoke to a lady who told me the same thing that the number shows inactive on her side.
• She told me that she logged a call to back office.
• She also told me to remove the SIM again and check after 24 hour.
• She requested an alternative number to brief me before 24 hour is up.
• I gave her [protected] and she never gave me feedback as promised
• Today the 29th, I called again to confirm if I can insert my SIM to my phone to my surprise the lady told me that the number is still in-active.
• She told me that there nothing she can do. She said I must wait for back office to sort out my case.
• I requested the complaint department number and she told me that there no telephone number for that department.
• I asked the ref number and she gave me Ref : EC_1KVW_1E1FMO
All I am requesting is to have my number activated:
• I need to transact on my internet bank account.
• Cannot communicate on urgent family matters
• My business partner cannot get hold of me due to the bad service I received from Vodacom since Monday 26-11-2018.
• My life has been messed up by this and the service I have been receiving is pathetic.
• For the past month Vodacom have been messing up every time I call.

bad branch service

I have been to Vodacom Canal Walk and after spending an hour and 30 minutes with ticket number T136 I asked the assistant that worked at the entrance what is happening as I only wanted to do a sim swop, she then said that she gave me the wrong ticket and I was issued with a new ticket, this time ticket number B172. I was so confused as I got a new phone delivered to me with a sim but had no idea how to activate the device, the first thing the lady at the entrance wanted to do was to sell a screen protector, when I got to the section with ticket# T136 the first thing I was told was that I need to pay R275 for the data transfer which I refused to pay, the consultant then said we can do the transfer at home. The gentlemen at the counter for ticket# B172 was so arrogant, he did not greet at all and first wanted to see the ticket before he helped me. Needless to say I left the store with a phone I still could not use and very disappointed in the service I got.

additional contract sim

Ive been contacted by a Vodacom Agent round about 18/10/18 for a data deal which wont affect my current...


vodacom online upgrade handset not received after several inquiries

Vodacom online phoned me on 9 nov informing me that I am due for a upgrade and will have my upgrade delivered to me within 2 to 3 working days via ram couriers.

After a week not hearing from them, I followed up on my upgrade only to find out that they do not have my delivery address, that was given to them on the day of the sale.
I was asked to make contact with vodacom online and after several attempts and 2 hours holding for an operator someone answered to change my address. Vodacom then gave me the surety that the device will be delivered the next day. Another week went pass not hearing anything from vodacom. This morning 22 november I phoned them only to find out that the original problem still exist and that they do not have my contact details and delivery address. The operator then informed me that she cannot help me and I need to contact online sales. Online updates the info and when I follow up the data are still not updated after three attempts. I know want to cancel my upgrade and vodacom tells me that I con not do that?
Struggle is ongoing... To cancel all my contracts with vodacom due to bad service!!!