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Viv3Labs Acai Berry DetoxHow to Get Your Money Back and Legitimate Contact Info

Hi everyone! I found this site very useful when I found out about Viv3Labs, and so I am hoping to help anyone who has had the same issue. I was offered a refund by the company -- but you have to act fast in order to get it! Here is what I did:

First, if you are reading this, your heart is probably pounding so hard, and you're probably thinking, "How could I be so stupid!" ... At least, that was what I was thinking. So I had to quickly take action. Without even looking on my credit card bill, I knew I was charged. I had an off feeling when I purchased the Acai Berry Detox pills, and when I received the product in the mail, I had an even worse feeling. I searched Viv3Labs online, and sure enough, this website came up first. I read the complaints, and I knew that I had to do something and contact the company immediately.

First, the numbers and website given to you on the Viv3Labs website are completely false. The email "[protected]" does not allow you to send email, but if you receive an email from this company, you will be able to reply. You cannot send a new mail message to this email address. Secondly, if you do send a message to [protected], you will receive an automated response, telling you that you cannot contact this company via email, and that you must call them directly. It lists some numbers for you to call. I bought a calling card, and I called the numbers listed. I called out of their business hours, so an automated voice message instructed me to call from 8 - 5 (United Kingdom time, which is 5 hours ahead of the Eastern time zone in North America) from Monday to Friday. Well, I did call that number during their business hours, and it 'could not be reached' ... !!! At this point, I was scared. I couldn't contact the company, and I knew that I had been charged.

Not to panic.
On this forum, I found other email addresses that could be contacted! I emailed ALL of these addresses at once and asked to cancel my subscription and for a full refund. Here are the email addresses:


Clay Douglass and Mitch Platt apparently run this scheme. I found their emails on this forum. I also emailed the "[protected]" along with these emails, just so that they knew that I was trying to get ahold of their company.


On the Viv3Labs website, it does state that you must cancel your subscription within 15 days of your PURCHASE. BUT, it ALSO states that a customer may receive a full refund within THIRTY days of purchase. Here is the link to where it states that on their website:

So, if you want your money back, and you're contacting them within 30 days of your purchase, they should give it back to you. They refused me the first time I asked (see emails below), but I told them it was unacceptable to refuse me because of their policy.

Consumer Protection Act / Fraud

I also threatened a UK law against them: As the website offers a refund as an option for the consumer, you are able to to take action using the Consumer Protection Act based in the UK, which will entitle you to a full refund of your product. I made that clear to them in an email, which they immediately responded to me that they would refund the money. Since this is a UK company, it must comply with this Act.

Additionally, I told them that I spoke with my credit card company. Because their website states that they will refund money withint 30 days, if they refuse, told them that I had already contacted the appropriate personel regarding the matter, and should a refund not be given, I would take further action to ensure that they did not receive payment, as it is FRAUDULANT to note that you refund customers if you refuse to do so. I threated that my credit card company had noted that these conditions are enough to prove credit card fraud by the company. ...In fact, my credit card company did not tell me that these conditions were enough to prove credit card fraud. BUT, it probably would stand up to being that, since if a refund is not offered when the company says that it will give one within 30 days, that is fraudulant. I actually hadn't contacted the "appropriate personel", but it was a scare tactic that I had used for them to refund my money (see emails below -- the scare tatics worked!)



On my credit card bill online, there was a phone number listed next to the charge. This number is [protected]. Again, I used a calling card. I got through immediately to a person, who asked for my "order number." I told him that I did not have one (they never sent me a confirmation email), and so he asked for my email address. I spoke with him before I received an email response. I asked to cancel my subscription, where he gave me a confirmation number, and I told him I wanted a refund, because the policy noted that I would be able to receive one within 30 days. He said that he was not authorized to do so, but within 72 hours, someone would email me regarding a refund. This happened, and here are the emails which we exchanged that got me a refund.




> Subject: Viv3Labs Customer Support-your inquiry
> Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2009 13:53:27 +0200
> CC:
> From: [protected]
> Dear Customer,
> Thank you very much for contacting our Viv3 Labs customer service by phone.
> We would like to inform you that on 2009-07-27 you were charged for the shipping and handling cost on your free trial. The 15 days free trial starts from the day of the shipment of the order and implies that you have 15 days to test your order for free.
> As stated in the terms and conditions of the purchase that you accepted during the purchase process, if you do not cancel your account during the 15 days trial period, you will be charged for the product separately and thus the free trial converts into a regular subscription. We confirm that on 2009-08-13 you were charged for the product for the amount of 118.63 USD.
> We have now cancelled your account as of today. This cancellation implies that starting from 2009-08-14 our company will make no more charges and no more products will be shipped to you.
> Best regards,
> Viv3 Labs
> Customer Service


Dear Viv3Labs:

When contacting your customer service by telephone, I requested that I be contacted regarding a full refund for the $118.63 USD. I have read your terms and conditions, and it clearly states that a customer may request a full refund within 30 days of their purchase. I would like to request a full refund of the $118.63 USD, as I am not satisfied with this product. As I had purchased this product on July 27th, the 30 day period has not yet ended. Consequently, I would like to be credited for the full $118.63 USD. Additionally, the 15 days trial period ended on August 13th, which was only 1 day shy of my first attempt in contacting your company. In first contacting Viv3Labs, all phone numbers and email are illegitimate, making the contacting extremely difficult. Please keep this in mind given my request for a full refund. As always good customer service is what keeps companies, such as yours, afloat. Please respond back regarding this refund.

(My Name)


> Subject: Viv3Labs Customer Support-your inquiry
> Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 16:04:22 +0200
> CC:
> From: [protected]
> Dear Customer,
> Thank you very much for contacting our customer service at Viv3 Labs.
> As indicated in our previous communication to you, you have accepted the terms and conditions of the purchase, indicating that unless you cancel your account within the 15-day trial period you will be charged for the product, in addition to the shipping and handling charges.
> Please note that for this reason we are unable to credit you account for the product you received.
> The terms and conditions are available on the website at the bottom of the page.
> Best regards,
> Viv3 Labs
> Customer Service

MY RESPONSE BACK -- WHICH GOT ME THE REFUND (please note that I also used bold and italics on some ares!):

While I purchased this product, the terms and conditions were not available at the time of checkout. As I referred to them afterward, the terms and conditions clearly state that within thirty days, you may request a refund. This is found on the FAQs page on the viv3labs website. Here is the link to that to verify this: . Here is exactly what the policy states:

"Our refund policy is as follows:

* 1. You may receive a refund of any Product that you ordered up to thirty (30) days after Your order is placed.

* 2. Customers are restricted to receiving a single refund per product ordered. Repetitive refunds are not permitted unless the product, as delivered to you, is defective. VIV3 reserves the right to refuse a refund to any customer who repeatedly requests refunds or who, in VIV3’s judgment, requests refunds in bad faith.

* 3. In order to process your refund, you must supply VIV3 with Your name and delivery address. If you provide us with insufficient or incorrect information your refund will be delayed.

* 4. Depending on the bank that issues the credit card, your refund can take up tothirty (30) days to appear on your credit card statement. If you have any questions about whether a refund has been issued by VIV3, please call Our Customer Service Department toll-free at [protected] or (+44) [protected] outside of the UK.

* 5. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable"

THEREFORE, I am ENTITLED TO A REFUND for this product. It is completely unacceptable to "be unable to credit my account for this product", as your policy CLEARLY states that a refund is an option. There is absolutely no reason why a refund cannot be placed. Your website clearly states this. Additionally, your services make it extremely difficult to locate and read your terms of service at the time of checkout, as many other customers have noted. Further, as your website offers a refund as an option for the consumer, I am not afraid to take action using the Consumer Protection Act based in the UK, which will entitle me to a full refund of your product. I have already contacted the appropriate personel regarding this, and should a refund not be given, I will take further action to ensure that Viv3Labs does not receive payment, as it is fraudulant to note that you refund customers if you refuse to do so. My credit card company has noted that these conditions are enough to prove credit card fraud by your company.

Thank you for your response. Please respond back.

(my name)

I received this email from Viv3Labs today:

Dear Customer,
Thank you very much for contacting our customer service at Viv3 Labs. Our refund policy is as follows: * 1. You may receive a refund of any Product that you ordered up to thirty (30) days after Your order is placed. We would like to resolve this issue by granting you a refund for the amount of 118.63USd. If you accept this condition, please contact us back and we will issue your refund.
Best regards, Viv3 LabsCustomer Service


I wrote them back accepting these terms, and I also asked them for a confirmation number or an estimate as to when the amount would be credited from my account.

I will respond back if they do not credit my account, but if they do not, I now at least have written emailed proof that they agreed to pay me back. Also, I am planning on cancelling my credit card account, as many people have said that even after they contacted this company, they keep charging them. I would suggest doing the same.

I really hope that I helped some panicked people, and I thank all the posts that helped me when I needed it.


  • Ca
    catyruk Aug 20, 2009

    Brillaint advice this too has just happened to myself and ill be using this information for a refund...thanks so much for this .
    Caty Robertson UK

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  • Ll
    Llani Kawenga Aug 25, 2009

    Hey thank you, so glad I found your complaint. I did all you said to do last night and have heard nothing back yet. They ripped me off a beauty and I am so disgusted and hurt. How can they take $352 from my credit card account for 2 bottles one of acai berry and the other life cleanse with 60 tablets in each. I am so disgusted. I only found out yesterday when I enquired with my bank about something else and found that this had happened. I feel so wrongfully abused. But thanks, I sent an email to all those emails you have in your complaint. The [email protected] replies back saying that you can't contact them via email, that you have to phone them. I have phoned them and they absolutely do not care one bit. They ended up hanging up on me. I can't understand why this scam hasn't been stopped. I will do a special website on them once this is over warning the people. I'll do everything. How dare they.

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  • Sa
    SAN7 Aug 25, 2009

    Thank you so much!!! I have the exact same story, as yourself and Llani Kawenga above. I too have been ripped off over $300 and only received the acai berry tablets not the life clense (not that receiving both products would have made me feel any better!). I have tried calling them numerous times and have also been hung up on. It is sickening how many manypeople they are obviously scamming.

    I have just sent an email to the listed addresses and really hope that I get a response soon, as I hope you all do also.

    Good luck everyone, and thanks again for the extremely helpful advice. I also feel the need to persue justice even after (hopefully) receiving the refund.


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  • Tr
    tracee890 Aug 26, 2009

    I have went over everything you have suggested and I cannot get through to these stupid people I entitled to a refund, the lady is sayin i didnt cancel within the 15 days or whatever.. what can i do my 30 days isnt up!!!... help!!! [email protected] if you can help

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  • Mk
    M-K Aug 27, 2009


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  • Sa
    Sarah_223 Aug 28, 2009

    Everyone, best of luck to you!! I just saw on my credit card today that I was REFUNDED everything! I am going to wait for my last payments to go through and then cancel the card. Good luck!!

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  • Pa
    Patricia1 Aug 28, 2009

    Hey Sarah and others, I too have the same story..I just emailed them with all the important info, like the terms, fraud etc...and it's nice to see that you have your money back after only 9 gives me hope. thanks

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  • So
    SophiaG Aug 30, 2009

    Does anyone know when the 30 days start counting? Does it start from the day my credit card was charged first?

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  • So
    SophiaG Aug 30, 2009

    Okay, thank you Sara, I hope this'll work out. I've tried all the emails now and already cancelled my credit card. I've tried calling & emailing them, but the Phone number did not work and the email response was that they didn't offer email support... this is SO frustrating...
    Good luck to everyone trying to get their money back, too.

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  • Ll
    Llani Aug 31, 2009

    Well my 30 days is up today the 31st Aug. I have had no answer from them whatsoever except that I am in the wrong. 2 bottles of tablets with 60 tabs in each and they take nearly $400 out of my credit card, how disgusting.
    I'm so happy for you Sarah. I'm not having the same luck, oh bugger, so angry.

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  • Mi
    Mike Mann Sep 07, 2009

    I too had wound up swindled by this scam and I fought back. It took a lot of perseverance. It took 3 phone calls and a series of emails but today I was rewarded for my efforts when I received an email saying they would credit me back my 119.02 U.S. I thank the OP for her ideas on how to fight back.

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  • Be
    bexter Sep 15, 2009

    Writing re: the Acai Berry and Life Cleanse products I ordered. Not really sure what I should do. I am in the same situation, but still a little different. I made an order, received it and had no results using it. I called to cancel my next order, and asked if there would be any further charges to my credit card. He said "NO". This was not within the first fifteen days. Well today I got my credit card bill and you guessed it $135.04 per bottle was there staring me in the face. I was under the impression that I had called to cancel. Why would I ask for a refund if I am canceling? And when he says "no" that means no right? Well I called the number that they give, and I was hung up on twice. I just don't know what I am supposed to do. I am so frustrated. Can someone help? I have read what you have said, but not sure it will work for me either.

    They told me that if I did not receive an email from them then I was denied for the refund because in the statement it says "may receive a refund" yet no one would tell me why it was denied. They also told me by calling now it was too late. I only got my statement now, how was I to know they would charge it after I called to cancel. Cancel means no thanks, no working. They should have automatically refunded the money.


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  • Ko
    koi0001 Sep 15, 2009

    I just got my credit card account today and viv3lab have taken £150. A pop up menu invited my to sample these tablets foc - I only had to pay postage.

    Unfortunately the date of the delivery invoice was 4 Aug 2009. I am therefore outside the 30 days return limit. If viv3lab had sent an invoice for the additional £150, it certainly would have drawn my attention to the scam.

    Someone else mentioned that it is illegal to impose terms and conditions to foc samples.
    This is truely a scam. I look at those two little bottles and cannot believe I was conned out of £150 for vitamin tablets that I could buy for probably £10 in a shop.

    Can anyone help? Guess it's too late.
    Take care

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  • Me
    MELROBTHOM Oct 27, 2009

    I have just rung through to a customer service area which was very helpful. It turns out the number on my credit card statement is actually a phone number (the lady at the bank told me that when I disputed the item). I have two different entries on my statement this month from two different companies, howver I rang 0011 44 [protected] and the lady I spoke to (Kelly) was quite helpful and assures me my account is now cancelled. She gave me a cancellation number so that at least is helpful. Goodluck!

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  • No
    Nouls Mar 06, 2010

    I ordered the resveratrol extract and acaiberry detox from one of the free trial websites and to my surprise, shock and horror, they had charged a total of $390.00 to my credit card. They had also charged me for one more bottle of something I never ordered. I called them up and told them I never received my order (which I did actually receive), and they immediately gave me a full refund. I was lucky and will be so careful from now on when I order online.

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