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Good day

I attended an open class (zumba with fawaaz and faldielah who rocks by the way definately assests to your virgin active team) on heritage day 25 september 2019 @ 8.15am.

Everything was going amazingly I was sooo impressed by the atmosphere the instructors the capacity of the class the the entire feel was just unexplainable I had myself considering joining the quite a few times during class right up until 9am everything just went downhill from there!!!

Please bare in mind I do not know any of the attendees nor do I know the instructors of the step class which was to follow after the zumba so there is no possible way anyone can say I am byass.

At 9 possibly a minute or 2 after people started entering the class with their steps which are huge in between us bear in mind our class was already packed (which I thought was extremely rude and disrespectful to everyone in the class as well as the instructors) they started putting down their belongings my immediate reaction was to get our things at the back because their was a lot of new people entering but I thought I will continue I overhead one of the instructor tell someone from the class if they can please just wait until we finish the class as our things are there and the lady response was soo rude and she went to stand in the corner never the less I saw our instructor have a word with another lady and a few people left.

When it was time to do our cool down which is the best part of the class it's normally so relaxing and we do breathing and stuff but there was 2 ladies that stood a arms length behind me and they kept on talking extremely loud and laughing and for the remainder rod the class they kept at it non stop the studios door was left open and in turn everyone waiting to use the class was standing there laughing at us all the time I was sooo dissapointed my entire experience tainted.

I'm not sure what the times of your classes are or how your schedule works but from what I gathered it seemed as though their class was suppose to start at 9 and they were getting pretty cheesed off that they had to wait as some people arrived before 9 and because of that they just decided to be nasty and spiteful and make a joke out of our class.

Once the lesson was over they entered I immediately went to one of the ladies that were laughing so loud and screaming the entire time I remembered her face as I kept looking to the back to see who was being so disruptive and disrespectful. I went over to her and said very politely (yes politely believe it or not even though I was pretty pissed off I was raised to be very respectful and she was older than me)

"excuse me aunty but what u did I think was very rude and disrespectful immediately she took a defensive approach and said what??? (looking at me like who the hell do u think u are to tell me) i'm not sure what it was but it could possibly have been the fact that I called her aunty and prob made her feel her age I said aunty was so noisy and disruptive during our cool off session and it wasn't a nice thing for me. She then replied do u go here?? With a attitude of course I answered this was an open class and they have open classes for people so that they can get a feel of the place and possibly join and she said again but by this time a lot of the step class attendees were making their way to the front of the stage and when she saw it was clear she was now wanting to put a show on infront of them..

And she continues do u attend this gym (looking at me from head to toe right in my face)

As I answered believe it or not she reckons to me and I quote"this is not how roll here girl huh uh we don't to this kind of stuff and I said how we roll?? And she says ja and walks off while I was talking what completely blew me away was when she got on the stage??? (whaaaaaaaaat she is an instructor??? Are u kidding me is this a joke??

My immediate reaction was you an instructor and this is the manner in which you behave and speak to people you are suppose to be an example to the attendees u are their leader for the next hour??? Disgusting!!!

I mean am I wrong??? Am I over reacting??? [censored] no i'm not!!! I have every right to be pissed off and angry and feel embarrassed not to mention dissapointed and disrespected.

Correct me if i'm wrong but to my understanding any staff or instructor working or teaching at virgin active is meant to be a respresentation of the brand itself so they should be expected to behave in a certain manner and carry themselves a certain way right (even independent contractors as they using your facilities??)

What is your screening process for hiring instructors??? What do u actually factor in?? Their looks?? Their bodies?? Their hair? How old they are? Which areas they reside in? What cars they drive?? What's their social media status?? How popular they are??? What clothes they wear?? I'm baffling to understand or identify the qualities in her which made you guys decide "this was the right candidate to lead a class... And yes I said lead because to me and instructor or a teacher is someone that is a leader... Someone that is not only able to lead that particular class but someone that is going to lead by example in any aspect for that matter which is why I firmly believe these qualities are crucial!!!

Patience (complete lack there of as she couldn't wait a few mins for our class to end. If anything I fear the new comers to that class as I know it's not easy to do that so I can only imagine her approach to a situation like that from the experience I had with her I think her first reaction to that would be oh no not another idiot this person is going to make me and my class look stupid)

Respect (none what so ever that much was effident none for me zero for the current instructors at the time none for herself clearly proven by the manner in which she she carried herself and retaliated towards me when I simply just wanted to make her aware of what she has done)

Confidence (and no not confidence as in i'm the [censored] and no one will tell me confidence as in someone... Confident in what they are teaching)

Positivity, good motivational skills, understanding, disciplined, good communication skills, be approachable, be a peoples person.

These are qualities I believe u should have in a role like that and none of those I saw its in her today extremely saddening.

I am completely and utterly disgusted by the manner in which I was treated and even more disappointed by how 2 instructors that showed nothing but professionalism and dedication to the class fantastic attitude how do I know this because every single time I looked around at any given time there wasn't 1 person that wasn't smiling hell I smiled even when I was making a complete fool of myself not knowing all the moves?? But was I singled out no I was not was I made to made to feel like I didn't belong no... Howcome?? Because throughout the class from start to finish there was this level of reassurance u got from those instructors that's its ok to make mistakes we will just be right there waiting to show u the right way they never laughed at me like the other people did right there behind me loud making me feel embarrassed as a result of that encouragement from fawaaz and faldielah I felt secure and safe enough to make those errors so its not fair to them one bit that that entire experience they set out to give to the class the preparation the hard work the determination the positive drive the dedication that goes into having a successful outcome all their hard work just taken away like that just by 1 bad apple 1 bad apple that will forever stand out to me as my experience at your gym i'm hoping someone will see to it that they get an official apology from the instructor and the gym for having to give and complete a class under those conditions.

Virgin active gatesville is one of the worst branches you guys have truly gone to the dogs it's as clear as daylight that all u worried about is numbers and not quality... Your membership fees are totally overpriced and not worth a single cent the only way I would feel that the price is justifiable was if u said to me those 2 instructors gives a class everyday or even better all of your instructors are like that... Then I would've been sold on the idea.

I look forward to your response.

Fazeela abrahams

Ps. Just something to bear in mind at all times esp on your day to day runnings of the gym.

"don't ever take peoples time for granted"

Fitness is a mindset it's a lifestyle something you want people to maintain and let's be real it's not easy it's tough as hell and the reality is not everyone is able to do it for whatever reasons everyone's situations are different but what I am pretty sure of is that time is the most precious thing ever and there are millions of people out there that doesn't doesn't have a extra minute to spare yet we make time we set aside all our responsibilities for that hour or few minutes because when u leave the gym/workout/class u leave feeling good about yourself each and every time u feel more confident than u did the previous time and with confidence comes strength fulfillment and happiness you leave feeling proud because u did something for you and only you...

Oct 06, 2019

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