Virgin Active South Africapoor service at the rooihuiskraal club

L Nov 15, 2017

As many previous times - the boxing class that is scheduled untill 18.30, exceeds their timelimit. Tonight was nothing different. The instructor looked at the door, and I showed him my watch. This was 18.30. He just shook his head and his class continued. When the people left, I went to him and asked him to please stick to the timetable. He said I shouldn't complain to him - his class started late and so he will finish on his time. Then Michelle (instructor and attending the stepclass as well), had to go to reception to ASK that cleaning staff must assist to dry the floors before we can start. Only after they finished we could try and start the class. We started about 15 minutes late. Which resulted in the next class also starting late. (Why must a gym member ASK for someone to actually pitch and do the job he/she is paid for?)

We had half the members in class. (The stepclasses are always full.) Why? Some ladies had to leave because there were no steps available. They were scattered all over the gym - surely it is part of the jobdescription of VA-staff to return equipment to where it should be? One of the ladies observed that some of the staff were busy on their cellphones, rather than seeing to it that the SCHEDULED stepclass have the equipment they need. Another trip to reception then, to ask for assistance. (As far as I know, staff is not allowed to be busy on cellphones during shifts…)

The aircon was not working. The class was very hot and humid - not a healthy situation at all. ANOTHER trip to reception. The explanation? ‘it is because we leave the door open'. Excuse me.. it is here where I wondered if we are on the same planet? We left the door open because it got impossible to breath. The MOD (Thebogo) then called maintenance to look at the aircon. (Shouldn't it be working without asking?). At one stage she said the aircon is not working because there were 60 people in the boxing class, and it ‘was too much so that's why the aircon is not working'. Yet again - is there no limit or rules regarding how many people allowed in a class? (Old ancient topic at RHK club.)

Again - week after week we all complain about the music system. Most of the classes I attent - the instructor will apologise before the class start about the quality of the music. Not one instructor - ALL OF THEM. Please check this with instructors like Michelle, Sandiso, and Alasdair. When I mentioned this to the MOD - she had a walk through the class, and her conclusion was that ‘Alasdair was turning the volume up too high'. Again - are we on the same planet? I didn't realise you employ sound engineers as well! We are not talking about a small radio in an office - these systems are suppose to handle the volume. There were times when instructors wanted to stop the class because it is impossible to keep any rhytm/stay on a beat. WHEN WILL THIS BE ADRESSED????
I asked the MOD to phone Cobus. There were not one unhappy member - ALL OF US are unhappy. Apparently Cobus must not be disturbed… While I was speaking to her - Yes, WHILE !!! - she was busy texting on her cell. I asked her what she was doing, and she said that they have a MOD group, and she is telling them on the group that there are problems. I don't care how and when they are informed - surely not while someone is speaking to her?! The ridiculousness of the excuses and explanations is really something to be laughed about, and does not say a lot about the standard in VA ROOIHUISKRAAL. But please do not take my word for it - speak to the instructors and other members attending.
The only reason I am still at VA RHK - is the instructors. Special thanks to all of them. They are getting the blame for VA RHK poor manangement ( as Alasdair was blamed tonight for too loud music…) - but still try to keep members happy, although none of this are in their hands. The captain of this sinking Titanic must either show up and DO SOMETHING, or maybe should admit this is too big for him and leave the ship before it really sinks.
I am hoping that someone, somewhere at Virgin Active can actually do something about this. I am waiting for your reply - or some answers that actually makes sense!

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