Virgin Active Meyersdalgeneral and equipment not working in meyersdal virgin active alberton

A Oct 28, 2018

1. Watt Bikes get attended to by the maintenance crew...they are not qualified to maintain the bikes. 1 x Watt bike has been out of order for nearly 2 x weeks. sometimes you get to the club and 2 x out of 5 bikes are not working.
2. Shower door in ladies bathroom has been off for approximately 2 x years
4. No Soap in showers, no toilet paper in toilet, drains are smelly and drains are often blocked
5. Assisted pull up machine - the rubbers on the handles on the sides are so crunched that it is painful to hold onto them. Have asked they attend but has been like that for over a year.
6. TRX cables are fraying and are difficult to adjust.
7. Leg ext. machine, the seats needs recovering both of them
8. Pins are often missing at the machines and one has to look for them
9. Downstairs red floor mat needs to be adjusted and is often dirty.
10. Showers get cleaned during peak hour in the morning when the showers are being used.
11. The pressure of water in the ladies bathroom is pathetic
This list can go on and due to Comaro closing Meyersdal have many more members and often there is not enough place for stretching, personal trainers etc on the floor allocated for non weight bearing exercises.
There are many people that are unhappy and have asked that I complain to head office.

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