Village Inn Restaurantsoverall service

J Sep 14, 2018

Yesterday my boyfriend I was at the village inn in Omaha, ne at 6607n72nd St we were seated by a gentleman who was polite. Our waitress on the other hand not so polite she asked what she could get us I said water for the two of us so then she brought us our water and before we could even place our order she walks off and stands over by some counter for awhile didn't come take our order but went to another table before she even came and took our order. So we gave our order to her she had a bad attitude with us and she really had a bad attitude when we asked for it to go and since she didn't want to bring us our order the manager brought it to us but he witnessed her attitude and did nothing or say anything to her didn't even appoligizes to us for her behavior. We will definitely not be going back to that village inn ever again such rude staff and manager very dis satisfied with how we were treated and the service we got.

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