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Village Inn Restaurants reviews & complaints

Village Inn Restaurants complaints 179

Dec 09, 2021

Village Inn Restaurants - Service, plate pick-up

Went to VI on Tower and Hampden in Aurora, CO. on Wednesday December 8th. Myself and 2 children. Arrived at 4:14pm. There were 3 tables occupied. Server was Anthony who was very prompt to...

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Village Inn Restaurants - Slow service/not enough staffed

We always love coming to village inn however we have been waiting for over an hour for our food. There are 3 waitresses and a hostess the restaurant isn't even packed and we are still here waiting. Our drinks haven't even been filled and we haven't even had our salads yet. There's dirty tables that haven't been bussed, and I haven't seen our waiter for at least 20 minutes. This may be our last time at village inn.

Desired outcome: Faster service

Nov 13, 2021

Village Inn Restaurants - Worse food and services every

Went to village inn on north Ave. Grand Junction
co Order a bacon cheese burger well done with onion rings the worse looking.onion ever looked something something some one already ate the burger was still Red that's not well done it was even worse than it I thought I ate it I was on the toilet all night .and the server was really rude I ask why the onion ring were so bad tonight she was its what we got. I think she should have offer me french fries potatoes. Better to th a t than lose a costumer. We come in there sometimes ever day we Either or Dennys on horizon of rhe problems to is that my friend always tip them no matter how bad it was. I mean girls is acting like it's a big deal to here job she doesn't want to bring the refills and real ugly attitude. There are other servers th a t Do a better if you people working there there going stand up and say we don't want your crappy food with the crappy attitude. So that all billy [protected]

Desired outcome: Fire them all


Village Inn Restaurants - Management

Management is not taking care of major problems here in saint cloud Florida they should really be shut down I had a manger have me stick my hand in burning hot bleach water and run them through the dishwasher cooks are not properly cleaning under machines products are not being ordered in time other dishwashers are not cleaning up the dish room properly

Village Inn Restaurants - My breakfast I received yesterday afternoon.

Yes yesterday evening my husband and I went to Village Inn on tower rd. Denver, co 80249. I ordered the California skillet and a order of large blueberry pancakes. And what I received was a whole skillet full of hollandaise sauce, in large blueberry pancakes with blueberries sauce and whip cream on them which I did not order or ask for.. I was so hungry I ate some of the pancakes, none of skillet .I was so unhappy with my meal I thought about it for the last 24 hours and I wish I would have just returned it all I would love if I could receive a voucher to a different village inn. My name is Chandreca Hughes 4255#827 kittredge st Denver, co 80239

Desired outcome: A voucher for my meal

Village Inn Restaurants - The whole staff on duty

To start off my husband and myself walked in and the supervisor on duty was talking to someone he obviously knew telling them that the Staff has recently been caught drinking beer in the back while...

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Aug 25, 2021

Village Inn Restaurants - Service , Food & Management

08/25/2021. Time 6:19 pm
I'm reporting on how Village Inn in West Des Moines, IOWA. Timely manner to get drinks after being seated. Food is always sub par. Two breakfast meals not done right. Orders are not followed as asked by customer. Telling management about our dining experience doesn't faze him at all. Just ignores and goes about his business. Like I said, this has been going on for some time.

Desired outcome: Outcome not favorable.

Village Inn Restaurants - Manger and waitress

On 21 july I had breakfast at the village inn in derby ks 67037. I finished my breakfast and payed my bill and left the waitress a 5.00 tip like I usually do. As I was walking out the female floor...

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Village Inn Restaurants - Ought to fire all but two of the people on duty at 1215 9 july

This is the second time in two weeks I have been to this restaurant. It took 10 minutes for someone to seat me. A scruffy worker, a table doing paper work? Shouted someone needed to seat us. Saw the...

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Jul 01, 2021

Village Inn Restaurants - location NOT having advertised item

today i got an email about a special seasonal pie, it was the hawaiian strawberry pie. after finishing my entre(which was satisfactory) i was told that they had sold out of the pie a week earlier, the warehouse was not shipping the ingredients any longer.. i came specifically to enjoy that flavor pie. this location was the closest to me. had i even thought that the pie would not have been available, after getting the email same day, i would have called other locations farther from me. i just expected that advertised pie to be available at every location. needless to say...GREAT disapointment! location#700922, bay pines/st.pete fl. 6/30/21

Jun 28, 2021

Village Inn Restaurants - Horrible experience

Arrived in the Village Inn to have lunch with my kids. Ordered as soon as the server came since my kids were hungry, 1 salad and 3 kids meals. The restaurant was fairly empty, probably 4 table...

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Village Inn Restaurants - Service

Food ok - service just ok but it's what ya saw that says we won't be back there were so many busses being comedians and being in the way it was pathetic. There were more busses than waitress. They knew the troublemakers and stay'd out of their ways best they could but the smart [censored] would stop with their butt in the air so the other could not get around. Sad! And door should be on kitchen entrance my god the stuff you have seen and no one cleaning it up just kicking under prep table

Seen waitress 2 take order and drops off

Village in #700818 @ 11:13 when we left guest 20066


Village Inn Restaurants - NO Eggs at time of breakfast

I today June 17, 2021 had breakfast with a friend at the Village inn in Magna on 3500s. I ordered the two breakfast includes 2 eggs and 4 sides. I ordered scrambled, bacon 4 strips, pancakes and English muffin. When my order came I got no eggs, the English muffins were raw, I told the girl she said "I don't remember you saying about ordering eggs. My friend was there and heard me order the eggs. I saw it was a bit pricey on the stuff to when the last time I was there with my Husband. I don't usually complain about anything but this was weird...

Desired outcome: Teresa Schaab

Village Inn Restaurants - Product

This is the second time within a month that we have stopped to eat. First time the waitress was awful and I had to wait almost 15 minutes before I had to get and go to the counter to get. The omlete was made terrrible sloppy.
Today I had the special hamburger the meat was not done and the sauce was everywhere all over the plate. When the girl at the register asked how the food was and I told her it was horrible she just looked at me with this stupid look and just kept saying the amount. I am a senior of 74 years and will pay for good food, but my husband will pay for anything.
Review of this restraunt in Nesho is awful. The cook needs to learn to cook right. Waitress need to learn to be polite and listen to the patrons.
Bad food

Desired outcome: .


Village Inn Restaurants - French Chocolate Caramel silk pie

I have purchased Village Inn pies for MANY years. I have always felt that their pies were worth the extra cost, partly because the whipped topping was made with REAL cream. I has been awhile since I bought one of their pies. (Covid)
I bought one today, and...although the topping looked the same, I tasted it alone, and it was definitely NOT REAL CREAM.
If this is some "new" formula, I am done buying Village Inn pies.

Desired outcome: Money back. ($14.59) Or make me one with REAL cream.


Village Inn Restaurants - Harassment

Colorado legislation states there is a medical exemption for face coverings. I was harassed as I am legally exempt from covering my face and was refused service based on my medical condition. Ammi...

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Village Inn Restaurants - Unable to sit with my little kids because our family is 7 people, though we live together and not mandatory masks.

Village Inn Davenport would not let our family of 7 people sit together, though we are living in the same house. Did not insist anyone wear masks entering, and no mandatory mask signage. Tables are 3...

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Village Inn Restaurants - The boss of the store, specifically the boss of the servers.

My name is Stephen Duncan. I have been trying to find a person to talk to, not just write this complaint. My wife, Brittney Duncan, has worked there for almost 6 months now. I have seen myself how...

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Village Inn Restaurants - Food quality for delivery service

I ordered chicken fried steak and eggs and pick 4 meal sausage bacon eggs over medium and biscuits and gravy. No gravy for chicken fried steak, the hashbrown literally had no browning and were very...

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Aug 30, 2020

Village Inn Restaurants - Bathroom cleaning

I was in the women's restroom using the bathroom when a male server walked in and started cleaning. I flushed the toilet and saw him peaking through the stall at me. I told him I didn't like it when...

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