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Misleading Warranty

I bought a poster bed from Value City over 2 years ago, and I purchased the extended warranty. A few week...

bad service and bad quality

I bought recliner-sofa from Value city furniture. The recliner sofa didn't work right. I called for repairing. With couples of comversation, on oct 7th, I was told that someone will contact me in 2 days. There is no one. I called again Oct 30 for repairing, I was told will be contact in 2 days. Today is Nov 9th, Still, I am waiting ...

Warranty Scam

I am very displeased, disgusted and disappointed in the fact that I was sold a warranty plan that, according to you, does not cover the product that I purchased, because the product is not top grain leather. That would have been nice to know at the time of purchase, since leather is bound to crack and peel long before it would STAIN or be punctured. Thankfully, I do my best not to use profane language, so your eyes or the customer service rep. that I spoke to have been spared from that, as she was unprofessional. Ultimately, this is a "valuable" experience, no thanks to "Value City", because I will no longer shop there, while advising others to take their business elsewhere, certainly cautioning anyone against purchasing a useless warranty non-service.

Warranty Scam
Warranty Scam

Over 2 months without furniture

My Husband and I have a new house, and was looking to furnish the ENTIRE house. We budgeted each room of furniture. We went to Value City, Centerville on Valentines day and bought a Bally Bedroom set, and a 5 piece dinette. We were supposed to get everything on March the 8th. Every week that passed we were getting "PUSH BACKS" on the date. We threw away our old bedroom set and dinette, only to realize they did not have my full bedroom set. Only the dresser and 2 nightstands. With a wedding coming up, we began to get very nervous. Today is April the 18th, and I still am without the bedroom set. Not only that, a chair from my dinette set broke in 2 days, the gave us a NEW LEG for the chair, which was uneven, none of the other chairs were well put together, and the delivery man dropped a nightstand drawer. They are making me WAIT on the chair to be replaced, along with another broken chair, and the night stand drawer until they deliver my bedroom furniture, because they don't want to PAY THE DELIVERY COMPANY TO MAKE MORE THAN ONE TRIP! Which means my family cannot even sit at table together to eat meals. And we had to end up BUYING another bedroom set to put in there until they get our PAID bedroom suit to me. Their customer service is terrible, They ONLY alternative they gave me was to give the furniture I had BACK, and get my money refunded, and still.. EVERY WEEK WE GET CALLS PUSHING BACK OUR FURNITURE. As of now... we may not get it until JUNE, which is 4 months after we paid for it. And at this point.. we are wondering if we will get it at all! I will NEVER go to Value City for furniture, even though I did like the styles they had. I will NEVER REFER anyone to them, and have since then encouraged people NOT TO go there. We had a $10, 000 budget for 3 bedroom sets, 2 living room sets, T.V's, entertainment centers for 2 livingrooms a dinette, bar, and table sets and wall fixtures... and unfortunately we ended up spending the rest of our budget at Longs furniture, who had same day delivery, and we had ALL of our furniture delivered within 2 weeks. The is the WORST furniture experience I have EVER encountered, and wouldhope NO ONE would EVER have to go through something like this again! PLEASE, if you are reading this.. DO NOT GO TO THIS COMPANY FOR FURNITURE, You get what you pay for and after finding this site there are SEVERAL complaints JUST LIKE MINE... SO I am NOT ALONE. Don't be a person who has to get on this site and complain like I did. You can go to ASHLEY FURNITURE or LONGS, and find the same kind of deals. I would rather have spent a couple hundred more dollars than to have to go through this!

  • Am
    AMBER KOWALSKY Jul 21, 2014

    I purchased a fabric / leather sectional from value city on july 1, 2013. The fabric on the cushions and the leather trim on the cushions are ripping and tearing. The springs on one end of the sectional are sunk in and makes it uncomfortable to sit.

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Wrong furniture order

I want on Monday Dec. 3, 2012 i order a bed and paid cash for it they said it will be in on Thursday. I said...

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Lemon Couch

My family purchased our very first couch together at VCF in Gurnee. The sales person was great.A few months later, we noticed that the couch cushions had gone bad, which was odd because we did not sit on the couch that often. We were basically sitting on wood. Because we purchased a 7 year warranty, we called VCF and they ordered pillows and had them delivered and installed, no problems. A few months later, the same thing. Then again, and again. We must had the cushions replaced at least 4 times. The guy that replaced them told us that the cushions were cheaply made, and if this keeps happening, he would suggest a new couch, which would be covered under our warranty. A few months later, we were sitting on wood. We called and a young lady told us that we would have to pay for the cushions this time since we had the couch for a year. We explained to her that the cushions were an ongoing issue and the repair guy told us that there was something wrong with the cushions. She then told me that she would have a supervisor call me back, and that I would still have to pay for more cushion. I told here that I would not mind paying for the cushions as long as they were cushions that would last longer than 5 months. After that, I had been getting the runaround. I would say that the sales staff was nice but I can't recommend the store to anyone because of my horrible experience. The couch is now so uncomfortable that it causes back and hip pain to people who sit on it. We prefer sitting on the floor or kitchen chairs until we can afford to purchase another couch. I work at the News Sun and know a lot of people in the community. I am going to ask my boss if I could write an article on this to warn others if I can't figure out how to fix the problem. I am also going to talk to my lawyer to get information on defect furniture and warranty issues.

  • Ms
    Ms.wade Oct 18, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi I've recently ran into warranty issues with the Gurnee value city furniture, did you speak with a lawyer about any of this, because we are thinking about doing the same, they are not honoring their warranty by far!

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wrong order

Well where do I begin first off my parents deciding to go get furniture at value city was the worst thing they have done. They purchased a dining table and also purchased the extended protection plan. Long story short they messed up our order because they're store had the wrong information on the wrong table. So making us pick up the wrong table and us being stuck with no table since we had to wait 2 weeks to get the right one delivered. The day comes and we didnt get all of our chairs delivered. And they still wont give us the 2 chairs that are missing. Value City Furniture in gurnee is horrible!!! I wont be recomending it to anyone. I work at at&t and I know a lot of people I will be letting everyone know about our experience there!

Not honoring extended purchased warranties

About a year ago I purchased a living room sofa, dinette, a twin sleigh bed and a queen sleigh bed. I also...


My delivery was suppose to be from 1pm-4pm on March 7, 2012. At 4:03 pm, I called the office and was told...

misleading warranty - left with peeling furniture

I purchased a sofa and loveseat in January 2009 along with the warranty and now I am left with two horrible...


Purchased 3/17/11, on backorder will deliver 4/20. Items missing, Rcvd call back, confirmed with truck, they don't have the items. They have 1 of them in stock and I can come pick it up if I'd like, but still checking on the shelves for bed. I just spent about $5, 000, really!

Didn't receive call back about other missing items (shelves to bed), had to follow up. I was told to call the other store, I did, received run around & called my store back and told them to figure it out since I purchased it there.

In the meantime, I was charged the full amount right away. I paid more than 1/2 in cash and balance 12mos same as cash. If I don't take possession of product for another month, either give me 13 mos sac (not allowed per Customer Service) or don't charge the balance until delivered.

After numerous calls, I was told my shelves for the bed would deliver 5/27/11, or I could pick them up!. I suggested the Manager of Customer Service deliver it personally..

Well, here is it 5/31/11 and still no shelfs nor a call from Customer Service?. They have managed to send me 2 monthly statements:. If it weren't so much trouble, I'd call and tell them to come pick up the bed and give me my money back, . What a nightmare, .Once the sale is made they could care less about you:. Its all about the $$.

Does not deliver...service or value

I have to say I am really disappointed. On 5/5/11 I placed an order for a 5PC pub dinette set and the Barcelona queen bedroom package. I was advised that the dresser & mirror portion would not be available until 6/17/11 & arranged for delivery of the dresser and mirror on 6/18/11.

After reviewing my invoice a few times I noticed that the delivery of the items was not broken down on the invoice which had me kind of nervous therefore on 5/11/11 I called the store to confirm that the dinette set & the bed were being delivered on 6/2/11 and the dresser and mirror on 6/18/11. At that time I was advised that the delivery was scheduled however the bed's footboard would not be available until 7/8/11 and would be delivered on that day and the bed assembly would occur on that day as well.

I expressed my concern to the person on the phone wondering why the footboard would not be available until that day as it seems odd that only that part of the bed wouldn't be ready. I expressed further concern and did not feel this was handled correctly because #1-No one called me to advise me of this #2-I would not have known this had I not called to confirm that my delivery order was correct #3-My wife and I have to wait a month and a week before we have a bed, yet I am getting billed immediately for it #4-The delivery of the footboard and assembly of the bed was scheduled for 7/8/11 without consulting me which would have been necessary so I could make arrangements at work since this does fall on a week/work day #5-I was given no other options.

I find this very disturbing as all the person on the phone could offer was an apology for my inconvenience. Somehow, this just doesn't seem like enough. I did attempt to submit my complaint/concern to corporate via the website but was stopped by an "error has occured" message each time I tried without an indication of what the error is. So it seems that I am left to stew since the store won't do anything, there is nor corporate phone number on the site, and the site keeps giving me an error when I try to get assistance.

Poor Quality

POOR Quality: Bought $2, 000. sectional. Selected an upgraded fabric. After one year, fabric is pilling and...

american signature mattress

After a year of olding a mattress from American Signature, the bed is hard as heck, to sleep on. They will NOT REPLACE it because it has paint on it. I will tell you I will NEVER EVEr buy furniture again from VALUE CITY FURNITURE. GREAT SERVICE ...CRAPPY FURNITURE. ...SPENT 2000.000 ON COUCH, CHAIR, 3 DRESSERS, BED AND HAVE HAD PROBLEMS WITH THEM ALL.

  • Dd
    DDMJR Dec 30, 2009

    boss men treat the employs like they dont know anything, the furniture can be wrong and they still send it to the customers if anyone says any thing most time your without a job.i had 20 yrs with company and was fired just because i wanted to do my job right.boss men do want ever they want they curse the employs like dogs.i was told one time i would build the furniture right or wrong which ever way they wanted it or is poor mangement and they do get a little tipsy also if you understand what i mean.

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  • Ja
    Jack E Sep 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purchased 2 leather sofas and the extended warranty 6 months ago. One is perfect and the leather on the other is peeling completely off. We were told that the warranty does NOT cover the leather peeling. Lesson learned NEVER shop at Value City Furniture again! Additional warranties on furniture are like throwing your money out the window!

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  • Fe
    fed up 01 Nov 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purchased mattresses, sales rep stated that items would be delivered next day. Questioned him several times confirming delivery date because of work schedule. Product was never delivered, when I called the store, the clerk had no record of delivery for next day. It was to be delivered 3 days later. Would not have purchased items if there was no next day delivery. Amount has been debited from my credit card and interest is accruing. This seems to be an ongoing thing with businesses these days. There should be a law protecting us from this type of fraud. The sales reps are not being honest. They are holding the consumers money and earning interest on it.

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Fraud, scam

I purchased a kitchen table and chair set from the Value City Store next to ***'s Sporting Goods in the Eastgate shopping center. While I was checking out with my items, the sales representative suggested that I should purchase the extended warranty. He stated, “Seeing that you have children, you will want this warranty. It covers any damage they may do and protects your furniture up to three years. You can rest assured that you will have new furniture in three years.” I purchased the warranty for the extra $69.99 for the table and an additional $69.99 for the chairs. I left the store with the confidence that my $1000 plus purchase was protected.

Nine months later, we had a Christmas party for our daughters and several of their friends from our neighborhood attended. We let the girls make crafts, color and draw pictures on the table in our kitchen. After the party we noticed that the table had been damaged by some of the crafting we had allowed the girls to do. Some of the notable damage included, words had transfer through the paper the girls were writing on and had gone through the polyurethane coating into the wood below, a long scratch and some paint drops on the finish. The girls ranged in age from seven years old to twelve years old. These girls are not heavy handed men with a degree in construction, they are simply children.

I contacted Value City Furniture at the Eastgate location and was informed that they do not handle the warranty claims. They gave me the phone number for the Sharonville store and instructed me to file my claim with them. I called the store and they took down my information. They informed me they would send someone out to inspect the damage and to determine if they would repair it or replace it. I received a phone call and was given a date and time the inspector would be out. The inspector arrived to inspect the table and continually commented on the condition of the table and chair set, argued that the chairs didn’t belong to the set, although they were the chairs from my receipt, and was otherwise very rude and obnoxious.

A week after the inspector came out I received a phone call from Value City they stated that they had decided not to honor the warranty as the damage was to “extreme” and violated the terms of the warranty. When I purchased the warranty I was given a pamphlet stating what would be covered and how to file a claim. Value City claims that the pamphlet is not the legal document containing the specifics of the warranty and that the actual warranty documentation, which was not furnished to me, contained stipulations pertaining to excessive damage. I asked to speak to the manager, who informed me that this claim would be returned to the Eastgate store and that they had the option of honoring the claim. I called the Eastgate store several days later and they gave me the same exact response I received from the Sharonville store. I asked that they at least review the claim and consider that I have spent several thousand dollars at their store over the past few years. I was passed to a manager who informed me they would not reconsider this claim and were cancelling the warranty on all of the furniture citing excessive damage.

Value City Furniture Warranty Fraud / Scam

Value City Furniture Store # 80 650 Eastgate Dr. S Suite A Cincinnati, OH 45245 [protected] I purchased a...

Sends damaged furniture

The store has a communication problem. they send you damaged furniture and wants to repair it, but they sell it for full price. They deliver half of your purchase or none at all and it is your fault when they make a mistake.

After purchasing a dinnette set and I asked that it be put on my charge account, I was informe a week later that I did not pay for it and I am the blame, then after going back to the store to clear that up, I got a call on the delivery date which was free that they only had 1 stool and a table.

Terrible customer service

I am in the process of replacing an entire house full of furniture because of a fire loss. Between me and my girlfriend, we have seven children in need of new mattresses and beds.

I initially visited the Chippewa store on November 11, 2010 to purchase a minimum of three mattresses and possibly two sets of bunk beds. My girlfriend had been assured by Tracy [sales associate], the evening before that the mattresses were in-stock AND available. They were not. I was advised that it would take at least a week for the mattresses to arrive.

I purchased a set of twin bunk beds and placed an order [including deposit] for a full-over-full set of bunk beds. When I was told that the ordered set wouldnt arrive until November 30, I offered to PAY FULL PRICE for the display model, as we REALLY needed beds for our children. Tracy supposedly spoke with a manager who told her that the display model wasnt for sale.

On November 29, a message was left stating that our bunk beds would be available for pick up the next day. They were not. I stopped by the Chippewa store on November 30, and I told that our bunk beds might be arriving on December 2. I noticed that the display set was no longer in the store. REALLY?!? When I asked about the missing display set, I was told it had been sold and given a lame story about moving merchandise around the floor. No other displays had been moved or even rearranged since my visit on November 11.

After two lengthy phone conversations with Kirk [manager], he informed me that our bunk beds were dropped off at the distribution center. I offered to pick them up there. He then said they werent at the distribution center. And it was going to be December 19 before the beds would be available. I will be cancelling this order.

Both my girlfriend and I had repeatedly expressed the urgency of our situation. We are not simply window shopping, we are buying and will continue to buy. Everything needs to be replaced, but beds were the first priority. At this point, we have had mattresses on the floor for weeks and have been shifting children from room to room to accommodate our lack of bed frames.

In this economy, I find it truly disturbing that any company would exhibit such little concern for customer satisfaction.

Very unprofessional, Rude

Very unprofessional, rude. All customer service professional service personell needs to be fired!!! The whole department needs to be replaced

  • Vc
    VCF/ASI Jul 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good afternoon, I am writing from the corporate headquarters of Value City Furniture. We never want to hear that a customer has not had a good experience.

    World Financial Network National Bank (WFNNB) issues and manages all activity on private label credit card accounts. Please feel free to contact them at 1-800-428-8818 for assistance with your credit account.

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Worst customer service

Try to get a hold of value city furniture? They have no customer service line!!! It ***!!! You have to already have an account to get a hold of anyone live? WTH? Worst place ever ever ever ever!! The stores are worse!!! What a broke down piece of trash!!! I applied for a credit card. I have excellent credit. They told me to call back to the store in two days. They gave me a customer service number in the mean time. If you don't already have an account it's worthless. You can't even get through at all. I called the store about ten minutes before closing like they told me to do. The Plainfield Indiana store by the way. They hung up on me while they where switching over to ask me questions and when I called back I couldn't get through. They manager was rude when I went in the first time although the sales person was nice. Stupid stupid stupid!!! Save yourself a hassle don't go to value city furniture!! They suck!!

  • As
    ASkr23 Aug 30, 2009

    I purchased over $2, 500 in furniture from Value City over a month ago. All but the coffee table was delivered to my apt. I was told it was suppose to deliver 2 weeks after the 1st shipment of furniture.

    I went ahead and scheduled a house warming party the following weekend since I was suppose to have my table and my apt would be completely furnished at that point. Needless to say the day of the 2nd delivery comes and no coffee table. I called them and they tell me its going to be delivered next week after my housewarming party.

    No phone calls! No letter in the mail! Nothing! How could a company not notify you that your furniture is not going to be delivered I have no clue. I haven't experienced such bad customer service in a long time.

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