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never sign up for the plans people. I signed up for their 12 month payment plan, and after 12 months I got...

Resolved Extended warranty on furniture is a rip off!

We bought 8 wooden chairs, 4 tables, a sofa, loveseat and chair from this company in 2004. The salesman...

Delivery system is ridiculous!

I have had a horrendous experience shopping with Value City Furniture. The people at the store were just as nice as could be, and several of our pieces have defects, small enough we decided to overlook, but the delivery is ridiculous!
We were first offered two separate days to have our furniture delivered. We declined and said we'd rather wait for the second day, just to have everything delivered at once. They said that was fine.

A few days before the delivery, they called to let us know that one of the items would not be available for at least three more weeks. The lady told me that I "should have taken it" when I "had the chance" because I was now bumped onto a waiting list! No one mentioned anything about a waiting list when I turned down the first delivery date, and I was told I had better accept what they could currently bring because otherwise more of the pieces may not be available when the already missing piece came in.

I had to schedule this new delivery around my husband's work schedule and my grandfather's surgery, and I was furious. I was polite anyway and told them I was disappointed but would accept what they could bring. I was assured the new missing piece would be in, they set up a delivery date, and once again I received another phone call a few days before it was to arrive telling me that I "didn't make the current waiting list" and would have to wait since I was "bumped" onto the next available shipment of that piece of furniture.

The man who called wasted ten minutes of my life explaining, quite cheerfully, the way that the shipping and delivery operations run, and told me that of course I could understand how a multi million dollar furniture company could run into problems. He interrupted me repeatedly to continue talking about the plethora of reasons and complications their poor store has in maintaining correct shipping and delivery times, going into great detail about how everything was made by hand and blah blah blah- it was like listening to a commercial! I had to cut him off and tell him I was hanging up! I looked at the phone and checked; he had actually babbled on for ten minutes telling me how wonderful the company was after telling me that my furniture would ONCE AGAIN not be delivered.

We ordered this furniture in August. At this rate, they will supposedly be delivering it in October. I'm not holding my breath. He also asked me if there was something else that I might like to substitute my piece for? I told him no, since I wanted the furniture to MATCH. Ugh. From the way we were treated in the store, I would have recommended them to anyone. After this debacle, I'm making sure no one I know ever sets foot in there. I will not buy anything from there, ever again.

Every time I have called I have been bounced around from one person who "didn't have access to that information at this time" to another, and despite my adoration for the Arts and Crafts set, I'll spend the extra money to buy a whole NEW set from another store before I would bother to replace a single piece!

It pity the people who work there, I really do. It's got to be awful to go to work and know you're lying to people, or at least, withholding information. Had I known what the delivery fiasco would turn out like, I would have shopped elsewhere. And according to one associate, "it's a very common problem..."

I'm sure it is.

Frustrated with the Value City Customer support

I have purchased a reclining sofa at Value City Furniture, 6393 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN two months ago. I wanted to exchange that sofa as it has not matched with my interior. I have asked the value city representative (his name is ROBERT WOLFE) for exchange after 2 weeks of purchase. He has agreed for exchange and said to me that a technician will come and inspect the reclining sofa and estimate the value of that sofa. The technician has come twice and taken photos also and reported value city that there are stains on the sofa. But, we never find any stain on the sofa. Then, I have asked the value city representative. He said to me that you call the warranty people for examination of the sofa. If there are no stains, then the next day itself sofa will be exchanged. Otherwise, if there are stains, the warranty people have to identify whether those are removable or non-removable stains and provide warranty support for those stains. Then, the sofa will be exchanged.Either way, I'm going to get a new sofa. But, when I called the warranty people, they have asked for the type of stains. I never find any stains on the sofa and mentioned that warranty people have to examine and provide report to Value city for exchange of sofa. But, Warranty people have declined to provide this type of report and told me that they will visit only when they are stains and also said that the sofa is too young, so Value city itself has to take care of.

These discussions are happening from past 7 weeks and I'm really frustrated with the Value City Customer support. The never called me. I used to call always. The concerned person will not be available many times and the phone will be hanging for long time. I also have visited Value City three times to close this issue soon. It's wasting my time and phone minutes.

I have chosen the other reclining sofa at Value city and received a quote also. It cost $100 more than the existing sofa.

Stainsafe is a total rip off!

I purchased a complete living room set: sofa, love seat, oversize chair with ottoman from Value City Furniture in lexington, Ky. In addition they really encourage I spend over $200 for their Stainsafe warranty to GUARANTEE no stains would penetrate he treatment VALUECITY applies to the furniture.

My first stain seemed simple enough. I first tried the kit they gave me with the furniture, but it didn't work so I e-mailed Stainsafe as per directions from Value City. I received NO response after 3 e-mails and called Value City. They put me through via the phone to a rep from Stainsafe who ASSURED me they would have a tech to my house on a specific day last August. The tech never showed, never called, and when I tried to call Stainsafe, i received nothing but recordings.

Last weekend I returned to Value City and talked with their manager. He assured me he would look into the matter. While we stood there, another customer told of his horrendous experience with Stainsafe.

The next day the manager DID call me and his great solution was giving me $200 credit in the store!! I complained that would do NOTHING for my stains and told him their darn Stainsafe was pure BS and I would rather have $200 in SCOTCHGUARD. Of course that was not to be.


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    shelley Jan 31, 2008

    I recently purchased a sofa with the stain protection warranty also. Upon pickup, I found out that the stain protection still needed to be applied. Upon questionning this, I found out that the professionally applied stain protection was being done, in the warehouse, while I waited by the warehouse kid who loads and unload the trucks. I was further advised that I would be taking the sofa home wet, and not to sit on it for up to 1 hour while the chemical dried. I talked with the warehouse manager who stated this was their policy for applying the stain protection and the warehouse kid was infact what they considered a "professional in stain protection". I then talked with the store manager and discussed returning this sofa, before the stain protection was applied. But, store policy is there is no return on the stain protection charge whether applied or not, only the sofa. So, by returning it, I would walk out without a sofa, and losing $69.99 plus tax on a chemical which was never applied. Furious by their unacceptable business practice, I took the so called professionally treated sofa home, wet and all, and it currently sits in my garage because the overwhelming smell of the chemical is making us sick, even after four days in the garage! The lesson here...YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! YOU BUY CHEAP, YOU GET CHEAP! DONT DO IT!!!!

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  • Mm
    mmj82 Jun 02, 2013

    It's such a shame that you had such a terrible experience with them. We bought our sofa in May of 2012 with the fabric protection with was an additional $75. 2 months latter we had stains and called uniters (that's who the warranty is through) It was handled quickly and very professionally. They even replaced the cover on the cushion since the ink didn't come out. We just placed another service request with them today and are hopeful for another great customer service experience. I guess my advice would be to contact the company that provides the warranty not VCF.

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