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sectional chaise

Poorly made furniture and terrible customer service I bought a sectional sofa which cost a lot of money and...

living room set/

I recently tried to use the warranty I purchased with my furniture, to be told they would not repair the damages to the set. I don't know why they will not repair the damages, because there wasn't a clear reasoning. I was advised to review my warranty. They only cover what the warranty says. I thought the damages to my set surely fits the descriptions of damage. The promise clearly states you will repair or replace. I know the repairs can be done, but I'm being denied assistance. So, if you are not going to repair or replace, I want a refund for the warranty. If I can't utilize what I paid for, then refund me the money for the warranty! Please and thank you!

Teresa Simmons

living room set/
living room set/
living room set/

warranty and delivery

I would give 0 stars if I could...Long story short, I am being penalized for having to use the extended warranty by paying to have it delivered because the warranty company wouldn't actually fix the problem. Nobody can help because "it's company policy" and I have to pay for delivery. It was "helpfully" explained that I signed the receipt that clearly stated this. A. That's not what I was told when I bought this warranty and B. It is NOT clear. I used to shop here all the time, and I will never do so again. It's $105. I feel confident that they can make this right, but just refuse to do so. It's a small enough amount that it actually just feels petty.

EDIT: The team that responded to my review and suggested I email them so that they could look into the issue further decided to do nothing to correct the issue by giving me a refund, but told me they were sorry I received incorrect information about the warranty but would uphold the store's decision NOT to give me my money back. They may as well have not bothered. DEFINITELY never shopping here again.

warranty failure

[protected]@valuecityfurn Copy of Twitter DM: 6:36 PMValue City Furniture Hi Cathy, what you're describing sound...

I will never do business with value city again

I purchased a sectional and a dinette set on March 7, 2019. I had to wait 4 weeks for delivery and they said it was a back order on my table (which I just received this past Saturday 4/13). After waiting almost 3 weeks for my sectional ONLY, I saw that it was tore after they put it together. The delivery man took a picture with his phone and said that he was sending it to the store. I called the store myself and emailed them pictures immediately after I saw the damage. They told me someone would follow up with me about sending out a service technician. Almost a week goes by and I hear nothing, so I called back. It took me to call back 3 times for them to tell me that they had scheduled a service tech to come out on a date that I knew nothing about. So, he comes out and tell me that I'm getting a new sofa. He submits the order. I called back because once again no one follows up with me to find out when the new couch was coming. Apparently, there's a back order which I knew nothing about until after I called the store back again. Next, I was told that my table would be delivered on 4/8. Well 4/8 came and went so I called inquiring about it. Again, they have another delivery date set that I didn't consent to which was 4/19. I complained to the woman in customer service asking how a date of 4/18 even came about when I was told 4/8. So, she proceeds to change the delivery date to Saturday 4/13. Fast forward, last Saturday these rude delivery men came with the couch piece and table. They brought wrong sectional piece! In the service tech's report, he put that it was the LEFT side of the sofa when it should have been the right side that was damaged. The rude delivery man with this heavy accent argued me down about how I ORDERED THE WRONG PIECE when it was the service tech that placed the order. I call back requesting to talk to the manager, who is never available when I call. So, the warehouse manager Jeremey get on the phone and tell me that I would get the correct piece next Saturday 4/20 stating that the service tech put the wrong piece in his notes. I told them that Saturday doesn't work for me, so I asked to speak to the store manager. The assistant manager Jay get on the phone and play crazy! He gone ask me which piece it was because they don't have any notes about my claim. THEN he proceeds to tell me to call back in the morning and they'll send the piece out in the afternoon. The next morning comes and he doesn't follow up with me, so I called the store looking for him. Apparently, he was out having a procedure done which he knew at 8pm Tuesday night when he told me that he'd call e Wednesday morning. So, I spoke with the warehouse manager Jeremy again on 4/17 and he told me that they are bringing the correct piece out by noon. So, tell me why they brought the WRONG PIECE AGAIN TODAY. I called the store more than 10xs and didn't get an answer once. I finally get the warehouse manager on the phone and he tells me that I have to wait until May 24th for another piece. How do you manage to bring the wrong piece back to back when you saw the it wasn't the left side according to the first delivery and the service tech notes?
They don't answer the phone. I call asking for the manager and I can never speak with him. The chick in customer service is rude and kept "ummmhmming" me the entire time we were on the phone. Then she put me on hold and hung up on me more than once! They left a half of piece of sectional in my house and told me that the part will not be restocked until late May. I CURRENTLY HAVE A HALF OF SECTIONAL SITTING IN MY LIVING ROOM! I have requested a refund more than once and no one is answering my calls. The warehouse manager Jeremy put me on hold and hung up the phone on me AFTER I requested a refund and to talk to the store manager. I called their corporate office, but nothing was resolved. All they did was put me on hold to call the store and not once did the store pick up the phone.

I will never do business with value city again

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Good morning. I received a delivery on Saturday that did not include my mother's bed. I spoke with delivery on Friday and Thursday and was not made aware. I'm told that someone called but there was not record of who or when. The problem is that my mother is on dialysis and has rods in her back. The only solution to the problem was for me to pick up bedrails on Wednesday. The only compensation given to me is to rent a Uhaul and to be reimbursed for the Uhaul rental and gas. This is totally unacceptable as my elder, sick mother has to sleep elsewhere for 2 weeks before the new frame comes, as we have already gotten rid of the old bed and frame to make room for the new one. I'm told that since April 26 is already entered for delivery that it could not be changed. The lack in communication, service and compensation is unacceptable. I have another order on layaway for which I plan to cancel, as I have no desire to further do this type of business with your company. Please advise.

Robin Beam
6202 Lee Place
Capitol Heights, MD 20743


i purchased furniture from them on August 4, 2018. Upon delivery of the items some were broken which required to a delay in me receiving the items. The delivery company advised that the item that was broken wasn't even checked before it left the warehouse. The delay extended until me not receiving all items until 9/26/18. I filed a BBB complaint on the company and their internal department that handles these issues got in contact with me. In efforts of resolving this issue we agreed to have the delivery refunded to me in a giftcard but i was advised at that time that it wouldn't be able to be processed until they received the money from the financing company which was completely understandable. along with this the store location offered a $75.00 credit and i had already gotten a $75.00 credit from the delivery department the day of the mishap with the broken furniture. It is not 11/7/18 and i know that they have what they need. i have talked to several people including the person that made the initial offer and everytime it's something different. i just spoke with someone last week who assured me that they sent the invoice down to process the giftcard that was promised to me and it should be sent out which is the same falsehood i was told the week before. i called today to confirm that it was sent and was told that nothing has been processed. This company is a sham which is quite disappointing. i have been doing business with them for several years and this has been the most disastrous experience ever. To compile my frustration they make promises that they don't stand by.


I bought a 3 piece set from American Signature Furniture (Value city Furniture) and they pressured me into getting the protection plan or else I won't get shipping. They said and gave me papers that say it covers all of the furniture from any accidental scratches, rips, stains and even peeling for 5 years.

A year later one of the sofa chairs separated at the sewed area (seam separation) which is basically a factory deficit, not even a cut made by me which they should cover as well. So I contacted the warranty company (Pure Promise). THEY ARE THE WORST. They took an hour and 45 minutes to answer and after hours of arguments they still said that nothing is covered and started playing around with words and saying that cuts are covered but seam separations are not. I asked for a manager at least 4 times but they never connect me they just hang up and this is no joke and it's illegal. I also have recordings of all this and the representatives mentioning that I am not covered against any rips. I asked her what was covered and she said she can't discuss that with me, this is the worst customer service that I have ever dealt with. This isn't just one phone call it is at least 7 phone calls where they say the same thing and 2 of the representatives hung up on, I also have all of this recorded. I never got a single chance to speak to a manager because whenever I ask for one they just hang up the call. Once I mention my case number every time I called, they would hang up and treat me terribly. That's also me waiting and hour and a half everytime I call.

THEY ARE LIARS and their furniture is terrible quality since this wasn't even a cut, it's a seam separation which should be even more concerning. Value City won't cover it either and they tell me to call the warranty and the warranty tells me to call value city (American Signature Furniture). I'm feeling ripped off here because I bought this warranty for a reason and now all of the sudden both companies are not liable and they don't want to solve this for me, not to mention all the scratches on the leather that they didn't cover as well and their excuse was that they only cover scratches on hard surfaces like the wood which doesn't even show at all. Save your self their horrible treatment and buy from anywhere else, hundreds of places out there offer realible warranty and good customer service. I am beyond disappointed right now for all the money that I spent.

I need to speak with someone in charge about this so I can mention all the other things that they told me on the phone that are too disgusting to type on here. This is a rip off and it is under no circumstances an acceptable customer service. This is stealing and ripping off customers. I am not the only one with this issue. They have a one star rating that many people would have gave them zero if they had the ability to. This isn't just my story as a pissed off customer, it is hundreds of reviews out there that have dealt with the same issue. I demand action.


customer service

Hi have a complaint about the customer service I emailed texted call around 10 time about my problem and no one got back to me for like a week and a half only to tell me they can't help me cause I had 3 claims with my warranty and I can't make anymore claims which I was never told that when I purchased the warranty!! I hope you can help me with this matter!! I want a new cushion pls!!


Sent from my iPhone

customer service is horrible employees very rude and disrespectful

Good morning I made my first payment on my acct april 30th my payment was due the 1st. I never received a receipt for payment despite customer service rep validating payment was made in the amount of $110.00 leaving me with a balance of $124.00. Yesterday I was billed again 15 days later for full amount. When I called the new carolton store acceptance now to explain about payment not receiving receipt in addition to complaining about being billed the full amount again I was met with over talking rudeness and eventually the customer service rep hung up. This has been the most unprofessional experience to say the least. The unbecoming behavior has now prompted me to file a complaint with the better business bureau in addition to business rating association. Customers should not have to deal with rude customer service representative. Remind you I have not received a receipt nore a invoice for payment made.


My wife and I purchased went to Value City Furniture in Columbia, SC with the intent of purchasing a...

Service, missing items

I bought two couches, and a mattress, box set. Was told that it will arrive Wednesday.

Waited on that day, moved all furniture. Gave it away, removed my old mattress. Nothing came that day, no call from the company. I called them, they tell me it was pushed until Saturday.

How was it pushed until Saturday?! They could not explain. Which is fine, delays happen. At least CALL!!!

Give a heads up. Say something, I don't even need an apology, just a call to tell me it will be late. Changes happen. Nope, I was told nobody looks at the computer to pay attention to changes...I mean really?!

That is your job? As a customer service agent? It's serve, and make sure things go smoothly. At the end of it all, my delivery was waved.

Saturday came, and only the top of the mattress came, not the full set. I was told it was not in the description. But it was on my receipt. They call me and tell me Wednesday again, as it did not arrive in the shipment with the couches and all.

How that happens?! Is beyond me at this point. All in all, I would never again shop at this place.

Horrible customer service who clearly have no idea what they are doing there.This will be the last time I ever go there.

Warehouse switching newly purchased items for returned and damaged merchandise.

On Monday, August 15, 2016 we went to the VCF in New Carrollton MD to purchase a recliner. I have mobility and balance issues which make me very sensitive to height and spacial points. After sitting in all their recliners, I decided one that turned out to be discontinued. We were offered the floor model at a discount and after examining it we noticed a definable scratch in the back, with another discount we agreed to buy it. I watched our sales person place the SOLD Tag in the tag pocket and my husband left to pay for it up front. We moved our vehicle to the loading bay and waited for the warehouse people to load it into the back of our van. Once it was settled, we drove home where the recliner was carried in and set up for me. I waited in our vehicle because we were going out to dinner. Upon my return home, I made a beeline for my new chair because my pain levels were real bad. As soon as I sat down and raised the leg rest, I KNEW IT WAS NOT THE RECLINER I sat in on the store floor. My husband asked me if I was sure and I asked him to see if the scratch was there? He checked and said, "No, you are correct. THIS is NOT the recliner you sat in at the store." I showed my husband the leg rest and how it did not rise up as high as the store floor model. HE told me he could see how the metal workings would not slide back all the way under the seat. I believe I was given a damaged recliner that had been returned to the warehouse. I called the store and spoke to a woman who identified herself as a manager who according to corporate is actually a customer service person who was lying to me about her capacity there. She offered me another discount to keep it and I declined and said I would be returning it. When we arrived the manager I had spoken to earlier asked me to hold on while he looked into it. Sure enough "MY" chair was still on the sales floor with the SOLD tag still in the tag pocket. I sat in that chair and still liking it, agreed to take it as long as it was THAT chair I would be given. When the warehouse person loaded the correct recliner into our van, he told my husband that the warehouse manager speficially pointed to the chair they had given me initially which makes zero sense as THAT chair was sat on IN the store and not in the warehouse. I called corporate and they were not concerned with customer relations nor how I felt to have been a customer they tried to deceive. The receipt was marked "sold as is" but I didn't get the chair I agreed to purchase. Corporate offered no resolution nor made me feel as if my patronage was valued. This store is not reputable, buyers beware!

Living Room set

I purchased my first home Feb 2015. I decided to go to Value City Furniture to furnish this new home. Boy was I in for a world of trouble. The first set I purchased was a choc brown sectional. I loved it but the problem was it started breaking within 3 months of me having it. Mind you no one in my home is over 2oolbs. I called and they sent a guy out to fix it. I called on 4 occasions but only 3 were noted. After the 4th call I was told that they had to come get the sectional and fins out why it was breaking. They said it would take 3-6 weeks for them to figure it out. That being said, I would be on the floor for a month. I was no happy. I told them that they can keep it and I wanted something different. Clearly it was a manufacture defect. After the run around with them finally they agreed for me to get something different. This time I got a couch, love seat, and a ottoman. When they delivered the ottoman the delivery guy was very rude. I had to wake my fiance up so he could come down. He wanted to keep my front door open while he put the legs on. I was not having it because now its fall or summer and bugs are out. Well the guy cut the ottoman while ripping the plastic. I called that same day and told them it was cut. They sent another out this time it smelled like (dog do do). I was not pleased. The delivery guy called it in for me. It would take 30 days for me to get another. The other came, this delivery guy stripped the nails in the leg and it would stand properly. Now i have to wait another 30 days for a new one. A new arrived and this one smelled so horrible even the delivery guy was embarrassed. He called for me and had to leave it outside. Mind you the decorative pillows that I ordered were wrong. The sales person gave me the wrong info. And this is kind of where the problem started. I called about the decorative pillows and the lady said that they would just go ahead and order them. Now back to the ottoman. I kept getting the stinkiest ottoman to finally I refused the delivery. I went back and got a burgundy accent chair (the same color of the decorative pillows i was to get). Back to the decorative pillows. I called the store and the nasty girl says that I had to pay for the pillows because I was miss informed. She said I had the right pillows. I knew the sales rep told me burgundy and brown because got the burgundy accent chair to match. Besides I hate the color green so that assured me again about the information he sales rep told me. I called corporate office and Chris assured me that they would order the pillows. It took 3 months for anyone to call. I called about the pillows and they said they called me. I didn't get a call, they said I had to pay for the pillows. (why when I was told that was the color I would get). Now I am mad its been months. I asked for my money back or to just get a different set. I was told again "we would just order you some pillows". # mos go by again and no pillows. I call and call. No manager would speak to me. I called corporate yet again. They called couldn't get a hold to anyone. Now its been another 3 months, no pillows. In November 2015 I got a call from them and they said they ordered the pillows and they would call when they come in it takes 4-6 weeks. I called in March 2016 to check on the pillow. What a coincidence the pillows had not been ordered. I asked for my money back once again. I went around and around. Called corporate again. They called and sent me to another store to pick up the pillows. I actually waited to go to that store a week later. When I went to that store they told me they had to order it. (Why didn't anyone call me instead of having me drive 30 mins). That was the day I had enough 9 months of crappy service. I want my money back and i will NEVER shop here again. It took days and multiple phone calls for me to get my money back. I was speaking with Sue (really rude and laughed at everything I said). They wanted to charge me a 15% restock fee, keep my fabric protection money, also the delivery fee. That was totally unacceptable. This was no ones fault but there own. I was not going for that either. Finally the manager that Sue was talking agreed to give me all my money back. Mind you this manager never would speak to me. Sue stated that they had to get the furniture before they could issue a refund check. They schedule a pick up on a Sunday. I was home but they said they came and no one was their. Which was a lie. Finally they came back on Friday. I was told the check was be in that Thursday. I go on vacation for a week. Come back that Tuesday the refund was never placed. Now you have had this furniture for a week. I am sitting on the floor at home. Its been 2 1/2 weeks no check. I called twice no one knows where the check is at. I called corporate they cant track it. Now I am feed up. I am going to seek legal action at this point. I will NEVER EVER shop here again. It has been 1 year and 2 months.

American Signature leather sofa and 2 matching love seats

I purchased 2 white leather theatre loveseats and a matching reclining sofa in fall of 2012 from Value City Store in West Mifflin PA after the first year the leather started showing signs of peeling and cracking it got worse and now there are spots on the arms and all over the seats where the leather is rubbing off on to people clothing. I have never experienced anything like this and all three pieces are all doing the same thing. I would like to return the furniture.

They refused to replace the protector and I had a stain

I purchased fabric protector for a sofa from Value City Furniture. I got the stain and of course I emailed the company, but the seller said to fill the form on their website, which they would check and call me back. The form was filled and within 2 weeks I heard nothing. When I emailed them again, the seller said to call to the customer services and gave the phone number, which didn’t work. These people are such liars and you can’t trust them.

Sectional sofa

First name william last name washington address 120 violet hill white way city baltimore state md zip code...

Very BAd Customer Service. sales person James Lied about delivery date.

on August 3, 2015 my family and I went into Value City Furniture to Purchase a Bedroom Set For my son. there were only 3 people working store was very bust. waited about 1hr-just for someone to help. finally a salesperson by the name of James help us out. to make a long story short we ended up buying the bedroom set. while he was entering our information into system, he asked if we were interested in anything else. of course we saw a recliner chair however we told him we would think about it, and will give him a call back. he stated to call back before the delivery date of 8/15/15, and we can add this purchase on to sale. I called sale-person back James to tell him we would like the chair and that we will be into store to add on to our order. which was 8/9/15. we get there and James states that the recliner is on back order. until 09/10/15. which was not a problem. we just wanted to confirm that our bedroom set would be delivered on date we chose which was Saturday 8/15/15. James confirmed. I then received a call from the store indicated that our bedroom set would be delivered on Friday 8/14/15. again this was not the date I requested. I then called the store to speak with James however he was not there, requested to speak with a store manager who was also not there. they told me to call the following day and James would be in around at 9am. called again no James, he will be in at 11am. called back at 11am again no James. they said he would be in about 20mins. Finally called back at 12:15pm still no James. I then receives a call from James around 1:15pm indicating he do not know what happen it was warehouse people that caused all this frustration. I said no James this is your fault, you entered information, not them. he finally said he was trying to reach a manger at warehouse to resolve the problem. and he gave me his word that I would have the delivery on Saturday. he said he would call me back before end of business day, however I did not hear from him. so as a concern customer I called the store today which is Thursday to find out what is going on. again no one at store knows and James who is suppose to take care of the matter was not in. and will not be back to work until Saturday 9am. and no manger in store to help. manger is out until Friday. I am very much disappointed in this store. no one can help me. its like they got the sale for purchase and is like what the hell.

Quality of furniture & warranty was voided because of personal damage (cigarette burn)

1 yr warranty on furniture, table & mirror. Purchaced in December. Reported problems last month (june) vaule city associate confirmed problems that i addressed & store told me they voided the warranty because of cigarette burn. I told them i dont want a new set of furniture. Just repaired what Value city associate agreed that needed repaired. Like i said. Im not after a new set of furniture just repaired...

Warranty interpretation

When moving our recliner accross the floor the fabric was torn, unfortunately at the seam. We've had the chair for 25 months and accept the fact that it's out of manufacture warranty, but we did purchase the fabric warranty (7years for $64.99). When we called the warranty service and described what had happened, fabric was torn at the seam, that it was not covered and must be covered by manufactures warranty. We were not claim a faulty seam, but the [censored] that it was torn by accident, and it just happened to be the seam. I spoke to the store Manager Mike R and attempted to explain the situation and all he could do was tell me that it was beyond the manufacture warranty period. The warranty is very grey in this regard and that if you have an accidental damage, and it happens to be at a seam-------"Your not covered". In my opinion this is nothing but a warranty your $64.99

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