Value City Furniture Complaints & Reviews

Value City Furniture / I will never do business with value city again

Apr 18, 2019

I purchased a sectional and a dinette set on March 7, 2019. I had to wait 4 weeks for delivery and they said it was a back order on my table (which I just received this past Saturday 4/13). After waiting almost 3 weeks for my sectional ONLY, I saw that it was tore after they put it...

Value City Furniture / delivery

Apr 15, 2019

Good morning. I received a delivery on Saturday that did not include my mother's bed. I spoke with delivery on Friday and Thursday and was not made aware. I'm told that someone called but there was not record of who or when. The problem is that my mother is on dialysis and has rods in her...

Value City Furniture / service

Nov 07, 2018

i purchased furniture from them on August 4, 2018. Upon delivery of the items some were broken which required to a delay in me receiving the items. The delivery company advised that the item that was broken wasn't even checked before it left the warehouse. The delay extended until me not...

Value City Furniture / furniture

Aug 04, 2018

I bought a 3 piece set from American Signature Furniture (Value city Furniture) and they pressured me into getting the protection plan or else I won't get shipping. They said and gave me papers that say it covers all of the furniture from any accidental scratches, rips, stains and even...

Value City / customer service

Jul 29, 2018

Hi have a complaint about the customer service I emailed texted call around 10 time about my problem and no one got back to me for like a week and a half only to tell me they can't help me cause I had 3 claims with my warranty and I can't make anymore claims which I was never told that...

Value City New Carrollton MD / customer service is horrible employees very rude and disrespectful

May 15, 2018

Good morning I made my first payment on my acct april 30th my payment was due the 1st. I never received a receipt for payment despite customer service rep validating payment was made in the amount of $110.00 leaving me with a balance of $124.00. Yesterday I was billed again 15 days later...

Value City Furniture / Delivery

Oct 15, 2016

My wife and I purchased went to Value City Furniture in Columbia, SC with the intent of purchasing a recliner. Wile we were there, we saw a couch and matching chair and we decided to purchase those as well as the recliner. I paid for the recliner with cash and financed the rest $1, 400...

Value City Furniture / Service, missing items

Aug 20, 2016

I bought two couches, and a mattress, box set. Was told that it will arrive Wednesday. Waited on that day, moved all furniture. Gave it away, removed my old mattress. Nothing came that day, no call from the company. I called them, they tell me it was pushed until Saturday. How was it...

Value City Furniture (VCF) / Warehouse switching newly purchased items for returned and damaged merchandise.

Aug 16, 2016

On Monday, August 15, 2016 we went to the VCF in New Carrollton MD to purchase a recliner. I have mobility and balance issues which make me very sensitive to height and spacial points. After sitting in all their recliners, I decided one that turned out to be discontinued. We were offered...

Value City Furniture / Living Room set

Apr 15, 2016

I purchased my first home Feb 2015. I decided to go to Value City Furniture to furnish this new home. Boy was I in for a world of trouble. The first set I purchased was a choc brown sectional. I loved it but the problem was it started breaking within 3 months of me having it. Mind you no...

Value City Furniture / American Signature leather sofa and 2 matching love seats

Dec 29, 2015

I purchased 2 white leather theatre loveseats and a matching reclining sofa in fall of 2012 from Value City Store in West Mifflin PA after the first year the leather started showing signs of peeling and cracking it got worse and now there are spots on the arms and all over the seats where...

Value City Furniture / They refused to replace the protector and I had a stain

Dec 25, 2015

I purchased fabric protector for a sofa from Value City Furniture. I got the stain and of course I emailed the company, but the seller said to fill the form on their website, which they would check and call me back. The form was filled and within 2 weeks I heard nothing. When I emailed...

Value City Furniture / Sectional sofa

Oct 01, 2015

First name william last name washington address 120 violet hill white way city baltimore state md zip code 21201 best telephone number to use during the day 443-415-7713 e-mail address [email protected] business name value city furniture business address 5840 baltimore national pike...

Value City Furniture / Very BAd Customer Service. sales person James Lied about delivery date.

Aug 13, 2015

on August 3, 2015 my family and I went into Value City Furniture to Purchase a Bedroom Set For my son. there were only 3 people working store was very bust. waited about 1hr-just for someone to help. finally a salesperson by the name of James help us out. to make a long story short we...

Value City Furniture / Quality of furniture & warranty was voided because of personal damage (cigarette burn)

Jul 24, 2015

1 yr warranty on furniture, table & mirror. Purchaced in December. Reported problems last month (june) vaule city associate confirmed problems that i addressed & store told me they voided the warranty because of cigarette burn. I told them i dont want a new set of furniture. Just repaired...

Value City Furniture / Warranty interpretation

Nov 26, 2014

When moving our recliner accross the floor the fabric was torn, unfortunately at the seam. We've had the chair for 25 months and accept the fact that it's out of manufacture warranty, but we did purchase the fabric warranty (7years for $64.99). When we called the warranty service...

Value City Furniture / Misleading Warranty

Nov 21, 2014

I bought a poster bed from Value City over 2 years ago, and I purchased the extended warranty. A few weeks ago my bed broke, so we called Value City and a repairman came out a week later to look at it. He said that he couldn't fix my bed and had to order parts, and that I would be...

Value City Furniture / bad service and bad quality

Nov 09, 2014

I bought recliner-sofa from Value city furniture. The recliner sofa didn't work right. I called for repairing. With couples of comversation, on oct 7th, I was told that someone will contact me in 2 days. There is no one. I called again Oct 30 for repairing, I was told will be contact in 2 days. Today is Nov 9th, Still, I am waiting ...

Value City Furniture / Warranty Scam

Nov 07, 2014

I am very displeased, disgusted and disappointed in the fact that I was sold a warranty plan that, according to you, does not cover the product that I purchased, because the product is not top grain leather. That would have been nice to know at the time of purchase, since leather is bound...

Value City Furniture / Over 2 months without furniture

Apr 18, 2013

My Husband and I have a new house, and was looking to furnish the ENTIRE house. We budgeted each room of furniture. We went to Value City, Centerville on Valentines day and bought a Bally Bedroom set, and a 5 piece dinette. We were supposed to get everything on March the 8th. Every week...

Value City Furniture / Wrong furniture order

Dec 08, 2012

I want on Monday Dec. 3, 2012 i order a bed and paid cash for it they said it will be in on Thursday. I said OK but couldn't pick it up until Saturday because i couldn't get anyone to pick it up until then. The store would deliver but they wanted to charge 141.00, who has that...

Value City Furniture / Lemon Couch

Dec 05, 2012

My family purchased our very first couch together at VCF in Gurnee. The sales person was great.A few months later, we noticed that the couch cushions had gone bad, which was odd because we did not sit on the couch that often. We were basically sitting on wood. Because we purchased a 7 year...

Value City Furniture / wrong order

Sep 14, 2012

Well where do I begin first off my parents deciding to go get furniture at value city was the worst thing they have done. They purchased a dining table and also purchased the extended protection plan. Long story short they messed up our order because they're store had the wrong...

Value City Furniture (VCF) / Not honoring extended purchased warranties

May 14, 2012

About a year ago I purchased a living room sofa, dinette, a twin sleigh bed and a queen sleigh bed. I also purchased the Epp (extended) warranty on all items. The warranty reads if I break it, rip it, gouge it, don't worry we have you covered. Well that is a LIE. Vcf Sleigh beds are...


Mar 08, 2012

My delivery was suppose to be from 1pm-4pm on March 7, 2012. At 4:03 pm, I called the office and was told that the delivery guys were running late. I also was told that I would be called back with a status. 5:03 pm, I called to speak with a store manager, I was put on hold so long the...

Value City Furniture / misleading warranty - left with peeling furniture

Sep 14, 2011

I purchased a sofa and loveseat in January 2009 along with the warranty and now I am left with two horrible pieces of peeling furniture. When I purchased the couches the salesman was very nice and very insistent that we get a 7 year warranty. We were not considering getting the furniture...

Value City Furniture / Buyer BEWARE

Jun 21, 2011

Purchased 3/17/11, on backorder will deliver 4/20. Items missing, Rcvd call back, confirmed with truck, they don't have the items. They have 1 of them in stock and I can come pick it up if I'd like, but still checking on the shelves for bed. I just spent about $5, 000...

Value City Furniture / Does not deliver...service or value

Jun 03, 2011

I have to say I am really disappointed. On 5/5/11 I placed an order for a 5PC pub dinette set and the Barcelona queen bedroom package. I was advised that the dresser & mirror portion would not be available until 6/17/11 & arranged for delivery of the dresser and mirror on 6/18/11. After...

Value City Furniture / Poor Quality

Apr 20, 2011

POOR Quality: Bought $2, 000. sectional. Selected an upgraded fabric. After one year, fabric is pilling and lots of pulls. The ten year old couch that I replaced looked better. We are two adults with no children or pets. Work all day. Sofa not abused or used that much. Furniture will have...

Value City Furniture / american signature mattress

Mar 12, 2011

After a year of olding a mattress from American Signature, the bed is hard as heck, to sleep on. They will NOT REPLACE it because it has paint on it. I will tell you I will NEVER EVEr buy furniture again from VALUE CITY FURNITURE. GREAT SERVICE ...CRAPPY FURNITURE. ...SPENT 2000.000 ON...

Value City Furniture / Fraud, scam

Feb 15, 2011

I purchased a kitchen table and chair set from the Value City Store next to ***'s Sporting Goods in the Eastgate shopping center. While I was checking out with my items, the sales representative suggested that I should purchase the extended warranty. He stated, “Seeing that you...

Value City Furniture / Value City Furniture Warranty Fraud / Scam

Feb 04, 2011

Value City Furniture Store # 80 650 Eastgate Dr. S Suite A Cincinnati, OH 45245 513-943-1110 I purchased a kitchen table and chair set from the Value City Store next to Dick's Sporting Goods in the Eastgate shopping center. While I was checking out with my items, the sale...

Value City Furniture / Sends damaged furniture


The store has a communication problem. they send you damaged furniture and wants to repair it, but they sell it for full price. They deliver half of your purchase or none at all and it is your fault when they make a mistake. After purchasing a dinnette set and I asked that it be put on my...

Value City Furniture / Terrible customer service


I am in the process of replacing an entire house full of furniture because of a fire loss. Between me and my girlfriend, we have seven children in need of new mattresses and beds. I initially visited the Chippewa store on November 11, 2010 to purchase a minimum of three mattresses and possibly...

Value City Furniture / Very unprofessional, Rude


Very unprofessional, rude. All customer service professional service personell needs to be fired!!! The whole department needs to be replaced

Value City Furniture / Worst customer service


Try to get a hold of value city furniture? They have no customer service line!!! It ***!!! You have to already have an account to get a hold of anyone live? WTH? Worst place ever ever ever ever!! The stores are worse!!! What a broke down piece of trash!!! I applied for a credit card. I...

Value City Furniture / Never delivered sofa that was paid for in cash


I purchased a sofa in March and paid cash for the sofa. I was told that it would be delivered April 24th. Received no call on the 24th but when checked after waiting for delivery that day I was told that there was no delivery scheduled. Went to the store and was told that it was someone...

Value City Furniture / Misrepresented availability of furniture


Beware of Value City Furniture's Deceptive Practices I found an accent chair with a matching ottoman at Value City Furniture and decided to order two sets. Even though the chairs and ottomans were on backorder, the store demanded payment in full and only gave me an approximate delivery...

Value City Furniture / Bad customer service


A long story that I will summarize. Ordered a leather sofa and loveseat and told it would be delivered in two weeks. Got a call two weeks later saying they are delivering our black set but of course we ordered white. They delivered it but it was damaged. Since they only deliver during...

Value City Furniture / Charge too much for delivery


I have purchased several pieces from Value City Furniture in the past. I had a couple problems with a few but they were quick to rectify it. This last trip to the showroom only made me change my mind in purchasing there now. All I wanted this time was one simle accent chair. Its under...