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Never delivered sofa that was paid for in cash

I purchased a sofa in March and paid cash for the sofa. I was told that it would be delivered April 24th. Received no call on the 24th but when checked after waiting for delivery that day I was told that there was no delivery scheduled. Went to the store and was told that it was someones mistake at the store and it would be delivered 5/8/2010. Leary about the service I called on 5/7/2010 to check on delivery and was told that the sofa was not scheduled for delivery and it would be May 20th before deliver. I cancelled my order and then was told I would have to wait one week to get my refund.

  • Ea
    EARL BLEDSOE May 28, 2012

    Value city was to deliver a dinning room set too my home on 5/29/12, the set was purchased on 4/3/12. On 5/28/12 I was told that the dining set will not be delivered until some time in July and that they will came back with a date.
    They customer service person (ANNA) called me by the wrong last name after being told that was not my last name. They did not care or explained to me why it would take that long to deliver the item.



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Misrepresented availability of furniture

Beware of Value City Furniture's Deceptive Practices

I found an accent chair with a matching ottoman at Value City Furniture and decided to order two sets. Even though the chairs and ottomans were on backorder, the store demanded payment in full and only gave me an approximate delivery date. Weeks went by, and every time I called to check on my order I received a different story, first "the chairs will be delivered in four weeks, one ottoman in another 4 weeks and the other two weeks later" then the next call "oh - you should have one ottoman in three weeks and we won't have any chairs for two months" once the store even called me to give me delivery dates, which of course passed without a phone call or furniture delivery.

After several more calls and being given ever changing delivery dates I went to the store and cancelled my order. After explaining to the cashier why I wanted a refund, she shook her head and was not the least bit surprised.

Frankly, I don't think they ever really intended to deliver the furniture, I think it was a stall tactic to use my money to either pay their bills or get the interest.

  • Jo
    Joya Smith Apr 18, 2013

    I had the SAME problem. Its been 3 months now, and they are still pushing it back another 4-6 weeks. FRAUD!

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Bad customer service

A long story that I will summarize. Ordered a leather sofa and loveseat and told it would be delivered in two weeks. Got a call two weeks later saying they are delivering our black set but of course we ordered white. They delivered it but it was damaged. Since they only deliver during normal working hours we had to wait until the following Saturday (wasting the whole day since they only give you a 4 hr window the day before) then called that day to say sorry but the new one is more damaged that the old one. They then offered to attempt to repair the old one but since their repair hrs are the same as their delivery ones, once again the only time would be the following Saturday. We said no, just bring a new one BUT only if you promise to deliver it before 10:30 so we wouldn't waste a full third Saturday. They agreed but of cource two weeks later they forgot even though they had notes on the account stating the agreement. I said fine, I'm done, come get the junk. They said they would be there by 11:00- then called saying 11:30 then 12:30 then 1:30. So for the third Saturday we sit here wondering if they are showing up. Not sure if they are liers or simply incompetent but either way when we go shopping for the other items we are purchasing very soon such as the kitchen table, bedroom furniture etc. you can be sure we will not consider Value City. I'm sure our friends at work, in the neighborhood, and church feel the same after hearing our story and loss of about 15 hrs of our life.

  • Je
    Jeina Feb 17, 2010

    First I got the wrong rails to my bed, I had to wait another week, because when I asked if it could be delivered after 3pm during the week I was told I better move the delivery to another Saturday. Today is Saturday and I was told that the truck will be here between 2-5pm. It is 6pm now and they are not here!!! I called to check what was going on and they said they will be here in 30 minutes. This is just crazy. How much longer do I have to wait?? This wasnt even my mistake!

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Charge too much for delivery

I have purchased several pieces from Value City Furniture in the past. I had a couple problems with a few but they were quick to rectify it. This last trip to the showroom only made me change my mind in purchasing there now. All I wanted this time was one simle accent chair. Its under $100. Yet, they charge a delivery fee of $100 as well. What??? Thats absurd. It only told me one thing: I will never buy from them again. If they want to bring in new customers and keep the old, then get rid of the delivery charge. I will definitely go elsewhere where they dont charge a fee.

  • Em
    EMill Jun 19, 2010

    I agree, in fact, the feul companies should get rid of feul prices. Insurance companies should stop charging for insurance. Those awful delivery guys should stop asking for paychecks. They should stop buying furniture pads and straps to protect my furniture. Send that savings straight to me.

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We bought a leather sectional for over $2000 dollars from here in March of 2010. Here it is less than a month...

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Delivered broken furniture

Value city furniture is so crappy i bought two kids dresser's from there and soon as i took them out of the box they fell completly apart. I took them back and they gave me a big hassel about giving me my money back their employee's are so rude their furniture is so cheap and they staple their furniture together how cheap is that they have poor furiture, poor quality and poor customer service i wouldnt rekamend any body to go there the bottom line is if you want good furniture please dont go to value city their crappy.

  • Em
    EMill Jun 19, 2010

    Actually, Value City Furniture doesn't staple their furniture together. A company named "Rhino" does in fact staple their furniture together. VCF sells furniture for "Rhino". They also sell furniture that they DO make themselves. I believe it's called American Signature. You know, it was right next to that cheap stuff you bought. It might be a little more expensive but it is not stapled together. But thank God they sell cheap furniture too. What would you have bought? At least they give you options for what you can afford.

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How I was treated by VCF

I am very upset with this "company". Here is a basic rundown of what has been going on and the phone...

Manger would not sell me the items

On September 16, 2009 around noon I droved 45 minutes to this store to purchase two stone cube storage Roxy...

Scam and lies

So, I'm not a customer of this store, exactly. but I'm still posting here. You should know that the management of value city furniture runs their business selfishly (why do you think they push services down your throats? they don't want a malfunctioning chair collecting dust in the warehouse) and if you're wondering why your furniture arrives in disrepair, you can blame the contracted delivery guys, who technically don't even work for Value City Furniture.

If a customer has an issue with the placement of furniture after the delivery guys leave, they're out of luck. We wont come back to fix it.

And if your furniture ends up on back order, don't shoot the messenger (who may not even know exactly what happened because management didn't tell them), ask to speak to a manager if you have an issue. We call these over-allocations, and they're on the daily morning office checklist to do. There isn't much that even the manager even is going to do about it, other than maybe *** your delivery charge if you push the issue.

The salesmen are paid complete commission. So if they're a little pushy, or if they fib a little bit go get you to buy something, that's why. They have a draw of $11.50 per hour full time, but they need to sell enough commission to avoid paying back part of that draw to management (though, I hear management doesn't actually chase after $500 or $800 after someone has been fired).

I was fired for asking too many questions and not knowing things well enough. I wonder if that was the real reason. Or, if the real reason is that business is slow and they didn't need to schedule me anymore, but they couldn't actually say that.

Take this for what it's worth and be the judge for yourself.

poorley made soaf

back braces broke, seat braces broke, tuffed cushines came undune, within a week and ahalf after it was delivered.i have ms and they want to take the sofa for 3 to 4 days leaving me with nothing to rest on. i feel that if the sofa broke down in that short of time, it must not be quility for the price we paid. asked if we could exchange for another brand and the reply was no. we did not ask for our money back, we paid cash, not credit.3

Poor customer service

I purchased a bedroom dresser and futon from Value City Furniture in August of 2007. A month later I started having trouble with both pieces of furniture. Since, I paid extra for repair, I contacted the Falls Church, VA store and informed them that one of drawers in the dresser would not open and the futon tore and I was having trouble opening and closing the frame. The young lady made me an appointment, but no one ever called to confirm. I continued to phone, but was told to call back each time. Finally, in December 2008, someone called me back and gave me an appointment for Jan 13 09. The gentleman who arrived was very nice and fixed the tear in the futon, but took my drawer back to shop because the wooden bar was larger than the slider. After two weeks, I called the VA store to find out the status of my drawer and was told to contact the New Carroltton, MD store. I called the MD store and asked about my drawer and told to call back to speak with the person who schedules repairs, which I did. It became apparent that the young lady who does scheduling does not work in the morning or early afternoon. When I finally spoke with someone two weeks ago, I was told my drawer was ready and I could come pick up the drawer, I explained that I work in VA and it would be a little difficult for me to pick up the drawer. Since, I would be off the following Friday, I asked if I could schedule a delivery on 6 Feb 09. I was told someone would call me back to confirm, but I never received that phone call. Since 16 Feb 09 was a holiday, I figured I would go and pick up my drawer from the New Carrolton store, so I went on their website to get the phone number. While I was on the website I clicked the link for futon's and noticed the frame I have was not erected correctly. I called the store and asked if I could come pick up my drawer, since I called earlier in the week and was told it was ready. I was placed on hold and later told that I could not because the young lady who does scheduling was not there and would not be in until tomorrow and to call her tomorrow at 3:00pm. I asked the young lady why I could not come and pick up the drawer since it was ready and I was placed on hold again and told that I needed to speak to someone tomorrow at 3:00.
To calm myself I took the futon off the frame to check if it would be difficult for me to flip the bottom frame and put it on correctly, so the futon would stop sliding of the frame. I noticed that some screws were screwed in using washers; some washers on top; some on the bottom and some screws did not have washers at all. Now I understand why it is so hard to return the frame in a sitting position because the back head frame is probably on backwards. So, now I have to wait until tomorrow to see when and if I can pick up my drawer.

  • Valerie May 15, 2008

    Value city furniture Fredericksburg, VA customer service is terrible. Manager snatched receipt from my hand, argued with me, and allowed his warehouse worker to be very rude me. Store sold me a mattress set, but never mentioned anything about return or refund policy and when I went to inquire/ask for refund, there was assistance given, just totally will not refund or exchange. Did not at all try to satisfy me and acted in a very unprofessional manner. I left the mattress set there and are dealing with the bbb, as well as my financial institution to resolve and they have been very helpful. wish I could say the same for value city furniture sold me a mattress set was too short but sold it as a full mattress set. Mattress did not fit and that’s why I chose to return it. The manager just insisted that since I removed it from the plastic wrapper and immediately replaced it back in its original plastic un-used, refused to refund monies. Customer service stinks. They in no way try to satisfy the customer.

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  • Da
    Dave Jun 25, 2008

    Apparently Value City Furniture likes to tailor the comments on their site. Obviously slanted to their benefit. Below is a comment I posted under the couch I bought. I posted this comment three times. According to the "terms and conditions" They reserve the right to decide not to post your comment. I searched high and low and never found a negative comment. Must be nice to offer a comment service where they only post the good ones.

    "The couch is pretty nice, however, it took 4 couches delivered to my house plus the one I brought home the first time, before we found one that did not have a hole or tears or staples coming out before we settled for one with some missing stitches. Each couch scheduled to come out was to be examined prior to being sent to us. We had to make sure we home within the 3 hour window each time to just turn them away. There has been no mention of any compensation for the hassle we had. The manager didn't even seem phased when we jumped on him for not calling us upon the return of the defective product as we were told. I will never, ever step foot into a Value City Furniture Store."

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  • Fa
    Fancyroper Jul 06, 2011

    June 1, 2011 I bought $4100 worth of furniture from VCF. BIG MISTAKE!... It is 7/6/2011 and I have yet to be able to get the rest of my furniture. With the exception of Sundays, I have talked daily and sometimes several times a day to this store and have yet been able to get the rest of my furniture. Very poor customer service. NEVER the same person that I talk to twice. I've talked with the General Manager down to the salesperson that I dealt with... all to no avail. WHAT CAN I DO NOW? I've even asked them to just come back and get all the furniture and refund me. I don't want to deal with them anymore. Any suggestions?

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Payment processing

I purchased furniture from Value City Furniture on their so many months same as cash. Our term was up on...

Terrible Service and Attitude

My fiancee and I went recently and purchased over $1500 worth of stuff (I think all told it was more like...

Extended Warranty

Me and my husband purchased a living room set which was comprised of a leather sofa and leather loveseat. It...

Fraudulent practices

My husband and I bought a couch, loveseat, ottoman and chair for our living room in August. We had been warned by a friend not to buy furniture at Value City, but I really liked the style of the furniture and because the salesman sold us a warranty on the furniture that covered it, I felt safe. My friend agreed and said that if she had bought the insurance on the furniture she would have been OK. So I thought everything would be fine. Wow, was I wrong!

We bought the couch and ottoman new. The salesman pushed for us to buy the loveseat and chair “as is." He explained that the damage was minor and the warranty would cover any new tears, rips or structure defects if they appeared later. He said the “as is" damage (which had already occurred) would NOT be covered under the warranty. My husband and I were fine with that because the damage was just scuff marks the salesman said occurred when the cleaning crew was cleaning the floors in the show room and they were on the arm of the chair that you couldn't see because of where we were placing the furniture in our house. We paid cash for the furniture and didn't think twice about our purchase. We had insurance on our furniture through the company.

About a week after we got the ottoman home the fabric on top started to come undone and there was a tear in the arm of the couch. I called Value City and they said they would be out in a few days to fix it. They fixed both pieces and then I noticed that there was a tear in our chair on the inside where the back and sides meet. It hadn't been there before and the back looked like it was breaking down. I called the company and they told me my insurance was only on my couch and ottoman. I was shocked. I had specifically asked the salesman if all the pieces were covered and what was covered and he had assured me everything was covered for seven years -the fabric, the structure, everything. We even talked about scenarios like if the legs fell off, pieces broke or if the cushions went flat. I didn't need the warranty to be good for seven years, because I figured I would buy new by then, but I felt reassured about it. Now I find out I have NOTHING close to what I was told as far as coverage and here is the strange thing. The girl in the office told me I ONLY have fabric protection. I about dropped the phone when she told me that. She also said I already had a maintenance charge on the account the DAY I purchased the furniture??? So instead of buying insurance like they told me I was doing, they put a maintenance charge on my account before anything even happened to it. I don't know what is going on, but this sounds like deceptive practices clear and simple and I can show you pictures of the poor quality of furniture I have.

I demanded the company come and get the furniture since I have had it less than two months and refund my money, but they are refusing. I don't even care if they pay the money to another furniture company. I need furniture, but it has to last me. I feel sick to know I spent so much money on something that –at this rate- won't last me 6 months!!

Poor Customer Service & Lack of Attention to Crucial Details

I invested heavily at Value City Furniture - N. Olmsted (VCF): $5, 000 worth in a living room set, bedroom...

Bad, horrible, terrible, upsetting

I bought many items from value city fur. and very not satisfied with my service or my products and the customer service was terrible I wait a year and six months before they came out and fixed my dresser that had been broken for a year and value city kept me the run around to come and fix the dresser my bedroom sets are really bad and I would not ever buy anything else from value city fur. Again. I called value city fur corporate office and they were really rude to me and my mother I feel like I should get some type of credit or gift card because of all my trouble.

They don't care about customers

All I want is for my couch to be repaired. I will pay for it (why should I though when I purchased a stain safe warranty) what good is a furniture store that can't and won't, be reliable. Where does one go? I have contacted a lawyer and he assures me I have rights as a consumer. But what I am hoping for is a company to stand on principals and human decency. I have never been treated so rudely before especially from people who supposedly want my money and business. I would also like to meet Paula the crass woman who treated me so badly, just so I can see the face of ignorance.

  • Be
    betty friday Jun 23, 2012

    I had a 7pc craft tbl set-sea is pine craft table/4 stools/ 2 bkcs on lay-a-way and value city staff? sold it. I've been trying to find another one and have not been able to, please help. the item 1 1310046 1, item #; vcp100-6238hp-7g price 699.99 fabric protection 34.99 epp 69.99. 2 805998 item # ; 19886/s fabric care kit .00. tax44.10 total959.06. please help me find.

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  • In
    INONCIE ALCINAY Jun 05, 2013

    They are truly horrible. I bought a 1, 500 bedroom furniture from them and it was delivered with scratches and small holes all over the wood..I paid for 2 leather sofas, they gave me, two fake ones. DON'T buy anything from them. if you do, you will hate yourself for doing so. Inoncie Alcinay of binghamton

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Poor customer relations

I went into the Woodbridge, VA store and was attacked by several salespeople asking to help me. This was my first time in going to the store although I'm not a 'green' consumer. The worst one was a salesman that kept calling himself 'Rose'. I believe he was from Jamaica or somewhere. He lied to me and told me that items I was interested in were in stock, I later found out he was lying to me. It hadn't been in stock for several weeks and I received something I didn't want. When I called about the error, I was told that was what was on my receipt! No matter what I told them, the sales person was correct in their eyes. My guess is that instead of happy customers, they just want to keep the lousy, lying salesman. A Rose by any other name is NOT a Rose!! Beware of him!!!

  • Ca
    CalVulcan0608 Jan 21, 2009

    Wow, and to think that I thought I was the only person to have a problem at the Woodbridge store. My fiancee and I went recently and purchased over $1500 worth of stuff (I think all told it was more like $1800). From the time we walked in the store 5 different sales people came up to us and we turned them away because we wanted to check out everything on our own first and then once we talked about it and made a decision we would find a salesperson and order the stuff. So we found what we wanted and first the price was wrong. Online this set was $ the store $899. So we asked about the price and they came back and said that it had "just gone on sale" and the floor model wasn't correct. So we order a chair and a 1/2 and a sofa for $549 and a $200 ottoman to match. This gets us to the $750 needed for the 6 month interest free financing...or so we thought. Well they come back and say that the ONLY chair and a half ANYWHERE is the one that we are looking at on the floor and they could sell us the floor model "as is". Well obviously at this point I'm not going to order a "used" product for full price so I ask them for the ottoman for free since i'm taking both items from the floor AND i have to figure out a way to get the two items to my house since they "can't deliever" as is furniture. Well they end up coming back with "the couch for $300 and the chair and the ottoman for $300". So basically I got the ottoman for $50 and I'm happy about it but still need to get to the $750 to get the financing. So now with $100 to spend we decide to look around to see if there are any end tables and/or coffee tables that we liked. During our table search we decided that we might as well go for the 1-year financing thing and spend 1500 since it ends up breaking down to the same amount every month. So we add the accent chair ($179, i think) for the couch, two end tables (about $140 each), a coffee table (about $180), and then two night stands ($200 each) for a bedroom set that we really like. So now we have all of this stuff picked out and we go to the sales area and they start their games. Well since we are taking two pieces "as-is" they have to be on a seperate invoice (why? I have NO idea). So they now take the $300 for the ottoman and the chair and a half on to a seperate invoice and the rest of the stuff on another. They charge the interest free account for the main invoice with things added to it so that it is over the $1500 needed and then refund part of it to compensate for the $300 for the "as is" invoice (not sure how legal that was on their part, but I'm purchasing all of the stuff together so I don't think I did anything wrong). Well in this process they somehow drop our accent chair from the receipt (neither myself or my fiancee notice this until after the FIRST delivery). So we now have all of this stuff paid for and we find out that everything should be delievered the following wednesday except for the couch which they said was in stock at a different store but they couldn't deliver it until the 23rd of January (two weeks later). Why they couldn't I have no idea, but we went with it at this point because we were growing VERY frustrated.

    We go home and the following day go to Home Depot to buy a new area rug to match our new furniture (please keep in mind that we are 24 and 25 and making one of our first "major decisions" together). We spend $200 on a nice area rug to match and use the home depot rental truck to go to Value City and pick up the chair and a half and ottoman (Not a bad idea if you need to rent a truck for only a few don't pay for gas or mileage and its $20 for the first 75 minutes and $10 each extra hour).

    They call us on Monday and tell us that they will deliever the furniture on Wednesday between 12:30 and 3:30. . . I now take a full day off of work because living in the DC metro area there is no way that I could get to work and back by 12:30 (and get anything done) or go in late and have anything done then. At about 3 p.m. I still haven't heard anything from them so I decided to call just to check in and make sure they could find my apartment (its not exactly the easiest thing to find because my actual building is off the main road and blocked by another building). The warehouse manager tells me that they got slightly behind and they have one stop and then they will be dropping off my furniture and should be there between 3:30 and 3:45.

    Its now 4:15 and still nothing...

    I call them back and try to find out what happened...they tell me at this point that they got stuck in traffic and would be there in 20 minutes...and they were on their way.

    At 4:50 the actual delivery people call my fiancee and tell her that they were running behind and would be there in 20 minutes (not knowing I had talked to their boss and he said 20 minutes several times already). I now email their corporate office (since apparently they have no phones at the office, or at least that's what I was told by EVERYONE at their store.). I also called the warehouse manager back again to find out what is happening because its now 5:15 (she didn't let me know they called her until about 5:20) and I'm very frustrated. They tell me at this point that he doesn't know why they aren't there yet and that they would refund my $120 delivery fee.

    FINALLY, at 5:45 they show up and drop off two end tables, a coffee table, and two night stands. I don't even realize that there was no accent chair because I was too pissed off that it took til nearly 6 p.m. and I had been sitting at home all day waiting for them.

    I leave and go to dinner with some friends and when we come back my fiancee goes "So where is the accent chair?" We now take out the receipt and look and somehow it is dropped from the receipt. I call and try to find out why it was dropped from my receipt at the store and the only thing they can tell me is they don't know and that I could order it for $400 (it was $179 in the store when we were there). I told them that they should give it to me for free with all of the problems that I've had with this process. They tell me they can't do that but they could give it to me for the sale price that it was when I ordered the rest of my stuff...oh wait, they obviously don't keep very good track of that because they said it was $239 at that point. I told them then I wanted it for $109 and to keep the delivery fee (because then obviously the sales tax is less, but they couldn't figure out why it would be less).

    We finally order the accent chair and we now expect the accent chair and the couch to be delivered on the 23rd along with an exchange of one of the night stands because it has a huge gash in the wood on the front and they put the wrong handle on it (with one screw instead of two and then used glue to sort of hold it there).

    Well they called Tuesday (Jan. 20th) in the afternoon and told me that the sofa had been discontinued and they didn't have any and that the order was dropped.

    We immediately got in the car and went to the store and flipped out. Finally after arguing with them at the store the Operations Manager comes out to us and starts talking. FINALLY!!! Someone who understands customer service and realizes how powerful people who complain can be to their business. Somehow for a couch that "doesn't exhist and is discontinued" they had THREE...count the woodbridge, va store. Two of them were damaged (with small holes on them) and then the third was fine. So now we are getting the couch but it took us going there and basically screaming and causing a scene in the store til they "found" three...THREE...couches.

    If it wasn't for Sherry (the operations manager at Woodbridge) there is no way I would even consider going back to Value City. If you need anything done please just contact her, she understands how things work and will help you. Do NOT go to Esther for your sales. She is the one who dropped our chair from the order and it took about 5 people total to even MAKE the order. Overall the quality of the products is decent and we really like the stuff now that it is in our house (and hopefully we will like the rest that comes in two days).

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All kinds of problems

First of all, I am not "Wowed" with Value City Furniture. The family room set I ordered (the sofa, loveseat...