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vrbo rip off

Stayed 36 hrs and the place had dirty floors, worn appliances with rust on the side of the fridge...

security deposit held

we rented a condo from the Merritts's, security deposit of 100 was held for any damages, just returned from vacation 5 days ago and this morning the security deposit was taken out of my bank acct without warning from the owners, the reason for taking my security deposit: excessive dirt on the sheets and towels!!! I was told that it looked like feces on the towels, really?????? I think one of the towels was used to clean up a spill from my two yr old. The sheet had coffee spilled on it, an easy thing to do. I was never told that if the towels or sheets were found to be dirtier than normal that my security deposit would be held. I also received an email from the owners the Merritts that further payment would be expected if the dry cleaners couldnt the coffee stain out of the sheets and she had to purchase new sheets. Im not sure what kind of sheets she uses but to keep my 100 deposit for this is unthinkable. If she is this picky about her linens then she needs to state it in her contract, and probably ask that no children can stay in her condo. Never rent from these people, I am trying to let everyone know how we were treated over dirty towels and sheets. VRBO #295422, it is at coral beach resort in myrtle beach, number 1154. Stay away from this condo!

vacation home rental / internet scandal

I paid money to rent a vacation home for a week for my wedding & thanks to the ACTUAL OWNERS of the house I...

owner unprofessional and lack service

I contacted owner by e-mail to rent the unit.The owner said it was available. The calendar showed availability and I responded back asking them to send rental agreement and to tell me how to make my payment to reserve the unit. After 1-1/2 days of no response, I called and the voicemail was full. I e-mailed with phone numbers to respond due to time getting close and got an e-mail saying the unit was rented, sorry. This was very unprofessional. Don't put a listing in and tell someone the unit is available and then rent it out from under them without so much as a phone call. I've rented with many other VRBO units and this is the worst treatment I've had. Beware if you are depending on the unit to be available.

  • In
    indica Jul 22, 2015

    It happened to us, too.The listing was available, and the dates on calendar were available .The manager called us a minute after she confirmed with us that the condo was available and told us she was sorry but we can look at other properties she has. We didn't end up renting from her.

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moved to alternate location without authorization

The vacation property is one, large Victorian home divided into 3 units and the owner of the properties live...

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renter be aware

Be aware before you rent this apartment. The site shows a lovely view of the town, but the view from the apartment looks down on roof tops and TV antennas, not the beautiful town or Tuscan countryside we expected. There are bell towers one block away which dong every half hour and on the hour. You'll get used to sleeping through them about the time you leave. Very small quaint town, but not much to do there. You must have a car and parking is difficult. Make sure you notify the owner on arrival of ALL preexisting maintenance and housekeeping issues, even if minor. The owner tried to charge us an additional 200 Euro for "repairs and cleaning"! The owner, Victori Florea, was very difficult for us to work with and we found her very aggravating. We should have been more aware there might be issues. For a property to be rented since 2001, and only showing four reviews, quite widely spaced in time, of which one was submitted by the owner, we should have known better. Be aware.

  • To
    Toscano Dec 09, 2011

    This is the only rentor in ten years that has complained and they left my place in shambles, lied about how many would be there and got a discount to stay to boot. Look at the reviews. I only started on VRBO this year, that is why there were only four reviews but it was rented from April to November with many happy calls and comments. These people were very hard to deal with and they are the reason that for the first time in 10 years I have asked for a security deposit. Never had to before them...also cowardly that they used my name and did not leave theirs. There are some sad, unappreciative and unhappy people out there.

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  • Ha
    hardworker12 Jun 04, 2012

    We have been there three times. We didn't rent through a website so saying her reviews are scant, it could be she is looking in the wrong places. We love the village, her apartment and her!!!

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internet fraud

We rented a vacation home in Eze, France trough VRBO/Homeaway and purchased the "Care free Vacation Insurance" they advertise. 2 days after we were told everything was completed and had transferred $6500.00, we were told that we were the victim of an internet scam. When we finally were able to contact the owner of the home she indicated that this had happened 6 months ago as well through VRBO/Homeaway. What bothers me is that the insurance company was able to tell us we were scammed in 2 days, why could that not have been checked before we sent the money? We have have called multiple times and sent registered letters and VRBO/Homeaway has never responded back to us. Great customer service - NOT.
Sue SB

  • An
    annh123 Jun 27, 2011

    $6500 was for the rental - not the insurance.

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  • Nz
    N Zeegers May 24, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am very discontented about homeaway and their service too. They claim to have a save site and even offer a guarantee. But homeaway is NOT save. When you get scammed they seem to forget all about this insurance. Their customer service even admitted that fraud happened through their site often!!! They unfortunately never ever take responsibility. I strongly recommend not to use to book you holiday! #homeaway

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vrbo #212041

Beware of this owner! Good Luck on getting your deposit back. Owner said there was drywall damage next to the fireplace after two weeks of unanswered phone calls and emails. After reviewing pictures of the fireplace that I took during my stay, I could see that the damage to the fireplace was repaired prior to our visit. When I finally got the owner on the phone he changed his location of damage to stratches by the stairs. This is a clear indication that the owner is dishonest. Owner cussed at me for 20 minutes on the phone and called me unspeakable terms. I would not reccommend that anyone rents from this owner.

stolen security deposit scam

a complete refusal to return security deposit of $500 US because od damages to a condo unit in ajijic mexico. all a total fabrication of how we left the unit. be cautious about giving secirity deposits like this. the owner is canadian and initially said she didnt receive the $1000 deposit on rent until i faxed her a copy of the canceled bank draft...then she "found it" beware beware beware of norah bird hamilton

  • Ca
    Cath Crespi Jun 18, 2011

    Unfortunately, many people have been disappointed in rentals offered by this person and her husband. Never arrive after dark, insist on being met by them and not a rep upon arrival. Check condition of unit, refrigerator, enough gas to cook, availabilty of TV and Internet service, cooking utensils, bedding. These are all complaints I have heard in the last few months by Canadians who come for short term. Also pool is too cold for most people as it is NOT heated and sun in winter months is not hot enough to heat. Easier to look elsewhere if you want to be hassle-free. On the good side it is an excellent location within walking distance If walking o ncobblestones is not a problem for you and tenants are helpful and friendly group.

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  • Sa
    SARAH HOWLEY Mar 09, 2012

    Our friends rented from Norah Bird Hamilton in LaFloresta Ajijic at the same time we
    had a rental in adjacent town. The friends are responsible, professional people and
    we visited numerous times while they rented Norahs rental. Norah was less than
    truthful about amenities she described: club house to meet friends, pool, etc
    Well, there was a total lack of any furniture in clubhouse, pool had about 4 chairs which were always occupied and the rest were broken-down. Furthermore, there was no
    where outside unit to sit outside. front lawn of about 6' sloped right down.
    Then Norah refused refund: I helped clean night before departure and place was
    immaculate. Norah lied, didn't fulfill contract for transportation to airport & is a SCAM.
    She further lied and said this was brand new furniture. Lie. Sheets worn/tattered.

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  • Un
    Unusualmuse Jun 07, 2015

    I have only ever had one damage deposit that I did not return immediately from Ajijic (unless it was inadvertent and I returned it the minute I realized it was outstanding). We had just replaced the furniture in A13 and were astounded when our Property Manager sent us pictures of what appeared to be grease in numerous places on both the couch and the love seat. I sent the pictures to the Guests and explained that I would be having the furniture professionally cleaned and would return whatever the remainder of the deposit was left. I asked if perhaps they ate their meals in the living room rather than the dining room. They were highly offended and threatened to have a lawyer in Ajijic bring action and that I would be sorry if I withheld their deposit. I never saw this complaint until today. At the time, our Property Manager had a friend that shampooed the furniture at no charge and I returned the full deposit. Unfortunately when I returned to Ajijic a few months later, I discovered that the shampooing had not removed the grease at all. I tried several things to remove it but after another season we replaced the furniture again. It took me till last year to appreciate what had occurred. I was suntanning one day and it was hot, so decided to go take a rest inside. I went to sit down when I suddenly appreciated that I was covered in Sun Tan Lotion. The penny dropped that the grease must have been sun tan lotion. I have been a Landlord in Canada for 26 years and in Mexico for 8. I have only kept a damage deposit once where it was not applied to the rent. Even though this young lady left her suite 2 months earlier than her lease required, she took me to court. The judge explained the law to her and the need to give a full 30 days Notice even at the end of a lease from the beginning of the month. I was awarded her deposit.

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vrbo listing #313971 blue hue

We paid a significant amount of money to stay in what turned out to be completely unacceptable accommodations. It was filthy, unsafe, not up to code, and literally falling apart in places.

The rental listing with pictures and rental contract had many misrepresentations about the accommodations, types of beds, private pool and the use of a boat to transport to us to the beach was non existent.

We arrived on late Saturday, April 2nd after traveling cross country, to find the house in an unacceptable condition. A stopped up toilet with feces, a bed had been slept in; other bed linens were dirty and torn. The towels appeared dirty and smelled like they had been left in the washing machine for days before drying. I had to wash all the bed linens and towels before we could go to bed. Some of the people in our party had to check into a hotel so the children could go to sleep.

Our phone calls and emails were not responded to by Patti Navilo the property manager. Each day we left numerous phone messages and sent emails and did not receive a response until on the fourth day of our week stay, we mentioned the next correspondence would be from our attorney.

We did receive a call on Sunday, April 3 from the cleaning service. We were told at that time that the cleaning people would arrive at 11:00 AM on Monday. I waited for them, but they never showed. When I tried calling them, there was no answer and voice mail was not set up. We ended up cleaning the house ourselves, taking a good deal of time away from our vacation and family activities.

As for the repairs, a repair man finally arrived on Thursday, April 7, nearly at the end of our vacation. A family member was forced to stay at the house while he repaired a few of the more glaring items. He was not able to complete the work, however, without an electrician.

vrbo listing #313971 blue hue
vrbo listing #313971 blue hue
vrbo listing #313971 blue hue
vrbo listing #313971 blue hue
vrbo listing #313971 blue hue
vrbo listing #313971 blue hue

beware of fontainebleau miami vrbo

Just so you dont find yourself in a similar situation, I wanted to let you in on a very horrible experience...

rent a home

Dear Sirs,
during the month of October 2010 we rented a house through the 'agency VRBO:
Location: Point Reyes Station CA 94956
period: 31 September 2010-17 October 2010
Object Name: "View Country Retreat"
Contact: Email: [protected]
Rent: $ 3250.50 + $ 200 Security Deposit
Having called two times the reimbursement of $ 200 Security Deposit
we did not get any response.
Please take note and take action to obtain repayment of the deposit.
At the moment we are interested in a new contract by the same agency (VRBO) and look forward to your prompt response in order to sign a new contract.
Yours sincerely
Lucia Lorenzetti

  • La
    Lakeside Apr 15, 2011

    We are also having an issue with reimbursement. We gave a down payment for Feb. 2011 in the spring of 2010 but during the fall of 2010 our plans had changed. I e-mailed the owner & asked what his cancellation policy was & he stated we would get $400.00 of the $500.00 that we gave him as his cancellation fee is $100. He asked if we could wait until Feb. to see if he was able to rent his home. We obliged. We contacted him again in Feb. asking about our reimbursement & he assured us he would give us our money. We again e-mailed about the middle of March (2011) & he said he was expecting a payment at the end of the month & would deposit our money into pay pal account & that he would e-mail when he had done that. It is April 15, 2011 & we still have not received our money back. I e-mailed him again today but have yet to hear from him. We have all the e-mails he has sent us stating he would give us our money back. What is our next step? We feel we have been more than fair with this gentleman. (Note: I was unsure where to put this e-mail but this is the same topic so I thought I'd try here)

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rental reviews

After a rental thru VRBO at Kiawah Island, the site disallowed a negative review, stating the owner confirmed we never stayed at the property. We furnished tons of documentation of our stay to VRBO, and they initially agreed with us and allowed the review. The owner saw the review, called VRBO, and the review was taken down after owner lied about us staying at the villa. The owners at this site have the right to pick and choose reviews to be posted. Wow, great policy there! Obviously, owners and VRBO work together to maximize the rentals for both parties. I can't imagine having to deal with VRBO over a financial dispute.

  • Su
    Susan Sharpe May 31, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Rental Review should not be allowed period! I have had rentals in the mountains and the coast and have used VRBO for about 12 years and never a problem until a germ maniac stayed in my place and had tons of complaints. I keep a very clean condo and she refused to stay one night after booking for a week. So I received my first review in 12 years and it was a bad one to say the least. This woman was crazy. I tried to get VRBO to remove it and was told that the guest had to remove it. What? Do you really think a crazy woman is going to take the time to call and remove it. No. So Basically I have to live with that on my page indefinitely. Makes no sense. . I am up for renewal in one month so I will not renew with VRBO. So if they thought about it, they lose a renewal because of this bad review that was totally untrue. I just want to say to all the hot heads that rent a place and freak out if they see a speck of dust, do us all a favor and get a hotel room!

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theft, flood, mosquitoes

Rip off house. NOT a 3 BR/3BA house. 3rd bedroom and second bath are in unsecured basement, only partially...

consumer is powerless

Vacation Rentals by Owner ( gives the traveler access to a variety of private homes/cabins/condos for rent. If everything goes well, great. But if the traveler encounters problems, he is at the mercy of the owner to get any solution. If you want a partial or full refund - even if your case is rock-solid - the owner is holding your money and may not care about your unsatisfactory stay (or even NON-stay, due to a mudslide blocking access to the cabin, or other problem preventing the traveler from even entering the rental.) If you like disputes, then go ahead and risk renting from an absentee owner with no local professional caretaker. You will have the burden of proof, and all of the problems will be on your shoulders. Personally I will not rent from the site again.

  • Pi
    Picnicman Feb 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    There's a lot of good properties on VRBO, but there's no accountability of what sort of service you'll get once you arrive. The same goes for many sites that operate in a similar vain - like, etc. I've used, a small niche company that personally inspects their properties and takes a lot of responsibility. It seems there's loads of new sites to find vacation rentals, but very few of them are actually involved in assuring that your vacation is good too. Too much focus on the planning of the vacation and not enough service during the actual stay.

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  • Ri
    rincon_puerto_rico Feb 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer, VROB, and TripAdvisor, are money hungry web sites, the more they listings they have on their site the more money they generate with ads and people who list their rentals. The point is, "Home Away, the parent company to" MOST of their listings are from people's Rentals that are Illegal, and if they were to loose ALL the peoples listings that are Illegal there would be no web site. TripAdvisor is the same, if you ever stayed anywhere, just post it there and they post the rental on their site..Legal or Illegal, doesn't matter to them..Its all about making money.

    How would you like to stay at a place from one of these sites, and lets say you get hurt, or theirs a fire, something happens to you.. Do you think the owners care? They are trying to save money by avoiding spending money, Because they are Illegal, they are not spending money on things like permits, bond insurance, fire permits, and just Insurance in general. They operate like they are legal like collecting tax money- anywhere from 3%-22%, that goes into their pocket rather than sending it to the local government or the state they live in. The only winner is the owner.. UNTIL they are caught. They should catch all these people that are Illegal and FINE them, Most been operating for years, and collected a lot of money over the years, and even collected tax money and electric surcharges that were never reported.

    The people that get hurt are the real business owners that do have their operating permits trying to conduct business. Trying to compete against ALL the new Illegal Rentals popping up all over the place. Yes the Illegals might be putting cash into their pockets, but they forget that the tax money collected is to be for promoting Tourism in their town, state or country. If the state doesn't have funds for advertising Tourism on TV, magazines, billboards..etc. how will people know about your little Illegal Rental... Thats right, ALL the Legal rentals that are paying permits taxes etc... are flipping your bill so that your rental gets discovered..

    I live in Rincon a small surfer town in Puerto Rico. I have seen an increase of rentals here, and over the last 4 years it has turned into one gigantic rental of a place. Since, ANYONE with a picture can place a couple pictures of their house, condo, apartment, or what ever, And post them on a web site and presto. They start their own business of being a rental property.
    Hell, for that matter I can take a picture of my neighbors house, put it on a web site, cause I know he goes on Vacation during the summer, and use it to make some extra money.. OR not just collect some security deposits and tell them you double booked and offer a different time period.. There are a lot of scammers out there too..
    Illegal rentals are stealing money from me and my family and taking food off my table... AND ALL should be FINED. Let them cry, Since they will not come forward and pay permits to be Legal.

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  • Po
    portiaperu Feb 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a homeway and vrbo vacation rental owner and I am a traveler that has rented properties throughout the US and Europe with satisfaction (I've rented in Florida, California, Maryland, New York, the Southwest, London, and mulitple cities and towns in France and Italy.)

    The key to protesting yourself when renting is to communicate with the owner or property manager. Ask questions and get specific answers. If you don't get the answers or assurances you need, move on to another property. The person that represents the property should be able to answer your questions in detail - don't accept vague answers to questions about the property amenities, neighborhood and services in the local area, and proximity and travel to attractions. General answers could be a tip off to a scam.

    Don't make assumptions about a property. Have multiple conversations and ask as many questions as you need to determine if it is right for you. Request addition photos of the interior and exterior. Many rental properties present limited pictures of their best features online.

    An equally important key to protecting yourself is having a written and signed rental agreement that outlines the terms of your stay: rental payments, security deposit, and cancellation policies. Ask about liability insurance. and request proof if you have any concerns.

    Ask how maintenance and repairs are handled during your stay. What are the responsibilities of the renter, property manager, and owner when there is a repair to be made? For example, how does the owner/manager handle a broken washing machine? A house cleaning that doesn't happen on time?

    Do your research. Make certain the property exists using online resources such as google, zillow, and various town records (many assessor's office records are online). Call the town or city offices and ask if their is such a property if you have any doubts.

    Beware sending cash or wiring funds ! Do not be rushed into a "deal". If it sounds too good to be true, it's a scam. Vacation rentals are a good value and often offer hotel-like amenities for less than hotel rates; but a property that is priced lower than the prevailing market rate is suspicious. Beware a bargain!

    Don't avoid vacation rental properties because of one bad experience. There are many responsible owners that are opening their homes to visitors for truly memorable vacation experiences.

    R @ Edgartown, MA

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  • Pi
    Picnicman Feb 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very good points. Ironically, my wife is from Puerto Rico (and I'm a big surfer). Maybe it's fate telling me to trade Europe for the Caribbean?

    Steve (Picnicman)

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  • Ha
    HappyMom Mar 25, 2011

    "I've used, a small niche company that personally inspects their properties and takes a lot of responsibility."

    Wow, Steve, are you seriously advertising your own company on this forum???

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  • Pi
    Picnicman Mar 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi HappyMom. Comment 1 was the result of a bad decision to work with what I've discovered to be a not very scrupulous marketing company that promises link-backs. Then I was notified of a response and comment 2 was all I really had to say. Certainly not happy about it but no way to remove it. Thankfully there shouldn't be any more dubious things like this that floating around as we caught it pretty quick.

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bedbugs infestation

The place is infested with bedbugs. We told the property manager, Jennifer Mohrman and she accused us of...

take your chances staying here

We were excited to stay at this rental because the reviews on VRBO all sounded so wonderful. Didn't know at the time that VRBO owners have control over posting their reviews, so potential renters will never see the negative reviews. Our experience definitely turned negative during our stay, and has soured our memories of the trip to the point that we will probably not rent another VRBO again.

Two things happened. First, this rental advertises "a secure GARAGE PARKING, which is heated in the winter time, with RESERVED PARKING space (Floor/level 1)". WOW, this is great in theory. The problem we had is that on our 2nd night there, someone else parked in the reserved parking space for our rental. After discussing the situation with the on-site office manager, we were told we could not have a pass to park out in one of the many spaces out front (the easiest solution for all), nor could we park anywhere else BUT our supposedly reserved spot. She was not very helpful since we were renting from a private condo owner, and the office manager was there to represent condo owners who used HER services to rent their condos vs. VRBO. A towing policy was posted on signs in the parking garage for those who violated, so we had to call a tow truck to remove the offending vehicle, and my husband wasted 2 hours of precious vacation time dealing with the tow truck process so that we could just park our car for the night. First tow truck was too big to fit through the garage door opening, and we had to wait for a second truck to show up. Then we had to worry about having damage done to our rental vehicle, keying or whatever, due to an upset owner of the towed vehicle. It cost this guy $250 to get his car back. So lesson here is (1) definitely don't park in anyone else's reserved spot, and (2) heaven forbid that someone else park in your reserved spot as you will get stuck wasting your vacation time to arrange for towing so you can park your car. I'm not blaming the condo owners for this incident personally, but just noting it is a "benefit" - ? of this rental that can turn quickly into an undesirable situation for you.

The second thing that happened concerned the king-size master bed. My husband (6' tall, 190 lbs. - normal weight!) went to lie down for a short nap on the afternoon of our last full day. After a few seconds, the side board of the bed collapsed. It was made of some type of softwood, with large grain variations and knotholes galore. The sudden drop actually jarred my husband's back. We called the local property manager (Rob) immediately, and waited 1 1/2 hours for him to show up. He looked at it and noted that the weak point seemed to have been a rather large knothole right smack in the middle of this sideboard. We sent the condo owners a cell phone picture of the damaged board. The condo owner husband quickly texted back that he was sorry for the inconvenience, and that it appeared to him as well that the knothole was a weak point AND stated to us that he was a safety inspector for his career. THEN, the real problem started. The condo owner wife called me about 2 hours later, and started making accusations that my husband or I must have stood on the side rail to cause it to fail. I told her we certainly did not. She was wanting us to pay for the damages, claiming we had CAUSED the problem. If we had caused any damages, we certainly would have paid - we are honorable, church-going people. But we had done no harm. If a 190 lb. person lying on a bed results in the bed collapsing, then one has to question the integrity of the bed. When inspecting the bed after the collapse, while the property manager Rob was there with us, it was noted that the bed had no vertical supports underneath the mattress and that the bed side rail had an inferior quality wood that was used to support the horizontal slats underneath. Most of the weight to support this bed was resting on these side rails. Paired with all the knotholes in the wood, it was clearly an accident waiting to happen. I'll save you the long story of the next few days concerning all the phone calls and e-mails from the condo owner wife seeking payment from us. Bottom line, she deducted the money from our $400 security deposit to repair this faulty bed. We came away from this experience grateful that something more expensive had not failed during our stay - a heater, a refrigerator... as we obviously would have been blamed if it had occurred during our stay.

So do yourself a favor. Don't assume, like we did, that just because a VRBO has favorable reviews that you will have an enjoyable experience with that rental. Truth be told, if the condo owner wife had been more sympathetic and understanding, we probably would have offered to pay for some or all of the damage of this faulty bed on our own initiative, just out of human kindness. But she insisted on falsely accusing us of CAUSING the damage (which we did not do), and that does not make for a very conducive environment for reaching a settlement. I would not rent this VRBO again. The owners operate under the company name of JMD Vacation Property Rentals (or JMD & Associates for billing purposes). Their names are Jeff & Maureen Kleinfelter, and the condo address is 5519 N. Lillehammer Lane, #1403, Park City, Utah.

  • Ab
    abadmemory Jan 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm not saying it was VRBO's fault. I'm saying we had a negative experience with the parking situation with this rental unit and with the attitude of these condo owners - who do use VRBO to list their property. I left many details out in an interest of not having a complaint listing a mile long. The issues I addressed would be of concern to anyone looking to potentially rent this unit. And as I told the owners, there was no "hide the cannoli", to use your rather vulgar expression, during our 5 day stay. My adult son was footsteps away in bedroom #2. This was not a romantic trip, it was purely for the fun of skiing and snowmobiling with my husband and son. Your comments reveal your immaturity.

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  • Ab
    abadmemory Jan 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    For some strange reason, it seems that complaints posted on this site mentioning a VRBO situation automatically get forwarded to immediately. I had to edit my complaint to remove the that just mysteriously showed up under the title when I posted my original complaint. So the first sarcastic comment posted here was probably from someone in association with They are quick to jump to their defense.

    So again, we spent 2 of the 5 nights of our vacation stay having to deal with issues specific to this condo. Not fun. If the attitude of the owners had been less accusatory concerning the faulty bed, we probably would have just blown off the whole towing incident, and not registered any complaint. What a shame - it was a lovely condo in a nice location, but anytime you have a security deposit at risk, YOU run the risk of having it used. And there is very little you can do about it. Think we'll stick to hotels in the future.

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beware of property owner lying to keep deposit

This VRBO owner withheld our security deposit because she miscalculated the actual cost to heat the pool...

vrbo listing #292327

15 Highland Ave located in Los Gatos, CA is listed on VRBO #292327. This house is misrepresentated. We...

security deposit theft

The owner of this property makes a habit of stealing guests security deposits. The property was returned in...

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