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Vacation Rentals By Owner [VRBO] Complaints & Reviews

Vacation Rentals By Owner [VRBO] / misrepresentation.

Jul 11, 2019

We rented a condo from Celeste Baily through VRBO. Celeste Baily. Bless her heart she is trying to make some coin and must be unaware what has happened to her property. Upon our arrival we were unable to gain entry, as the lockbox (according to the housekeeper) jams all the time. When we...

Vacation Rentals By Owner [VRBO] / the vrbo organization

Jul 09, 2019

I signed up. Didn't like it and tried to delete my account. You get treated terribly. They tell you that you need to wait 6 months after a stay to delete. No where in their Terms and Conditions do they state this policy. The customer service person says that they can change any terms of...

Vacation Rentals By Owner [VRBO] / advertising for rent and accepting a service fee for property that was under construction and couldn't be occupied

Jun 12, 2019

On December 28, 2018 I received a confirmation, reservation ID RES-70375, Property ID 1163066. I was charged a service fee by VRBO and paid directly to VRBO $443.00 for this rental. Since I paid for a rental in Newport, Or. that I didn't get, and could not be delivered, I am requesting a...

Vacation Rentals By Owner [VRBO] / email attitude

Jun 06, 2019

I emailed winter park escapes though vrbo to ask what they're "$200 resort credit" covered. They sent me a vague email back. I replied that they didn't answer my question. Winter park escapes wrote, "no need for the tone. That was an auto response.". I said we would stay somewhere else...

Vacation Rentals By Owner [VRBO] / no recourse

Jun 05, 2019

I actually have no anticipation of resolution, my complaint already rejected by the owner, which is the only option VRBO offers. Our experience was in Kihei, HI 12/24/18-1/7/19. We arrived on Christmas Eve to a shabby, ground floor unit with a view of construction staging equipment due to...

Vacation Rentals By Owner [VRBO] / property rental policy violation

Jun 02, 2019

I am still in the midst of a VRBO nightmare. I made a reservation for a 100% fully refundable property (as long as it was canceled within 30 days of arrival.) I canceled it the same day, three months prior to arrival. It's now been two and a half months, and I still have not received my...

Vacation Rentals By Owner [VRBO] / credit card transaction fee

May 30, 2019

I have been well treated by customer service but am unhappy generally with inadaquate disclosure of credit card transaction fee. Intiial communication on 4/20/19 indicated I'd be paid $1308. But the disbursement accounting on 5/28 then springs the debit for credit card tranaction fee of...

Vacation Rentals By Owner [VRBO] / condo rental myrtlewood myrtle beach poor condition poor customer support

Apr 23, 2019

April 13, 2019 I arrived at condo rental contracted through VRBO. The unit was described as high quality but turned out to be the opposite: dirty, rundown and in disrepair, and I could not stay there. Problems included mold on the shower curtain, pet hair on the couch, cracked and broken...

Vacation Rentals By Owner [VRBO] / rental of property

Apr 19, 2019

I offered to rent unit #1452756 / unit_2011339 in pinetop arizona, for the memorial day weekend. This unit is either owned or managed by terri meyer and jamie larson. I used the normal vrbo web site to book my vacation, and when I started the cc process to pay for this booking, they...

Vacation Rentals By Owner [VRBO] / payment issue for booking of guest name julie burdon booking no: ha-m5shjw sat, 15 dec – wed, 19 dec, 2018·4 nights 2 adults total: $207.00

Jan 18, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, VRBO Property ID : 909560 Property Name : Studio 19 Subject : Payment Issue for Booking of Guest Name Julie Burdon Booking no: HA-M5SHJW Sat, 15 Dec - Wed, 19 Dec, 2018·4 nights 2 adults Total: $207.00 Reservation Details Quote 4 nights $168.00 Service Fee - $24.00...

Vacation Rentals By Owner [VRBO] / "remember when" rental cottage tallahassee.

Jan 05, 2019

I left a negative review about this property. We even left 1 day earlier because of horrible night sleep due to bad and noisy beds, bad and cheap supplies and lack of real and truthful information. The review was delited same day. I am deleting the app and newer will rent from this site...

Vacation Rentals By Owner [VRBO] / barefoot rentals a fraudulent company will charge your credit card

Dec 04, 2018

I booked with VRBO thinking that I would be protected by this company and the rental company was barefoot rentals on rosemerry 30 a. The house is Flying Dutchman. Upon arriving we realized there was soo much mold all over the house, bathrooms kitchen and even utensils. It was filthy beyond...

Vacation Rentals By Owner [VRBO] / zero help with complaints

Sep 26, 2018

Do not fall for purchasing VRBO's insurance. I did and it turned out to be worthless. We were given a mandatory evacuation from the State of South Carolina during Hurricane Florence. By state law any renters must evacuate. The owner we dealt with had no leniency and refused to give u...

VRBO/Vacation Rental by Owner / technical glitches in software cost us money

Sep 26, 2018

Lesson Learned and We Were Burned - Sept 2018 I had reserved lodging before leaving on my vacation. But, within the first several days of my vacation, one of my lodging confirmations cancelled. I had to quickly locate new lodging within two days. I requested a property on VRBO and felt...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / unethical behavior on rental cancellations

Sep 07, 2018

Rented a property in Bradenton, FL for Aug 26-Aug 31. Bought the recommended trip interruption insurance from their check-out page. Worst case of red tide in 20 years forced cancellation due to health issues. FL Dept. of Health warned anyone with respiratory issues to avoid red tide...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / unhealthy environment in our rental

Aug 20, 2018

This is my 4th rental w/VRBO. The first 3 were more than satisfactory. I wish I could say the same for #133515-5 Coffins Lane, W. Bath, Me. The first night- there was no electricity in the downstairs bathroom. The owner was notified and an electrician was sent to repair it. Meanwhile, one...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / no provision for refund on rental not as advertised

Aug 15, 2018

This is a criticism of VRBO and a particular landlord. The VRBO complaint is this: There is no provision for refund when the property turns out not to be as promised. You're just screwed, that's all. They require you to cancel 2 weeks in advance to get a full refund and one week for 50%...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / owner canceled new orleans rental/vrbo no help

Aug 13, 2018

Months after receiving my $340 deposit, Property #1020260 was canceled by owner. Beware that your reservation can be canceled at any time! After spending 68 minutes on the phone with VRBO, I was disconnected a second time! VRBO explained that they could be of no help in searching for other...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / 1113 Mariner Cay “Southern Dunes Golf” Haines City, FL

Aug 07, 2018

We booked this property from July 28th - August 11th. On Tuesday, in the evening we were watching tv and Someone walked up to the front door flashed a flashlight light into the home, I got up waited a bit and open the door. I didn't see anything. I decided to call the owners to ask if that...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / rental

Aug 02, 2018

My friends and I booked at 5 bedroom house with VRBO in December, 2017 for a wedding in August, 2018. Everything was paid in full and confirmed. 48 hours before we were due to arrive, VRBO contact us to let us know that there was a glitch in their system and the people currently renting...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / vrbo customer service

Jul 22, 2018

Stay away far away!!! This is an absolute despicable greedy company. The customer service is the worst and they are supposed to be representing the hospitality business - what a joke! I have owned and rented my properties since 2008 and since expedia took over it gets worse everyday. They...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / vrbo sign-in

Jul 20, 2018

I used VRBO for many years to rent my property, and I haven't been on the website for a few years since we sold the property. I am very dismayed to see that you cannot do a search on a property and reply to an Owner without using "Google" or "Facebook" to sign in. No matter how much I've...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / 117 n. olas drive, jensen beach, fl 34957 property id 916543

Jul 01, 2018

In response to my vrbo case 163501 concerning our rental from kathleen freihofer may 26-june 2, 2018 I wrote in an email (june 11): "I am filing a property complaint for a refund of our $150.00 security the short term rental agreement under exhibit a rental rules #1 it...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / our money was stolen

Jun 22, 2018

We rented Villa #1029 at the OMNI Resorts in Cancun. The sliding glass door to the villa did not lock properly. Something was wrong with the locking mechanism. On our last day while we were at the beach someone came into the villa and stole our cash. They did not take our cards of anything...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / hilton head island 205 the greens shipyard

Jun 02, 2018

On June 1 at 6PM I was told that my grandson who was shot by a pellet gun in the neck was unable to travel. Emotionally I cancelled my condo at the greens 205 Shipyard, Hilton Head Island Then 10 minutues later, we decided to take the condo, as I had already paid over $1600 for the...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / veronica & karim vrbo property id #1038976

May 22, 2018

We checked in at approximately 5.30 pm on Friday May 18 upon our arrival the property maintenance outside was not kept. Once we walked into the property there was a very strong sewer odor coming from beneath the house. One of the landings in the dock were broken with visible rusty nails to...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / problem of payment

Apr 12, 2018

Hi, I'm very disappointed. I've called 4 times VBRO about a problem of payment the property I've reserved. I've also called my credit card MC. It seems the problem is the adress doesn't match with the adress of the card. However, I verified several times and I'm sure I wrote the good...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / first and last time using vrbo

Apr 08, 2018

First time booking with VRBO, as I usually use Airbnb. Let me tell you, I will be sticking with Airbnb. After submitting my request to book a property through HomeAway, the owner approved it at a higher price than initially stated on the ad. For this reason, I immediately messaged the home...

VRBO / my security deposit was not returned

Apr 05, 2018

On April 1st my granddaughters and I rented a cabin in Gatlinburg TN. We checked out on April 4th and left the cabin Dream Come True, even cleaner than we found it. This has become not a dream get away but a nightmare as we received an email stating deposit not being returned. They lied...

VRBO Contract ID Contract ID #: 21043 / no return of security deposit upon death in the family!

Mar 27, 2018

My husbands siblings, their spouses and our kids live all across Canada and had rented a large home to meet and vacation together in Arizona. A few days before leaving on our trip, his father had a sudden massive heart attack and died. He was either the father-in-law, father or Grandpa of...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / rental of property #1043335

Mar 02, 2018

I am writing a formal complaint about property # 1043335. We have been in contact with the management team and they have ignored our emails. The unit was filthy upon arrival, it was filled with bugs, cockroaches and rodents. Infested! We alerted them to the issues while onsite and they...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / payment not in displayed currency

Feb 25, 2018

Booked property 4747883 February 8, 2018 for 6 nights in Cape Town. I booked this property on the Canadian web site for a displayed price of $315 Canadian. Once booked,.. I was charged $310 US. When I went to the US web site just after booking, and put in the dates that I booked, it...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / #297082 rental

Feb 21, 2018

We are both seniors (69 and 71) and saw a rental unit at North Coast Village that looked very nice for a 3-month vacation Jan-Mar 2018. I signed a 3-month agreement and paid was quoted $3950/month + $300 damage deposit. I paid $5235 which included $300 + 6 weeks rent. Upon checking in we...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / vrbo not user friendly for the owner

Feb 20, 2018

Booking ID HA-3M0D5P·695856 A renter booked my villa on January 31, 2018 using a credit card. She completed the rental agreement and mailed it to me along with a $500 check to put towards the balance. I think more than 1 family is splitting the total rent. I called VRBO and was told they couldn't...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / vrbo 451-073

Dec 21, 2017

Date of VRBO rental 451073 was 11/13-11/27, 2017. Waikoloa colony villa #2101 I contacted you regarding a rental that was initiated through VRBO, but was not finalized through your website. I communicated with owner directly re price but was NOT aware that he booked me off your site. Thi...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / your website being used to scam people

Nov 18, 2017

I was scammed out of £830 via your website. I contacted yourselves straight after paying the scammer and was NOT advised correctly by your employee. I have claimed using the basic rental guarantee but you are only offering to pay me back £700 and not the full amount that we scammed from me... / vacation home rental

Sep 24, 2017

I reserved a home in mid-August 2017 on for a week beginning on July 21, 2018, VRBO #487010, near Durango, CO. The VRBO website through which I reserved the home stated that the cancellation policy is 100% refund if cancelled by June 21, 2018 (i.e., one month before the beginning...

Vacation Rental By Owner / price gouging during hurricane

Sep 18, 2017

I was trying to rent a guest home in Homestead, Florida for dates 9-23-17 through 10-23-17 at a rate of $80/night, this was the advertised price. My husband is an adjuster and was going there to work in order to try to process claims as rapidly as possible to get aid to the affected...

Homeaway/VRBO / home rental

Aug 16, 2017

I rented a home - 1100 6th Ave. Broomfield, Colorado, on Feb. 13 for a first payment of $1, 306.00 and on June 20 I made the final payment $1, 375.00. This was for rental dates of July 26 - Aug. 2. Thus the pricing 7 nights 2, 100.00 cleaning 250.00 Service fee 131.00.. This equals $2, 481...

VRBO / Vacation Rentals By Owner / unfair review from owner

Jul 28, 2017

I get an email saying an owner has reviewed me as a renter. (Didn't know that feature was available). I left the property in top notch condition with one exception: the last thing I did before leaving was use the bathroom. Well the toilet obviously stopped up when I was already out...