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We have been at the same address for over 60 years. I repeat, 60 years. A new Postmaster started recently and since then we have had a different carrier everyday and they can't seem to find where to leave the mail and, therefore, do not find our outgoing mail. When we call, the Postmaster is not available and we can't leave a message for her. When you go to the Post office, they say that she is at another location. The other location says that she is at the other location. Who is holding the Postmaster's accountable? Who do we contact? We should not have to fight to get our mail delivered or picked up. Can anyone help us?

, US
Mar 13, 2013 11:09 am EDT

The usps is only going to get more and more complaints because of its minority hiring. It looks like they openly discriminate against whites. Every time you walk in, they try to get you to buy the most expensive shipping choice. There's mail tampering by their employees. The minority employees are incompetent, rude, and don't know what they're doing. No wonder the postal service is losing money.

Irving, US
Jul 25, 2009 9:42 am EDT

call the USPS consumer affairs 800 # and file a formal complaint. No Postmaster likes to be reported to them because every complain counts against them & eventually affects their bonuses.

Richmond, US
Mar 09, 2009 10:55 pm EDT
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I have had problems with the Sugar Land post office. I have a PO box that is used for a special event that I manage. The post office is randomly returning mail marked as "box closed". I receive mail there regularly yet on the same day that I receive mail, the post office is returning mail as undeliverable, boxed closed. It has happened on and off now for two years. When I ask them about it, they can't give me an explanation. It is very frustrating standing in line for 45 minutes to have them tell me there is no problem when obviously there is some kind of problem. I asked if mail gets processed via different systems since I receive some mail and others are returned. I thought that perhaps there is a system that has wrong data keyed in that would trigger my mail to be returned. I don't get much of a response other than it can't happen yet it still does.

After numerous calls and visits, last week I opened a box in Richmond and I am closing the Sugar Land box. They are too unreliable and the people that work there don't seem to care.

Feb 25, 2009 9:52 pm EST

I've had trouble just today in phoning the US Post Office. I called and confirmed with the postman that I would have my package delivered today. When I got home, the little orange notice which I had signed and left in the box wasn't picked up! In fact - a new piece of mail was placed behind it, with no indication that any notice had been given at all! I will be complaining, in person, at the post office tomorrow!