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Unauthorized charges

I received a flyer in the mail in December advertising free stamps by printing at home. This information was very unclear, but I wanted to check it out. I went online to check it out and see how it worked, so I had to create an account. I tried to print the free stamps included, but it didn't work right and I just decided it wasn't for me. I had no idea that they were charging me every month for the account. This was very unclear, and the account wasn't even being used. I normally pay attend to subscription type accounts, but this was very misleading and they did not even communicate with me since December. I deleted my account once I realized I had been charged for 3 months. I called customer service, but they were not able to refund me. I am normally not one to complain, but I feel very mislead and scammed. I would like my full refund back for those 3 months. I was charged on January 21, February 18, and March 16. I did receive $9 refund for the month of March.

Rachel Veteto

subscription plan

Accidentally automatically enrolled in monthly subscription service four months ago and only recently noticed the charge on my credit card. Not able to cancel subscription online. Called customer service and was told plan was canceled but it is still active. Unable to remove my credit card information from profile online. Customer representative told me I would receive a call from "corporate" to receive a refund but have not been contacted.

charge made to my bank account

I had signed up for the 4 week trial and on the second day I called to cancel my account. They had sent me a confirmation code which all this happened over a month ago so I no longer have the email but I wish I did because today I got a charge of $17.99 to my bank account by EVEN THOUGH I HAD ALREADY CANCELED MY ACCOUNT AND NEVER USED IT!!! And of course I tried to call as soon as I found out a charge was made(11pm) but today is Friday and after 6pm so they are closed and they have NO after hours support so I won't be able to call and complain until Monday at 6am. Very bad company. This is a scam! I want my money back!

unauthorized credit card charges, difficult to cancel the service charged me a monthly fee for 2.5 years without sending any notification emails or receipts to make...

Not Reliable!

I thought that this company could help us in our new business. I was completely mistaked. this company built a simple software that just cause you problems and waste of money. I shipped an envelope that never was delivered to the destination and my option was the USPS insurance... For sure I could never get this money back because they don't give you any support (of course, they want to sell you their own insurance). Second problem... I printed an international postage and my local postman took the package. The package was 1 inch larger than standards, and the postman brought the package back. I had to cancel that postage, print another updated and correct one and give him to take it to the post office again. I asked for the refund of the wrong one, now I knew that they refused to pay me back! Dearest Customer, try another way to ship your merchandise! Go to hell with your dawn refunds policy! I'll cancel my account asap!

Not Reliable!

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Cannot cancel

I signed up for under a promotional offer of free postage after a trial period. From the...

let's start a class-action lawsuit against this company

This company never notified me that they would charged a monthly service of $15.99 for the same services that...

Fraudulent and deceptive

I went to the site to find out what their services cost and whether their software worked on mac's. I had to create a login to get the information. By then they considered me a customer and started charging me for the service without me confirming I actually wanted to use it. As soon as you send for the "free" kit you are signed up. I thought they were just confirming that I wanted the service but no, they were charging me for a service I didn't want.

I decided that their price was too high for my small usage and would not have signed up. I don't know how they got my credit card. Ordinarily I stop at the point where a website asks for a credit card.
I don't want to retrace their website to see how I fell into their trap.

They won't let you cancel online. They make you call during Their business hours. They say it is for security but the "security questions" they wanted verified could have been asked online. Finally I called to cancel the service. They still expect me to pay for 2 months of service I never used.

Filling Out a survey for game points.

So my husband filled out a survey for so he could get some points for a game he plays. He never included anything other then his e-mail and name. Just yesterday we get an alert from our bank that we had a withdrawal from I asked my husband about it because he has signed up for things before and not told me, but this time it wasn't something he signed up for.

After talking a bit he said that he did take a survey for them but he never remembered giving them anything other then then his e-mail and his name. Well from just that they were able to get the bank information and other information about him.

Apparently there was also a "trial period" that apparently came with him filling out the survey. Like I said above last night we were charged for it. So warning NEVER fill out a survey for they will some how get your information and charge you for a service you don't want or plan to ever use. The only good thing was that after calling the number on the website and got a refund but that isn't stopping me from warning the rest of you about this.

  • Stamps-ComCorp Dec 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi NightPrincess88, would like to apologize for the customer experience you encountered. It is important to note that NEVER offers any form of incentive to complete a survey for our company. If we do conduct a survey, it would be sent to our existing customers asking them to comment on our software features or alert us about possible new features they would like added to the software. That survey would come from and would not include any reference to a third party like you stated... "points for a game he plays."

    From the experience you described, it sounds like a third party sent you a survey and misrepresented itself as As I stated above, this would be an unauthorized action and would NOT BE APPROVED by

    The only way to sign-up for a account is to come to the site and manually input personal information including credit card details. In our account registration process, describes our billing process in detail including how our 4 week trial works. Based on the experience you described, it sounds like someone fraudulently used your personal information and signed-up for a account without your knowledge.

    So we can better assist you, could you please call our Customer Support team at 1-888-434-0055 (open Mon-Fri, 6am to 6pm PT)? Our support team will research your account and determine what type of action needs to be made.

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Unauthorized monthly charges after free trial without noticing me

I have been charged by for 15.99 for the past 15 months without me knowing it. when I called them they claimed it is a valid charge and would not credit back even one penny of the service I never used. I will file a report against with BBB and USPS, and I will write to my US senator and congressman to ask them to try to help legislate against scampers such as It beats me how some people can rip people off like that and can still sleep at night.

  • Stamps-ComCorp Mar 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I would like to apologize for any frustration that may have caused you. If possible, can you please email me at [email protected] so I can investigate this issue for you?


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  • En
    entropy.null Apr 28, 2011

    As much as I dislike what sort of responsible person has a recurring charge for 14 MONTHS (over $200!) and doesn't even notice? Do you read your bill? Obviously not, maybe as much as you read's terms of trial, where it says you get charged monthly after the first 4 weeks.

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Unauthorized Charged after FREE TRIAL

I have been unscrupulously charged by resulting from a FREE TRIAL offer. I received an...

Fradulent billing

I accepted a 30 day free trial of There was no mention that there was a monthly fee associated with the service even after the free trial. The first correspondence I received from them. one week later, indicated that after the free trial there would be a recurring monthly fee. I attempted to cancel that day, having never tried the service at all, in any way. All I had done was to download their "free" software. Two days later I received my credit card bill with their monthly charge included. I already had a cancellation confirmation number and a statement saying that there were no charges against the cancelled account.

Do not get involved with this company. Now I see that there are many similar complaints against them. If only I had looked them up befor I accepred their "free" trial.

  • Stamps-ComCorp May 18, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Richard,
    Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback about your experience with offers a four week no-risk trial so that you may use our online postage service and determine if the service fits your mailing and shipping needs. Please note that we DO NOT offer a "free trial" -- our trial is labeled as "no risk trial." We do not mention the words "free trial" on any advertisement or on our site.

    If you do not like the service, you may cancel at any time during the four week trial period and you will not be charged any subscription fee for using the service.

    However if you do not cancel the service and go past your four week trial period, you will be charged $15.99 for using the service during that first "trial" month. After you pass the four week trial period and become a regular customer, you will be charged $15.99 each month moving forward. You may cancel at anytime -- there is no long term agreement.

    During the registration process for and before a customer's account has been created, (on the page called “Postage Account Credit Card Authentication”) all prospective customers will see the following text:

    Why do you need my credit card information?
    Your credit card is required by the USPS to set up your USPS postage account. Your credit card will not be charged unless you buy additional postage or products, or if you continue past the NO-RISK 4-week trial period.”

    We provide and disclose terms that we do expect all potential customers to read, review, and agree to before they create their accounts. Accounts cannot be created without customers indicating that they have read the terms by clicking on the “I Agree” box.

    From your comment, it sounds like you did cancel the service and received a cancellation number but continued to be charged. We would be happy to review your account and credit any charges for the period after you received your cancellation number.

    Please e-mail us your full name and phone number to [email protected] so we can investigate the billing history and communicate back to you.

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  • Du
    Dutchmen Nov 12, 2014

    haha. Lawyers. ^^^

    They expect everyone else not to have a life and read the fine print. Not that it matters because its all up for interpretation anyway. Like it depends on what the word "the" means. haha ei. "No Risk Trial" is different than "Free Trial". Like what could " No Risk" mean? They won't kill you if you cancel. Its stupid & annoying.

    I had the same experience as Richard. These guys are not serious about business.
    I mean, look at their website and icons. It feels like the windows 95 hello world experience all over again.

    I forgot that I couldn't live life trusting people. Thanks for reminding me

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It does not allow use by people who use MAC operating system

This is a GREAT idea which is disappointingly incomplete simply because it does not allow use by people who use MAC operating system.  While emulation software will allow it, the whole point of MAC is to get away from Windows OS problems.  So, until this is also for Mac users (66% market share of ALL computers over $1, 000), I'll skip it.  I did email back and forth with customer/tech service, and was very impressed with the quick response time, excellent and personal reply, and the completely professional reply. The interface seems great, customer service was AWESOME.

  • Stamps-ComCorp Jul 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Matchstik, will have a solution for Mac users soon. If you are shipping packages, you can use right now with ReadyShipper from (additional subscription fees required).

    We've had a lot of customers use on emulation software/parallels successfully. Here is important info should you change your mind and decide to run on your machine using Windows:

    -- In order to run on Mac, customer must be on an OSX Mac Operating System.

    -- Please be aware that newer Macs have the ability to start up and run Microsoft WINDOWS operating system so they do not need to use an emulator - specifically, these Macs must have both a Windows boot up option installed (e.g., a Mac program called Parallels Desktop, or Apple's Boot Camp 3) and they also must have an installable version of Microsoft's Windows XP or Vista running under that boot up on their Mac. Boot Camp can only run on Intel-based Macs.

    -- Customer must have a license and copy of the Microsoft WINDOWS operating system in order to be able to use our software natively on the Intel-based Macs: Windows XP or Vista.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at social(at) Thanks!


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Unauthorized Billing Even After Canceling Service

I cancelled the account the very day after receiving the trial offer and have been billed since Aug 2007 the amount $17.99. My husband who handles our bills did not flag it till recently I went over our bills and noticed the fraudulent charges for services I have never used. There should be a class action suit made against them considering the number of like complaints against them. BE AWARE!!!

  • Sh
    shane86 Jun 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I represent an attorney in Tennessee that handles consumer protection class action cases across the United States for individuals in situations similar to this one.

    We have recently been made aware of this company,, and the complaints about account maintenance, billing errors, and other issues regarding customer accounts and service. We are investigating the potential to file a consumer class action against this company to bring them before the people and answer for their actions.

    Please contact our firm to discuss the situation and the possible consumer class action case at (901) 759-3900 or (800) 485-8049. You may also email me at [email protected] or [email protected]

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Charging me for something I never used

I went online to see for the trial offer and called and cancelled. The next thing I know I received a CD in... is full of false advertising is full of false advertising. Their ads promise you no hassle, low cost mailing, "without having to pay for a meter". In reality, you pay a monthly fee, you can't simply "print postage", unless you print a full envelope with address details. If you want to print stamps, you need to buy stamp paper from them (for a hefty price). If you want to print parcel postage - you need special lables from them (ditto on the price), and if you want to send international first-class mail - you CAN'T, because you either need their specialty stamp paper, or the program treats your mailing as a package, and you need to print out export forms (for a birthday card...)!

We tried them at our office, and went back to our postage meter and USPS Online - it's cheaper and less hassle.

  • Gr
    grendll Mar 30, 2010

    In response to the below text, I would like to warn people. Even if you get through to to cancel your account and they tell you your account is closed (over the phone and with confirmation via email); Don't believe a word they say. Keep an eye on your monthly credit card charges. Do not assume that even if you don't see charges from them, they're done with you. We've been trying to close our account for about a year. We have been given confirmation that it has been closed and yet, 2 months after closing it, we continue to get billed.
    The only way to stop the charges is to dispute them every month with your credit card company. Everytime a charge is reversed, the offending company has to pay a fee. I know it's a hassle, but for now it is the ONLY way to keep them from charging you.
    Oh, by the way. If you cancel your credit card, you will receive collection notices from Stamps. They will wear you down and you might be tempted, like me, just to pay the month they say they will minimize the charges to, but you have to open another account to pay them. You might be like me and say, "I don't want another account, give me a different way to pay." You can try this until you're blue in the face. They will not accept payment any way other than setting up another account.
    Right now, I'm complaining to the BBB of Los Angelos (where is headquartered). I have also informed my credit card company to be on the lookout for any further fraudulent charges from Stamps. They work on my behalf to kick those charges out. I suggest that every does the same.

    "Posted: 2008-05-14 by Debra A. Young [send email]

    Don't waste your money!
    I found a way to cancel. There is a phone number on the Better Business Bureau Los Angeles site. As of May 14, 2008 there were 736 complaints regarding this issue on BBB. It is impossible to get through the 1-888 customer service number. To cancel, call (310) 482-5800. Press �..."

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Worst website and lack of service ever

Sorry this is going to be really long but I promise worth reading. It's not just a gripe session but a valid complaint.

I've been printing postage online for several years now, for business and personal use. I generally use because they are the Unites States post office and are fairly easy to use. Not perfect by any stretch but certainly accessible and it does save me a trip to the post office. But if I want to print exact first class postage, I have to go to the post office. If I want to do that online, they send me to That's where the fun begins.

Today, I decided I didn't want to put 3 stamps on an envelope that only required two plus a few cents more postage. So I go for the "free trial" at which promises the moon and delivers absolutely nothing!!!

First, I learned after registering for my "free trial, " that this wasn't my first time registering with these dolts. Then I remember, oh yeah, I did sign up with them before, and cancelled because I couldn't figure out how to use their freakin' crazy software. Every single thing I clicked on wanted to sell me some product. Nowhere could I find a page to just print my first class postage. So I click the help button for printing postage to envelopes. I get this whole list of "problems" to choose from and not one addressed how to simply print some first class postage on a label to attach to my envelope, or to print directly to my envelope. How about some simple instructions to print postage people?!!!

So they suggest you sign up for one of their webinars, which by the way, are handled by third party trainers and are fee based!!!

I just want to print $1.22 in postage today, not pay for a class tomorrow on how to use!!!

Trying to buy $1.22 in postage from them was 100 times worse, more frustrating and time consuming than getting in my car, driving to the local P.O., standing in line for fifteen minutes to get my envelope weighed and postage applied.

BTW, the whole reason I wanted to use an onlive service to begin with is not because I'm a fat lazy pig who just wants to sit in my chair all day. I'm disabled with nerve damage from a botched surgery a few years ago. Printing postage online would be a huge service to me as getting in an out of my car is not easy, and standing in a line at the post office is extremely painful and sets me back for a couple of days. I have to schedule my outings very carefully just to function from day to day. would be a fabulous service - if they offered any service. Oh, and there's no contact information anywhere, which is the most frustrating thing of all. What kind of company gives no physical address or even an email contact form? With something like this, you'd think there would be some simple connections, like "click here for technical support." I had a heckuva time finding a phone number and couldn't tell you where I did finally find it - I doubt I'd find it again.

Then when I called to cancel the "service" for lack of service, the poor telemarketer has to give his spiel to try to get me to stay with them. I said if they just had a live chat or an email address or even a snail mail address where I could send my concerns and know that I was heard, I'd probably give them a shot again. He was not very well trained - think it was his first day on the job. He should have said, "Ma'am, tell me what you'd like to convey to and I'll be sure management gets your message." I asked the guy, "can you give me an address where I can write to them to express my concerns, or an email address or something?" He tells me all he has is an address for billing!

Sorry about all the !!! - get the idea I'm more than a bit frustrated?

Here's the bottom line for me, they don't give a damn whether I'm their customer or not. Obviously they have enough other customers who don't have any problem using their site they don't need my $15.99 per month. What's one customer to them? Sorry, we all know word of mouth is the best - or worst - advertising and I'm telling the world I'm not happy with you!

I've been using the Internet for at least 15 years and don't usually have problems figuring things out. But this one made me crazy today.

I really, really hate complaining. I love to encourage and compliment people and companies when they do a good job. It takes a lot for me to give a company a negative rating. I hope somebody at reads this and things improve. I'd love to use their service AND give them a great rating. Come on, you can do it!!!

My recommendation, until they get these issues resolved (if ever, ) go to the post office.


frauhulent misrepresentation of service and failure to clearly disclosure terms is a licensed agent of the United States Postal Service clearly identifies it...


I note a complaint herein that is identical with what was recently done to me although the writer feels that USPO authorizes this crumb crud outfit ripping people off - that would be incorrect. The con job is in using USPO info (note the subtle indirect difference in the logos) to entrap the innocent victims they snare. You get a shpiel about getting stamps with a flick of your keyboard to save you from going to the post office but then comes the "trap". In all the mumbo jumbo, unless you read and re-read (and even then) you are "hit" with a monthly fee - like me as of July 2009 - for $20.00 per month they draw right out of your bank account for...READY? !!SERVICE FEES!!

Yes folks, not postage, not a piggy bank from which to draw postage stamps but...SERVICE FEES in order to purchase, say a 45 CENT STAMP!! A real deal eh? Why would anyone pay a monthly fee of $20.00 to buy postage stamps? Even if you used $100.00 worth of stamps a month why the heck would anyone want to spend an added $20.00? Why not just go to the P.O. and buy a postage meter which is what large outfits do. RIP OFF IS AN UNDERSTMENT WITH THIS OUTFIT. And it is very difficult to get rid of the charge eh?

  • Pa
    Pat Dec 17, 2008

    My experience here has been one of loosing considerable money as they do not refund on shipping labels that did not print, etc. I believe this definately is fraud and it should be stopped...where are the officials & why haven't they done something about these scam artists?

    I have tried to contact at least on 12 occasions in the last 10 days with no response. Oh yes, I get the recorded message that they are overloaded with calls and to hang on until a customer service operator can get to you...problem is I have waited up to an hour several times and no one ever answers the call.


    I have also send emails with no results so at this point I'm thinking there has got to be something else going on!
    Where's my refund...I want to close this account but can't as I can't reach them...what to do next?

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  • Na
    naturaljim Oct 26, 2009

    You can't go to the Post Office and "buy" a postage meter. By law, the only people that can "own" them are the companies that make them. They in turn "rent" them to businesses for a monthly fee. If you think the monthly service fee from is bad, check out the fees for monthly rental from Pitney Bowes and FPMailing Solutions. You not only have monthly rental fees, but rate adjusment fees, scale rental fees, special ink for their special printer etc. Not saying that is better, but if that is all you are being charged consider yourself lucky.

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won't cancel account keep charging

I signed up for a trial account with My first "free" postage did not print. I tried to contact them and they never replied. I tried subsequently to cancel my service during my trial period. It did not get cancelled. My bill is now up to over $120.00. I keep trying to cancel, they keep sending bills and I return them stating to cancel the account. I cannot get through on the phone. Why is my account still open so that they keep charging the monthly fee. Wouldn't a normal business cancel my account due to non payment. HOW DO I GET THIS TO STOP??????

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