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The UPS Store Complaints & Reviews

The UPS Store / ups store employee

BugSpray on May 11, 2018

AT&T U-verse gave me instructions to return a defective cable box in the box that the new one came in. They instructed me to put all the parts in the box and to put the return lable on the box over the old one and take it to the UPS store. I did. When I took it in the woman took the box...

The UPS Store / customer service

Bella Rue on Apr 27, 2018

My complaint is towards the older fellow behind the counter @ UPS store 5603 in East Meadow, NY His customer service skills are below average to say the least. He was not outright rude. But, he certainly seemed disinterested and impatiernt in assisting me with printing a label for a package I...

The UPS Store / delivery

Jorgegm on Apr 20, 2018

Tracking number 1Z97147V0210925128 no delivered. No communications whatsoever.Another tracking number 1Z9714V0310925126 no idea. I did not received any alert about the delivery issues. Help me get my package back!! This people never contact the destination person. They do not care. I...

The UPS Store / delivery

Mari79 on Apr 13, 2018

On 04/12/2018 I was tracking and waiting for my packages at 3:30pm and 3:34pm I received a message stating the packages were delivered at 2:43pm on same day. My adult son was at the house all day and he never heard a door bell or knock, my neighbor was watching the package for me too and...

The UPS Store / unethical behavior

Sergio Ortiz on Apr 3, 2018

the driver is very rude, he threw all my packages inside my office with no respect saying it is not his job to take care of my things, he left everything in the back door knowing i have a whole front door. he is always rude. some of my fragile stuff got broken because of him throwing my...

The UPS Store / negligence of non-delivered packages

eurick on Apr 2, 2018

I had shipped a package to my son in FT. Campbell, KY. on February 29, 2018. The package never made it to its destination. I contacted customer service and they stated they will put a claim on it and attempt to find my package. After a week went by I called again and they said they are...

The UPS Store / delivery of amazon order

Cm on Mar 28, 2018

I ordered from amazon and I got an email last night saying my package was delivered at my front door by UPS. It was not delivered. Today a neighbor down the road brought my package to me and told me it was left at her front door last night. This really upsets me because my house number i...

The UPS Store / unprofessional delusional disorder employee

Robson Oliveira on Mar 24, 2018

I have renewal the Mailbox store for a few years. New events that are very concerned: March last weeks: I got to pick my books. A bad customer (black dark hair) mocked me over my wording (since he is a Spanish anyway), and went away from the mailbox; The other GOOD CUSTOMER (dirt-blounde...

The UPS Store / my packages got mixed up

debbie58 on Mar 20, 2018

I went to the local ups store to send out two packages. The ladies that were working did not provide me much help with getting my labels. After I had my labels printed I asked the ladies for tape, they said here we will put the return slips in these which was a clear packing sticky paper...

The UPS Store / certified mail

Lynn Beaumont on Mar 17, 2018

Store # 5932 did not have the postage stamp or anything related to a certified mail receipt but yet wanted to take my money for those services! That's why you send things certified mail so you have proof you mailed something. She tried to hand me back my blank hand written certified mail...

The UPS Store / postal service offered by ups

tijo2086 on Mar 10, 2018

I have given a post at UPS Store at Bellevue(#1477) on January 3rd 2017 to deliver it to Chicago. It was meant to deliver to one of my friend in Chicago, he is planning to travel India on Jan 12th. I checked in the store, and they confirmed that the post will be delivered within Jan 10 if...

The UPS Store / rude staff

Levi360 on Feb 24, 2018

Rude staff when I walked in to your store I took a look around and the two gentlemen in the back was sitting down looking at me and my wife but not even acknowledged that we even was there we waited about 20 min before we walked out I don't think we will be using ups if they have service...

The UPS Store / ups driver

Ac on Feb 9, 2018

On 2/9/2018 between 1:45 & 2pm, a UPS driver (white male with shaggy brown shoulder length hair and tattoos) was delivering packages to a building who's address is 37-07 147th street in Flushing, NY. I'm sure you can identify him with this info. He parked his truck blocking 37th avenue...

The UPS Store / terrible customer service by manager at #1737 ups store in ssf

Mary C Murphy on Jan 28, 2018

I walked into the UPS #1737 Store in SSF @ 09:44 AM on 01/25/2018 to return DIRECTV equipment as instructed by Directv and the store manager served me as I did not get his name I do remember seeing his/male badge his ethnic background was East Indian if it helps. Long story short the...

The UPS Store / unethical behavior - charging under misc category in addition to standard notary charges

T_ Palmer on Jan 16, 2018

Went to New Albany, IN store #5616 for notary services. I needed a total of 5 pages notarized. SHOCKED to have been charged $10 for each page that needed notary seal. I was charged $50 for 5 stamps of her seal, and her writing out her name. Even more shocked to see on my receipt that the...

The UPS Store / failed to appropriately pack and ship my item

b. Ramey on Dec 28, 2017

Claim # 57047512 store # 4455 Davie Fl owned by Patrick Eloi My 102 pound item was inappropriately packed and shipped to my customer in Texas. This item sold on eBay and was easily proven its value of $725. It was not marked heavy whatsoever to inform any potential carrier of it's excessive...

UPS Store #2941 Wesley Chapel / store closed early before christmas 12/23

Cynthia Walker 5 on Dec 23, 2017

I had my entire christmas shipped to the store and was going to pick it up Saturday afternoon when I recieved the last notice that my packages were in. I get there at 3:40 (knowing they close at 5) and they closed early. My entire christmas packages were inside. There was a sign that they...

The UPS Store / ups store dane lynch owner is dangerous

Ginamia on Dec 20, 2017

I have been taking my business to Dane Lynch for a year now and I always bring in my packages wrapped and preprinted Label already sent to him as he instructed. I am always kind, sweet and more then happy to pay for any services I am using, this is a business and I am respectful of that...

The UPS Store / unethical behavior and irresponsibility for store #3603

BabuR01 on Dec 9, 2017

Hi, I shipped documents package with 2 day air shipment and UPS missed the package when i called UPS customer service they mentioned will start investigation it may take up to 8 business days the next day they found the package but didn't receive any call from customer service I have to...

The UPS Store / customer service

Kelly Hall Keller on Dec 6, 2017

Tom, the owner of the business, is both rude and unprofessional. A notice was left by UPS that I had missed my package delivery on 12/4 and that it could be picked up from this particular store after 1pm on 12/5. So, on 12/5 I went to the store to pick up my package. It wasn't there. I wa...