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The UPS Store, Inc.

6060 Cornerstone Court West
San Diego
New York
United States - 92121-3795

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 742 5877(UPS Customer Service) 3 0
+1 800 789 4623(The UPS Store Customer Service) 7 10
+1 858 455 8846(The UPS Store Media Relations Inquiries) 1 0
+1 877 462 3622(The UPS Store Corporate Retail Solutions) 3 0
+1 858 455 8800(Head Office) 13 12
+1 888 843 8771(Shop Online Customer Service) 1 0

The UPS Store Complaints & Reviews

The UPS Store — I was expecting a saxophone kit since monday, november 24th, 2019.

The UPS StoreThe Saxophone was set to arrive somewhere around Monday, 11/24/2019, but it never arrived. I kept looking in my mailbox...

Movement & Delivery  · Dec 02, 2019

The UPS Store — professionalism

The UPS StoreOn November 25th I went into the UPS store to return a package using the digital phone label that the company texted...

Movement & Delivery  · Nov 26, 2019

The UPS Store — refused to accept amazon return.

Approximately, 3:00 pm Monday, November 18, 2019 I entered your store to return an area rug that was rolled up and tied...

5 comments Movement & Delivery  · Nov 18, 2019

The UPS Store — store owner and appropriation

The owner name is Eriko Baker the store address is 2024 W. 15th st. suite F. Plano TX 75075. 10-29-2019. I was there at...

Movement & Delivery  · Nov 06, 2019

The UPS Store — 2 photographs

The UPS StoreThis store threw out 2 large and expensive mattes surrounding my photographs. I was forced to have my framer re-matte at...

Movement & Delivery  · Nov 06, 2019

The UPS Store — lost package

I mailed a $10, 000 Rolex from this store on approx 10/1/19 to a person who purchased it from me via eBay. The...

1 comments Movement & Delivery  · Nov 01, 2019

The UPS Store — follow up with damaged goods/insurances

The UPS StoreI dropped off my delicate package to by wrapped up because it needed much attention My package arrived broken and NOT...

Movement & Delivery  · Nov 01, 2019

The UPS Store — workers

I went in to fax a paper and the employee rubbed my hair. I told her do not touch my hair, she told another customer...

1 comments Movement & Delivery  · Oct 28, 2019

The UPS Store #6113 — add packaging

10/25/19 Emily charged me $5.33 to change my packaging. She informed me that I will not be able to send a return in the...

1 comments Unauthorized Charges  · Oct 28, 2019

The UPS Store — international shipping

Hi I went to this UPS store on September 7th to ship Vitamins to my husband in Germany. He had forgotten to take them...

4 comments Movement & Delivery  · Oct 22, 2019

The UPS Store — pack and ship

I had a heavy pottery vase (about 20 lbs) to send to california. I took to ups store 6837 and asked if they could pack...

1 comments Movement & Delivery  · Oct 19, 2019

The UPS Store — my purchase

I Purchased a mailing box in Hixson yesterday because I was at a doctors appointment in Chattanooga I decided not to use...

Movement & Delivery  · Oct 16, 2019

The UPS Store — customer service

It's been a few weeks and I've contemplated even sending this email however, it still bothers me how bad my...

Movement & Delivery  · Oct 08, 2019

The UPS Store — lying, cheating customers, passing the buck

My brother from SALUDA, SC shipped a package very well packed with bubble wrap for each stemware and put them in small...

Movement & Delivery  · Oct 07, 2019

The UPS Store — service

I walked into the store this morning to pick up a package. T.J. who refused to give me his name and also refuse to give...

Dunedin Movement & Delivery  · Sep 28, 2019

The UPS Store — joshua ups employee

This employee was so terribly rude to me and the other customers. I was returning all of my direct tv equipment and he...

Movement & Delivery  · Sep 26, 2019

The UPS Store — behavior and service at this storefront

THE UPS Store in Houston Texas (3636 Old Spanish Trail 77021) .. this store is primarily African American and is on the...

Movement & Delivery  · Sep 25, 2019

The UPS Store — local ups store is having a very poor support on refund issue.

Am having big disappointment to UPS local store to handle refund issue where the store in-charge is not helpful at all...

Movement & Delivery  · Sep 24, 2019

The UPS Store — defrauding the customer/misrepresentation the price to canada

I went to this store on Sat to ship some refurbished hard drives and enclosures to my sister in Canada. The UPS store...

Movement & Delivery  · Sep 23, 2019

The UPS Store — amazon return

Typically I have no issues at this store, but the woman working this morning was difficult for no apparent reason...

1 comments Movement & Delivery  · Sep 19, 2019

The UPS Store — package not sent

About 2 weeks ago i went in to my local UPS store in Wethersfield Ct to return an amazon package (free return). I have...

Movement & Delivery  · Sep 09, 2019

The UPS Store — notary public service

Went into the ups store this afternoon to get a couple of documents signed by the notary public. I told the notary...

3 comments Movement & Delivery  · Aug 19, 2019

UPS Store — I sent a package through this store, and they sent it to the wrong person and address

I took in 1 package that I had 2 Columbia camp shirts. And 3 Boho Bandeaus. The package had all of the correct information on...

Movement & Delivery  · Aug 07, 2019

The UPS Store — untrained employee that has a smart mouth on her.

I needed medical records converted into a PDF file to send to a third party. Date was 08/07/2019 at approx. 10:15 am...

1 comments Movement & Delivery  · Aug 07, 2019

The UPS Store — service with store manager

On july 30 at approximately 6pm i arriver at this location to return a item to be shipped. The manager (caucasian older...

1 comments Movement & Delivery  · Jul 30, 2019

The UPS Store — price gouging

They wanted to charge me 165 to ship a light package from Florida to Maryland in 3 days. When I nearly fell over, they...

Movement & Delivery  · Jul 27, 2019

The UPS Store — white male employee

Stopped by UPS Store to return a package to Amazon 7/20/19 the manager was very rude...I don't know how to use your...

1 comments Movement & Delivery  · Jul 20, 2019

The UPS Store — ups store #8611

Wow..what a horrific experience. I was given bad info by UPS and they sent me to this store. UPS dropped off a return...

Movement & Delivery  · Jul 17, 2019

The UPS Store — worst customer service! this woman was so rude! like she hated her job! getting an attitude with me!

The UPS StoreI came in to do an Amazon return and the lady asked for my last name and I said, "Oh, it's just an Amazon return...they...

Movement & Delivery  · Jul 17, 2019

The UPS Store — rude and knowledgeable staff

I visited the UPS store at 1874 Catasaqua Road (store number 4651) On July 16, 2019. I simply went to drop off a pre...

Movement & Delivery  · Jul 16, 2019

The UPS Store — delivery

I would put 0 stars if I could. This company is the worst. We had a bad experience in January, our package was returned...

Movement & Delivery  · Jul 15, 2019

The UPS Store — store closed during open hours

Last Friday, July 5, 2019, I was standing outside UPS store 6455 at 4:45 pm, in front of a locked door and a sign saying it...

Movement & Delivery  · Jul 08, 2019

The UPS Store — Stamp purchase

The UPS StoreOn 6/25/19, I purchased 150 stamps from the UPS Store #6412. While the total charge was $158, I was unable to calculate...

3 comments Movement & Delivery  · Jul 02, 2019

The UPS Store — response from the store about packages not sent

ups store #5276, 2 packages to be packed and shipped on 06/08/2019, tracking numbers 1ZR231E90387336603 and...

Movement & Delivery  · Jun 27, 2019

The UPS Store — 0575

Been a customer of this store since 1996 when it was Mailbox etc. Never have I had such rude and difficult encounter...

Movement & Delivery  · Jun 20, 2019

The UPS Store — shipment time not fulfilled

I paid $98.99 to mail for documents and sent it out may 28 at 11:35 am by way of overnight I thought and 2day back and I...

Movement & Delivery  · Jun 04, 2019

The UPS Store — delivered to wrong address

I was having $3500 worth of medicine in a cold pack being delivered to my home. The address was very legible but the box...

Movement & Delivery  · May 30, 2019

The UPS Store — repackaging of original shipping box

The UPS StoreI ordered NYC Bagels from QVC and when it was shipped apparently the original box was completely destroyed and the...

Movement & Delivery  · May 18, 2019

The UPS Store — paid package lost

The UPS StoreIn January I handed an older gentleman Latino background a package paid from UGG...He turned to me and said they should...

Westwood Movement & Delivery  · May 07, 2019

The UPS Store — notary public

05/02/2019 Went in to get a notary public signature and an express envelope for a business set of papers. Both clerk...

Movement & Delivery  · May 03, 2019