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Palmdale united stated post office

I wanted to stress how ashamed the united states post office should be. I have not been to the post office in years, however, our mailboxes were broken into and forced us to go to the post office to collect our mail. I was in shock, the employees at the palmdale post office had loud music blasting, dancing behind the counters while you have a huge number of people outside waiting in line. The other complaint I have is how rude the employees are, I spoke with 4 employees and everyone was rude and very short with there answer as if I was interrupting their day. Next time I go, I will be videoing the facility and posting how our tax money is being used and how the employees should be held accountable for their actions. Fyi, the only reason I did not take pictures or video is that I was not expecting to see what I saw and left my phone in the car, otherwise, I would be posting it now.

I would suggest doing random visits to some of your offices and you will see what is going on, so you can take action before things escalate. Thank you for your time and I hope you look into this matter.

post office supervisor

My mail was delivered to my address but in an incorrect box. I live in an apartment complex with several units. I can't get my neighbors to cooperate with me to find out what box the carrier put my mail in but the post office supervisor told me he would call the carrier and ask which box he put my mail in and then call me back to let me know. He seemed a bit uncooperative and refused to take responsibility for my mail before delivered incorrectly so I'm not sure he's going to call me with the information I need to find my mail. This is a huge problem for me and I am prepared to get to in touch with authorities as soon as possible but I need to know which of my neighbors disposed of my mail. It was not sent back to the post office and it was not in my mailbox.

post office supervisor

United States Postal Service [USPS]

Missing package "missent"

Package sent from San Martin U.S.P.S in Ca. Package wa scanned and assigned tracking number of [protected] 12. Said package was accepted for delivery on March 25th of 2020 at exactly 8 :26 A.M.

Package is addressed to me, Susan Lydia Salas with mailing address of 312 Moreno Street in Greenfield Ca. 93927.

The San Martin U.S.P.S in Ca [protected]-1098
Phone number [protected]
Dated 03-25-2020 at 03:20 P.M.
Sent First-Class package Service (2 Days)
(Domestic) Greenfield Ca 93927
(Weight) 0 Lb. 3.80 oz
Estimated Delivery Date
(Friday 03-27-2020)
(USPS)Tracking #) [protected] 102
Total Paid: $3.80
My first step to resolve issue was to call USPS 1 800 #. I was on hold for an extended amount of time. A Representative (female) Rendered OUTSTANDING Customer service. She initiated a complaint/research. She apologized for the inconvenience .
I recieved a voice message from Linda a supervisor in Greenfield Ca. USPS. Linda has been extremely helpful and has done above and beyond the call of duty by her actions taken to resolve this "miss sent"package. She "physically went to all 3 usps in Salinas Ca. In hopes to locate package. She further requested each location supervisor to assists in locating item.
AT this point my desired resolution is to locate said package and re introduce to delivery system.
I want to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to two specific USPS employees and feel they need to be acknowledged for their Outstanding service with USS. The 1st person is the female representative i spoke with . unfortunately, I don't recall her name.
Secondly Linda, the supervisor in Greenfield Ca. These individuals are clearly few among the masses. They are truly an asset to your establishment.

Thank you,
Susan Lydia Salas


I live on the 4th floor. The package was left downstairs. Someone stole it. Why didn't the delivery guy go upto the 4th floor. Aren't thay required to deliver the package to the door. Luckily anazon refunded the moneyn These delivery personnel are not doing thier jobs. If there is a rulebook on this I would like to see it. I was told if there's no elvator they don't have to come upstairs.


I received an email on my phone this morning that an item I have been waiting to arrive was "attempted" to be delivered at 8:19 this morning. I had put some outgoing mail in my box earlier, but the flag was still up and my outgoing mail was still inside. I went to the post office and my box was there. I know this because last weekend I came home to find a delivery attempt notice inside my box, but saw the carrier on the next street over. I brought my ID as well as the signed slip so I could receive my package. She said she kept it at the post office. So, then, why is this delivery person claiming that a delivery attempt was made when it wasn't? I am getting sick and tired of having to drive to the post office that is only open for two lousy hours on Saturday (my only day off when the post office is open) to pick up something that is SUPPOSED to be delivered. I'm not talking about anything ridiculously large or heavy, this is just sheer laziness and if someone "higher up" doesn't do something promptly, I will take this issue elsewhere. And just so you know, the last tome I made a complaint about this same post office you people gave them my phone number and they kept calling me and I half wonder if THIS new habit of leaving my stuff at the post office and just dropping off a failed delivery attempt notice isn't a retaliation of some sort. And because of that incident, I can tell you now, my address and phone number on THIS complaint will not be real. But this complaint is. That post office is a damn joke. Something needs to be done. Like a major overhaul. Even the neighboring post office in Altha says that they're incompetent and their office hours aren't compliant.


United States Postal Service [USPS]

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Not receiving magazines

Before moving from our previous residence(condo building) to a single-family home, I changed my address on all my magazine sites and also had my mail forwarded. For the last few months, I have been receiving a few scattered issues, if that. I never had problems before the move. I am honestly not sure how to proceed. When I tried to file a missing mail claim on the USPS site, it asks for tracking numbers I don't have.

sudden appearance of catalogs for a person who has never been in our business office or in one of the apartments.

We are 2 apartment complexes in Richland Michigan with one office and mailing address for both businesse...

postal delivery

I run a business out of my home, and the products I order should not be left out in the elements to prevent overheating and freezing. Our postal worker continually puts our packages by our mailbox. Which is approximately 60 ft. From our home, and out in our drive, instead of putting them under our covered front porch. I have found packages all over our yard. We also live in a rural area, and have all kinds of animals roaming around. I have had food melt, medicine melt, and my resin for my business has had to be thrown away on more than 1 occasion. There is no reason for this complete laziness. I am fed up!! Going to only start receiving from UPS, or FedEx. This is a problem. That is costing me money.

Kayleen Rosales
TwoKan Kreate
182 Purple Sage Rd.
Abilene, Texas 79602

packages left out for anyone

This has been an on going problem. Yes, I have talked to the post master many times about this problem. Thi...

United States Postal Service

the delivery of december 2019 issue of food network magazine

On Sunday 11/24/19, magazine was thrown in driveway, in the rain, not delivered to doorstep. Definitely do...

certified mail I paid for never processed or sent

Oct. 17 sent mail certified receipt. I have receipt to proof this. And tracking number. Tracking number say...


The commander of this post Evaristo Meastas has been running this place like if it was his own private owned...

shipping too slow and phone service is run by idiotic siri-like robot

I ordered a cd off eBay and the USPS was disappointing for the third time now. It took three weeks for their middle school dropout fools with no diploma to even deliver my last item, and now this time the CD won't even leave New Jersey to be sent to my Bronx home. The phone service is not useful either, it's run by a Siri robot with no understanding and mercy for the more quiet people that it'll encounter. THE USPS NEEDS TO BE REVAMPED AND I WILL FOREVER DREAD THE NEXT TIME I EVER GET AN ITEM SHIPPED BY THEM. Lasership was just as bad but at least with pressure they managed to get replacements for my items in two days. I'm going to look into UPS and Fed Ex for future service. THE USPS HAS LOST MY SYMPATHY.


I have lived in my apt. for over a year, there are approximately 33 units here. I continually receive the other apt. numbers mail and have had the neighbors bring my mail opened, I have been to our post office to try and rectify the situation with no resolve. I spoke to a female postmaster the last time I had gone. I have filed out a card with names that only need to be delivered to this address. In the last two days alone I was given mail with my address for 4 different peoples name. I am a foster parent and I was supposed to have tickets to the airshow and never received them. I went to speak once again to our post office only to be treated disrespectfully by the postmaster whom informed me I was being rude and also informed me he was the only postmaster that worked at this office like I was lying about speaking to a female this last time and he wasn't even sympathetic to the issue at hand and insinuated it was my fault for complaining, and I told him I work for the state as a foster parent and it was very important I get that mail and not to give it to other tenants who may or maynot give it to me. thank you for time

  • Ev
    Everywhere Oct 17, 2019

    I had a similar problem and had to throw in the towel and rent a post office box.

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received mail at 4:50 pm

Been living in same neighborhood for over 42 years. Since we received new mail post master at 60069 we are...

mail delivery

I live on a mobile home park, every body has a 6×6×12 mailbox and there are 10 oversized boxes for oversized...

lack of delivery on time.

My name is Tony Bobet resided 1710 Seward Avenue, Bronx, New York City 10473, apt#5-G. i am complaint to...

United States Postal Service [USPS]

holding mail

These leeches don't care and they lie every time they open their mouth!!Went on the vacation from 10th till...

failure to deliver mail

I have lived at the (secured and gated) Voyager Resort in Tucson, Arizona 85756 for 23 years and lately I...

not receiving parcels items past overdue

We have four items we are still waiting for delivery . When we go to the Morningside USPS NYC 10026. We some...