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Royal Mail Group reviews & complaints

Royal Mail Group complaints 27

Royal Mail Group - Lost birthday card

Hi i posted a card for my daughter birthday and she has not recieved this which also has money in the card i put the address on with a 1st class stamp please advise why this has happened and whatni do about it . I posted this from my work which is m90 5ux on the manchester airport freight terminal i can get cctv footage off this being posted by myself if you require

Royal Mail Group - Missing birthday cards with money inside.

2 birthday cards with £50 note in each ... addressed correctly from Forres sorting office to Edinburgh.

White envelopes.

Letters were handed to the postman at the gate of Little Rhynagoup, Dallas, IV36 2RZ because of the petrol shortage. Posting would have beena 15 mile round trip.

Handed onto the postman delivering at the gate the 2nd october 1st Class stamp to arrive for the 6th october. Letters accepted by postman.

Nine days have passed but no show.

Both addresses were identical as the cards are for twins.

Letter ... Moonpig supplier. Standard size.

Standard thickness of envelope and contents for 1st class stamp (red)

Addressed to;
31A Morningside Park.
EH10 5HD

I hear what every one is saying about money through the post and the amount of PO theft ... but the PO is a life long institution and should be trusted. !

Saturday 9th approached the sorting office in Forres to gain some insight but they could offer no explanation other than the address was wrong or the letters didn't carry the correct stamp !

Desired outcome: Where are they ?

Royal Mail Group - Birthday card with £100 in not delivered

Posted a birthday card to: Mr Jack Haritou, 7, Furnwood, Haxby, YO32 3YR at about 0900 hrs in the Prioity Post box outside the Post Office in Westgate GUISBOROUGH on the 15th of September 2021. £100 pounds in the form of new 20 pound notes enclosed. First class stamp used.
No sign of the card.
My details: David Millings, 4, West End, GUISBOROUGH. TS14 6NW.

Desired outcome: Id like my money back please!


Royal Mail Group - Forced open envelope delivered to my door put threw letterbox

Received an empty envelope. Forced open.
3 keychain knives missing. I've already bought some in the past delivery fine. Wanted to buy 3 more. The price I noticed is printed on envelope. This is the first time ever I've had my mail opened products taken from it and an empty envelope delivered
GBP £17.12 printed on the envelope
I paid more for shipping than the cost of the products


Royal Mail Group - Mail not delivered

I paid for 1st class signed for delivery on the 08/06/20. The item hasnt been delivered. I tried their track and trace system, which says 'We have your item at the Post office.' I've made several complaints, as regards of the 'lost/delayed' mail and have been offered a paltry £50 'goodwill gesture payment.'
The parcel contained irreplaceable photos, some dated back 90 years, and are a link to my past. I'd sent them to my publisher to use them as promotion for my up and coming autobiography.
Its a disgusting service, and an insult to my inteligence. I have to say, they dont give a damn as regards of customers.

Aug 27, 2019

Royal Mail Group - Post

My daughter should of received three birthday cards by the 18/8 these cards were posted in Three different post boxes in Bristol all with a 1st class stamp on them. Luckily there was no mint or gift cards in them. But still worrying that they never reach us we have never had this problem before with post to our house. This makes me think that something has happened to them either at the sorting office or out for delivery!

Sep 28, 2018

Royal Mail Group - Driving dangerous

Your driver nearly run me over KY65GKP Driving dangerously, as I'm on the middle of the road driver so stupid was still driving towards me in speed. When I confronted him he did not say anything and...

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Royal Mail Group - Non delivery of birthday cards

On 2nd July I posted 3 birthday cards in Hemsworth West Yorkshire, one to Barnsley and two to Wakefield. The Barnsley one arrived but the Wakefield ones did not. Then on July 18th one card arrived...

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Nov 28, 2017

Royal Mail Group - Dangerous driving

Came of my bike at junction of A3/Upper Richmond Road on 28 Nov 2017 at 9.30pm. The Royal Mail van did a U turn to come up the A3 as I was crossing with my bike. I fell off into the road. Thankfully...

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Royal Mail Group - Miss my item

Dear Customer Service Team,

Parcel reference number: [removed],

I am writing to you to raise an issue about Royal Mail at Royal Mail on May 24th, 2017.

ON 23/5/2017 Royal mail left the card for collection because they unable to deliver item because nobody was at home. Next day 24/5/2017 my husband went there afternoon.
he gave the card which was delivery guy left, my husband told to staff straight away I don, t want this item.the guy brought item from store and he scanned the item and asked to my husband signature please, my husband said signature for what?guy said for collection item, my husband said there are five people witness behind me, I told you I don, t want this item, I want to return that item, guy started shouting and he said you should pay for item, my husband told to guy I want to speak with your manager. manager came with full of attitude and said what is the problem my husband explain everything to manager, manager again scanned the parcel, but both guy's didn't explain anything. now the parcel delivered at UXBRIDGE. they didn't explain anything about the results. my husband asked to manager about receipt and he said you can check through your tracking number we unable to to give you anything.since 24/5/2017 I was waiting for my refund from company.I sent to 35 mails to sender. finally yesterday I got email they asked me copy of receipt but I haven't got any we went again Royal Mail Bolton collection center, I asked to guy I need receipt he said we are collection department we unable to issue any receipt, post office will issue receipt when you send parcels.I said but your colleague didn't explain anything to my husband when he came to refused item.guy said may be my colleague forgot about that, I said excuse me your manager was there and he didn't told to my husband problem is company doesn't give me my refund around £47, Royal Mail Bolton collection center lose my parcel, they sent my parcel UXBRIDGE. today they only gave me customer services number nothing else. since 30 days I am waiting for my refund, the lady told me we are waiting for 18 days then we put item in charity, I said how is possible without my permission parcel went in charity, she said yes its company policy, I Said but your manager or other guy didn't explain anything about policy Orr charges or post office. she said we cant help you. she said you forget about parcel and money...What is this? where is my parcel I need my parcel, or Royal Mail refund me amount. I need my parcel and amount because I am waiting since 30 days for my refund, I need parcel and post office charges because I want to return now though post office and Royal Mail should pay everything.

I need my parcel and post office charges from Royal Mail. and £20 compassion because Royal Mail didn't explain to my husband anything, and I am waiting since 30 days for my refund. Royal Mail responsible for that.

I look forward to a prompt response.

Please reply to my Resolver email account as I would like to keep all of my communications in my personalised complaints case file.

Yours faithfully


Aug 17, 2013
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Royal Mail Group - Dangerous driving

Was cycling home from work on 16/08/2013 at approximately 19:00 when I became aware of an erratic Royal Mail van. The driver was beeping his horn at another Royal Mail van, rapidly accelerating and...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Royal Mail Group - Aggressive driver

Friday the 18th 7:00 - 7:15 am trying to make my way to work from Ash to bookham in the fork from the A31 to the A3 i emerge a bit late strait behind one of the royal mail super AGGRESSIVE driver with number plate MX58 HZG which nicely try to run me over with his truck after few minutes before sharply brake his truck to make me crash behind him, the reason why he was doing that i still asking myself, probable i was driving faster than him and he thought nobody can be faster tham me "this is my road" or something like that, finally when i safely overtook him he again use his fingers and gestures to demostrate how decen and nice was him to others road users. I worked in the Royal Mail for few years and i know is a rush job, but you have to leave your problems some where else not to bring them to work, as your office is your truck. I remember i left that job because of harrassment. Not very nice people to work with.

Royal Mail Group - Courier did not arrive

I have sent a courier to india on 14 march 2012. Quantity 1, weight .475 kg. Product is mobile phone blackberry to this address
Kothi no 33
phase 1
SAS Nagar

Sender address is
Amanpreet singh
3 school brae
United kingdom

My courier did not arrive . Please help me

Mar 20, 2012

Royal Mail Group - Lost post

Royal Mail has thieves working for them. I returned my husbands birthday present, an Armani watch, to the online store i bought it from, sent it recorded delivery and it got lost. I only received £40.00 from Royal Mail after sending two claims . I sell on ebay and have lost two small packets containing costume jewelry, nice jewelry, the buyer has not received them so I have had to refund them. A parcel containing boys clothes also was never received and again had to refund them. Strange how these things never turn up, I truly believe people that work for them are stealing items. They need to do a serious re-haul of their system or someone needs to go in undercover and do something! Royal Mail is awful, dont trust them!

I recently haven't been receiving my mail I haven't had mail in 3 days I'm having to constantly phone places to get my bills sent again and again don't know if there getting sent to the next street down as has a similar name were missing doctor appointment and dentist appointment because of it?

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Royal Mail Group - Postman opening parcels before delivery

Every parcel which has been delivered to me in the past few months has been open. I don't just mean that the wrapping or envelope was ripped, I mean torn open to see what was inside the package. My...

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Apr 20, 2011
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Royal Mail Group - Redirection service

paid £40.00 for a redirection service that was never in place, moved away setup redirection to alternate address, post still delivered to old address, told by monkey in customer services dept at royal mail i wont get a refund because it was my fault for taking out a redirection service for 12 months, WTF...
i pointed out to this person that i had paid for a service i hadn't received she stated she will make the delivery office aware but for a refund i needed to have called in a number of times to complain what the ### kind of response is that, Ive paid money for a service i haven't received therefore i would expect my money back and no manager or supervisor to speak to as theyve all gone home, nice royal mail what a pile of ### you really are ### the lot of you!

Apr 24, 2011

yes have highlighted that in numerous points in my email, unfortunately Noreen is out of office till may the 2nd but im sure she would have seen my lengthy email arrive so we'll see what happens, just want my money back is all, not asking much.

Apr 23, 2011

excellent thanks i will give it a try, point taken, was full of rage at the time .

Feb 06, 2010

Royal Mail Group - Offensive postman

Recently we have a postman delivering mail to my property who constantly leave our front gate wide open. My wife has just had eye operations and bright light is painful. As I am working away from...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Royal Mail Group - Thieves

By special delivery I sent an envelope to Barnsley South Yorkshire. Inside the envelope were Xmas cards for my nieces’ and nephews. The cards contained money. The envelope arrived covered in cellophane wrapping and when opened, some of the cards had been opened and the money had been removed. £60 in total had been stolen from the envelope then wrapped in cellophane.
This is the sickest thing a member of the Royal Mail could do. Stealing from children’s cards. I paid over £8 to ensure the envelope was delivered safely. It’s disgusting that Royal Mail employ THEIVES.


I have had many goods sent to customers 'go missing' in the post. A vast percentage in fact. The only way now is to send them 'Special Delivery' at a cost of £5.05. Hence the huge queues at the sorting office! Cash cow for the Royal Mail!

Its disgusting that this is happening. I was in the post office and over heard a customer say "£12.00 for a special delivery - does that guarentee the postmen wont steal the contents" - I wasnt shocked by this at all as I have heard lots of stories about the post theives.

i have been a victim of theft using royal mail. at the moment it is ruining my business, i send items to my customers in envelopes but for the last week the envelopes have been getting to my customers minus the contents and the side of the envelope ripped open, once i got on to this i wrapped the envelopes in tape thinking that would stop it and it has, but because they cant steal contents they have bent the envelope enough to snap the item inside rendering it scrap and i have to send another or give a refund. why is this sort of thing being allowed to happen, this could be eliminated i am sure because after all you pay good money for this service

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Royal Mail Group - Postal thieves

Received yet another envelope which had been slit along the top to see if it contained anything valuable - no, just a couple of old photos from my Mum, protected between cardboard. Happens nearly every time - if it looks like a greetings card, some b**tard in the Royal Mail has to see if there's something to steal. Last time I sent something similar my father received an empty, opened envelope on his birthday. Do they go out of their way to employ crooks? Thank God we can do most communication by email, so we only occasionally have to entrust anything to this useless bunch. And as for their tortuous complaints procedure... Customer service, my a*se.

I recently sent 3 love films discs (seperately) in the post. 1 in my regular post box, which has so far taken 4 days and seems to have been lost, and 2 that were posted at the post office, of these two 1 arrived at it's destination the next day, the other seems to have vanished as well, all are sent 1st class.

Royal Mail seems to lose, on average, 8 items of post to or from me every single year. It's an absolute joke.

90% of 1st class post is supposed to arrive next day, it seems more like 10% to me.

Oct 28, 2009

My parcel with my sons xmas present in was sent to me recorded delivery. I never receieved this item. After weeks of trying to find out how to claim and several emails later i finally handed in my claim form with all the relevent details they requested. I then get a letter to say there is no record of my recorded item and 6 first class stamps for my trouble.

I refused to accept this so i logged on to royal mail websites track and trace service, and low and behold there was a record of my item being delivered and a copy of the signature. I was absolutely furious as i live alone and i had not signed for the parcel, it was clearly not my signature. I sent several emails and then another letter to say that they did have record of my parcel being delivered afterall and appologised.

It is now april 2017 and my son is still without his xmas present. Im disgusted with the service i have received, nobody has even had the decentsy tyo speak to me and just send automated emails.

There last bit of advice was to contact the sender and they would have to claim. The whole experience has taken over my life, i have no faith in the postal system as i was told that basically the postman could dump all his parcels in the bin, and sign the slips hiself. The purpose of recorded delivery is to deliver to the address and obtain a signature. In my case this was not true.

Aug 14, 2012

you are thieves

Aug 14, 2012

royal mail a joke name there is nothing royal about them
they are thieves i have lost so many letters, bills, parcels, latest is a package costing me £50 . talk to rm customer services, and they say sender must start investigation no help from rm their answer is it only your word but i still lost £50
bunch of unhelpful thieves they must know the postman who was supposed to deliver my package
ref ff3337106077gb

so much mail goes missing, especially if it looks like a card with money or tokens. The complaints procedure is too long winded. This has happened to me so many times and I am sick of it. Something should be done.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Royal Mail Group - Royal mail agent fraud

On September 8 2009, I ran into a Craigslist ad for 2 Taylor Swift concert tickets to be held in Dallas, Texas for September 25. I replied to the ad and was really interested because they were going...

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