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I feel in my opinion that I have been treated unfairly by usaa federal savings bank. Now for all most 2 years I have been a customer of theirs and at first they were wonderful. They treated me fairly and not once did I ever have any concerns about their behavior. Well recently that has changed.

For over 2 years of being with usaa, they have never charged me an overdraft fee unless the funds were actually taken out, now well they changed their tactics. These people have been charging me up to 250 dollars in overdraft fees for debit transactions that were never paid. So in other words... They charge me a 29.00 overdraft fee regardless if the money was drawn or not. They are pretty much charging solely off the attempt alone.

I consider such a policy to be wrong and very deceitful considering that they have never committed such wrong doing in the past, not since the 2 years I have been with them. This whole thing started this year. Now, I found out they have a tendency to change their policies on the whim and force all their customers, both new and old to abide by their changes.

In my case.. Not only did their fees drove one of my 2 accounts into the negative by 332.00. They turned around and took this same amount out of my other account to bring my first account current without my permission. That money they took was for my rent and other bills I have to pay in order to maintain my home. Now I am forced to seek other means in regarding the monies they blatantly stole from me. According to csr and her supervisor (Even if it really was a supervisor) they had the absurdity to tell me they were doing me a favor. I honestly don't see how that is the case considering that they only substituted one problem with another. Just that this new problem, they don't consider it their concern. They got their money. I would like to know how I can fight this? I am in the process of hunting for another banking institution, hopefully a more honest one.

Honestly I can understand that a bank has the right to collect whatever monies owed but not at the expense of causing major distress to customer and/or placing them in a situation that can disastrous to themselves as well as their families. I hope anyone can tell me where I can go.


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    G E Schroeder Oct 07, 2015

    USAA Federal Savings Bank is fraud. They transferred about $500, 000 of our military income and investments to a third party who told them my husband and I were divorced. We were not, and USAA did not require any record of proof, only word of mouth of a thief. All our accounts were cancelled. This was all done with no contact from this bank to me, and I held two POA, one at the bank and one filed in my town. I have MS, and with no income, could not hire an attorney. All bank policies should be in writing, 1) the depositor is consulted before any adverse action taken on their accounts.

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  • Ca
    camokid Aug 22, 2013

    I find usaa a great bank a lot better than b of a but I currently was low on funds and found an overdraft fee of $25 now I was wondering if this is a one time fee or will it be a fee everyday cause I am out in the field and have no internet and cant send money from another bank...

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    Survival of Disabled Veteran Jul 10, 2013
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    I am truly unhappy with their advertisement of knowing what Military Members, Retired and their Families go thru, I became Disabled while on Active Duty and was Medically Retired, Like every Seperated Veteran knows, there is that small time while awaiting a VA Rating and also waiting for Social Security Disability, that one falls behind with their creditors resulting in a tarnished credit score, so when you try to borrow or even get a credit card from USAA, you are denied !!! based on ones credit score alone, with no regard to the situation involved, just as a large commercial would do. I want it to be know that USAA does'nt know what we go thru and has no right to claim their relationship with Military...Pissed of and Pissed on.

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    camedon Jun 18, 2012
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    I have been a member of USAA for 30 years, and was a former employee. The bank has gotten far worse in the last five years. They are difficult to reach by phone, they have much shorter business hours, they are downright stuffy and not customer service oriented. They are truly "The Bank of NO". They are still good in a few respects, but in many ways they are becoming daily like Bank of America. When you seek assistance from them they try and cross sell financial planning and other products and ask a lot of obtrusive and personal questions, that are really none of their business like, "Why don't you have an emergency cash fund set up?" when they place holds on your account. It is like they don't want to help you, they just want to cross-sell and take advantage of your misfortune. The UPS Deposit thing is a joke. Their hold policies have changed - yes, they are more like Bank of America except they do not have the ATM's and branches they do. You can do better. I don't recommend them. Not sure why I am still with them except that I like having all my insurance and banking in the same place. Perhaps it is time to move on.

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  • Us
    usedtoloveusaa Jun 02, 2012

    I have done my banking with USAA for over 20 years and it is only in this past year that I have started to have problems. I monitor my account daily and expect the information to be accurate. Yes, times are tight. I transfer money as needed to cover my expenditures, but the money is there. USAA posts withdrawn checks before posting deposits that occurred on the same day so that they can charge overdraft fees. Their answers are scripted and unhelpful. Emails don't even address the concerns or issues that are brought up. It is if they aren't even read. After 20 year I cannot trust USAA with my money. All banks are not the same. Some are there for their customers. You just have to look. You can find a local bank that will treat you like a person.

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  • Li
    Lisa Kronsnebel Nov 28, 2010

    I am posting everywhere I can to warn people about USAA and their horrible treatment of customers (members) - USAA Mortgage is run by mexican immigrants, I am totally convinced of that!! Our VA Mortgage Processor, could not communicate well at all (and I think she cursed out my husband in Spanish) therefore, I will tell everyone I know AND the VA loan center about how Veterans and their families are treated.

    I applied alnong with my husband for a VA Refinance a month ago. My husband is 100% disabked as a result if service in Afghanistan- a grenade exploded under him during a "sweep". He is a grunt, an infantryman and would die for his country- and he almost did!! Anyway, our VA Processor kept telling us he has to pay the 3.3% funding fee. Then, she changed her mind and said no he did not. She refused to accept any paperwork from the VA with his rating. This incompetant [censored] mexican lady put us through hell and back! It finally came to the point that our lock expired not once but twice on us. Had we gone through with the USAA refinance, we would have had another half a percent tacked on to our rate.

    I am thinking that this malicious treatment has to be criminal or fraud. I find it hard to believe that a fortune 500 organization would be so "politically correct" in its hiring to reflect the large mexican american population in TX without regard to skill or merit. I understand that they have a consumer reporter on KENS 5 in SA. I have contacted him and they will be airing an expose on USAA Mortgage Services in early Feb 2011.

    I want to vomit when I think of the bad people there.

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  • De
    dealership guy Jul 07, 2010

    yea usaa is know joke... and they are capable of shooting you with your own gun. i was a card member for one month and i mean one month, now before i go into detail about my circumstance they approved me for a platinum credit card with a limit of 25k. i have 800 scores with all 3 bureaus and very little debt with the exception of my home which i have more than 200k in equity. i own a dealership so i basically use my credit to purchase vehicles and sale them with my dealers license which is why i got the card to began with. my first few weeks made a few transactions everything was ok. i ordered the convience checks that come with the credit card, and used one check to make a purchase at the dealers auction for 15k and 2 days after it posted they rejected it and there excuse for rejecting it was altered fictitious and then locked my account and requested my drivers license front and back, social security card, utility bill, and proof of income, which i sent them all the documents including my tax return from the previous 2009 which verifies i made 90k and do you know they still didnt release the hold, they told me to check online every other day and if im able to log into my account then it was resolved, and if not keep calling and checking. to top it off they started declining transactions that had already taken place before the big transaction scared them half the death, so i ended up coming out the pocket 15k which took 3 weeks so the auction wouldnt terminate my credit with them. my very plan was to pay them every month in full anyhow which is how i pay all my credit cards, because of my business i make the money back quick, its just unfortunate that usaa didnt get to see how good of a customer they had out of fear. anyhow to make a long story short i just stop checking the account online and gave up, this bank i figured would be very reputable but hey thats life. bofa, citibank, and all those major banks have there faults like most banks but one thing i can say is they can appreciate a good credit card consumer.

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    Verified customer

    USAA FAILS BIG TIME. Untold emails and telephone calls NOT responded to in re. to disputing a crooked merchant charge. Finally, a customer service rep. said "oh, we are having problems with our email system". NO apologies offered! I wasted so much time. I sent PLENTY of documentation for PROOF. If anyone took the time to read it the determination would be in favor on my behalf. Additionally, USAA never initially asked for supporting proof (i.e. an affadavit) re. the bad transaction. The rep. just told me to fax a brief synopsis of what transpired. I did such and felt that it was a no-brainer that the ruling would be in my favor. The rep. had the audacity to say, "well, in these credit card disputes it is a he said she said". What happened to standing behind the carholder? The consumer! The merchant simply did NOT deliver or install product. Now, UNBELIEVABLY, my account has been charged $4, 00.00 and what gets me so mad is that the merchant got away with it by writing a letter to USAA VISA full of lies and inconsistencies. This bank DOES NOT stand behind the cardholder. Boiler plate responses and ZERO customer service.

    USAA was once the bank to deal with for all your needs but THIS HAS CHANGED! GO ELSEWHERE. FIRE THE CEO ROBLES too!

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  • Ke
    Kev_Acks_Army_Wife Jan 09, 2010

    OK, I have to say that it is INDEED PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Due to the fact that USAA is solely an internet based company that means transactions hit automatically (unless you are one of the few who still write checks). Thus, even if you swipe your card, and it is declined (Since all credit/debit machines operate ONLINE) he transaction will already be sent to USAA causing overdraft fees. I have done this once and will and always will admit it to be my own negligence at not keeping trck of my spending. I have now had USAA for almost 3 years and I am still extremely happy with them. Lost or Stolen cards are always hard on out credit score because there will always be that one very dishonest person who will try and screw you over. You cannot bliam a company in its entirety over one dishonest person.

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  • Jn
    jnt0715 Oct 24, 2009

    I've been with USAA for 11 years and not once have I had a problem. If they charged you the $29.00 fee then the chances are you were overspending. Sorry but EVERY bank AND credit union that I've managed my funds through STRESS that people should be keeping a register. If you had that many transactions go through and or NOT going through and getting charged THAT much in OD fees then evidently you didn't keep a register. Also...quite a few of the merchants out there DON'T immediately put a transaction through. What they do is a pre-approval ($1.00) and then you get your receipt and go on about your day. If on Friday you make a transaction and then Saturday you make 5 transactions, the balance that you call and get that Saturday night probably isn't going to be right. That's why it's imperative that you keep a register. I've worked in banking for 9 years and we cannot stress this enough. It doesn't matter how much you call or hop online and check your account...things do not immediately update. You purchase $45.00 in gas and pay at the pump, you will only see a $1.00 charge on your account...not until a few days later will you see that actual $45.00 processed.

    Another thing is this...USAA and all other banks CANNOT changed their policy without first informing their members and customers. It's a federal law that they have to abide by that law or they are HEAVILY fined by the government. If you didn't read that letter, that is at no fault of USAAs. Just try to keep the register and ALL of your receipts and BALANCE your account daily if you do that much spending.

    Also--If someone gets locked out of their online access due to reoccurring problems with a credit card, that bank is protecting your information. You may not understand and that is your fault for not educating yourself in the matter. All you have to do is ask an associate and you WILL get answers.

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  • Mi
    _mike Oct 14, 2009


    I have to to say that USAA has wildly exceeded my expectations at every turn. I overdrew my acocunt once about 10 years ago, and USAA paid the check without question (which they didn't have to do) and when I asked nicely, they reversed the overdraft fee. Last year, I mailed a very large check to the IRS drawn on my checking account, and forgot to transfer the funds from savings prior to doing so, and the check bounced. The IRS penalty for a bounced checks are substantial and would have amounted to hundreds of dollars, but after explaining the situation to the USAA rep, they graciously resubmitted the check for payment, and it went through and I was able to avoid the penalty. I gladly paid the $29 fee and sent the rep a dozen roses. They didn't have to do that, and they saved me a gread deal of money by helping. It was my fault, and I will never forget what they did for me.

    As far as complains go, many have posted in this form complaining about fees they feel are unfair. It is my experience that many don't take the time to read the agreements that are sent to them when they open an account. Fees are disclosed, as are policies regarding credit account limits. USAA consistently holds up their end of the bargain. The breakdown occurs when members honestly don't understand what their end of the bargain is. That's why agreements are important.

    USAA rocks. If they sell it, I buy it.


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  • Ro
    Ross W Reyman, Jr Aug 01, 2009

    I wish to either resolve this OR have these details sent to an agency.

    1) I am disabled and 70 years old. CNN Newsroom carried the story that many seniors should drop their CREDIT CARD.

    2) I cancelled mine. One was very helpful and ORCHARD BANKS one was a band of thieves.

    Thy did not cancel my account for 30 days. I got a $79 membership free (I canceled about March 29 and they charged me on April 2009.

    They increased my interest rates.

    They charged me Late charge when My bank paid on the 3rd of month. I called in January and it was in their computer.

    They charged overdraft charges. when I feel that I had $50 over when I started.

    If my math was right they owe me $360 Less $180 Equals $180 they owe me.

    I plan to contact TV channels in San Francisco.

    I have receive 2 times with treats from this bank. They don't understand is that I have 3 family members who will cancel their credit cards when they are paid off.

    ROSS REYMAN [protected]

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  • Ro
    Ross W Reyman, Jr Jul 28, 2009

    Orchard Bank owes me money plus interests.

    About March 29th, I was advised to cancel my Orchard Bank Gold Card. And did so.

    2) bill time. I was charged a $79 yearly fee. My interest rate went went from 12% to $23. I was charged A late fee and an over limit fee each month (total $60) for 4 months now.

    3) I contacted the bank and got idiots who probably failed 7th grade math.

    3) My bill is for $180.66. They owe me $379 plus the difference in interest. I am sending payments on the 3rd of month. I have told the Bozos who call weekly that I am in my 70th and the excitement could kill me.

    4) please tell these people you are trying to steal my last penny. But I have a wife and two children who will be canceling their cards soon.


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  • Pm
    PMPearson Jul 09, 2009

    I have been with USAA for 38 years! Iwas 16yrs old. Through my father's career as a US Air Force decorated fighter pilot of 35 yrs! I had only one insurance claim at age 19 w/ full coverage, I was hit by an uninsured motorist. Lost my job, two months recovery from injuries, USAA paid $500.00 to me compensation. I am now 54yrs old! I have had one claim on wind damage to a 67 volkswagon, huge tree limb speered engine cover on Christmas Eve. Muffler damaged too, rear light etc.USAA paid $899.79 Feb. 2008. That has been it, period what USAA has had to pay me. On the other hand from [protected], ( 2 marriages ) whole family multiple car and driver coverage never one accident on mine or family now it has extended to my children. I have also brought in others who never knew, " military brats " that they could have coverage, also flawless drivers = no claims! This speaks loudedly of continued loyalty and financial support that I have contributed and a level of responcibility. I have lived through the Banking Institutions changes imposed upon the public indeed the whole economy constantly manipulated. The gas wars of the 70's. I was a home banker by computer in 1982 with Bank of America. Since 2000 I've been home banking via computer. Personal experience since 3/2006 to present has brought significant unbelievable damage to an otherwise flawless track record. Do not be so quick to blame your fellow citizen as " The Problem " DO NOT TRUST COMPUTER BILLING. Computer gliches has been happening to me across the board. The method to the madness is to make us the reason and place undue hardship on the individual. To hyper-up information and continually impose change keeping us forever overwhelmed. Paper pushers- making money from "Blue Skies" never contributing an honest days work toward tangible assets benefiting humanity. How dare USAA block my rights to online access of my Banking and Insurance information due to my Credit Card with USAA having multiple problems on every aspect of their billing of in house charges. Mind you debt protection is another false hope as is all insurance coverage for everything we are told we must have for unforseen circumstances. ENRON, 911, Bush's War, and now the Morgage debacle in California, oh don't forget AIG. DO NOT BELIEVE that HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE NATIONWIDE to be helpful. Americans wake-up I'm not going to take it anymore. Get your education about what is happening behind the scenes. Learn to think more often and independantly and let's stop being the "sheeple". You high minded commentators, about others mismanagement of their money in Banks, banks who unethically dish out punishment fees, obviously you don't know in the past our parents relied on the float of time afforded to check writing. Your nasty comments void of empathy and you have no insight of the rampant infection done to our economy which started back east by banks and it spread like a wild fire. May you experience financial implosion and find yourself a resident of Banking Hell by yourself. I'm personally blown away daily by the treadmill I must ride to inforce my rights when I've been lied to. Incompetant employees are rampant at USAA now and the lip service about customer service being their claim to fame is just that, puffed up. I've never had so much redundant junk mail from USAA as I have lately. Soliciting business when you cannot take care of your "grandfathered customers " at the high level you boast about. I regret the years, decades in which I've contributed to your success. I've enabled, look it up, to give legal power, capacity, or sanction to. Your just another greedy institution, from TEXAS. Who are Americans anymore?

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  • 39
    39 year member Jul 03, 2009

    I have been a member with USAA for 39 years. Never has there been a problem with their service.
    People like you are the problem.
    Next bank you choose, make sure you have over draft protection on your checking account.
    I'm sure you will need it, again, an again, an again!

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  • Al
    Alison Jun 13, 2009

    I'm an enlisted and have been with USAA for about 5 years now. My husband and I have all of our accounts through USAA (insurance, auto loans, banking and credit card). I have never had an issue with them that they were not able to solve. In all honesty, to everyone who has posted about the overdraft fees, it's your own fault. I have had many times that we have overdrawn by a couple dollars or so, and we were never charged the overdraft charge. Luckily, our paychecks went in the next day before the charges had gone through entirely, so no harm no foul. One time we did over draw by about $30 and we had to pay the $29 charge...and there is no one to blame there but ourselves. I would gladly pay a $29 charge for funds to be processed that I didn't have, rather than have my card declined when it was something we desperately needed. I recently bought a brand new SUV in January and traded in my other car. USAA supplied the auto loan and participated on the trade in. As my old vehicles payment was approaching, USAA still had not received the payoff check from the dealership. I was nervous that another car payment would come out on a car I had already traded in and USAA still did not have the check. They reassured me everytime that I called that it was not a problem and that they would take care of. Not only did they NOT receive the check on time, but they never took out my old car's payment from my checking and they even paid for the interest charge for "late auto payments" without my ever being billed. USAA took care of everything and stood by their promises. I have never had a problem that wasn't either 1) my fault or 2) something they were able to fix right away. No complaints from me...if you people think being charged a $29 overdraft fee is bad...try reverting back to only a checkbook, keep that baby balanced and then have to suffer the reprecussions of an insufficient funds check or a returned check. They are much more costly and not nearly as understanding.

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  • Da
    Dan Bell Apr 28, 2009

    We are doing a documentary about unfair bank policies. If anyone feels they have a complaint and would like to be interviewed please send us an e-mail at [email protected] If cast there is pay. Must get your e-mail by May 1st.

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  • Pe
    Pedro Apr 26, 2009

    USAA is like any other bank if you can't manage your finances you will pay. All these complaints i read are so full of crap. USAA billpay is great and guess what if it is late they cover the charges. So stop blaming the banks for your shortcomings and take responsibilty for your own actions

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  • Tc
    tccloud Jan 29, 2009

    This kind of bank policy is one most egregious form of unfair business practices. It is what is called an adhesive contract, which the entire banking system has adopted. It is adhesive because the Superior party; the bank creates a one side contract, which gives the right to charge what in the hell they want. You either take it or leave it. This is illegal because you are forced to accept their terms and have no other choice because all banks have the same policy. We the consumers, usually the veterans, elderly on social security are the victims. The literature reports that the banks collect over $40 billion in illegal overdraft fess from people with ending balances less than 1000 and about 20 billion from those with ending balances over 2500.00. There are other illegal or unfair aspects of the banking industry policies on overdraft called substantive unconscionable and procedural unconscionable agreements. That is the agreement is usually inconspicuously placed in your bank statement or never disclosed the fact that you have agreed to the bank charging you for any transaction whether an overdraft is paid or not. There is a new federal regulation called the EXEMPT INCOME PROTECTION ACT (EIPA) went into effect on January 1, 2009! EIPA protects bank accounts that contain subsistence funds such as government benefits, pensions, and some earned income. EIPA prevents creditors and debt collectors from freezing these accounts to pay private debts, like credit cards. Under EIPA, your bank account cannot be frozen if the balance is less than:
    $2, 500 - if your account contains directly deposited exempt benefits, including Social Security, SSI, Veterans benefits, disability, pensions, child support, spousal maintenance, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, Public Assistance, Railroad Retirement benefits, and Black Lung benefits; or:$1, 716 - all other accounts. If your bank account was frozen after January 1, 2009.

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  • Jo
    Joshua Watkins Nov 14, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Maybe you should keep some money in your accounts...I have been a USAA member for over 8 years and they are the best company with the best customer service bar none. You people who have problems need to get a grip, it is very likely you will never be satisfied with anything in life...

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  • Go
    gobzofzeal Nov 11, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband and I have been customers of USAA as soon as they opened it up to the enlisted, 1996. We were SO PLEASED with them, we have everything through them! Mortgage, multiple car loans over the years, insurance policies on cars boats house, we have 3 checking accounts and our kids have checking accounts, and an investment account, we have a credit card account that we recently upgraded in Nov 2007 to a platinum account . Like I said we have it ALL!!!
    They were a GREAT bank we trusted our lives with them! Their customer service was superb! UNTIL, we noticed problems when they started the whole automated phone CRAP... Their customer service was not as great, I ENJOY talking to a live person! And I HATE going through 100 prompts to get to one... We have made mistakes in the past of overdrawing our account, we would call them when we found our error and they would give us a cash advance on good faith. We didn't make many errors, but it happens... If we needed to skip a payment due to a duty station change, it was never any problem... We showed a good payment history.
    BUT, in Jan 2008. USAA caused us a HUGE mess... We had switched our USAA Visa card Nov 2007 (we had the card since 1996) to a USAA Platinum card, we had an increased limit to 16, 000.00 and moved over the balance of 10, 000.00 from the other USAA visa card. My husband switched duty stations, Jan 2008 he was paid part of the moving expenses from the Military about 6000.00 so we put it on the Platinum card, thus lowering our amount, and increasing our available amount. We did this because we have to show moving expense receipts, and what over we paid on the card would go towards the balance of the card to pay it down, and our checking accounts have bills that come out monthly it was less confusion for all the transactions to come out of one account.
    Jan 2008 my husband in route from Ft. Campbell to Ft. Eustis, fills up with gas a few times, books a hotel with his USAA platinum card, when he goes to check out of the hotel 5 days later, the transaction was DECLINED. We had over 7, 000.00 available on the card, USAA pulled all of our available credit and decreased our limit to 10, 000.00 without notice! My husband in route and money was to be used for moving expenses were GONE... We got the BIGGEST run around from customer service rep to customer service rep. and NOTHING was resolved, we explained the situation, we had no problems with our payments... But USAA would do NOTHING to put back the money, to help in any way!
    This was a lesson learned! YOU cannot TRUST a financial institute. This is our fault in the end, for not being guarded! When you trust a SOLE company to do all of your banking, loans, insurance, etc. USAA was a GREAT company for many years, NOW we CANNOT trust them!

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  • Eb
    Ebony Mitchell and Darrin Jone Sep 17, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    if your account was frozen, ask them the name of the person who froze it. Trust me, it was a single person. then ask to be transferred to them. you will get their voicemail, because they're "on the phone", but leave messages. be persistent, and only ask to speak to that person (never a representative) every time you call... the situation will be dealt with in about 3 days. Just remember to go to the source, reps can do nothing but say what they're told to say.

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  • Eb
    Ebony Mitchell and Darrin Jone Sep 17, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    USAA is unreliable, and the representatives' responses are scripted.

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  • Ro
    Rosalie Sloan Aug 16, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Is there any bank that is honest? One who does not have pratices that does not hold a check for three days and not record it so that they can say you have an overdraft and add 3 overdraft charges on the very day that your check goes into the bank. The bank said the check came in 3 days on aug 10. It was not recorded until aug 13. The same day my check for $1295. was deposited. Had I known the check came in on aug 10 I would have deposited the few dollars that I would have short. So a very few dollars cost me $112.50. Shame on you usbank. You have lost two customers and anyone else I can keep from using a VERY DISHONEST BANK.

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  • Ja
    Jane Doe Jul 15, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I agree 110% with these complaints. I have been with USAA for several years and agree they have indeed gotten much worse in the last couple of years. They used to go above and beyond and they did have superior customer service. NOW, that has all changed. Maybe because of the economy and sign of the times. I had identity theft and several unauthorized transactions on my account. USAA froze my account and I had no access to ANY money whatsoever on top of losing out on the money that was taken out. I am a single mother and was basically homeless because USAA left me in the cold after I had been there for MANY years and had over $5, 000 in that account. It was ALL GONE! And I had no access - just out of luck and I felt like I was the criminal. It was completely awful. Oh also, one of my checks I had written before this happened was returned. I tried to explain the situation to the person I wrote this too. She called USAA who referred her to the FRAUD dept. So now she thinks I am the fraudulent one despite the fact I have a police report and have disputed the items and affidavits to prove everything. I am so in agreement that USAA is very evil and has gone completely downhill to say the very least.

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  • Hm
    hm Jul 12, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ove most of USAA PRODUCTS BUT, the banking DEPT overall, its a nightmare! over rated in customer service and policy. its so out of control now!!. i like to say that i was 100%happy customer w/peace of mind. after last 1 yr 1 half, its like their workers that came straight over from BOA! just horrible and rude.

    my first an only payment to NISSAN webbill pay made us lose out on 1yrs w/on time payment program would get us a much lower rate etc, payment set for 15th and nissan got it 22nd, .

    i might as well just used my checkbook! we were renting a home for almost 2ys, used webbill send to monies to a fellow airman, i was renting from, so 3 months before we moved into our new home, webbillpay sent them checks and it was a pain bc we are very busy folks and we considered

    hey you know.. airman needs the funds to pay his bills too on time. why be so consistent w payment method and w/o word just change it.
    so we just called the owner and ask to meet them after taking out the rent$ to give them so we can get the pain in the ### check.

    by this time USAA has caused us to lose money and just unreliable for assuring us peace of mind etc. so why sit and wait for checks to clear, when they could of posted the payment out like almost 2 yrs before etc..

    even had problems..although our home is covered by them along cars etc and you know current address is required etc.. after 2, 3 calls after moving to new home and new car purchase also.. it took after wasting time and fake helpful REps, to update all address and contact info etc..we closed 3-28 and they update all info in late

    too many hassles by this time, so why wait for things to go wrong, and have to call and be on hold and repeating member # etc several times, to get them to repair the damages they caused and never should of had to beg and before the phone all day for them to do the right thing in the first place.


    got $1200 chargeback to my acct and its the 12th and another one hit $500 to the same acct, thinking bc its the weekend and the higher up staff isnt there to freeze all 3 of the accts.

    this a company that goes on about supporting the military right?

    in all fairness to the bank etc.

    chargebacks i thought bank were support to notify you, this is about to happen etc

    this one broad higher up the chain on thursday. hrs has going by yet since the $1200chargeback. bc i called and wanted answers and i want to dispute it etc the broad froze al 3 accts, ( out of spite!)

    and their all joint accts, OK for whatever reason they took it, it had nothing to do wmy 8 yr old kid and the other had nothing to do w/my spouse that was on TDY for 45 days etc.

    so the focus was me and me alone. they blackmailed me into covering the chargeback i was disputing, after telling them look whatever money thats due to post belongs to my husband, they didnt care, so i took my hubby funds to unfreeze accts so me and 8 yrs can survive.

    not all of us have family or close friends to loan us a few bucks, everytime we hav a situation.
    until they complete their investigation etc, i beg and beg this Rep to give us mercy by at least giving us a reasonable timeline to cover chargeback. etc all our paychecks are direct deposit, so why not work with us 15th around the corner and beside, the problem accts is on.

    reasonable its on hold but the acct isnt joint with my spouse, so why bring him into this also? my spouse is lower ranking officer w/top and secret clearances, cant fly w/o it in AF.

    so what fool would risk ruining their credit and good name for $1200? damn i mean why wasnt that used to blackmail us?

    USAA the monster that it is.. bc the rep handling the chargeback disputes didnt get any return calls

    she agreed to take the freeze off all the accts, if i took my hubby money to cover the chargeback, she couldnt wait for my august first paycheck direct deposit.
    the USAA monster is greedy and
    anyhow i was so happy that i was able to feed my kid and put food on the table and fill up the gas tank etc..

    wasnt thinking at the moment how USAA was going to let let us go hungry etc and merciless beas t is shameless, heartless.

    Integrity yeah... and the support to us is a joke!

    go hungry and risk credit damage and lose career if you dont pay chargeback on the USAA monster irrational timeline..

    remember they are suppose to be investigating. so why not complete it and and then apply pressure to pay it at that time?

    ok where is the military support or fairness here?

    i dont see how they are on my team here.

    well thats why made a change to them in 98.

    just unreal and the on going nightmare caused us back over to BOA military bank for our banking needs.

    dont get me wrong please. i dont expect ### kissing. im always respectful if i use a foul word. i say it excuse me..
    after all cant curse the very rep that has the power in helping..

    just be fair and consistence with ur policies and protocol.

    i offered to send endless proof that the chargebacks are invaild etc ok dont listen to what im saying but let me show you proof, so you have more info to consider while ur investigating the chargebacks for me.
    nah they had no desires to let me send them the info but this morning. i did go into USAA login using the msg option, attached the info and posted the ext # of the Rep etc

    explain to me whats the worse that could happened in the outcome( which im sure it wont if they do their jobs correctly) said i would have to pay it, their reason is because of them but not a bank error, so it shoudnt have to suffer the loss..well wait..

    in fairness to bank. in good faith let our friends and family do cash advances etc either by calling in or us login into USAA inputing our own info or family and friends info etc ..
    the feature is great but when things like in my case goes wrong, and i have proof but its clear why it went wrong to them and me now.
    all they require is cc # billing zip, $ amount, 3 #s on the back of the card and thats it!

    nothing standard like the exp, when we make a purchase at website.

    USAA verification process is too soft, dont ask for name on the card and the same-thing, when you call the bank to process it for you etc..

    they tell me that when they process to collect funds from the other side etc ..they use the members name.
    well no wonder the other company sent it back. im not a valid user of the card..make sense for them to send it back bc it belongs to fRIEND and relatives lol ..duh

    why offer the service for us and brag on how easy our friends and family can post funds to our USAA accts.
    they did process it and looks like fraud from the other sides. they are protecting their customers, how doesnt it make sense?
    that i would GET chargeback if they arent processing the info accureratly .never said im the card its crazy!

    friends and family cant send funds really., longs the banks arent doing their jobs on the other end, then you wont suffer chargebacks hassles. very shady of USAA its like.

    SUPPORT US BY OFFERING SERVICES that helps us but also protects by being error proof etc .
    so they dont have to be in a position to take funds from us and, hear ME begging to allow me to feed my kid and for the Rep to be merciful.and to please allow us to pay bills on the 15th.

    i take it personal bc, they were willing to keep us from feeding our kid.and didnt give a damn about our careers, you mess someone kid, policy or not, its war!

    black mailing bank

    if there is a black b white policies thats deals with our case..please feel free to share it..wife_of_ironman yeahwhoo

    costly lesson learned either way
    no wonder many old timers, hide money in their homes bc, the banks are legal crooks

    doing allotments to pay bills, so it cant be at risk to go unpaid..gonna trust MAC until they mess up also.

    BTW AFTER MY NIGHTMARE EXP using the cash advance ..guess what the REP...after all my problems wthe cash advances etc..

    she ask do you all any credit card etc..why dont you use CC to do cash advance to cover any bills you are expecting ..hmmm isnt that the cause my problems in the first place..hell no!

    so livid and out of energy just..laughed and asked are you serious?

    twighlight zone

    crazy USAA Rep lol

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  • La
    Laura Czymbor Jul 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with you, they are indeed evil and underhanded. Those of you who claim this has to do with personal responsibility, i feel for you!! You have yet to step out of line and when you do you will be eating those words!!! These people do not commend you for personal responsibility they will in the end punish you. I got into a jam with them as well with overdraft fees. The thing is i talked with representatives about the issue we agreed on a date to pay the overdraft and shortly later they: 1) closed my checking account, 2) blocked all access to online accounts and froze all my assets which was nearly $4000.00!!! When i spoke to the several representatives i was consistently denied access to my balances and only offered to call them if i wanted information! They told me they were sending the account to fraud department and then said that department was not accessible to members! The credit cards I had with them kept calling and i had to keep telling them that YOUR bank is holding my funds so how could i possibly pay you! Due to them pulling this i incurred over the limit fees, past due fees not to mention the finance charges!! When i spoke with them regarding the credit card accounts we agreed to installment payments, two to be exact, as soon as they were paid off the promptly closed those accounts as well!! Mind you all this closing of accounts was without ANY notice!!! The loans i have with paperwork at all has ever been mailed to me, now was that because it was paperless in other words able to be viewed online...oh WAIT!!! they denied access to that too! So basically i should keep calling them for balances and payments on my loans, credit cards, mortgage and insurance...RIGHT? Blindly keep paying? I am DEFINITELY looking into another bank to take over ALL of my business. In my opinion, USAA should not be allowed to associate itself with the military!! Someone said to contact the Office of Thrift Supervision, i am also going to seek my state representatve, senator, and the FDIC! They have no right to do this!! For those of you who have not mis stepped, BEWARE and READ UP!!!

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  • Je
    Jennifer Jul 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All I have to say about any complaints about overdraft fees or accounts not showing an exact balance.. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILTY!-quit complaining someone won't bend over backwards to make your life easier and balance your accounts and have an overdraft account for emergencies or in case of the mistake also known as "human error". Electronic debits and cards do not mean that you should not track your own spending (like in the days when you wrote checks and absolutely had to).

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  • Ai
    airforcegurl81 May 19, 2008

    USAA is pretty evil. If you have complaints, you should call the Office of Thrift Supervision, which is the federal agency that regulates USAA Federal Savings Bank. I will state, however, that if you don't have an overdraft account such as your savings account or other account, then USAA is entitled to charge you overdraft fees. $29.00 is pretty much the standard fee, same as Bank of America or any other financial institution. But I agree with you that USAA does use some misleading tactics and it definitely needs to be held accountable. Unfortunately, talking to their reps doesn't do much. They hide behind the "we're the best financial institution in the world, " and "our members think we're the best..." which sort of implies that you and I are ###ed anomalies.

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  • Ri
    Richard Layton Stein Mar 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Right on Right on, Sarah Tiller. [Discussion thread] - Agreement

    I have been with USAA Federal savings bank for approximately 1year. AT first they treated me extremely well. Then all of a
    sudden they became " anal retentive".

    [Side tracking] I have excellent credit. AS long as you keep everthing on a electronic ACH electronic basis with your
    checking or savings accout everthing is great.

    The minute you have a problem with a disputes(S) you have problems. Currenty I am disputing a charge with a computer company/merchant in Irvine. They have correspondence saying that my Amercian Express credit card would not be charged, and a credit will be issued, ....... Needless to say they charged my account after telling me that my American Express would not charged. They decided to ship something out to cause problems.
    and they say I am due a refund of $70.57, Where is it? They say allow 7-10 business days for them to [the merchant] to process
    a refund. Where is it?. That was 2.18.2008. You have to allow the merchant time It is now 3.3.2008. Waiting.......
    The merchant owes me $165.31 from an unathorized transaction. Please give the merchant 7-10 business days to credit
    your account. Needless to say I am owed a totalof $234.88 from the merchant. Waiting..........

    No conditional credit/ provisional credit was issued by USAA. I paid a total of $234.88 to protect my credit, in order in avoid
    financial charges and to avoid collection accounts which these bozos.

    ================== Other Issues==================

    In addition. they decided to lower or impact my credit score with equifax, and put an extraneous (hard) inquiry on my equifax because of a credit line retristribution between the American Express and the Platinum Visa. I did not ask for a credit line
    increase or Credit. I had to put a consumer alert on my equifax....USAA I believe acted under false pretenses.

    I did close the American express card intially because I left the card in a store. Because of security reasons, it is possible that
    even though it was locked up in a draw, it is quite posible that a dishonest employee could have acquited the Account #,
    expiration date, and the three-four security digit CID/. I now am getting alerts from Experian and Equifax that they have
    reported the credit card lost.stolen when indeed it was recovered. nevertheless this has inpacted my credit score once again.
    This is absolutely ridiculous and absurd. USAA complemented me on being very responsible in this matter then they stabbed
    me in the back. Woinderful.

    Effective 3.5.2005 I will change financial institutions, but do think they care? NOT NOT NOT

    Richard Stein.

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  • Do
    Don Jan 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unfortunately I think you are looking for someone to blame and USAA has nothing to do with your funds not matching your expenditures. As for speaking to a manager, USAA is one of the VERY few companies that does not push back when you ask for a supervisor. I assure you, the person you spoke with was a supervisor.

    When you spend more money than you have, you can expect to have an overdraft fee regardless if the money is actually withdrawn. The bank still must process the transactions, and they cannot do this for free.

    As for the change in policies, that goes with the times. At this point, many Americans are much more in dept than they were 10 years ago, this puts companies at risk. Not only is USAA at risk, but all of the members that the company represents. You may or may not know, USAA is not a stock owned company. Therefore profits and losses are shared amongst employees and members, such as yourself.

    Just my 2 cents.

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  • Sp
    Specialist Sarah Tiller Nov 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you for your reply, however I would have to say I disagree. Honestly I have been with a lot of banking institutions in the past and not once was I ever charged an overdraft fee unless the money in question was overdrawn. In this case, they charged me overdraft fees for monies that were never overdrawn. The transactions were declined or rejected therefore it makes no sense to charge an overdraft fee. It is simply wrong for any banking institution to charge an overdraft fee for monies never overdrawn, just so they can make some extra bucks. Honestly, such business dealings should be considered illegal. The overdraft fee should be used for what it was named for. If monies were overdrawn then said bank has that right to charge an overdraft fee. Overdraft fees should not be used solely at the whim of a banking institution just so they can make some extra money. That is just plain greed and that is how lawsuits can happen. What's the use in having consumer protections laws if they are failing to protect the consumer from the unfair business practices of the bank they chose to put their money in?

    I honestly think something needs to be done about this.

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  • Mm
    M MOss Nov 11, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All banks do this. That is standard practice, Navy Federal Credit Union and all banks I bank with do this, this is how they make money. Just standard practice my friend.

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