USAAcam and rip off!

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After being a loyal employee of usaa for 10 years, I was layed off in 2006 due to downsizing. Because of my drastic drop in salary while searching for a new position usaa retested me for reemployment in september 2007 and sent me for a drug test which were both passing and basically rehired. Until they ran my credit and realized it had gone poor they decided I did not qualify for the position because of the credit issue and did not actually hire me. A month later in october of 2007 I had to declare bankruptcy because I had really fallen behind in all of my debts, mortgage. Being insured with usaa in all lines of business (Car, homeowners, personal articles floater, and life) end even all banking products with usaa for the past 10 years, I remained faithful with the company for my business with them, that is until in 12-2007 usaa wrote me to let me know that because of the bankruptcy status they would not renew my policies at the end of the current policies which were car insurance in 1-2008, home insurance in [protected]. Unfortunately on [protected] the main entrance to my home was broken the whole frame of the door was broken and door broken into and everything (Jewelry, electronics, computers, etc.) was stolen. A police report was filed immediately to this date 3-6-2008 my door still has no security lock and any one can just push in the door an enter the home. Then on the contents usaa has placed a special investigator (Supposedly) she could never show or answer to any credentials come to my home and ask to look through all of my personal things, I agreed, why I do not know, but she did, and of course found nothing. I have nothing to hide I exclaimed to her, then told her that since we were in my home I was recording our conversation she replied, "she was not comfortable with that" I told her it was still happening since we were in my home, usaa had sent me a letter stating that if I were to have any fraud or false statements they would not honor my statements. And on the letter it also states that if I want to hire an attorney at my expense I could. So this is exactly what I did, a representative (Hr director) of my attorneys firm was invited to sit in my home with this "private investigator" (Cynthia esquivel) she stated "I am not comfortable with this at all" and went on to say that she would not conduct the meeting with me on the cas and would only take any paper work and she would make her determination from there. She took paperwork copies I made for her and left. (All conversation is on recording) she was extremely rude, and hostile. On thurs 2-28-08 I received a phone call from contractor "alamo flooring and construction" stating that usaa had approved the door replacement and that he had contacted the door company and they told him all I had to do was go and pay my part of the door so that week could get started. Being that I work 2 full time jobs (Day and night) I was not able to until sat. 3-1-08. Since I am not a crook it never dawned on me that the quote given to me from the front door company had a few scratch outs on it where the person that made the quote had made mistakes and corrected them. I faxed this quote to usaa not even thinking any thing of this effect would come in. The representative at the front door company let me know that usaa had sent an investigator to see if the quote I faxed to them matched theirs because they felt I had altered it. Of course it did match, I never would of even thought about this. I am very humiliated by all the allegations usaa has put on me and the mental anguish that this horrible company has put me through. My situation makes me wonder how many people that do not know better get taken advantage like this by usaa. I was a victim when my home was broken into and the privacy of my home was invaded. Usaa made my situation even worse instead of protecting me like I had been paying them to do all these years. This situation needs to be stopped and taken seriously and investigators for usaa need to show credentials before they can just walk in someones home and expect to go through their personal lives. And they need to realize that I am comfortable with them recording my conversations with them, what are they hiding that they are not comfortable with the consumer recording them. I will go as far as I can not only to protect myself and my family but any one who has to go through the nightmare that usaa has created for me.


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    lawsuitwillbecoming Dec 18, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Usaa is nothing but fraud.. They do same thing to me and listen you dont have to be their staff employee. They do that with all claimants and insureds they are fraud and they need to be investigated. They sure do cause alot of mental anguish and caused alot of issues for me also so dont feel bad im going to sue the #### of them no worries..

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  • On
    onlyonline Sep 20, 2016

    I've read through all of the posts here and I feel a few things need to be cleared up. First of all, if your husband is messing around with someone at work, you have other deeper issues that need to be addressed. It is NOT a USAA problem -- it is a SPOUSE problem. Secondly, complaints from disgruntled employees should be taken with a grain of salt. If you were fired, laid off, etc -- then you were either part of the summer surge team, or you must not have been performing up to the required standards. Take a look in the mirror first before you bite the hand that fed you. Also, if you you feel you are being overworked while management and directors sip coffee and attend multiple meetings, then you clearly don't understand business. Doctors make the big bucks -- they see you for 5 minutes when you're in the hospital, and the nurses willingly do all the work for a fraction of the pay (because they are the ones committed to the service aspect of their field). Welcome to reality. I actually prefer the member contact to the coffee-sipping meetings. It's a privilege and an honor to be able to speak with our military, connect with them, hear their stories, educate them and offer them some guidance and reassurance. Taking back-to-back calls is your JOB! If you don't like it -- change it! Find another company where you feel you can actually make a difference in someone's life, get paid to do it, and get great benefits.'s a good one...stop complaining & embrace your current position... pay your dues, work your tail off and strive to continuously improve and grow so you can get promoted to one of those "cushy" director positions. (Be warned -- the grass is not always greener on the other side.) The opportunities are there for you - what you choose to do with them is all on YOU.

    Next, let's all acknowledge the fact that there is NO perfect company, NO perfect employer, NO perfect job, NO perfect management team, and from a consumer standpoint -- NO claim that was perfectly satisfied. Unfortunately, it is human nature to point fingers and blame someone else when we are hurt, angry, or simply uneducated and reaping the consequences of our own bad decisions. Think about it -- millions of members -- only hundreds of complaints. Those are staggeringly great odds. Human beings tend to want to tell the world when something goes wrong, but rarely do we find it worth taking time out of our busy lives to tell the world about something that went right or to thank someone for a job well done. When is the last time any of the complainers on this site posted something positive? I'm not judging -- just guessing. Might be a good time for a little self-reflection for you.

    Just to be clear -- I do not use the term "uneducated" as an insult, but insurance is a very complex industry. If you are simply searching for the cheapest premium without taking the time to educate yourself, then you are setting yourself up to be the next disgruntled recipient of a less than satisfying claim payout. I have been in the industry nearly 20 years -- not all of them with USAA. I can confidently state that USAA is by far THE BEST company out there (from a member AND employee perspective) -- and I pride myself on making sure every member I speak with gets the information THEY need to make an educated decision about THEIR financial security. I don't recommend coverages, I don't tell you what YOU should choose as a deductible, etc. I EDUCATE you. It's YOUR money. It's YOUR protection. It's YOUR decision. (And it CANNOT be done efficiently or accurately in fifteen minutes or less!) An educated adult understands there is a lot more to it than just paying a premium for a number of years and getting 100% of whatever they want whenever they file a claim. If you CHOOSE a 2% deductible, then it is YOUR job to understand exactly what that means and how it will affect YOU. If YOU choose lower liability limits because the premium is cheaper, then YOU are the only to blame when you have liens placed against you and your future earnings garnished by claimants because your insurance company didn't cover "everything".

    I cannot tell you the number of times that I have spoken with people who are willing to take insurance advice from their neighbors, the car dealer, their realtor, their mortgage lender, their family members and what they happened to overhear from a stranger when they were in line at Starbucks...instead of having that conversation with me, the insurance professional., who wants to simply educate them on the importance of proper liability coverage. Would you call your butcher for roofing advice? Or your mechanic for a good recipe? Or your mom to perform surgery? Or a barista to fill your prescription? We all know who to trust when it comes to certain things -- we all want the specialist or the expert in the field so we can get the best product, the best advice or the best service. Why should your financial security and the protection of your home and family be any different?

    I understand that Insurance companies as a whole have gotten a bad reputation for taking money in and not paying out. Let's break that down: in its simplest form, the insurance industry is a gamble. Everyone puts their money into the kitty, and rolls the dice -- hoping NOT to have to file a claim. When someone files a claim, the kitty is used to pay that claim. If there is not enough money in the kitty because of the number of past claims, then everyone needs to contribute a little more and the rates go up. If there's a lot left over in the kitty after operating expenses and claims are paid, then members receive their little piece of the pie through dividend payouts. All this happens while continuously monitoring the internal expenses of keeping up with the ever-rising costs of labor, construction materials, vehicle parts, changes in building codes, individual rating factors, etc. So it's much more than expecting to receive a payout equal to the amount you've paid in. Do you go to your local gas pump or grocery store and tell them that you deserve a better price for the same product because you've been shopping there for years?

    ASK questions. EDUCATE yourself. Be accountable for YOUR own financial security. If USAA isn't the best fit for YOU -- either as a member or an employee -- that's okay. No need to be bitter and lash out. Be an adult and move on. It's YOUR choice.

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  • Ta
    Tanya Bennett Jun 21, 2016

    I am a spouse of a 100 percent disabled veteran. he served 3 tours in Vietnam. I have a USAA credit card and it had a $15.000 limit.
    we had some credit card debt.we agreed to do some balance transfers to USAA. this happened about a year ago. it started out at
    $12.600. we paid them $3.100 for the last ten months.
    they have charged us $1.400 in interest. we got a statement dated june of 2015 that stated that we owed them$10.318.57.
    but now they say we owe them $11.199.95..and the statement also says that if we only pay the minimum we will be paying about
    28 years. it took a long time to get through to someone. I asked if they would give us a lower payoff. they said no. I don't know how they came up with these figures. this cant be right. if you read their reviews on the internet . there is a lot of upset people. we will cancel our car and house insurance
    with Usaa. I told them they are not helping veterans they are only helping themselves. someone should stop them from taking advantage of veterans.

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  • Cd
    cdkl Jun 28, 2014

    AA is the worst company I have EVER worked for! Beware veterans! The management spends much of their time visiting with each other, talking, laughing and drinking coffee at each others desks while Member service representatives take back to back calls.

    We are monitored by an auditing department as well as 4-5 calls a week by our manager. We are expected to know each state's insurance laws as well each computer application in addition to new and/or process changes.
    Training was inadequate. You were told that training provides 10 % and the remaining 90% is learned on the job.

    The Member service representatives often get their weekly meetings shortened or completely cancelled while the managers continue to attend their 4-5 meetings a week, unoblivious to the back to back phone calls, either not acknowledged or uncaring.

    I retired with my previous employer after over 30 years and I have never been treated so unprofessionally or disrespectfully in all of my life.

    There is a task force in place asking why turnover is so high. I was fired for the FIRST time in my life for making two mistakes. Instead of reviewing the mistakes and being given the opportunity to improve, I was fired.

    Veterans, I love you and appreciate all of your hard work and sacrifices. My family is a proud military family as well. WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank you for service!

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  • Vi
    victor chelpaty Oct 21, 2013

    Usaa was a good bank, they do not care about military like they say,
    They have gatten money out of one of my checking, now by check is going to bounce,
    Usaa does not care, you.

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  • Re
    Rebecca Ashley Sep 24, 2013

    USAA DOES NOT CARE IF YOU ARE A LOYAL MEMBER!! They sell themselves as being supportive, loyal to their long-term customers, however, if you are in a financial jam they will drop you like a fly. I was short $30 for a payment and they cancelled my auto insurance. Now, they think that just offering to re-evaluate my policy and having me go through all the paperwork again that they are dong ME a favor. The company has gone downhill from where they were years ago. Did I mention I've been a loyal member with no financial issues or delays in payment in 20 years, not too mention my Father has been a member for 50 years, they don't care. Liz Green the "Director" was completely rude and combative during our 2 minute conversation I had with her that took two days for her to return my call. Shame on the upper level management of USAA. I can't wait to spread the word to everyone and anyone I know. I'm glad I could be a loyal customer to you for 20 years, cannot wait to switch to Triple AAA!!! I've heard so many people for the past 20 years try to convince me to make the switch, I'm looking forward to seeing what they've all been talking about and making a real relationship with such a respectable company. Oh, and since I've been shopping around, I realize that USAA isn't any cheaper than anyone else out there, just another one of their scams.

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  • Up
    upset wife too Dec 06, 2012

    USAA is a whole little city and many of the employees have a secret life there. Two years ago I found out that a woman (Immature 28 year old) was enticing married men knowing that they were married she didn't care till I found out that my husband was not her only victim just the one who was caught. You see she lied to HR/upper management and her supervisor that she had no involvement or contact with my husband but she did. You how could you have no involvement or contact with someone and receive intimate gift almost weekly? (I found most of the receipts) Now almost getting him fired and was most likely was told NOT to have contact with him, few weeks later she made it a point to go up to him and tell him that she's pregnant. What's that? Now my marriage is destroyed and my children do not look at their dad the same and she still works there. I wish there was a way to contact HR to advise them of the kind of employee they have and all the lies she has told them only to save herself (you see she also had a boyfriend that was not aware of what was going on and probably still doesn't know). I don't know where to start or who to contact at USAA to advise them of this employee. Does anyone know or have suggestions as to what I should do?

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  • Ao
    AOkay Oct 11, 2012

    USAA IS GREAT So far no problems and icall if i am missing a dollar and they patiently help. But one time I did call and someone asked for my password and that was suspicious and they said i got it anyhow but i still did not give it. it was wierd and uncomfortable but the first, Other then that I love the company,

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  • Ex
    ExUSAA-MEMBER Apr 19, 2011

    i too have had a horrible history with usaa. We were in an accident (not our fault).It did a considerable amount of damage to the vehicle.The "representative" from usaa said the damage was under $700 when in all actuality it was well over $5000.So ridiculous. They did not have some one from usaa come to assess the damage instead went through a contracted third party company.We could not contact said company as the contact number was our phone number!!!When we finally managed to get the right number. I took over 2 months of rescheduled appointments(to assess the damage) before the vehicle was "assessed".The company gave us the cell number to the representative who was supposed to come.Every time we contacted them they said they would be in our town in just a few hours and never showed up.On top of this we purchased a home before this happened and atleast 3 times in less than a year we have had to call and fight with them because they say we are in default. after hours and hours on the phone fighting with them they always prove we were not in default.Accounts are almost impossible to close...I hate USAA

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  • Sp
    SpursFanfromSA Feb 19, 2011

    I don't know if people understand that the "hundred's of complaints" you have seen against USAA is quite less than 1% of their coverage of the US. They employ about 22, 000 people alone, it would take 220 complaints to see 1% there. They cover SO many more people than just that, and the resulting percentages bring up nearly 80000 complaints constituting 1%. The worry will start when the complaints come in by the thousands. Every company is going to make mistakes. Small businesses aren't always right, and we in this world today are convinced that large companies are never right. I will not say that it is bad to question what something at a big business is saying, not by a long shot. Question everything! What I think is that when something happens individually like that, it's unfortunate, but you can't measure something like that on it's losses**.

    **If we did that, then the Spurs would beat the Lakers on a yearly basis.

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  • Lo
    LOSTMOREMONEY Sep 14, 2010

    USAA banking is a scam as well do not give you all information up front then wont close checking account as requested and with no physical branches locally you are at their mercy

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  • Sh
    Shaloma Mar 27, 2010

    I was a member for 30+ years. They were once the best company around by far. In the last 10 years they've gone downhill fast. I remember seeing that they were in the top five US employers (they made it to #1 once, IIRC) but it looks like that has fallen apart too. It's pretty sad. I used to be very proud of my membership. I remember when they were a GREAT company, before they became ethically challenged.

    I've tried some other companies and they're okay. Not any worse. Rates aren't tht much more, and fewer lies!

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  • Us
    USAAistheworst Dec 31, 2009

    Darren at the very top made a point, the rates are great and it is cheap but the service was also cheap. He might just chalk me up to a disgruntled employee but I left the company myself. This place is disgusting. They pay great benefits for the right to treat everyone like ###, and their members... that’s worse because they are the ones bringing in the money to the company and them they treat the worst. I have seen them make exceptions for 40 year members who lie and try to commit fraud by giving them a slap on the wrist or allow payment on a claim they had no coverage for because they have 200k in investments through the bank... this is wrong. COMPLETELY WRONG. On the other hand, they have denied claims or used bad credit in investigating fraud and denied claims when that was the only indicator that popped up. I'm glad I left, I couldn't hardly sleep at night and wished that some car would hit me on the way to work just so that I wouldn't have to go.

    Glad to be gone

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  • To
    Tomme Sep 30, 2009

    I have a large house on the Texas Coast. Naturally I have to have flood and Windstorm and those don't go through USAA. My insurance policy just came up for renewal and with the other coverages I must carry I found the $2, 600 price tag for a homeowners "fire" policy to be a bit much. In examining my homeowners I find that I am carrying $276, 000 for personal property and $73, 500 for loss of use and tried to reduce them. I was told that I can't do that as they are part of a bundled package. Here's my problem. While my mortgage is much lower, I realize I have to have a fire policy for "replacement value". Since my house is large that means that I have to have a policy somewhere in the vicinity of $350, 000. If I calculate all of my personal property it's less than $100, 000. I asked the USAA rep what would happen if I suffered a total loss, would I get a check for personal property in the amount of $276, 000 even though I don't have that much? I was told "oh no, we will only pay you what you can substantiate with an inventory". What a rip off! Why am I being forced to take out an extra $176, 000 in personal property insurance that I don't need, don't want and couldn't collect on?

    Similarly, I am forced to take out a "loss of use" that's way more than I want. I pointed out that the $73, 500 would allow me to stay at a $200 motel for a year. While that might be necessary if we were talking hurricanes and there was widespread loss, this is a "fire only" policy. I'd rather have a $30, 000 limit and if I needed it I could go rent/buy a trailer.

    I've been a USAA member for over 40 years, but they no longer seem willing to serve their customers. What they are interested in is raking in more premiums. I'm shopping for other Homeowner policies.

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  • 1m
    1me Aug 01, 2009

    Your roof replacement amount should be based on the depreciated amount and not of the "rebuild" amount of the home. I have never heard of USAA doing that before. Normally, what happens with most insurance companies is that they try to find out what the useful life of the roof has left and what percentage of damage per sq foot of the roof has and then minus your deductible will pay you that amount back. If you have a 20 year old roof and have recent hail damage then the probability is that you will be footing a large portion of re-roof yourself.

    I don't see how USAA can determine the cost of a roof based on the cost of a rebuild. And, it sounds like they are completely out of line with the 306k for rebuild. Plus, that really jacks your rates up. So, I would really re-check that information. You would want to get back on the phone and go over your homes amenities. Typically with a complete tear off and re-roof for a home in my area for the price of the house you state at 158k about 3, 500 to 4k is reasonable. I would make sure I get my own estimates as well. You may not have to use their provider. Also, say if the job is estimated at 4k and actually costs 6k then you turn in the rest and they will pay the overage amount. See- what they are hoping for is that you, for example, take the 6k and put a 4k roof on the house and then you forever have a composite shingle/asphalt shingle roof that might be less life that what you currently have or could have had at 6k. So, their costs go down next time having to only replace the type of roof you have the next time. This was huge a few years ago when the housing market was a boom and people were having roofing companies coming out and roof shoping for an inferior shingle to save money when selling but once that type of roof is on there the insurance co forever saves on that type of roof.

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  • Mo
    mottejc Jun 07, 2009

    It's no wonder USAA is so cheap they will not pay out on their claims!! I had USAA for 4 years and when I finally made a claim they denied it and told me that unless I could prove the damage was not prior they would not approve it! Then they decided to cancel me due to "Misrepresentation" on that claim saying I lied about it that it was prior damage. Now a year later they have blocked my online banking access due to that claim! 1 Year later are you serious!!! I can’t check my balance I can’t transfer funds I can't pay my bills; nothing! What a joke! Good job USAA that's the way to take care of the military! I'm in the process now of closing everything out with them and open up with another credit union which rates are a little better right now anyways.

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  • Da
    Dan Robison May 20, 2009

    In March 2009 my roof was damaged by hail. The hailstorm was documented by the National Weather Service and USAA does not dispute the damage was caused by the hail. USAA sent an adjuster who says the roof is a total loss and must be replaced.

    This is where I believe USAA is screwing me. I have a 2% deductible on hail damage and the last appraisal on my home (this year, 2009) put the value at $158, 000. That should make my deductible about $3, 160, but USAA says my deductible is over $6, 000. They say their figure is based on something they call Comprehensive Replacement Cost and that if my home were a total loss it would cost $306, 000 to remove all debris including the foundation and completely rebuild it from the ground up.

    Coincidentally their adjuster estimates it will cost right at $6, 000 to replace the roof so that lets USAA off the hook and they are saying they will not pay one penny to help replace my roof.

    Why they base my deductible for hail damage to the roof on the cost to completely remove my house, including the foundation, and completely rebuild it from the ground up does not make any sense to me. The only way it makes sense is if it is USAA’s way of avoiding paying any claims for roof damage and just accepting not taking care of their customers.

    Beware, they’re doing it to me and I’ll bet they’re doing it to all their customers. If you have USAA insurance you need to check with them and seriously think about what happens if you need to fail a claim. If they can base your deductible on any figure they come up with rather than the actual value of your home, what’s to stop them from adjusting that figure as necessary to avoid paying any claim?

    I’ve talked to several other insurance companies and am in the process of getting quotes to change insurance, but they ALL say they would not base the deductible on some imaginary future total replacement cost, but on the actual current value of the home.

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  • Pi
    pissedoff Feb 05, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am getting ready to take USAA to court for mortgage fraud. They have proven to be a completely inept organization that lies and treats customers like second class citizens. Joe Robles, CEO should be ashamed of himself. He and USAA and their partner in crime GMAC should wake up and become part of the solution to the problem they and the entire US financial system backed by 8 years of George Bush have created.

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  • Si
    Sir Leo Jul 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have USAA and am somewhat satisfied. I have had some problem with getting things done because of bureaucratic red-tape.
    But overall, their insurance rate is by far the cheapest I have found. Not sure if the coverage is good or not. I imagine they are like all the other insurance companies and try not to pay out or try to pay out as little as they can get by with.
    I just hope they aren't like State Farm and only paid me $200 on $7, 000 claim. I had special insurance up to $10, 000 to cover a Sun Microsystem cluster. Lighting came through the lines and destroyed 2 Sun Blades. The money they sent me did not even cover a hard drive.

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  • Ja
    jason Apr 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    USAA are a bunch of crooks. My home was broken into in july of 07 and I did not see or hear from USAA for over 1 month unless I made the call. Also the first person from usaa I did see was their investigator in late August. I have still yet to be paid for my break in and doubt I ever will; I also hired an attorney and am in the process of fighting them and have had to make an examination under oath twice.
    I also used to work at usaa and left on not so great of terms. These ### just take your money and refuse to pay when you have a loss so i would not hold my breath waiting for that settlement because its 2 months shy of one year for me.

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  • Da
    Darren Mar 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is very interesting how you seem to complain at ease about USAA Insurance, yet you continue to remain a member. Simple answer to that, is becuase you WILL NOT find any rates better than what you are paying now. Second, letme refrase one item to you dummy, USAA did not endorse McCain! All the presidential canidates were invited and he is the only one that accepted. You want to moan and gripe about your insurance then go ahead and just leave USAA. Noone is begging you to stay.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Mar 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ignore the idiot above. Your complaints are VALID and verified by HUNDREDS of ex-USAA members my son being one of them. All you have to do is type in GOOGLE "USAA AUTO INSURANCE COMPLAINTS" or something similar and many complaints pop up. I have read hundreds of them. I have been a USAA member and am insured with them on both my auto and house but I made sure to DOCUMENT EVERYTHING and take video camara and pictures of everything in my house. I question question question everything. I am keeping my fingers crossed because basically all insurance companies are bad just like the 3 presidential choices they have for us now to pick from. USAA and McCain are the least offense in their respective groups. God-what a world we live in.

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  • Da
    Darren Mar 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It seems to me, you are the typical disgruntled laid off employee. I personally think you were terminated, due to the fact that Robert Davis did not make any layoffs in 2007. Second, just like every other USAA employee that gets laid off or termintaed, you turn around and bash USAA. Gee, what else is new? Last, since when is it your (ex) employers problem, that you did not get a job after I am sure, you were given atleast 90 day compensation? Sounds, like you got hosed by someone at USAA, maybe a director? Not sure, needless to have some issues at an ex employer and are trying every way to bring them down, which you know your whining will not get you anywhere with a Multi Million Forbes company! - Try calling the FAC I'm sure they will speak to you! Bye.

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