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1800 531 8722 (Customer Service)
+1 210 531 8722 (Customer Service)
+1 800 472 8722 (Individual Retirement Accounts)
+1 877 899 6325 (Trust Services)
+1 800 258 4060 (Real Estate Rewards Network Assistance)
+1 800 531 8555 (Roadside Assistance)
+1 888 452 7754 (Auto Glass Repair & Replacement)
+1 877 314 2255 (Financial Planning)
+1 800 292 8294 (Survivor Relations Team)
+1 210 456 6310 (Accessibility)
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, Texas
United States - 78288
USAA Federal Savings Bank 
10750 McDermott Freeway, San Antonio, TX 78288-9876

USAA Investment Management Company 
P.O. Box 659453, San Antonio, TX 78265-9825

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USAA Complaints & Reviews

USAA (United Services Automobile Association) — auto insurance claims

03/09/2017 9:40pm usaa insured driver made an improper lane change into my vehicle resulting in significant...

USAA (United Services Automobile Association)credit card security

I have been a USAA member for over 25 years. For most of this time I thought they were a first class outfit. No more.In Jan. 2017, someone was able to hack my account at USAA and request a credit card be sent overnight to them. They were able to activate the card and charge over $2, 800 to it. I had received an email notifying me my new cards had been sent fedex to me. Since I did not request new cards I called USAA and notified them of the fraud, the tracking number had an address in Georgia, I live in Maine. The credit cards were cancelled. We set up new passwords and security measures and then verified all of my personal information in their system. New credit cards were mailed out. After a week I had not received them, I called USAA and asked them to verify the address they had mailed the cards to. THEY HAD MAILED THEM TO THE HACKER!!! It was the address in Georgia I had seen on the fedex tracking number for the first set of cards they had sent to the hacker. The false address was still somewhere in their system. How dos this happen? I have had my identity compromised, have had to file fraud reports, reports to the IRS, sign affidavits, etc. due to no fault of mine. This is serious and they have holes in their security that cause me deep concern.

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    USAA (United Services Automobile Association) — usaa false advertising

    I have complained multiple times. The Josh Eilers TV commercial shows him leaning on an A-10 while wearing...

    USAA (United Services Automobile Association) — homeowners personal property

    Claim # [protected]-90C-002 My wife's wedding ring had the center stone fallout and was lost. After entering a...

    USAA (United Services Automobile Association)banking

    The over the phone process has me going back and forth between departments and every time I have to verify who I am, also whenever I am transferred to a new representative they have no idea what's going on because the previous person did not tell them. Then when I am trying to be authenticated they want the last four of card which I don't have because they told me to cut it up because it was cancelled. This starts the whole process over again and now I have been on the phone for 2 hours. Also there is no supervisor I can speak with, at least that's what I'm told by each person I talk to. I know this may be trivial but I think its absolutely ridiculous how this process takes place. There is no issue to resolve other than having USAA change their policy on this type of thing.

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      USAA (United Services Automobile Association)pay in full plan

      My name is Rachel Evans, I'm a member w/ USAA and have been for 10+ years. I am so upset w/ this company, and how they treat their members by doing very sneaky things. Upon me looking into my 6 month renewal policy on 1/17/17 I noticed I was subjected to a pay in full plan which is something I DID NOT agree to or was even aware about. After speaking w/ a rep by the name of Elton (he was very unprofessional) and then w/ a supervisor Andrew informed me because I had a few late payments last year (which I always informed USAA and never had a cancelation) that I was subjected to a pay in full plan or to do automatic payments to avoid it. I'm so angry and feel very fooled by this insurance company who I always thought so highly of, I definitely don't feel that way now and can see just how money hungry they truly are. Sometimes in life things happen but at least I always took the time to call USAA and let them know in advance about any late payments I was going to have to make and they always had my word on that day that they were going to get paid! They still took my money without any issues but failed to let one of their valued members know about something like this. I'm disgusted w/ this company beyond words and fed up to the Max, this is NOT fair at all and in the line of customer service is NOT how you treat someone who has stuck w/ you for 10+ years! Something should be done about this bc this is just not right!

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        USAA Investmentsinvestments

        On january 9, 2016, I called usaa investments and spoke with a rep based in phoenix, az about investing $70, 000 with them; the rep said he'd get back to me in a day or two with recommendations and steps to proceed. A week and a half later, still nothing, even after calling and leaving messages on his direct line, twice; and sending him an email. I called the central # after a week and a half to complain; this rep assured me he'd have a supervisor contact me, but 24 hours later, still no response.

        I've been a lifelong member of usaa, but my short experience with their investment group and the bad reviews the investment group has me wondering.

        What's wrong? To date over the years with them - 50+ years, service has been sterling. Not with this group. I just want a callback and a good explanation.

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          USAA (United Services Automobile Association) — claim number: [protected]-7101-8 auto accident 01-05-2017

          Today I had an automobile accident. I have been assigned claim representative matthew morelo. I want another...

          USAA (United Services Automobile Association) — car insurance

          I was with State Farm for 10 years and had a great, low rate with a loyalty discount, too. I switched to USAA...

          USAA (United Services Automobile Association)supplemental medicare insurance

          I changed supplemental Medicare insurance companies from USAA, and they kept charging my account, despite my notifications I had other insurance - which I think they threw into the trash. Five months later they call, and are willing to refund two of the five months.
          I had other insurance, their insurance of me was all in their mind and their paperwork - no claims.
          My fault! I thought they were honorable. I SHOULD have notified my credit union to disallow their automatic charge - because they aren't honorable.
          Carrying me on their roles as insured costs them nothing, but they want @ $435 for doing so.
          Maybe they started out as vet officer friendly. Grew, added formerly enlisted, as fodder to screw over.

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            USAA (United Services Automobile Association) — claims representative

            Jameson Leak is an aggressive, intimating, ill-mannered agent who talks very fast and very loud. Every time I...

            USAA (United Services Automobile Association)part 1: usaa and ccc consumer fraud, rico act violation

            Dear USAA member,

            My family entrusted USAA with our earnings, savings, house and car insurance for the last 30+ years.
            Last week my wife's car got totaled by a driver running a red traffic light. The driver admitted his fault and was ticketed by the police.

            USAA is using CCC for the primary purpose of minimizing monies paid out by insurers to its fiduciaries. USAA is not accepting KBB, NADA, etc. for an independent and fair market price evaluation. By relying upon CCC’s intentionally low valuation of my vehicle, USAA is breaching its fiduciary duty to act in good faith in handling my claim.

            It's all about profits - nothing personal. Now it is my turn.

            Dear USAA member, please don't let USAA get away with this. Fight back. Know your rights. Share your experience. File a complain with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies.

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              • Cc
                CCC-One Nov 14, 2016

                Dear USAA member,

                12 weeks have now passed since our car was totaled.

                We entrusted USAA for 38 years with our investments, banking and insurance needs.
                We didn't filed a car claim for 15+ years.
                The others parties insurance NAPC (third part) confirmed 100% fault.
                USAA (first party) is acting as middle man for NAPAC.

                What have I learned:
                - 80% of all car insurances outsource there 'total lost claims' to CCC-One.
                - CCC-One services are designed to low ball your ACV claim by 30%.
                - CCC-One collects data about cars from all kinds of unverifiable resources.
                - USAA and CCC-One are constantly settling law suits for low balling claims everywhere.
                - USAA will not verify any data give to or received from CCC-One (like car condition, your ACV, etc.).
                - USAA will not physically inspect your car to determine its condition, upgrades, etc.
                - USAA adjusters are pooled, are not reachable, will not call back, provide misleading information.
                - USAA will not work with you. It's all outsourced to CCC-One!

                - USAA has breached its duty to exercise the utmost good faith to me its insured. So what? Get in line and file a law suite.
                - Filing a complain with the State Insurance Agency (DORA) was great but DORA has not clue what is going on.
                - Posting my experience online was a great and I would like to recommend that to all members.

                - Don't wast your time. Get an appraiser/adjuster or lawyer or bite the bullet.
                - Let USAA know what you think about them and do what needs to be done.

                Don't believe USAA cares - it's all about profits - nothing personal.

                - 80% of all car insurances outsource to CCC-One and provide identical appraisals, settlements offers, ACV, etc.
                - USAA will low ball your total loss claim ACV by at least 30%.
                - USAA will not work with you. It's all outsourced to CCC-One!
                - It will cost you lots of time and money to deal with USAA.
                - File a complain with your State Insurance Agency.
                - Get your own appraiser/adjuster ($700+) and let them work with USAA.
                - If you are injured. Get your own lawyer immediately or you will regret it!
                - After 2 month USAA will try to close your claim. All done!
                - Some other car insurances offer 'a car replacement' insurance.
                - The system is rigged. No law suite will be able to stop this very lucrative scam.
                - It's all about profits - nothing personal.


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              • Cc
                CCC-One Nov 14, 2016

                Dear USAA member,

                2 weeks have passed since I first posted my "USAA and CCC Consumer Fraud, RICO Act Violation" message and it is time for an update.

                What pappend:
                - On 8/8/16 our car got totaled by a driver running a red traffic light. The driver admitted his fault, was ticketed and his insurance NAPAC confirmed 100% fault.
                - We received a Market Valuation Report from USAA prepared by CCC One. We rejected USAA CCC report and the settlement offer. Our USAA adjusters could only be reached via USAA online chat sytem.
                - Filed a complain with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies.
                - We posted "USAA and CCC Consumer Fraud, RICO Act Violation" at USAA member community online.
                - We were contacted by a USAA Advocacy & Resolution Team Staff Operations. They again determined the ACV of our car with CCC which again could only find rental and unsellable lease cars standing on the dealers lot for many month. They again refused an ACV evaluation approach based on KBB, NADA, EDMUNDS, etc. but they were very hopeful that a resolution can be found. As it turned out no resolution was found.
                - Filed a complain with the Colorado Office of the Attorney General.

                Remember, this is a simple total lost car accident with USAA acting as middle man for ANPAC. ANPAC confirmed that their client is 100% at fault. USAA CCC is low balling our claim and wants us to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket for a comparable replacement car.

                Does this all make any sense to you? It's all about profits - nothing personal.

                Some useful resources:
                USAA auto policy part D.
                "The actual cash value of any auto is the amount that it would cost, at the time of loss, to buy a comparable vehicle. A comparable vehicle is one of the same make, model, model year, body type and options with substantially similar mileage and physical condition".

                Dear USAA member, I am sorry but USAA has changed - it's all about profits - nothing personal.
                Please let USAA know that this is not what you have signed up for.

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              USAA (United Services Automobile Association) — credit card pay off

              On the 5th of July 2016 I went to Killeen, Texas Banking branch and spoke to the manager I stated to her I...

              USAA (United Services Automobile Association)banking

              I have been a member of USAA since 2001. I use their investment, banking and insurance products and services and am part of their wealth management elite group of members, meaning I have significant assets under their management. Just this week I was reminded once again that USAA does not KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO SERVE, despite their incessant commercial reminders. In this one incident they made a mistake on one of my accounts that was only discovered because I used TurboTax software to do my tax return. USAA made a mistake that has resulted in hours of my time and effort spent to understand what happened and ultimately will never be corrected to my satisfaction. They have acknowledged their error and that there have been real consequences to me and my brothers, but have justified not compensating me for my time by saying that it would be a precedent to do so, as though a precedent is inherently a bad thing.

              I hold an investment account with USAA jointly with my two brothers which has substantial assets. I am the one who opened this account and since this account (or any account with USAA) can only be associated with one social security number, my social security number is the one. One of my brothers moved to a new home in 2013 and notified USAA of his new home address because he holds several USAA accounts, other than our joint account. Unfortunately, USAA made the mistake of changing the address on the joint account to his new address even though the joint account has my social security number association and therefore all IRS reporting is with relation to me. This resulted in the annual 1099-B and 1099-Div statements to go to my brother instead of me. TurboTax, on the other hand, correctly imported from USAA all information tied to my social security number, including our joint account. This caused quite a bit of confusion for me when I attempted to validate the numbers on my tax return with and tie these numbers to statements I received from my bank and investment accounts. I finally figured it out and contacted my brother about the joint account 1099. Blame for the error is clear, USAA. They don’t dispute it. They believe the fair thing to do is to apologize and move on. I, on the other hand, believe that since USAA KNOWS WHAT IT MEANS TO SERVE, they should take full responsibility for the consequences of their error and pay for my time, that of my accountant, and shoulder the responsibility if future IRS issues result from their error.

              If you don’t mind paying for the consequences of mistakes of others, specifically USAA, then USAA is the place for you. However, if you just want to pay for your own mistakes, I suggest you look elsewhere for your investment, banking and insurances services.

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                USAA (United Services Automobile Association)investment and banking

                I have several banking and investment accounts with USAA. In August, I used the online system to direct some transfers of money from my money market fund to other mutual funds. Instead of executing as I had expected based on the panels in the website, USAA pulled my money out of my external bank account at another bank that they had on file from a deposit I made a year ago. This caused my bank account funds to be depleted and caused me to be hit with several NSF charges at my bank and it held up my money for several days that I needed to pay bills. The customer service department was rude and showed no empathy or appreciation for the inconvenience this caused me as I had to haggle with them to sort it all out so I could access my money. They said it was my fault for not doing it right, even though I told them how I did it on line and they didn't believe me. Why would I do it wrong? I never authorized the money to come out of my bank account. I had to set up a checking account with them in order to get my money out in time to pay some due bills.
                Now I'm experiencing more issues with USAA as I'm trying to make a transfer from e checking account into my husband's IRA. They are saying they will charge me a wire transfer fee to move money from my USAA Checking Account to his USAA SEP IRA - ridiculous. They are also saying it will take 3-5 days, which will cause me to miss the IRS deadline. Again ridiculous. They have transferred me from Representative to Representative an no one there seems to be able to help me make a simple transfer of my funds. I'm completely dissatisfied and plan to move all of my money to a different financial institution as soon as I can. USAA used to be a reputable, customer focused company and now they seem to be the exact opposite.

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                  • Jo
                    Johanna Simmons Nov 06, 2016
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    This usaa stuff is not real, so many scams on the internet now especially instagram. If someone requires your banking information, do not give it to them, report them immediately to the authorities.

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                  USAA (United Services Automobile Association) — claims service

                  USAA has control of my car and I cannot get it to the repair shop until it's towed from IAA. Your Total...

                  USAA Insurance - Autocustomer service and promises

                  06/29/16 A USAA member backed into the front of my car with his pickup and caused significant damage, the care was drivable and no one injured. At the time of the accident the member themselves said USAA would provide a rental care, whatever I needed. An adjuster showed up at my home to do an estimate on 07/16/16. I had been in contact with a Zach on a couple of occasion before I took my car in for reapirs on August 18 and he never once mentioned that USAA had only approved 3 days for the rental car. This was absurd as the auto body shop was not open on Sat or Sunday ( 2 days after I got the rental car) He did a complete estimate and I received those papers about a week later along with a check. I took my car along with the papers from the insurance co. to my body shop. They took copies of the papers of the estimate from USAA which included all the part numbers needed. I also had asked the body shop if they could do an estimate on my car that received hail damage after the collision by the USAA member when I brought the car back for the collision repairs. So my auto body shop called and set up an appt to leave my car to get repaired on 08/18/16 ( Thursday). Enterprise rent a car came and got me so I could get the rental car that was reserved for me. I told Enterprise that I would have to pay for part of the rental car because my body shop was going to do the hail damage while my car was in the shop for the collision repairs. I called my auto body the following Wednesday 08/24/16 to see how the repairs were coming along. That is when I found out that the USAA adjuster has the wrong part numbers so the wrong parts were ordered by the auto body shop. They had ordered the right parts and were waiting for them to arrive. My hail damage repair was completed over the weekend
                  ( the auto body shop outsources their hail damage repairs) (August 20 & 21). No one from USAA ever informed at any point that they and only approved 3 days for the rental car. I spoke with Zach again on 08/31/16 and we talked about me paying for part of the rental car and we agreed that I would cover 08/18-0/23/16 ( 6 days). He would get the balance approved and let Enterprise know and let me know that the next day 08/31/16. Zach never called me back. I returned the rental car on 09/2/16. Enterpirse had not heard from USAA either. So I ended being charged
                  $ 400 ( 11 days ) for the rental car. I called USAA on again on 09/11/16 and left a message for Zach, no call back Monday 09/12/16, so I called later that day 09/12/16 and spoke with a Logan, who said Zach was out of the office for awhile. I explained the conversation I had with Zach on 08/31/16 abd no one had ever called me back.He would check on the rental car issue and call me back. He did not call me back, so I called again on 09/19/16 and spoke with a Lauren who at that point said USAA was only going to pay for 5 days total. I again explained about the conversation I had with Zach and she said Zach was not going to be in the office for awhile and repeated again that USAA was only going to authorize 5 days. I explained to her that the delay in getting the car repair started with their adjusted having the wrong part numbers on the estimate so the auto body shop had ordered the wrong parts and had to reorder the correct parts and they took a week to come in. I feel that USAA was not honest up front with their client or with me about the rental car fee. This is the worst customer service I have experienced for a long time. I wonder if your client knows how badly this whole claim was handled.

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                    USAA (United Services Automobile Association) — chip debit card

                    Dear USAA, On behalf of all military personnel stationed overseas, your new debit cards DO NOT WORK!!! I...

                    USAA (United Services Automobile Association)auto loan

                    USAA is not a Veteran friendly organization. They are solely bottom line driven and will dispose of a multi-year relationship if they no longer see value in it. This is counter to the sell they give you when you first sign up as well as the advertised offering.

                    USAA promised me (which I have the recording to prove) an opportunity to catch up on my auto loans. I submitted ALL required paperwork and as a result but vehicles were stolen from my property. I was promised my vehicles would not be taken as long as I was being considered for a loan modification. USAA not only lied, they also are cost me tens of thousands of dollars in damages. USAA is criminal and should be stopped from taking advantage of the Veteran community.

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                      USAA (United Services Automobile Association)checking

                      short story - I was scammed on the site "Offer Up". I received a check & did a mobile deposit. called USAA to see if I could draw on that check & was told that I could. 5 days later the check was found to be bad & I am out over $1000. basically USAA said "too bad you should have known better". I went on USAA's advice that the check I received was good to use.

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